Chapter 91 “Multinational Summit”

Moon shines over the sea. Waves are glistening.

Under the moonlight, a white cruise is sailing on the sea.

Over 100 people are standing on the deck. The colors of their skin and hair imply that they have gathered here from different countries and regions.

It’s over 1 am, but none of them look sleepy. They all stare at the calm sea silently. Nobody seems to be afraid that they are actually in the Bermuda Triangle area.

Lin Luoran is standing behind Wen Guanjing. Li Xi’er whispers to her, “Sister Lin, the atmosphere makes me feel that we are filming a ghost movie…” Li pouts and comes closer to Lin Luoran.

Lin Luoran is speechless. She has only known Li Xi’er for a day, and Li just naturally engages with her. Li keeps following her around and asks questions about everything.

They are two totally different person. Lin Luoran is absolutely speechless that Li Xi’er is able to say something like that in such serious atmosphere.

Anyway, they are from the same country. Lin Luoran shakes her head and tells Li Xi’er to wait patiently.

Noticing that some people are looking at them, Li Xi’er is a little embarrassed. She sticks her tongue at them and stops talking.

Lin Luoran doesn’t find pure waiting so tantalizing. She is generally patient except that she is uncomfortable that Crystal keeps staring at her across the crowd, or it will be a nice experience to enjoy the sea breeze in the middle of night. Especially, huge amounts of water Reiki are flowing over the sea.

After Li Xi’er stops being noisy, Lin Luoran can finally calm down and absorb the Reiki — the bead is acting like it is put in a pot of boiling oil. It doesn’t simply absorb like crazy, instead, it blends itself in the oil, and absorbs quietly. Its potential is fathomless!

If the bead is the yellow bird as in the proverb, Lin Luoran will be the mantis which tries to catch a cicada. The bead works hard to convert the restless water Reiki fluctuating like boiling oil, and it saves most of the refined Reiki for itself and the plants in the space, then shares some with Lin Luoran. Still, in her current level and speed of absorbing, the Reiki is more than enough.

In the first place, a stream of fire Reiki was separated from the mixed Reiki inside of her when she was trying to learn the Fire Ball spell. Later, she practiced the “spells of the five elements” Grandpa Guo gave her as a gift. Learning spells are easy, but the strange thing is, though she can cast spells in all the other four natures with the mixed Reiki, the Reiki never separate again… Lin Luoran doesn’t know whether this is good or not, so she decides to wait until the Night of Bermuda is over to consider about this.

The huge amount of Reiki here makes Lin Luoran comfortable and sleepy!

When everyone else is waiting in boredom, Lin Luoran is using the time to cultivate. She is immersed in the cultivation and she forgets completely about time. Lin Luoran opens her eyes when someone is pushing her. It is Li Xi’er.

“Sister Lin, look!”

Li Xi’er is not bothering Lin. The moon is hanging in the sky. White mist rises over the calm sea. The cruise feels so small in the open, rising and falling along with the wave.

“It’s about time.”

Wen Guanjing takes out a brocade box in the size of his palm. Seriousness crawls all over his face.

Wen is not the only one with a brocade box. Representatives of every country take out a same box seriously. This almost looks like that they are both to sit down and have a discussion, like people do in “multinational summit”.

The white mist becomes thicker. Moon finally rises to the highest. Wen Guanjing takes the lead to open the box, and others follow. Moonlight shines. Little light balls rise up from the boxes. With a closer look, Lin Luoran realizes that the shiny light balls are actually pieces of jade in the same size.

Those pieces of jade slowly go higher and higher into the sky. Twelve pieces circle around, like they are looking for something. The cruise starts moving. It follows the direction where the pieces of jade are going. After running over two miles, the pieces slow down and begin to rotate in situ.

The auto pathfinding function of the jade pieces attracts those who are new here. When the pieces finally stop, everybody holds their breath and looks at the strange view in front of them — sea water under the pieces seems to be lighted. Twelve bright beams of light rise. If there were no mist, ships far away from here would be able to see the light.

Normally, light beams can’t hold things. However, the twelve beams of light here are lifting twelve pieces of jade which are floating over the sea and flowing along a path slowly.

Though Wen Guanjing has profound knowledge on the secret land, it is the first time for him to see the grand view of the land opening with his own eyes. This is an age when spells are declined. How can anyone not be attracted to this magnificent view?

Li Xi’er grabs Lin Luoran’s sleeve. The light beams are becoming brighter. The white mist over the sea shades the beams but not the moonlight. A saying goes that stars can rarely been seen when moonlight is bright, and it is a common sense that moon and stars seldom appear together. Still, tonight, a full and bright moon is hanging in the sky, which is studded with twinkling stars. While the light beams are spinning, stars start to cast light on them… Lin Luoran is able to see everything that is happening with her clear eyes. Maybe it is the once-in-a-century astronomical phenomenon that opens the secret land?

Or, it is the power of the stars?

What happens next stops Lin Luoran from thinking deeper. With the power of the moon and the stars, these pieces of jade project straight light onto each other, and the light forms a huge net, which gradually changes into a disk about 100 m2. The disk shakes for a while and becomes stable as time passes.

This is…an altar? A portal?

It may be both. Li Xi’er grabs Lin Luoran’s sleeve tightly and she looks like a young girl in front of exquisite jewelry. Staring at these twelve pieces of jade, Lin Luoran is absorbed in thought.

Seeing that the platform is firm and stable, Wen Guanjing breathes a sigh of relief. He exchanges a glance with the representatives from other countries and they wave their hands to draw back their piece of jade. Wen Guanjing locks it in his brocade box and puts it away in a blink of an eye. Even Lin Luoran doesn’t see where he puts the box.

“Come on, we can go up.”

Wen Guanjing turns around and says to Lin Luoran.