Chapter 360: A Difficult Conundrum

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Klein thought seriously for a while and came up with all sorts of theories, but because he lacked the necessary information, he could only temporarily ascribe the cause of the matter to the difference in the flow of time between the Earth and this world.

Roselle and I have transmigrated less than a year apart, but in this world, we are separated by nearly two hundred years. That is to say, even if I were to spend two hundred years to find a way to return, it’s likely that I won’t lose the opportunity to meet my parents. At most, I’d have been missing for a year… Klein made a contrasting inference, improving his mood significantly. He instantly felt filled with motivation.

Of course, he himself knew very well that this reasoning was not rigorous, because this was determined by one precondition, and it was currently impossible to confirm it.

What if Roselle transmigrated after me? That might involve so-called spatial-temporal turbulence. When the time comes, there is no guarantee that I’ll return to the proper time node… Klein poured cold water on his burgeoning mood.

Roselle’s first diary entry was the product of having held back for a long time; therefore, it took up more than two pages. Klein flipped to the end and read the remaining two lines.

“25th February. What a boring world. There are no newspapers and so few novels! I think I need to help this culturally impoverished society, but the premise of this is that I have to get some money and recall how paper is made and how the print press is done.

“As a transmigrator, I can only live on the pocket money that my new dad and mom gave me. I can only occasionally see one or two shiny Fermo gold. What a tragic story.

“However, hunting is quite interesting.

“28th February. This world might be a little different from what I know it to be.

“I got lost while hunting in the woods today. As a result, I saw an unimaginably intense battle.

“In the battle, the man who was surrounded had additional eyes growing on his face—a total of four eyes! They even shot dark green light! Th-this is f**king illogical! Is this a humanoid monster?

“This is actually a fantasy world, right?

“That monster’s opponent was even more powerful. He summoned a pillar of light that burned with golden flames. Yes, I think it was summoned…

“Fortunately, they didn’t discover me. After getting rid of that monster, that person left with the corpse.

“I, Huang Tao, am indeed the protagonist. I discovered the truth of this world a few days after I transmigrated!

“Perhaps they can recognize the mysterious symbols and patterns on the silver token… Of course, I won’t ask. I want to become like them and crack it myself!

“There’s another key reason as to why I said this. I can’t even f**king remember what the pattern looks like. I can only vaguely remember it.”

Indeed the protagonist? Emperor, did you pour all of your eighth-grader syndrome soul into your diary? Klein couldn’t help but lampoon.

He was very interested in the silver plate, which might have been the cause for Roselle’s transmigration, and he was eager to find out what the symbols and patterns on it looked like.

If he could really decipher it by relying on the mysticism knowledge of this world, then transmigration might not have just been a coincidence… Klein put down the diary pages, rapped his fingers on the table, and lifted the screen that isolated The Hanged Man and The Magician.

“Go ahead and trade freely.” Klein leaned back in his chair and smiled.

Fors took a deep breath and said, “I would like to purchase the stomach pouch of a Spirit Eater and 20 ml of blood from a Deep Sea Marlin. It will be paid for in gold pounds.”

I still have 430 pounds; I can afford one… she silently encouraged herself.

As for where the rest of the money would come from, she had no idea.

This is one of the main reasons that prevent many Beyonders from advancing… People cannot really attempt to spend beyond their means. If it wasn’t for me having to become a Trickmaster to completely be rid of the influence of the full moon’s ravings, I wouldn’t even consider advancement once I gained rich Beyonder means. I wouldn’t even make contact with this circle. I’ll write books, save up money, drink tea, and stroll the streets with Xio. Once she’s finished with that task, we can travel to different parts of the Northern and Southern Continent. We don’t have to be afraid of danger or accidents, and we can enjoy life… Fors’s thoughts suddenly began to wander.

Just when she thought that no one would respond, Alger said in a low voice, “I saw the Deep Sea Marlin’s blood at the recent gathering of the great pirates, but unfortunately, you’ve already missed it. You should’ve said so earlier. No, I’m mistaken. You hadn’t joined the Tarot Club back then.”

Then what’s the point of saying this? Showing off your experience? Fors curled her lips secretly but said in all seriousness, “Mr. Hanged Man, please keep an eye out for me. I can accept a price between three hundred and four hundred pounds.”

Alger sneered.

“The sea is even vaster than the land. Pirates might not even meet each other in half a year. Even on the islands that they dispose of their loot, Beyonder ingredients are seldom gathered.

“Only big cities like Backlund, Trier, St. Millom, and Feynapotter can have many ingredients gathered together. From your accent, you should be a Backlund citizen, or someone who has been living in Backlund for many years.”

You mean that I still need to rely on myself? Fors almost looked up at the high dome.

At this point, Derrick said, “I know roughly where a few Spirit Eaters are active.

