Chapter 364: Cathedral of Serenity

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What about the rest of the Magician’s rules? As Klein idly leafed through the newspaper he had finished reading, he thought about the issues that mattered most to him.

He had already considered one point before, and that was the difference between having an audience to cheer for him and not having one. However, just this alone didn’t seem sufficient.

With this thought, Klein’s thoughts ran wild as he inexplicably thought of something.

When I was still a Seer, being recognized and praised as a true fortune-teller would give me a feeling that the process of digesting the magic potion had become faster. After I concluded the Seer principles, I began to believe that there was no direct correlation between the views and feedback from others and that they were merely expressions, nothing substantial. If I act well enough, I would naturally be acknowledged, and my digestion would naturally be faster.

That is to say, I had always believed that they were two different responses with the same gains, and not something related to causality.

But now, there’s the “choice” of receiving an audience’s applause… If it does help me digest the potion, does it mean that some performances really require feedback, and the way that others view me can subtly affect the progress of my potion’s digestion?

Hmm, by extension, would the establishment of the Churches by the seven orthodox gods, the spreading of their faith, and the nurturing of their followers partially be a result of this?

… This is truly a sacrilegious thought. I am indeed not a person who sincerely worships gods. I will praise them, but I won’t blindly believe in them… Klein quickly adjusted his train of thought as he searched for another angle of attack.

He repeatedly compared the subtle differences between Seer, Clown, and Magician. Gradually, he came up with an idea.

In comparison, does a Magician, who needs to perform, possess the need to take the “initiative?”

Taking the initiative to perform instead of being passive like a Seer or Clown?

From the perspective of fate, it also fits. From a Seer’s reverence of fate, a Clown’s characteristic of being teased by fate while still maintaining a smile, and finally a Magician who takes the initiative to challenge fate. Even if the result is nothing real or substantial, he will still receive the audience’s applause from his deception…

Klein nodded indiscernibly as he planned to make attempts in taking the initiative to perform.

Where should I start? It should be something relatively less dangerous. Uh, I can consider the imprisonment of that vampire named Emlyn White by Father Utravsky…

However, I need to confirm that this group of nonhumans abide by the law and only engage in petty theft at the worst… Where do Emlyn’s companions stay on the southern side of the bridge? I can’t really remember. I’ll have to use divination to jog my memories. Hmm, I’ll also confirm how dangerous it is…

Having come to this conclusion, Klein put down the newspaper, got up, and went upstairs.

It had to be said that he didn’t have any other motivation to actively involve himself in something that had almost nothing to do with him. It wasn’t his personality, but in order to act, he had to force himself to do so.

This is considered rather simple for me. How would a straight male act as a Witch and Demoness of Pleasure? It’s no wonder the City of Silver emphasizes that “you’re only acting”… Klein suddenly understood the meaning of the admonition.

City of Silver, in a dark room at the top of the spire.

Chief of the six-member council, Colin Iliad, stood in front of a window, staring at the silver city which was shrouded in darkness and lightning.

Those beams of light illuminated his disheveled white hair, revealing his twisted and hideous old scars on his face, as well as the deep wrinkles on his face and his worried eyes.

After an unknown period of time, Colin turned and looked at a dark corner. He asked in a deep voice, “Find anything?”

In the corner, a shadow stood up. It was pitch black as it shot towards the wall, twisting and whirling.

Its voice carried the feeling of metal rubbing against metal, and it was rather jarring to the ears.

“After Derrick Berg returned home, he showed some signs of abnormality, but there was no immediate need to deal with it.”

Colin nodded slightly and said, “What did he do?”

With the help of the mystical item at the bottom of the spire, the Rampager and the clone of the mysterious figure were eliminated. However, he had constantly suspected that the matter had not been completely resolved.

The former captain of the exploration team suddenly lost control. The mysterious person recklessly took action after enduring for a full forty-two years, without any consideration for the traps or the consequences… All of this made Colin, who had killed and hunted many monsters, instinctively feel that something was amiss.

Therefore, he believed that this was a deliberate choice made by the mysterious man. Although the real purpose of the mysterious man was still unknown, he definitely had some sort of follow-up method, and it wouldn’t be so simple to get rid of him.

After using his Demon Hunter powers and finding no abnormalities, he deliberately pretended to be deceived and directly permitted the youth named Derrick Berg to return home. However, he had secretly sent someone to monitor the situation closely.

This was completely different from the detention and observation method which Colin had used in the past. It was a change he had no choice but to make.

