Chapter 160: Seizing the Opportunity

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Tuesday morning.

Having completed his mysticism curriculum, Klein didn’t look for a quiet corner to read “Comparison of Ancient and Modern Names” or “Nighthawks Case Compendium,” and instead stayed in the break room to play cards with Leonard, Kenley, and Royale.

I only told Mr. Azik to create an opportunity for me to take Sealed Artifact 3-0782 out… It’ll still depend on my improvisation skills to seize the opportunity… Klein’s mind wasn’t on his cards, so he played terribly. He lost five soli in an hour, and he felt the pinch. He planned to concentrate on the game to recover some of his cash.

After he bought various ingredients for the Flaring Sun Charms yesterday afternoon, his private stash of cash reduced to less than one pound once again. Plus, he had to pay two soli every day for the carriage rental fees to search for the house with the red chimney.

As they were waiting for Kenley to shuffle the cards, he picked up the copper penny before him and spun it casually.

He suddenly felt Royale’s gaze on him, a very intense gaze.

What? Klein was first stunned, then looked at the copper penny that was about to fall.

… Is she wary of me cheating with divination? We’re just playing cards amongst ourselves, do we have to be so serious about this? He suddenly understood and slammed down the penny with a dry laugh.

Just then, Dunn Smith knocked on the door and entered. He looked around and said, “There’s a situation in Morse Town. Leonard, please handle it.”

Morse Town? Klein felt his mind jolt as he pretended to ask curiously, “Captain, what kind of situation?”

Dunn glanced over and explained, “Recently, there have been a few paranormal cases in the area. Firstly, people would hear sobs when walking past the cemetery and see vague figures flash by. Then, a widow encountered her deceased husband when she woke up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. She nearly fainted from the fright. In addition, there was an elderly man who lived alone. He began hearing heavy footsteps reverberating in the house all the time. However, silence reigned once again the moment he lights a candle or gas lamp. The people in the town are believers of the Goddess, so the local priest reported the situation.”

No one got hurt, and it almost borders on the level of a prank…. It should be Mr. Azik… Klein used an expression and tone that he had rehearsed many times. “Captain, there might be a secret link for these paranormal cases to happen so suddenly. In this situation, divination could provide an important clue. I think I can help Leonard.”

Upon hearing that, Leonard’s green eyes immediately locked onto Klein. He was apparently trying to find clues and traces from Klein’s face.

Dunn nodded first, but remained quiet and hesitant.

When Klein saw the Captain’s response, he immediately added, “Some of these things might require ritualistic magic to purify them.”

“Makes sense.” Dunn thought and said, “You and Leonard will head to Morse Town then.”

Without anyone saying anything else, he additionally added, “Hmm, you won’t be able to make it for your combat training in the afternoon. I’ll send someone to inform Gawain.”

Phew, the first step is complete… Klein silently let out a sigh. He quickly packed away his soli and pence.

Then, he suddenly paused and looked sideways at Dunn. He said solemnly, “Captain, I think we should prepare for the worst. If there’s a powerful wraith behind the paranormal events, it might be very dangerous for only Leonard and I. Plus, it takes two, uh—three hours to get to Morse Town, right? Even if we manage to send a telegram to request for backup in time, we would still have to hold out for quite a while…”

“So?” Dunn interrupted.

“I want to get the assistance of another teammate.” Klein pretended to think for a moment and said, “And, according to the rules, a mission with three or more Nighthawks involved can apply for a level three Sealed Artifact. Yes, 3-0782 is most suited for this job.”

Upon hearing that, Leonard laughed and said, “Exactly your style. Careful, cautious, taking no risks.”

You seem to be implying that I’m a coward… I’m a person who looked directly at the Eternal Blazing Sun! Klein pretended that he didn’t hear Leonard and earnestly looked at Dunn Smith.

“Captain, what do you think?”

“We should really take extra care against any accidents. There have been too many coincidences lately…” Dunn nodded thoughtfully and looked at the other two teammates. “Kenley, join Leonard and Klein on their trip to Morse Town. Oh, hurry up and write an application. After I sign it, retrieve Sealed Artifact 3-0782 from Chanis Gate.”

“Alright,” the short Kenley said, putting down the cards in his hand.

Alright! Klein fist-pumped in his mind while he looked anxious and solemn on the outside.

At that very moment, Seeka Tron was monitoring Hood Eugen in the asylum while Frye was on duty at Chanis Gate.

Klein left the recreation room and put on his black tuxedo. He took his hat and cane, then waited together with Leonard for Kenley at the stairway that connected to the basement

There was no one there, and it was extremely quiet. Leonard suddenly looked sideways at Klein and said, “I think you’d better give up on any unrealistic dreams.”

