Chapter 344: Spending Lavishly

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Underground shooting range of the Quelaag Club.

When he was done shooting, Klein meticulously serviced his free revolver and adjusted the ratio of purifying bullets, demon hunting bullets, and exorcism bullets to 3:1:1.

Phew. He exhaled, put away the revolver, tidied his coat, and slowly walked back to the hall on the first floor.

He had already heard from the attendant that the dish that was in limited supply today was pan-fried Dragon-Bone Fish.

As soon as he entered the buffet cafeteria, Klein saw an acquaintance, Talim Dumont, the equestrian teacher from an abject noble family with short brown curls. He was eating his lunch with unfocused eyes.

Klein carried his plate over, sat down, and greeted him.

Talim turned his head and glanced at him. His lips quivered a few times, and after three or four seconds of silence, he finally opened his mouth and mumbled, “Sherlock, do you know—do you know rare people who have strange abilities and are very powerful?”

Yes, the one in front of you is one… Klein’s eyebrows twitched. He didn’t give a direct answer.

“What do you want to do?”

Talim opened his mouth but said nothing.

With a solemn expression, he thought for a while before he squeezed out a smile and said, “It’s nothing. I was just asking out of curiosity.”

He had asked what should a person do if he fell in love with someone he shouldn’t have the last time, and this time, he’s asking if I know of anyone with strange abilities… Is he trying to get rid of the other party and completely sever his friend’s fantasies? Who’s worth the risk? Hiring a killer is equivalent to murder! Klein mumbled silently, cut a piece of the fish without any fine bones, and stuffed it into his mouth.

Talim drew a breath, finished the food from his plate quickly, and wiped his mouth with a napkin.

He seemed to return to normal as he said with a smile, “Mike wants to hire you for a few days to be his bodyguard.”

Mike Joseph? The reporter from the Daily Observer? I remember his performance at the Golden Rose was rather brilliant… Klein chuckled.

“What does Mike want to do now?”

Talim spread out his hands and said, “I’m not sure. He just casually mentioned this matter. It seems to have something to do with an interview. He said that he will visit you the day after tomorrow. I hope you have the time to accept this commission.”

“I can’t be sure.” Klein, who didn’t know the details, didn’t give an affirmative answer.

At that moment, he heard a series of illusory pleas from a woman.

Miss Magician? Is she prepared to sacrifice the money in exchange for the formula?Klein picked up his speed and finished the rest of his food. Then, he downed the black tea and went to the reception desk to get the attendant to open a lounge for him.

After sealing the room with a wall of spirituality, he went above the gray fog and found that his judgment was correct. Miss Magician was requesting to hold the sacrificial ritual.

The reason for her delay was that she only had 370 pounds on her, and she had to go to the bank to withdraw some of her savings.

After a series of maneuvering, she saw the 450 pounds vanish into the illusionary door, and an additional formula appeared in her mind:

“Sequence 8. Trickmaster.

“Main ingredients: Stomach pouch of a Spirit Eater, 20 ml of a Deep Sea Marlin’s blood.

“Supplementary ingredients: 5 ml of essential oils made from Hornbeam, 10 grams of String Grass Powder, a blossoming Red Chestnut Flower, 80 ml of pure water.”

Finally, I’ve finally obtained it! It’s been years! Fors couldn’t help pacing back and forth, feeling overjoyed and proud.

Then, not feeling at ease, she took out a pen and a piece of paper, recording down the formula so that she wouldn’t forget it and end up having to trouble Mr. Fool.

If I don’t meet someone who doesn’t know the market well, then the main ingredient is at least 300 pounds, and I only have 430 pounds left… I still need to work hard to earn more money… I-I’m going to write a new book! Fors suddenly felt that she was brimming with motivation. She was no longer the procrastinator she had been before.

Five minutes to eight on a Wednesday evening, carrying all his savings, Klein entered the house where the gathering organized by Eye of Wisdom was held.

He was wearing a black robe, with the hood over his face, and an iron mask.

1,674 pounds in cash and 5 gold coins. This is the new peak of my wealth. I wonder how much will remain after this gathering… Klein entered the living room and scanned the room with the help of the candle’s flickering light.

Eh, the Apothecary didn’t come. Is he caught up with something? Klein frowned slightly and sat in the same position as he did the previous time.

After a few minutes, Eye of Wisdom clapped his hands and said, “Let’s begin.”

Before he could finish his sentence, someone impatiently spoke up. It was the heavily shrouded lady who seemed to have an Artisan backing her.

She suppressed her voice and asked, “Is the friend who wanted to sell the Briber formula last time here?”

“I’m here,” Klein answered simply.

The lady heaved a sigh of relief, pushed her iron mask down and said, “This time, there’s a Beyonder weapon that you need. Of course, you can also choose cash.”

“What’s the Beyonder weapon?” Klein suppressed the eagerness in his heart.