“But I don’t need the gold pounds you people talk about.”

… Fors said with a fake smile, “What do you want?”

The formula for the Solar High Priest potion… Audrey quickly answered inwardly.

Derrick thought seriously and said, “The Solar High Priest potion formula.”

“That’s a Sequence 7 formula, right? I’ve heard of it, but the formula for this Sequence is at least 750 pounds, and if you’re in a hurry to get it, it can be sold for more than a thousand pounds. Furthermore, the stomach bag of a Spirit Eater and blood of a Deep Sea Marlin do not exceed 400 pounds each. They’re only worth 300 pounds most of the time. Do you understand me?” Fors tried to make it clear to The Sun that this was not an equivalent transaction.

Without hesitation, Derrick replied, “I can give you two or three of the Spirit Eater’s stomach bags.”

As for the additional need for a Deep Sea Marlin, he didn’t even consider it. He had never even seen the sea before!

What can I do with the additional Spirit Eaters’ stomach bags… Roast them or fry them? To be honest, I have no idea when I’ll be able to sell it… Most importantly, I’m unable to afford the formula for Solar High Priest… Fors forced a smile and said, “I’ll try searching.”

She thought of the masked Eternal Blazing Sun believer at Mr. A’s gathering who was good at purification. She thought of the Band of Light ring, and she believed that she could get a clue to the potion formula of Solar High Priest.

But I don’t have enough money… Fors thought for a moment, touched her face, looked around, and then asked with great sincerity, “Everyone, do you have any good ways of earning money?”

As soon as she finished her sentence, she realized that everyone had fallen into silence.

Silence could be described by the soundless palace and the quiet gray fog.

From the looks of it, everyone faces this conundrum. As for Mr. Fool, he doesn’t need money… Fors wisely shut her mouth.

Isn’t the best way to make money be from owning farms, mines, plantations, factories, stocks, etc. Oh, you can also go through the kingdom’s bounty notices and complete them in accordance with the price and the period of time at a bearable level… Audrey knew that she didn’t have any real experience in making money, so she could only respond with a few words in her heart as if she was joking.

Might I interest you in bicycle projects? Klein resisted the urge to manipulate the words of The World, which would expose his true identity.

After waiting for a few seconds, he maintained an unfathomable posture, making The World gloomily and hoarsely say, “Help me keep a lookout for the Thousand-faced Hunter’s mutated pituitary gland and blood, as well as a Human-skinned Shadow’s characteristic and a Deep-sea Naga’s hair.

Although Klein only had 589 gold pounds left, he now had the Beyonder characteristic of a Werewolf and the Biological Poison Bottle. Furthermore, he was considering to find an opportunity to turn the former into a mystical item and then sell one of them.

In that case, that’s more than enough to match the cost of Sequence 6 Beyonder ingredient!

Therefore, he planned to have the members of the Tarot Club help him pay attention in advance so that he wouldn’t miss them.

“Alright.” The Sun, Derrick, answered first, but he made no promises.

Compared to a Spirit Eater, Human-skinned Shadows and Thousand-faced Hunters aren’t monsters that are easy-to-encounter.

“Thousand-faced Hunter? I think I’ve seen a fossil of it,” Justice thought as she replied, “Yes, I’ll confirm that after I return.”

That fossil was in Duke Negan’s treasury.

If it’s already a fossil, its Beyonder characteristic has probably long been taken away… Klein manipulated The World and nodded noncommittally.

After a moment of silence, Alger said, “Help me keep an eye out on a person who was involved in the disappearance of the colonial slaves that was mentioned before.

“He calls himself ‘Baelen,’ a man with reddish-brown skin and has the clear characteristics of a Southerner, but someone has overheard him speak in a Backlund accent.

“The third tooth on his left is missing, but it could very well have been replaced.

“In addition, there’s nothing special about him, and his height is also quite average.

“If you can find traces of him, there will be no problem with the reward at all, with it being at least one hundred pounds or something of equal value.”

Even divination can’t be completed with such a description, let alone carrying out a search for the person in the real world… Klein looked around and said, “Continue with your free exchange.”

At the end of the Tarot Gathering, Derrick returned to the real world and found himself in the dark, cramped room.

He sat on the ground cautiously for a few seconds, but he didn’t discover any unusual changes. He was finally able to let out a sigh of relief.

Remembering that Mr. Hanged Man had advised him to talk more with the former exploratory team’s captain, Derrick walked over to the corresponding metal wall, bent his fingers, and tapped on it.

Tak! Tak!

He completed his signal, but there was no response even after a long time.

Did he fall asleep? Or was he taken to the six-member council? Derrick wondered while looking at the dull metal wall.

At this moment, an elderly and fleeting voice came from the bed behind him, “Are you looking for me…”