Chapter 99 Sword-riding Spell

To ride on a sword, the accordance between mind and the sword is needed first.

In mysterious words, weapons have spirits too, and the owner can work better with the sword after more communication with it. No matter in sword-riding or fighting, the partnership between the sword and its owner will become closer as time passes by.

The first thing of sword-riding is to infuse a stream of spirit into the sword. The owner should communicate with the sword frequently and cultivate the sword with Reiki. In this process, the spirit need be strengthened to fit with the owner’s mind. In short, the owner must have the ability to control and direct the sword.

It is also clearly written in the instruction that magic weapons of cultivators are classified into nine grades according to various factors such as material, power, and nature. Comprehensive combat effectiveness is absolutely taken into consideration, but there is also a distinct standard that the form of weapons under Grade Five is fixed, while that of weapons above Grade Five is alterable. The technique and material used in refining those weapons give them opportunities to grow with their owners.

Some delicate magic circles are engraved inside of Bright Snow. Also, according to the White Fairy, it is made of cold iron mined from glaciers with thousands of years of history. Both the technique and the material prove that the Bright Snow is one of the Grade Five magic weapons.

Lin Luoran has more doubts. As a previous cultivator in the later stage of Gathering Vitality, the White Fairy should despise a Grade Five sword. Lin asks the fairy why she ever pays attention to the Bright Snow, and the fairy sneers,

“As a flying sword, it is nothing special. Its uniqueness lies in that it is originally a hairpin.”

The hairpin is made of cold iron from glaciers, and the blue pearls are tears of mermaids, which make the hairpin luxurious! Even as a sword, the Bright Snow is very fancy for a junior cultivator like Lin Luoran.

To be more specific, in the years when cultivation and spells were popular, a junior cultivator in the level of Training Qi would definitely be robbed if he or she flew around with a Grade Five sword. Therefore, the Bright Snow is indeed precious.

As a result, when the fairy sighs that this is only a single “Snow Sword”, Lin Luoran doesn’t act like an idiot and tell the White Fairy that she also has the “Bright Sword” — according to the fairy’s disdain, Lin Luoran knows that she has probed inside of the Universal Sack Wen Guanjing gave her. Lin Luoran is actually happy that the fairy looks down upon her belongings because this means that the fairy hasn’t found out about the secret of the space.

It’s never wrong to hold back a trick or two in all circumstances, right?

The magic circles in the instruction really surprise Lin Luoran. For example, when she tries out the sword by directing Reiki to flow around the little circle inside of the blue pearls, the repressed nature of the Snow Sword is activated. The sword turns frosty white and cold.

Lin Luoran waves the sword over the grass carelessly, and the poor grass is frozen, so is the soil. The sword is so powerful. With Lin Luoran’s current cultivation, two waves of the sword should end any fight… It’s not that the enemy will be defeated by the sword. In fact, the Reiki inside of Lin Luoran will be drained after she makes two moves with the sword!

No one can elevate his strength overnight. There is no use in being anxious, so Lin Luoran tries to remain unbiased. Fortunately, she should deal with the sword-riding first.

The White Fairy is a good teacher and her interpretations are detailed. First things first, Lin Luoran puts away the alluring instruction and spends the night trying to understand the Sword-riding Spell. The White Fairy gives Lin another lecture in the morning, and at dusk, Lin Luoran can already make the sword do some wobbly flying.

Certainly, the Snow Sword now is only able to leave Lin Luoran’s hand and circle around her, which is far from being stable enough for Lin to ride on.

During the practice, Lin Luoran only eats some compressed food in the Universal Sack in order to not arouse suspicion. The biscuits are too hard to swallow, so she starts to target the animals in the valley… Those deer-horses are so adorable and they like to rub their head against her. Also, the fat rabbits seem to be tastier. Though feeling very sorry, Lin Luoran catches a rabbit and kills it.

Lin Luoran picks a twig and sticks it into the rabbit meat she just cleaned. She has always been longing for similar scenes in kung fu dramas, and today, her dream comes true. There happens to be a little bag of salt in the Universal Sack.

Lin Luoran has always suspected that the White Fairy used to be connected with the Bright Snow. Thus, she won’t do stupid things like using the sword to cut rabbit meat in front of the fairy.

This is where the spells of five natures come into use. Lin Luoran casts a “Papery Wing Spell” which belongs to the nature of gold and makes a sharp blade. Then she cuts the meat into pieces and spreads salt on them…

She also builds a bonfire. These silly deer-horses have no idea that the beautiful woman here used to have thoughts of eating them. They run to the fire to warm themselves and show some curiosity to the flame.

Rabbit meat on the twig becomes golden during the barbecue. The meat is oily and glistening, and the fragrance wafts everywhere… This is an authentic game barbecue!

The White Fairy certainly disdains the rabbit meat. In fact, even if she wants to eat, she will be disappointed because she now exists as an essence…

Therefore, after expressing her embarrassment, Lin Luoran starts to eat the rabbit meat without any bashfulness. Though the meat is only seasoned with salt, it tastes heavenly good because the meat is fat but not greasy. This is the best rabbit meat Lin Luoran has ever tasted in her life.

Looking at Lin Luoran who is concentrating on eating, the White Fairy frowns. It seems that Lin Luoran at least has the nature of gold and water… If she was not bluffing when she shouted out “Fire Ball Spell” before, this junior should have three natures. Her Taoist root is so bad. The White Fairy is getting agitated, and she becomes uncertain of what to do next.

Lin Luoran keeps eating and sometimes touches the head of those silly deer-horses, as if she doesn’t notice the fairy’s bewilderment.

Dews fall during the night. The grass has enjoyed a sunbath in the day, and it gives off a pleasant smell after dews fall on it at night.

Lin Luoran is meditating with her eyes closed, but she is paying attention to the peripheral at the same time. Somehow, she can’t set her mind at rest tonight. She has got a feeling that someone is peeping at her in the dark. However, there are only two persons at the bottom of the valley, and the fairy can barely be counted as a person. Is she being paranoid?

Lin Luoran wonders idly all night, which makes her unable to cultivate. She falls asleep at dawn, but the sun shines on her face the minute she closes her eyes. Lin Luoran struggles between getting up and going on with sleep.

The White Fairy floats to Lin Luoran and pours a handful of water on her face,

“Get up! We must get out of the valley today!”