Chapter 95 Phoenix Sword

Lin Luoran falls down like a loose kite after pushing Li Xi’er onto the terrace.

Perhaps she has used up her luck today, she never sees another reachable terrace while falling down, which means that she can’t do the same trick to save herself.

It is the first time for her to be in such a situation, and it will be a lie to say that she is not in a panic. Time passes. She has tried to cast a water spell and the water Reiki in the valley are barely enough to form a water rope, but there is nowhere to cling to. Lin Luoran is worried.

It’s not that she doesn’t want to hide into the bead. She will be fine if she does, but the bead itself will drop into the valley, too. Let alone the space may suffer from a quake, Lin Luoran will be stuck and die here if there is no way out of the bottom of the deep valley — even she gets lucky and gets out of there, it will take her too much time and ruin this trip to Bermuda.

She has to take something back from this adventure, right?

While falling, Lin Luoran disappears with a flash of mind. The bead keeps falling all alone. By the time Lin Luoran reappears, the double-headed phoenix hairpin is in her hand, glowing blue.

Different from its usual self, the phoenix hairpin seems to know that it’s time for it to use its power. It is slightly jumping in Lin Luoran’s hand.

Lin Luoran has long since had a taste of its power. She directs the Reiki inside of her and infuses them to the hairpin — of course, the stream of fire Reiki is making no response. The hairpin is in the nature of water, and fire Reiki repels it.

The double-headed phoenix splits into two. Seeing this, Lin Luoran doesn’t stop infusing Reiki into it. Instead, she keeps pushing herself and infuses half of the Reiki inside of her into the split hairpin!

The two phoenix hairpins become bigger and turn into two thin swords with sharp blue glow. By the time they shape up, two shadows of phoenix encircle the blades of the swords, and the sound of phoenix tweeting comes when the two of them entangle!

Lin Luoran is delighted. She beats the air in the opposite direction and dashes to the cliff. With one sword in each hand, she sticks the one in her right hand into the cliff.

The sword is so sharp that the cliff seems to be soft as a piece of tofu. The blade goes all the way into the cliff easily, and only its handle carved with phoenix is still in Lin Luoran’s hand. Certainly, body hitting on the cliff, Lin Luoran now has to experience what Li Xi’er has just gone through. Her head is dizzy.

This method may work. Before Lin Luoran becomes happy, she starts to slip down again. The phoenix sword is too sharp with all the Reiki inside of it, and it cuts the stone like tofu. With Lin Luoran’s weight, the sword cuts the stone at a high speed. Though she is now going down slower than before, the situation is not much better.

Lin Luoran doesn’t know what to do. She can certainly pull the sword out, but she will fall as before… Ok, at least she has two swords. She is able to switch hands to save some strength, which is better, right?

Lin Luoran comforts herself. However, during the switches of hands, chipping stones are all over her head and face, and her long dress is torn, not to mention that her body is covered with bruises…

Without knowing how long time has passed, Lin Luoran senses that she is almost out of Reiki. If it isn’t for that Reiki in the secret land is abundant and the bead is replenishing Reiki to her, she may have long since been exhausted. Still, Lin Luoran is overwhelmed by the spending rate of Reiki… Suddenly, she realizes that she is holding two swords. That’s it! She hurries to put away one of them into the space. She can hold on for a while with one sword.

Lin Luoran shuts her mouth, but dust keeps going into her nose and ears. She can’t even open her eyes. As soon as she thinks about taking a chance to hide into the bead, she feels that she just lands on something soft.

“Dong”. Lin Luoran’s head hits the ground.

She wipes the dust off of her face and opens her eyes. Seeing that she is lying on a field of soft grass, Lin Luoran finally breathes a sigh of relief. Her entire body aches, and she has no strength to pull out the sword which is still stuck into the cliff… Her arms ache the most. She can’t even raise them.

So tired. This place is beautiful, which is perfect to take a nap. Thinking of this, Lin Luoran sleeps for a little while and struggles to get up. She remembers clearly that Wen Guanjing says this place is full of danger. She can’t be fooled by the beautiful scenery!

Her dress has become rags. Her body is covered with bruises and the Reiki inside of her is drained… Lin Luoran is going crazy that she can’t even cast a spell to clean herself up. There are some spare clothes in the space, but she can’t take a shower in the spring, can she?

The spring water is for drinking, and she has no intention of ruining it — anyway, in novels, those heroes who own magical springs will keep fish and shrimps in the water in order to make money but also drink it to improve their physiques. How can they drink the spring water full of feces of fish and shrimps?


Lin Luoran looks around. This is a valley surrounded by thin mist. Plants here are thriving, so there must be water, right? Lin Luoran thinks about it and first pulls the phoenix sword out of the cliff. Who knows what may live here! It’s better to have a weapon for protection.

The valley is not big. It only takes Lin Luoran an hour to make a tour. Luckily, the environment here is nice. A 10-meter-wide spring is running at the southeast corner, and several animals that look like deer or horses are walking around, drinking the water. These animals are gentle, and they don’t panic when Lin Luoran walks closer to them.

Unfortunately — the valley is in the shape of a long-necked beaker! The cliff is steep and high. Lin Luoran won’t be able to climb out of here and she certainly can’t fly.

Now that she is stuck here for the moment with the clear spring and the gentle animals, Lin Luoran looks at the mess on her and decides to clean herself up. Though her Reiki is drained, she uses her spirit to take out the spare clothes in her space, and jumps into the water. The deer-horses are startled and they run away.

The spring water is cold, which makes Lin Luoran’s bruises less painful.

She puts her face into the water. It is so comfortable that she doesn’t want to come out.

“It has only been several years, and the clothes of women have become like this? So shameless!”

The voice of a person comes from above when Lin Luoran is relaxing. She immediately takes out the phoenix sword and comes out of the water. Lin Luoran looks at the floating shadow over the spring in cold eyes.