Chapter 274: Beyonder Weapon

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The woman with the hooded face looked around her and said, “The two weapons this time are easy to carry around.

“One of them is the Whip of Slowness. It’s a replica of a particular mystical item. It can constantly create formless restraints, influencing your opponent bit by bit, slowing down his actions gradually. The longer you last in battle, the more effective it would be.

“It can still be used for two years. 450 pounds, or the potion formula for Barbarian.”

This whip sounds pretty good, and it feels like the spider silk ability of the Demoness of Pleasure… However, would it seem a little strange for Little Sun to use a whip?Klein asked in a hoarse voice, “Can this invisible binding effect affect spirit-type creatures? For example, wraiths?”

The lady shook her head slowly. “No.”

Without waiting for any further questions, she continued introducing, “The second weapon is called the Axe of Hurricane. It can raise the user’s agility and running speed. There’s also a 15% chance of inflicting a numbing effect to the enemy and a 5% chance of producing a bolt of lightning. If used in a thunderstorm, the chance of the lightning bolt will be raised to 50%.

“This has all been verified through experimentation and concluded through copious amounts of data.

“This weapon’s effects can last for no more than a year. 520 pounds or the potion formula to Barbarian.”

This is much stronger than the Whip of Slowness. If it wasn’t for the fact that it only has the Beyonder effects for a year, it probably wouldn’t be this price… Right, according to the description of Little Sun and the scene I vaguely saw, in the air above the City of Silver and the surrounding area, there are always flashes of lightning. The highest frequency is during daytime and the lowest frequency is during nighttime. This is very similar to a so-called thunderstorm environment…

If it’s really effective, then this Axe of Hurricane would be a truly mystical item in the hands of Little Sun. Each strike has a 50% chance of blasting out lightning. It would be absolutely formidable!

Even if that doesn’t work, looking at the most basic Beyonder effects of the Axe of Hurricane, it’s still quite a good weapon, and it meets the needs of Little Sun… As for the problem that it can only be used for a year, it’s not a big problem to solve. In one year, with Little Sun’s digestion rate and City of Silver’s Beyonder resources, as long as he has the potion formulas, he would at least be Sequence 6 by then. At that point in time, he’ll definitely need to replace his weapon!

As his mind whirled, Klein basically determined that he was buying the Axe of Hurricane.

At that moment, the Apothecary muttered, “Is an axe easy to carry around? I feel like I’ve heard a joke, and I think it might be more appropriate to make a wrench. Say, can’t you sell stuff like revolvers with Beyonder effects?”

“I will try my best to collect similar items.” The woman emphasized the word “collect.” “Alright, friends who are willing to buy one of these weapons, please make a bid.”

Before Klein could even speak, he heard a male voice from the long sofa.

“Axe of Hurricane, 520 pounds.”

The woman waited a few seconds before asking again, “Is there anyone else who wants to bid?”

“530 pounds.” Klein added ten pounds.

The man immediately replied, “550 pounds.”

… This… Little Sun, if he raises it to more than 600 pounds, I won’t be buying it. I’ll get you a new whip! With a definite strategy in mind, Klein called out very calmly, “560 pounds.”

He tried to make it appear that no matter what offer was made, he could add on an additional ten pounds.

And the 600 pounds he had just earned was just enough to put invisible pressure on the other party.

Upon hearing the latest price, the man fell silent and shrugged.

“Alright then, it’s yours.”

Phew… Klein secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

“Is there anyone else who wants to bid for the Axe of Hurricane?” the woman asked again, but the room was silent.

“Sold!” The lady didn’t hesitate any longer and handed the box next to her right foot to the attendant.

The attendant had the Eye of Wisdom appraise it before bringing it to Klein, Money was handed over in exchange for the item.

Putting away the remaining four ten-pound notes, Klein opened the box and saw an axe that could be attached to one’s back or tucked in one’s belt.

Its entire body was iron black in color, thick, and sturdy, with a sharp edge. In his Spirit Vision, it was clear that the creator had used a large number of spiritual materials.

There were also many symbols and magic runes on the surface of the axe. They were embedded inside, turning into lightning and hurricane patterns. When Klein reached out to touch it, he felt a faint pricking pain.

He nodded and placed the box on his lap.

It can be exchanged for the true root and juice of a Mist Treant. My Magician potion is only missing the spinal fluid of a Dark Patterned Black Panther… I’ve made a good deal of money in my past few commissions, and together with my original savings and what I just have left, I have 209 pounds 5 solis and 5 pennies on me… The Beyonder ingredients corresponding to Sequence 7 are valued at 500 to 700 pounds… Heh, I still had to sell formulas or knowledge… Yes, I’ll take the time to check on Leppard this week and confirm the progress of his bicycle… Klein stopped bidding and quietly watched from the sidelines.

Later on, someone bought the Whip of Slowness for 480 pounds, and a Beyonder ingredient called Heart of Featherman wasn’t sold because its price reached 1,600 pounds and nobody wanted it.