“Ah… What?” Klein replied in confusion.

Leonard walked forward and stood by the edge of the stairs. He looked into the darkness of the stairway.

“Even during a mission, it will be impossible for you to discover my secret and understand my uniqueness.”

… Bro, can you stop thinking so highly about yourself? Did you think I applied for this mission to spy on you? I didn’t even have such thoughts! Enlightened, Klein chuckled.

“How can you be so sure that my uniqueness won’t help to reveal your secret?”

Leonard’s expression grew grave, but he then smiled and said, “It will, huh? I shall wait for you to discover it then.”

When I gather more information and items, I will go to the world above the gray fog to help you do a divination. You’re welcome! Klein thought sarcastically in his head.

Soon, the small-framed Kenley brought the Mutated Sun Sacred Emblem up the winding stairs.

When Klein felt the unique warmth and purity, he secretly heaved a sigh of relief. He knew that he had finally completed the very first and most difficult step in his plan of siphoning the powers of the Eternal Blazing Sun’s divine blood.

Then, the three of them left the Blackthorn Security Company and walked to Zouteland Street. They walked towards the carriage that belonged to the Nighthawks.

“Will the purifying effect bother the horse?” Kenley suddenly asked anxiously. “I don’t want a horse that can only praise the Sun to pull the carriage…”

He had been a Nighthawk for longer than Klein, but he was far from experienced.

“No, Sealed Artifact 3-0782 only purifies living entities with a high level of intelligence,” Klein lowered his voice in response.

If not, I wouldn’t be bitten by insects… he added blankly in his head.

“Oh, I see… Haha, I didn’t read the information thoroughly enough.” Kenley pressed down on his black silk hat and laughed in enlightenment.

As Klein had yet to master the skill of driving of a carriage, he sat inside the carriage for the following three hours. He rubbed the Sealed Artifact 3-0782 in his hand while he watched Leonard and Kenley take turns driving.

They finally arrived at Morse Town around lunchtime.

“How beautiful…” Kenley complimented sincerely as they stepped down from the carriage and looked towards the boundless golden wheat fields that surrounded the town.

The dates representing the Volcanic constellation was coming to an end, and the Bumper Harvest constellation was going to rule everyone’s life.

Leonard was in the driver’s seat as he looked around and opened his mouth, as though he was going to recite a sonnet.

But in the end, he only spurted one sentence, “How beautiful.”

Klein held back the urge to laugh as he put on his top hat, took his cane, and got off the carriage.

At that moment, a middle-aged man in a black priest’s gown walked over. He drew a crimson moon on his chest and said, “Praise the Lady. Are you the friends that Saint Selena Cathedral sent to help us?”

“Yes, Priest Siur. May the Goddess bless you.” Leonard jumped off the carriage and replied with a smile, “We’re here to take care of the recent paranormal incidents.”

“Seemingly. Seemingly.” The gray-haired, blue-eyed Siur saw many townsfolk approaching as he quickly emphasized.

Morse Town wasn’t big. Regardless of which direction one chose to travel in, one would enter the plains within ten minutes. The people who stayed there knew each other, so what happened earlier had spread.

Many townsfolk were waiting for the Church of the Evernight Goddess to send people to resolve the problem. Hence, when they saw that the priest was greeting three strangers, they quickly surrounded them out of concern and curiosity. Some tiptoed and some tried to hear what they were saying.

Leonard chuckled and said, “Priest, don’t worry. We’re professionals. Look, we brought Holy Water, silver daggers, Dark Sacred Emblems, and also garlic.”

He took out the described items from the inner pockets of his clothes as though he was pulling a magic trick.

Garlic? Are you trying to stink the spirits to death? Klein found it ridiculous yet funny as he watched Leonard’s performance.

Siur wore a look of confusion, and he even started to suspect that the Saint Selena Cathedral had sent over a bunch of frauds.

The citizens who surrounded them revealed gratified smiles, as though they were finally in safe hands.

Leonard got close to Priest Siur and explained softly into his ear, “They believe in these things…”

Without waiting for the priest’s reply, he added, “Let’s have lunch at the church first. Then, we shall take care of those matters.”

Yes, lunch is very important… When those paranormal incidents are taken care of, it’ll be time to take turns looking after Sealed Artifact 3-0782, and also the opportunity for me to make Flaring Sun Charms… Hopefully, everything goes smoothly… Of course, making Flaring Sun Charms during the daytime would get the best results… Klein thought, brimming with anticipation.