Chapter 341: Private Communication

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The sight of the towering stone pillars that supported a high dome and the mottled and ancient long table that appeared to have been placed there since hundreds, if not more than a thousand years ago entered the eyes… Although Audrey Hall had seen this scene many times, she would still feel a kind of shock that came from the bottom of her heart the moment she arrived above the gray fog.

Out of the corner of her eye, she scanned the surroundings and didn’t see any new members. She then looked up and bowed to the person in the thick gray fog.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Fool~”

As she spoke, she suddenly saw a card covered with a complicated pattern on the table to the right of The Fool.

It was lying there quietly, casually, like an ordinary object.

I-is that the Card of Blasphemy? A Card of Blasphemy that hides one of the paths of the divine! Audrey immediately understood. After The Fool nodded in response, she subconsciously glanced at The Hanged Man, The Sun, and The Magician, and she found that they had also noticed the card that didn’t exist in the past.

However, their eyes and actions revealed their doubts and astonishment, as well as their inevitable conjectures. After all, a card that could be placed by the mysterious and lofty Mr. Fool was definitely not an ordinary item… Well, Mr. World’s reaction is a little odd. He’s not even looking there. Is he able to hide his thoughts so well? Is he really the nemesis of a Spectator and Telepathist? Audrey quickly decided that, other than Mr. Fool, the Card of Blasphemy was known only to herself.

This made her feel quite proud. It was a feeling like sharing a secret with her parents when she was young while she kept her two elder brothers in the dark.

That’s a Card of Blasphemy created by Emperor Roselle, a treasure that countless Beyonders in the mysterious world dream of! Audrey took the initiative to raise her hand after The Magician, The Sun, and the others did their greetings.

“Honorable Mr. Fool, I have something I would like to report to you alone.”

Alone? Alger frowned slightly as he subconsciously tried to guess at the content but was without any clue.

Derrick and the others were also curious, but they didn’t think too much about it.

Klein nodded slightly and said, “Sure.”

Frankly, he had no idea what Miss Justice was going to report to him.

After waiting two seconds, he blocked off the senses of the rest of the members and gestured to Justice.

Audrey sat with a dignified posture and said with a sincere attitude, “Mr. Fool, as I had asked to purchase the Spectator formula at a Beyonder gathering, there has been two suspected members of the Psychology Alchemists who came into contact with me recently through certain nobles.

“I’m inclined to join them, but only if I can guarantee my own safety.

“What is your opinion on this? I’ve attached great importance to this.”

Psychology Alchemists… From the evidence from various sources of information, it’s not considered an evil organization. At present, they might not have a deity that they believe in. Its main mission is to explore and research one’s mind, consciousness, psyche, and spirituality. It’s more like a scientific self-help group. Of course, among the Orthodox Churches, it’s also a form of sacrilege since they believe that everyone’s spirit belongs to god. And according to Daxter Guderian, the upper echelons of the Psychology Alchemists definitely have an inclination—the original Creator, the god that created everything, and they worship “Him” to a certain extent, a rather primitive form of worship… Many thoughts flashed past Klein’s mind as he finally said with a smile, “If you think it’s suitable, you can do so.

“If you encounter a problem, you can seek help from the Tarot Club.”

“Thank you for your suggestion.” Audrey instantly felt relieved.

Klein thought for a moment and added using a calm and leisurely tone, “Inside the Psychology Alchemists, there are people planted by the Churches, such as informants of the Mandated Punishers and Nighthawks. You have to know how to hide and conceal yourself.”

Mr. Fool is so nice to remind me to be careful… Audrey slightly bent her eyes and replied with a shallow smile, “In the future, there will also be an informant from the Tarot Club inside the Psychology Alchemists.”

… Miss Justice, you haven’t even joined, and you’re already thinking of betraying them… Klein silently drew an invisible crimson moon for the Psychology Alchemists.

After reporting the matter of the Psychology Alchemists, Audrey wasn’t in a hurry to end the conversation. Instead, she said, “Mr. Fool, I’ve memorized another two pages of Roselle’s diary.”

That was also why she had asked to speak to him in private. If she had conjured Roselle’s diary and given it to Mr. Fool under the witness of The Magician, Fors, she could imagine that at the end of the gathering, Fors would immediately come to her and borrow those Roselle’s notes she had bought in the past. And with regards to this, the Goddess could prove that Mr. Fool had seen them all!

I forgot to do so previously. One of these two days, I’ll find an opportunity to tell Fors that the Roselle notes I bought were torn apart by Susie. Yes, torn apart, into pieces that cannot be restored! I’m sorry, Susie… Audrey repented in her heart.

“Very good.” Klein knocked gratefully on the edge of the long bronze table to help Miss Justice conjure the diary pages.

When he had the two pages in hand, he cast his eyes over, only to have his smile gradually stiffen.

The first line of the journal read: “6th March. Dammit, I’m almost constipated from eating the food here!”