According to his knowledge of mysticism, Klein knew that this Beyonder ingredient would be classified in the category of Sequence 6.

In the following transactions, more failed than succeeded. After all, most of the Beyonders who came to the gathering had a specific purpose, and they wouldn’t casually waste money and resources. They weren’t like Klein, who bought any weapon as long as the Beyonder effects were good enough.

“I want to sell a formula potion. Sequence 9, Corpse Collector. 230 pounds.” Towards the end, a man sitting quietly in a corner said with a deep voice.

Corpse Collector? I remember that this potion formula can only be found in the Church of the Evernight Goddess, Church of the God of Combat, and the Numinous Episcopate… Has an undercover Nighthawk sneaked in, or is he a member of the Numinous Episcopate who’s trying to revive Death? Of course, it isn’t that strange for low Sequence formulas to be found in the wild. This isn’t a huge secret… I remember Old Neil mentioning that the formula for Corpse Collector involved a desiccated black-spotted frog… Klein controlled himself and didn’t smile. He thoughtfully looked ahead and discovered that the potion formula of Corpse Collector was quickly sold.

The potion formula for Sequence 9 is very easy to sell… Before, there was just a single Sequence 8 Folk of Rage formula that failed to close several times, while my Light Suppliant formula matched with Sequence 9 Bard was sold relatively easily.

Yes, most Beyonders would collect Sequence 9 formulas if they have the money to spare. They can give their own children and students more opportunities to choose from, allowing them to walk a path that they preferred. Under this premise, if a Sequence 8 formula doesn’t have the foundation Sequence 9, they would have to wait for Beyonders who are attempting to advance, and there might not even be one in one to two years. After all, the circle of Beyonders is very scattered, and most people don’t know about the acting method…

Yes, they also don’t know the Law of Beyonder Characteristics Conservation and Indestructibility…

Klein silently thought and didn’t speak.

After another fifteen minutes, seeing that the gathering was about to end, he asked probingly, “Who has the complete spinal fluid of a Dark Patterned Black Panther?”

Silence. No one spoke in the living room.

Klein thought for a moment, then added, “I will provide payment that no Beyonder would refuse.”

For example, the Law of Beyonder Characteristics Conservation and Indestructibility. Unfortunately, I’ve already sworn to the Goddess that I wouldn’t impart the acting method to anyone else… Uh, I’ve already died once. I wonder if that oath is invalid…Klein forcefully retracted his scattered thoughts, but he still didn’t hear anyone speak.

“Okay, next.” He deliberately made a shrug that he wouldn’t normally do.

The Apothecary cleared his throat and said, “I’ve brought quite a few of my own medicine. Take a look at what you want. It’s not expensive at all. It’s just a few pounds or even a few soli.”

When the lady selling Beyonder weapons heard this, she asked curiously, “I want to know if the dangerous beast in the sewers has been eliminated?”

The Apothecary snorted immediately.

“You asked the right person!”

After saying that, he spread out his hands.

“I don’t know either.

“After I got someone to make a police report, I haven’t been to the sewers ever since.”

Bro, you’re asking for a beating… It must’ve been hard for you to grow up so healthily… From the looks of it, it was very wise of you to choose the Apothecary job!Klein couldn’t help but lampoon in Chinese.

The woman took a deep breath and slowly exhaled without saying a word.

When all the strange medicine the Apothecary had brought were sold, Eye of Wisdom announced that the gathering was over.

He delegated Klein to be fifth to leave, through a secret passage in the basement.

From the looks of it, Eye of Wisdom didn’t recognize me either… With some relief, Klein took off his hooded robe and tossed it to the attendant. Then, he walked out of the passage and skilfully circled around it.

After confirming that no one was following him, he took off his iron mask, left the secluded street, took the box containing the Axe of Hurricane, and headed straight to East Borough.

There were no gas lamps on Black Palm Street in East Borough, and after dark, it was like an abyss.

In a particular apartment here, Klein sealed the room with a wall of spirituality, then he summoned himself and carried the Axe of Hurricane above the gray fog.

If it had been a little heavier, I wouldn’t have been able to carry it with me even if I had Mr. Azik’s copper whistle to reinforce my spirit. Then, I would have to switch to a sacrificial ritual… Klein mumbled, sending his thoughts to the illusory star corresponding to The Sun.

“The World has sacrificed the weapon to me. You can prepare the bestowment ritual.”

City of Silver.

Upon seeing the gray fog and hearing Mr. Fool’s instructions, Derrick Berg immediately sat up and rushed to prepare.

Before holding the bestowment ceremony, he silently took out his knight’s sword and made a few vertical slashes to ease his anticipation.

Would it be a straight sword, a broadsword, or a rapier? Derrick stopped without realizing, unable to stop himself from thinking, and subconsciously pictured himself using that powerful weapon.

After a while, during the ritual, he saw the Beyonder weapon that belonged to him.

It was an axe.