Chapter 93 Subsea Tunnel

Lin Luoran assumes that the platform is a portal. After all, it makes such a scene while being activated, it will not make sense if it can’t transport them directly into the so-called secret land.

But the truth is, just as she guessed before — it is an elevator!

They disappear from the sea and appear under the water.

The dome blocks the sea water. They are going down at a constant speed. Through the transparent dome, they can see groups of fish swimming in the blue sea. Some of the dumb ones even hit the dome and bounce off. This view is beautiful and amusing.

“This is so nice…” Li Xi’er mutters to herself.

This time, no one is judging her for being noisy. No matter what side and stand they take, everybody appreciates beauty from the bottom of their hearts. Besides, the underwater view is just breathtaking.

In terms of the jade pieces and the light dome, the secret land is activated in eastern style. However, such romantic design of a subsea elevator is not quite like the work of conservative eastern cultivators. Lin Luoran looks around at other cultivators and suspects that long time ago, this place used to be a training ground built by multiple parties… But it is no longer important whether the secret land is natural or is built by powerful men.

The dome goes deeper into the sea. At first, they can see groups of fish swimming, then there are only the big ones. Now, even the big fish are nowhere to be found. Lin Luoran has no idea how deep they have gone, but she assumes from the disappearance of the fish that if the dome is gone, all of them will be crushed by the pressure of sea water.

Lin Luoran is sure that no creature will live so deep in the sea. Meanwhile, a shadow comes towards the dome and everybody is alarmed. It is a huge thing at high speed. With the blink of an eye, it comes right in front of the dome.

The eyes of the creature are like two light balls in the size of bowls, which are distinctive in the deep sea, and its body is big like a little hill. Human’s eyesight is affected by the darkness, so Lin Luoran only sees what the creature is when it is a hundred meters away — it is a sea turtle!

“Ah! It’s going to hit us!” Li Xi’er covers her eyes because of the surprise.

Though everybody here is capable and they have heard stories about the secret land from their seniors, they can’t help being nervous when the turtle, which clearly is not normal, rushes right to the dome — if the dome is broken, these primary cultivators won’t have a chance of surviving under the high pressure!

Lin Luoran clenches her right fist. If the dome falls apart, she will have to hide into the space — as for Wen Guanjing and the others, she may have no choice but to say sorry to them because she has tried and failed before to bring anything alive into the space.

This is such a thrilling moment. The sea turtle suddenly stops at one meter from the dome. Clearly, it can easily control its huge body.

Its big eyes are rolling, like it can think… From those fish which get bounced off, this dome seems to be see-through from the inside but not the outside?

The turtle is so big. No one can be sure of its age. Its eyes are not only big, but also intelligential. Lin Luoran believes that it can think — is it supernatural?

It is not too strange for something supernatural to appear since people from the Blood Line are here with them. The thing is, Mr. Turtle, why are you only staring at me? Lin Luoran instinctively clenches her right fist. The only thing that she is different from everyone else is that she has a mysterious bead on her wrist. Hope that the turtle doesn’t come for it.

The sea turtle hesitates. Within seconds, the dome passes by it and goes deeper into the sea. The turtle doesn’t follow. Whether it is because of the pressure or not, Lin Luoran and the others are now fairly safe.

This is a false alarm, but no one is relaxed. Their alertness stops them from enjoying the view. Lin Luoran is the most terrified. With her sharp eyes, she has saw the emotions in the turtle’s eyes when the dome passed by it. The emotions seem to be “reluctance” and “regret”… These emotions puzzle Lin Luoran for quite a long time, which is the story to be recounted later.

The dome keeps going down, and it’s getting darker and darker. Except for the faint glow of the transparent dome, the entire surroundings are utterly dark.

Fortunately, after a jolt, the dome seems to land on the ground.

Dazzling light flashes, and everyone closes their eyes. When they open their eyes again, they see a long paved path in front of them. Unlike the transparency of the “light dome elevator”, the paved path is made of some unknown material which can stand the pressure under water. This is a two-men high and flower-lined walkway!

In short, this is a path of flowers!

Every few steps, glowing stones are embedded on the roof of the path. Were it not for irregularly shaped stones, Lin Luoran would think they are the luminous pearls in legend.

More important thing is that the flowers on the side of the path are blooming… Right, even there is nutritious mud at the bottom of the sea, what about light? Don’t plants here need photosynthesis to grow?

The more Lin Luoran sees the works of cultivators, the more she realizes that she still thinks too small. She certainly lacks of bold imagination!

However, the style of the path is quite luxurious. Maybe the designer is a woman?

Representatives of each country obviously know more about this than the others. They are glad to see this flower path, and lead their people to go forward without lingering on the view.

Cultivators from the State of Huaxia are eager to go, but Wen Guanjing doesn’t seem to be in a rush. A reckless man says, “Brother Wen, the secret land only opens for a month. We have no time to lose!”

Li Xi’er pouts, “Brother Wen has his plan. What’s your hurry!”

They have talked about the length of time that the secret land would stay open. Every 100 years, it will open for a month. If someone doesn’t come out until then, he or she will have to face the rage of monsters, and a cultivator in the level of Training Qi will never be able to survive… The jade slips left by cultivators who have died for this recorded the information, which is in fact quite suspicious. Lin Luoran decides to keep her suspicion to herself.

Seeing that Li Xi’er and the others are noisy like unsophisticated children, Lin Luoran can’t help being concerned about this trip into the secret land. People say that stupid teammates are scarier than ferocious enemies… Except for Wen Guanjing, who seems to have engaged in lots of fight, what on earth do these people come for?

Lin Luoran is thinking whether or not she should bring up the idea that she wants to walk alone after they go in. When the others are almost gone, Wen Guanjing takes out a small sack made of gold threads and gives it to Lin Luoran.

Lin Luoran doesn’t know what it is. Wen Guanjing makes a forced smile and says,

“The secret land is vast, and we may get separated when there is an emergency. There is food enough for a month and a jade pendant which can help all of use connect with each other in this Universal Sack…”

Connect with each other… Ok. But what is this thing called? Universal Sack?

Is it the legendary “storage bag”?

Though Lin Luoran has the space, she won’t turn down such a nice thing. Lin Luoran expresses her thanks and takes the so-called “Universal Sack” from Wen Guanjing and starts to check on it.