Chapter 90 Night of Bermuda

“There are many wonders of the world around 30 degrees north latitude, and the Bermuda Triangle is one of them.”

In a small conference room, Wen Guanjing draws a circle around a sea on the map projected on the screen — it is the Bermuda Triangle area.

“Every one of us must have heard of the Bermuda Triangle before. It is called the blackhole of the earth. Ships sink, people go missing and planes crash here… And this is where our operation will be located.”

Wen Guanjing finishes talking and looks around. Everybody is paying attention to him because of his seriousness.

“Brother Wen, I do have heard about this. However, there is another story that most of these missing cases are made-up. Some people say that the frequency of missing cases happened around the Bermuda Triangle is actually lower than that in other high-risk seas. Is that right?” This is the other girl in the group talking. She wears a long dress in the style of ancient costume in the Tang Dynasty. She has an oval face and almond eyes, and she looks cute just like a woman in traditional Chinese paintings.

It seems that this girl is popular in the group. Hearing her words, Wen Guanjing even shows a gentle smile. He answers, “Sister Li, what you just said is exactly the official story. Truth is, with the impending of the “Night of Bermuda”, shipwrecks in this area happen much more often than before.”

Sister Li blushes. She appears to be embarrassed by her dumb question.

Lin Luoran lowers her head and says nothing. The official story — no wonder people from so many countries are here for the event. There is obviously a cover story.

So what on earth is the “Night of Bermuda”?

Wen Guanjing doesn’t know what Lin is wondering, so he goes on with his speech,

“Let’s ignore the information on the surface. In fact, a secret land is hidden at the bottom of the sea in the triangle area — it is a land for cultivators!”

A secret land! Lin Luoran is interested. Things are going exactly as she expected. In the first place, Wen Guanjing said that she could keep whatever she would find. Lin Luoran started to suspect that the so-called “Night of Bermuda” was actually the treasure-seeking operation for the world of cultivation.

“A secret land?” Sister Li’s eyes are shining, “Brother, will there be treasures in the secret land?”

Wen Guanjing nods, “Not only treasures, opportunities of entering the level of Laying Foundation may be waiting for us there… All the living seniors in the level of Laying Foundation in our country got their opportunities during the last event.”

Opportunities of entering the level of Laying Foundation? Now, besides Sister Li, many male members of the group hold their breath. Some of them may have certain knowledge on the “Night of Bermuda”, but it is the first time that the rumor has been confirmed.

Sister Li says in surprise, “The opportunity of laying foundation… Brother Wen, are you talking about…?”

Lin Luoran is also interested. Grandpa Mu and Guo said that she was about to complete the level of Training Qi. Therefore, it is the best time for nobody else in the group but her to come to the event?

Wen Guanjing looks at Lin Luoran. Seeing that she gets more interested, Wen can’t hide his smile, “Sister Li is right. The opportunity I am talking about is of course the Foundation-laying Bolus.”

The Foundation-laying Bolus! Sister Li covers her mouth but she can’t cover up the gladness in her eyes.

However, Lin Luoran is quite disappointed. She thought that the so-called opportunity might be some spells. It turns out to be the Foundation-laying Bolus — anyway, why are they excited about the Foundation-laying Bolus? Isn’t the bolus commonly seen, as novels say?

“Foundation-laying Bolus is hard to refine?” Lin Luoran frowns. She was hoping that she can make progress in the medicine-refining work with the plants in her space!

Everybody looks at Lin Luoran as she is a moron. Wen Guanjing breaks the ice, “Elder Sister Lin, since Reiki in the world became agitated, most of the magic elixirs had died out. Also, the formula of making Foundation-laying Bolus was lost. Thus it will be impossible to make the bolus anymore…”

The world of cultivation values real power. Except those who are relatives or from the same school, cultivators rank their seniority based on power.

Wen Guanjing calls Lin Luoran “elder sister”, which is another reason why the others don’t dare to get closer to her. Lin Luoran feels strange about this and insists, “Brother Wen, just stop calling me an elder sister… Anyway, why was the formula of Foundation-laying Bolus lost?”

“This is another story in the world of cultivation. If you’re interested, Elder Sister Lin, how about I tell you later in private?”

Everyone is focused on the secret land in Bermuda, and Lin Luoran hates to interrupt. Since Wen Guanjing is not going to hide this from her, it will be only a matter time. The problem is that Wen Guanjing still insists in calling her “elder sister”. He is so stubborn! Lin Luoran thinks, if she can find the formula of the bolus, she won’t have to compete with the others for the bolus during the event…

“Brother Wen, now that we may have the chance to find Foundation-laying Bolus in the secret land, why doesn’t the department send more people?”

Lin Luoran has noticed early that though Wen Guanjing said that this was an important operation, but only young cultivators of the State of Huaxia have come. And the group just has ten members including an “outsider”… There is clearly a reason behind this.

Wen Guanjing smiles bitterly, “The secret land is strange. Only cultivators in the level of Training Qi can go in. Besides, there are not only Foundation-laying Bolus which can help us enter the next level, but also potions used by foreign cultivators… After years of negotiation, our country has earned ten places to enter the secret land.”

Sister Li laughs, “In this case, we shall just pick more boluses in there!”

Wen Guanjing turns off the projector and says seriously, “Sister Li, Reiki in the secret land are unique. Besides boluses and elixirs, there are lots of monsters which we have to work together to kill, or else so many countries will not have to send their best men here… However, neither the traps, nor the monsters, are the most dangerous, but cultivators from other countries! A hundred years ago, during the last time the secret land opened, 25 cultivators from our country went inside, and only 5 of them made their way out… From the history of the Eight-Power Allied Forces invading the State of Huaxia, you should know who killed those 20 cultivators!”

Lin Luoran is absorbed in thoughts. According to Wen Guanjing, apart from those who died under the claws of monsters, a hundred years ago in the secret land, most cultivators were killed by people from other countries?

Why does this sound strange? Lin Luoran lowers her head in order to hide her emotions. The story was told by cultivators who came out alive, so those who committed murder for the treasures…might not only be foreign cultivators.

She should look out for herself!

Wait. What did Wen Guanjing say just now? Only cultivators in the level of Training Qi can enter the secret land. Was he trying to cheat her when he asked for the help of her “master” in the first place?

In hindsight, Lin Luoran is surprised by the unpredictable man. From this moment, she will not believe everything that comes out of Wen Guanjing’s mouth.