This is what I saw at the Roselle Memorial Exhibition… Klein hid his expression and turned to the second page. He found that the contents were still the complaints and novel experiences of Roselle’s early days of his transmigration. They were of no practical use.

He controlled his expression and smiled.

“Do you wish to deduct from the gold pounds you have yet to pay, or do you wish to get something else in return?”

Audrey said without any hesitation, “Mr. Fool, I would like to know which path of the divine that Card of Blasphemy is.”

You really treat money as dirt… Klein silently sighed, as he didn’t hide his smile as he said, “That is the Dark Emperor card.

“The corresponding Sequence 9 is Lawyer.”

So that’s what it is… After receiving her answer, Audrey felt abnormally satisfied.

After the private conversation ended, The Magician, Fors, looked eagerly at The World who sat right at the other end.

“Mr. World, I will try my best to gather a mystical item or powerful Beyonder weapon in the Sun domain.”

“What kind of deal did you two make in private?” Despite feeling very familiar with Fors, Audrey wasn’t aware of this, so she couldn’t help but ask.

Fors let out a sigh and said, “Mr. World has helped me find the formula to Trickmaster.”

Mr. World sure is capable at finding formulas… Does he have extensive and reliable resources and connections in this field? Audrey listened in surprise.

The Hanged Man, Alger, concealed his solemn expression, once again reevaluating The World and raising his assessment of him.

As for Derrick, he felt rather expectant. He hoped that after he finished digesting the Light Suppliant potion, Mr. World would be able to easily find for him the formula for Sequence 7, Solar High Priest.

The World laughed hoarsely when faced with the numerous gazes that were staring at him.

“Miss Magician, before you purchase it, it’s best that you chant Mr. Fool’s honorable name and request that ‘He’ pass the relevant information to me. Yes, I have already sought Mr. Fool’s permission and ‘He’ has agreed to help us.

“If I’m not satisfied with the items that you have set your eyes on, perhaps I will consider switching to another request.”

Klein now had three alternatives for the items in the Sun domain, so he planned to compare them before making any finalization.

One of them was the brooch which Old Mister Eye of Wisdom had mentioned. It had the effect of purifying and warding off evil spirits and letting the wearer use a portion of the spells in the Sun domain. The negative effect was that the wearer would never feel cool, forever stuck in a hot and irritable state.

Klein found the mystical item only okay, and since the price could be close to 2,000 pounds, he was unable to afford it, even if he had sold the Briber formula; therefore, he planned to wait a few days. If Miss Magician and the lady with the Artisan backing her couldn’t find something better, then he would cash out the formula and buy the brooch.

“Okay, I’ll give you the information no later than tomorrow.” Fors had confirmed that Mr. A would be hosting a gathering that very night, but she had given herself another day for any unexpected outcomes.

When the conversation was over, Alger looked around and said, as if he had already prepared a draft, “I recently took on an investigative mission. I’m not sure if you have any relevant leads.

“In the past two to three years, many original native tribes in the Southern Continent have been plundered and all their people were taken away. In the various colonies, on the islands at sea, some slaves have also mysteriously escaped.

“Such situations have not happened in a long time since the countries of the Northern Continent abolished the slave trade. Have you all heard anything that’s relevant?”

His eyes swept over Justice, The Magician, and The World, but he didn’t look at The Sun.

How could a boy trapped in the City of Silver inside the Forsaken Land of the Gods know about what was happening outside?!

Audrey carefully recalled the conversations she had heard at the many noble gatherings, but after a while, she said, “No, I’ve never even heard of such a thing.”

The Magician and The World shook their heads.

Is this indicating that slave trading in the black market is flourishing again? Why would they need so many slaves? Klein sat at the end of the long bronze table and thought about the matter suspiciously.

Seeing that no one could provide any clues, and how Mr. Fool showed no interest whatsoever by not interrupting, he said without changing his expression, “You can attempt to seek out the formula for Wind-blessed.

“I will provide you with payment that would absolutely be enough to satisfy you.”

The formula for the Wind-blessed? He’s almost done digesting the potion of the Seafarer… Klein activated his Spirit Vision and glanced at The Hanged Man. Sure enough, he found that the surface layer of his Astral Projection was not only pure blue like the sea, but it also had slight ripples, as if slowly undulating.

… If I do the math, it took Mr. Hanged Man nearly four months to digest the Seafarer potion. He’s often at sea… Audrey also made a judgment based on what she had observed.

Another point that Fors paid more attention to was that Mr. Hanged Man was likely a Sequence 7!

A Mid-Sequence Beyonder… she nodded indiscernibly and said to herself.

After The Hanged Man finished announcing his mission, Derrick raised his hand and said with some apprehension, “I’ve been assigned to go on a mission. I will be heading to the half-destroyed temple, that I mentioned previously, in the near future, yes, the one related to the Fallen Creator.

“The leader responsible for this operation is Shepherd Elder Lovia.

“Do you have any suggestions?”