Chapter 92 Board the Platform over the Sea

Though Wen Guanjing asks them to go up, the platform and the cruise are not connected. Perhaps there is a reason why the cruise can’t go any closer. There is an over 400-meter-wide gap between the cruise and the platform. Without any foothold, it will be the first time for everybody here to show their power by boarding the platform.

Members in the Russian team are tall and strong. Their advantage lies in close combat and it is their common weakness to perform this kind of “gravity defying kung fu”. Despite the embarrassment, they throw a few planks onto the sea as the foothold and jump up on the platform. A lot of the bystanders secretly laugh at them.

The Japanese in clogs have learnt some Qi-Training methods. They cast a weird spell and make use of the wind and land on the platform. The whole process goes quite smoothly, except that one of them is definitely lack of cultivation and almost falls into the sea.

Representatives of the Vatican obtain some kind of blessing by chanting. Under all the watchful eyes, divine light falls on them and lift them to the platform… However, the man dressing like the cardinal wipes away the sweat on his forehead, which indicates that what they just did was not as easy as it seemed to be…

People from different countries use various methods and get on the platform. A while later, only cultivators from the State of Huaxia, as well as Crystal and her people, are still on the deck.

Though cultivators from other countries also have suffered from the current chaotic Tao of nature, Huaxia cultivators actually suffer the most because they need to train the Reiki inside of their bodies. Other cultivators don’t just rely on Reiki to cultivate. If it is not for the changeful spells, the cultivational world of Huaxia may be even smaller in scale.

Unknown dangers are waiting for them in the secret land, and it’s not the time to save a little bit of Reiki now. The matter of ego of their entire state is more important.

Wen Guanjing takes out a small sword decorated with gold tassels. He mutters some spells and infuses Reiki into it. The sword becomes bigger and turns into a huge one floating in the air. Wen Guanjing jumps onto it first and other male cultivators follow.

A crowd of them stand on the huge sword. They may have the charm of flying swordsman if they each have a sword. Now the huge sword just looks like a crowded bus. Lin Luoran holds her laugh back. Wen Guanjing saves two spots on the sword, which definitely are for Lin Luoran and Li Xi’er.

Although the sword is crowded, foreign cultivators are all envious of this. Their eyes are filled with fascination by the mysterious Huaxia spells.

Looking at Li Xi’er who is staring at her with expectation, Lin Luoran knows that this girl has figured out that she doesn’t want to “cram onto the bus”. Lin sighs and makes some gestures with her right hand. Water Reiki around her gathers. She shouts, “Spell complete!” A waterspout rushes out of the sea and builds a bridge between the cruise and the platform!

“Wow! Sister Lin, you’re awesome!” Li Xi’er screams with heartful compliment.

In fact, everyone is already looking at Lin Luoran before Li screams.

The 400-meter-long arch bridge is glowing blue under the light of the platform. Everybody has to admit that Lin Luoran’s trick is magnificent — if she were a man, all girls would be running right into her arms.

Wen Guanjing knows that Lin Luoran is not a person who enjoys showing off. There is only one reason to explain what she just did — she wants them to know that she is too powerful to be messed with!

Wen Guanjing sighs in his heart. He is tired of hanging in the sky like this, so he hurries to direct the “bus” onto the platform.

“Are you staying?” Lin Luoran asks Li Xi’er, and then walks directly to the water bridge.

Her walking actually looks more like floating. Her clothes flutters, and her sense of seriousness makes all the others stand still and hold their breath.

Until Lin Luoran is half-way to the platform, Li Xi’er comes to herself and follows Lin on the bridge. Li Xi’er sticks to Lin Luoran along the way, like she is afraid that the bridge may break down.

Crystal stares at the fairy woman on the bridge affectionately. Dana is gloating that the female cultivator from the State of Huaxia is too powerful for Crystal to get fingers on. Dana is happy to see Crystal being overwhelmed.

Seeing that Lin Luoran and Li Xi’er have crossed the bridge safely, Crystal points to Dana and says, “What is the Huaxia proverb? Borrow the east wind? Let’s go and have a try on this beautiful bridge!”

Crystal is the leader, so her men agree. Without other options, Dana follows them onto the bridge.

Crystal’s words have been passed to the platform by the wind. Lin Luoran maintains her composure. At the moment they stand in front of the water bridge, she dissolves her spell and the bridge falls down immediately. Like a heavy rain, the water returns to the sea.

Because she is standing too close to the bridge, Crystal has her hair covered with steam. She looks extremely gloomy, even Dana steers clear of her carefully…

Crystal looks up at the platform. Lin Luoran and Li Xi’er are whispering, and they act absolutely normal. Still, coldness is coming out of her body.

Dana says cautiously, “Let’s go, or the platform may close.”

Crystal nods. She jumps down the platform. When everyone thinks she will fall into the sea, Crystal glides over the water like a bird and flies up. She opens her arms, and she leaps onto the platform like a bat. She lands quite far away from Lin Luoran and in the opposite direction with the people from the Vatican.

Lin Luoran dislikes the expressions in Crystal’s eyes. Besides, Crystal and her men are covered with a sense of blood which disgusts Lin. Lin Luoran has taken her stand in the first place that she doesn’t want to mess with them, and she has shown that she is not weak either. Otherwise, Lin Luoran will definitely not do something like this to disgrace them.

Li Xi’er says in a low voice, “Sister Lin, I don’t like her either.”

With her sharp eyes, Lin Luoran notices that even on the other side of the platform, Crystal’s ears trembles. She knows that Crystal has heard Li Xi’er’s words, and she gives a sign to Li to tell her to drop the topic.

Crystal’s men all cross the sea in the same bat-gliding way. In the term of speed, their method is the quickest.

Very quick. Lin Luoran comments in her heart. She reminds herself again that she should stay away from these people. Their speed will give them a huge advantage to sneak attack from a short distance.

A transparent dome rises around the platform with everybody inside. A bizarre idea comes to her mind — this platform is quite like an elevator, isn’t it?

With a roaring noise, the platform under the dome is activated like a scene in American sci-fi movies… Unknown things are filled with uncertainty, so Li Xi’er tightly grabs Lin Luoran’s sleeves.

Wen Guanjing walks closer to them and whispers under the cover of the noise,

“People from the Blood Line are the most vengeful… You should be careful after we are in!”

The Blood Line?

Lin Luoran is not surprised. She may have long since figured this out, but she is reluctant to admit that since she steps on the path of cultivation, the normal world has become more like a fairy land in her eyes…

Under the dome, the platform suddenly glares. After the light disperses, the entire platform, along with all the light beams, is gone. The sea is dead calm. If the thick white mist and the cruise are not still on the sea, everything that happens tonight may seem like a dream.