Chapter 89 Play Rough

Lin Luoran and her companions check into a famous five-star chain hotel. It is not because the hotel bill is at public expense, but because they are cultivators. Let alone the support of their wealthy families, they can afford to rent a regular room at any luxury hotel as long as they occasionally lower their position and take some private jobs.

If the group of young cultivators are elegant as white cranes, Lin Luoran is outstanding like a red-crown crane among the white ones.

Pushing the revolving door open, they enter the grand hall of the hotel. The check-in procedure is already done, so Lin Luoran and the others can directly go to their rooms. At the corner of the hall, a man and a woman have been staring at Lin Luoran since she came in. Greediness is flashing in their eyes.

The beautiful woman has brown hair and brown, shiny eyes. Her nose is high, and her skin is smooth. She is not like other foreign beauties who only look good from a distance — generally, she is a real European beauty.

“Dana, she is my type… What an exquisite eastern beauty!”

The woman with brown hair says to her companion while swirling the champagne in the goblet. Besides greediness, possessiveness is also twinkling in her eyes — it is the nature of human to appreciate “beauty”. Still, the brown-haired woman seems to be hard to get along with since she wants to possess things or people she likes at the first sight.

The man called Dana has curly hair. His skin is fair, and his figure is slim. The delicate details on his sleeves and shirt add a sense of European nobility to him — not all the good-looking men in luxurious clothes can be noble. Dana looks like a cultured man even when he is sitting there casually.

Appreciation and greediness are also in his eyes, but he is more rational than the woman beside him. He says,

“Crystal, have you lost your mind because you haven’t been outside for long? Look closer at the man beside her!”

Crystal raises her eyebrows. She notices Wen Guanjing who is walking behind Lin Luoran, and says carelessly, “This is ST? I can’t believe you were once defeated by such an unimpressive man!”

Nerve being touched, Dana only frowns a little bit and takes a sip of the champagne. Dana doesn’t fly into a rage, which is quite gentle of him.

Certainly, if you look closer, you can see that his eyes just become colder.

ST — the man is referred to as the sticker by the superpower circle of Europe. Being defeated by ST is not something shameful even for Dana, who is always so arrogant.

If Crystal must try, he won’t try to stop her — this woman always acts so haughtily with her high lineage.

Lin Luoran is aware that two persons keep staring at her the moment she enters the hall, which makes her very uncomfortable. While walking to the elevator, she follows her instincts and sees a foreign woman with brown hair sitting at the corner and raising the glass to her — the woman is so frivolous. Thinking of the conversation she overheard, Lin Luoran now has a “misconception” that she is teased by another woman… This cognition displeases her.

Wen Guanjing notices Lin Luoran’s hesitation and follows her eyes. He immediately recognizes his old acquaintance, Dana, and sniffs.

Lin Luoran raises her eyebrows and asks, “Why? You know them?”

Wen Guanjing says carelessly, “They are nobody. Just the representatives of the UK.”

Though he says that they are nobody, Wen Guanjing’s poker face can’t hide the truth that these two persons may not be like what he says.

The moment the door of the elevator shuts, Lin Luoran starts to make gestures with her right hand. A small fire ball gathers on her fingertip, and it rushes out quickly and quietly. The fire ball is almost invisible under the golden light in the hall. Crystal hurries to step back but fails to dodge the fire ball coming to her. It lands on the glass in her hand — “Bang!” Champagne splashes. Dana rushes aside like a ghost. Crystal never thought that the fire ball was targeted on the glass in her hand so it was too late for her to dodge it. Champagne is all over her face!

The door of the elevator is closed. Standing still, Crystal is covered by champagne and her advanced readymade clothes are ruined. People walking in and out of the hotel are all checking on her — for a woman from a noble family, this is more embarrassing than being wounded. Crystal’s face is pale. She doesn’t seem to be angry, but her dangerous eyes give her away.

Seeing that his companion is made fun of, Dana hands a tissue to Crystal and says with a smile,

“Is this what they do in the State of Huaxia — play rough?”

Crystal glares at Dana and says gladly, “I haven’t met such a special beauty for so long… She is mine!”

Crystal licks her red lips. Her sexuality is accompanied with intimidation.

The elevator goes straight up. Most people can’t resist the feeling of looking down from above, so the fancy suites are mostly on higher floors. This arrangement suits the mental activities of customers.

Though Lin Luoran seldom acts recklessly, she never intends to be a coward. She feels that it is appropriate to give warnings to people who disrespect her. Back then, she played rough rapidly and stealthily. Except for Wen Guanjing, no one around her noticed her moves.

While the elevator going up, Lin Luoran sees Wen Guanjing’s hesitation. She comforts him in a low voice, “They are from another nation, and they will become our opponents in the event later. This is just the start. Brother Wen, don’t worry too much.”

Wen Guanjing, whose nickname is “ST”, certainly will not mind. After all, Lin Luoran is their secret weapon, and he is only concerned that their opponents will be prepared if her power is revealed so early.

Hearing Lin Luoran’s words, Wen Guanjing thinks that she is right. The event will begin in a few days. If they are about to turn against each other, their power will speak for themselves. So why pretend there is peace now?

Wen Guanjing stops talking. They arrive at the top floor and plan to grab some food together at the dinning hall after cleaning up. Lin Luoran uses the room card to open the door—

Lin Luoran is quite satisfied with the simple but luxurious decoration and the refreshing style of the room. Standing by the large French window, she can see the beauties in bikinis who are lying on the beach and having a sun bath. Sea waves come one after another and become higher and higher. People on surfboards rise and fall along with the waves… If she didn’t come here with a mission, this would be a nice place to spend a vacation.

There certainly is a computer in the suite. Lin Luoran enjoys the view of the sea for a bit longer and goes to the study and turns on the computer. She types in “the Bermuda Triangle” in an unfamiliar browser and hits “Enter”. Over 20,000 of search results are displayed, and Lin Luoran clicks into a website randomly…