The lady organized her words and said, “This is a whip woven from the feathers of the Holy Sunbird.

“You can usually disguise it as a belt.

“When used, it will be covered with pure holy flames of light. Any undead monsters that are whipped by it will suffer great damage, and the weaker ones would even be directly obliterated.

“It can also be used to soak in liquids to create Sun Holy Water. But that would reduce the spirituality’s durability. Every use will decrease its durability by a month.

“Currently, it has thirteen months of effective durability.

“If you are willing, you can exchange it for the Briber formula without paying any additional cash.”

Holy Sunbird? It’s not the Sun Divine Bird. If it’s the latter’s feathers, I’ll take it! Of course, only tail feathers would do. They can be used to concoct the Sequence 4’s Unshadowed potion… Klein was quite satisfied with the weapon itself, but the problem was that it could only be used for thirteen months. Every time he made Sun Holy Water, the durability would be reduced by a month. In time, he would have to replenish it with something similar.

With this in mind, he turned to look at the seat of honor.

“Mr. Eye of Wisdom, can you describe, in detail, the brooch you introduced last time?

“Oh, write it down on paper and indicate the price that would satisfy you.”

He was afraid that the others would be interested in the brooch and thus raise the price, so he decided at the last second to get Eye of Wisdom to write it down.

“Alright.” Eye of Wisdom laughed and asked an attendant to bring him a pen and paper.

While he was writing, the members of the gathering continued their trade. There were even some who were tempted as they asked about the price of the whip, only to receive an answer to wait.

After a while, the Eye of Wisdom finished writing the introduction and passed it to Klein through the attendant.

When Klein unrolled it, he saw that the words on the paper were written in print, preventing him from noticing anything special about them.

Very careful… He started to read carefully:

“Sun Brooch. It can also be called Midsummer, and it is considered a relatively weaker Grade 2 Sealed Artifact.

“With it acting as the center, it will fill a ten-meter radius with pure and warm energy. Normal people will not be able to sense it, but undead spirits and monsters will suffer constant damage, and they will quickly ‘evaporate’ like a pool of water under a blazing fireball. Even wraiths and shadows will suffer the same fate, albeit lasting a little longer.

“In such an environment, the strength of powerful undead creatures will be significantly weakened.

“It will be very difficult for the wearer to be possessed or corrupted by evil spirits or monsters. Allows use of spells such as Holy Light Summoning, Holy Water Creation, Fire of Light, Cleave of Purification, Horror Immunity, Holy Oath, and Sun Halo.

“The downside is that, as long as you carry it, you will never be able to feel cool. You will always be experiencing a terrible heat. Young man, don’t underestimate this state. The hot and irritated you will slowly step into the abyss of losing control.

“I will only sell it for 2,000 pounds.

“Don’t try to bargain. As you know, I’m not too short of money, and I’m a collector.”

It’s much stronger than I imagined. Eye of Wisdom had been very vague the last time… Klein’s heart skipped a beat. After a few seconds of thought, he looked over at the woman with the Artisan backing her.

“900 pounds in cash.”

The average price for a Sequence 7 potion formula was around 800 pounds.

“Deal!” the lady answered without hesitation.

… If I had known, I would have offered 1,000 pounds… Klein forced a smile.

He was a man of his word, and, without reneging his offer, he exchanged his prepared formula for 900 pounds in cash. In an instant, his wealth soared to 2,574 pounds. It was enough to make a bachelor man live a pretty good life for the rest of his life.

After Eye of Wisdom’s appraisal, the lady looked at the formula once more in satisfaction.

“Sequence 7: Briber.

“Main ingredients: One Weeping Infant Flower, Strange-faced Cannabis Crystal.

“Supplementary ingredients: 5 drops of golden Jimsonweed juice, 5 drops of black Jimsonweed juice, 4 drops of Fantasy Grass essential oil, 80 ml of red wine.”

After completing the transaction, Klein drew a deep breath, looked at Eye of Wisdom, and solemnly said, “2,000 pounds. I want that Sun Brooch.”

Eye of Wisdom chuckled and said, “To be honest, I really don’t wish to sell it, but since I have 2-081, Sun Brooch isn’t necessary to me. Besides, I have already named my price, and reneging isn’t my style.

“Wait three minutes for me. I’ll get the Sun Brooch.”

“Alright,” Klein replied, feeling both expectant and also feeling the pinch.

At this point, the Beyonders in the activity room cast their gazes on him. A deal of 2,000 pounds rarely appeared at this level of ordinary gatherings, perhaps not even once in a year or two.

Klein could feel the greed and covetous feelings in their eyes.

After a short silence, the transactions continued until Eye of Wisdom returned. In his open palm lay a dark golden brooch shaped like a sunbird.

It was obvious that the Eye of Wisdom had some sweat on his face.