The black shadow that was slightly gyrating replied, “After he entered the room, he sat on the edge of the bed and muttered to himself for quite a while. As I was afraid that the mysterious man would discover me, I didn’t get too close, so I couldn’t clearly hear what was being said. However, I can confirm that this is an abnormal sign.

“After talking to himself, Derrick seemed to become very tired and fell asleep very quickly. But after a shop nap, he suddenly woke up and conducted a ritual. I suspect that his mind wasn’t lucid while doing so and that he was controlled by the mysterious man.

“By the way, the ritual had elements of a secret deed.”

Colin pondered for a while and said with a solemn expression, “As expected… Perhaps he was communicating with his main body via this method.

“What exactly is his purpose? Why did he spend his forty-two years at the bottom of the spire in peace?”

The black shadow naturally couldn’t answer this question as it continued, “After the ritual, Derrick no longer showed any abnormal behavior.

“Does this matter need to be dealt with immediately? If that mysterious person’s main body is attracted here, we might not be able to deal with him.”

Colin remained silent for a few seconds before saying, “Continue the observation. That mysterious person has yet to show any substantial malice, so our reaction can’t be too intense.

“Sigh, do you remember that prophecy? It’s almost time for disaster to befall… The further we explore, the more strange ruins we find, and the more dangerous the items we harvest…”

“By your will, Your Excellency.” The black shadow slowly retreated back into the ground and disappeared.

At this moment, in the Berg household, Derrick began to cough so violently that his heart seemed to almost burst.

Cough! Cough! Cough!

He crouched down and coughed nonstop until his throat began to itch, and he coughed out something!

Splat! A translucent object slid across his throat and fell to the ground. It was a worm with the length and thickness of a finger!

There were some transparent areas on its body, forming rings.

Derrick had seen something like this at the bottom of the spire previously, and he was certain that he was already free of Amon’s influence.

He bent down and picked up the translucent worm, and finally, he was able to count the total number of rings on its body. There were a total of twelve.

What is its use? What can it be used for? It seems to be dead… Derrick lost himself in thought.

Winter County in the northern part of the Loen Kingdom.

A black Gothic cathedral towered over the snow-covered mountains as it occupied a vast stretch of land.

In front of it was a cliff, and its surroundings was a vast expanse of whiteness with utmost silence.

This was the Church of the Evernight Goddess’s headquarters, known as the Cathedral of Serenity.

The dark-haired, green-eyed Leonard Mitchell had a black windbreaker draped over him as he wore red gloves and walked out of his room.

Having successfully advanced and stabilized himself, he hadn’t been given the opportunity to participate in any operations yet, as well as some exercises and so-called mysticism courses.

After going around a corner, Leonard saw a staircase leading down. There, he saw Captain Dunn Smith, with a pair of dark gray eyes and dressed in a black windbreaker, and Klein Moretti, who exuded a bookish demeanor standing there, smiling and waiting.

He tilted his head back and sighed.

My memory has also gotten worse.

I’ve already forgotten that the two of you no longer exist…

Leonard looked away and walked down the stairs to the first floor of the cathedral. He knocked on the door and entered a small room.

There were chairs in the room, and some Nighthawks wearing red gloves sat around inside.

Leonard found a seat at random and sat down, smiling as he chatted with his friends.

After a while, the high-ranking deacon, Crestet Cesimir, with his propped up collar covering his chin and lips, walked in, sat right in front, and said to the crowd, “Today’s class will inform you of things you need to pay attention to.

“As Red Gloves, you will travel to different places, and there’s a high chance of encountering dangerous High-Sequence Beyonders.

“If their intent is obvious, and they want to kill you, the only thing you can do is leave a trail behind you so that the subsequent investigators will be able to find the appropriate clues. The exact methods include…

“But most of the time, High-Sequence Beyonders won’t always attack you directly. They will utilize you based on all sorts of factors.

“You must be alert enough to not be fooled, and here are a few things that we have summarized.

Sitting in the back, Leonard listened with a smile and great attentiveness. His target for revenge was a High-Sequence Beyonder!

Cesimir paused for two seconds and continued, “In the first case, some High-Sequence Beyonder will pretend to be hidden existences, using promises and hope to deceive you into reciting his corresponding description.

“In the second case, some High-Sequence Beyonders might be restrained in a sealed state. They will act as mystical items that can help you get out of your predicament. For example, a magic lamp that can grant you three wishes or a wishing pond.

“The third case is for a High-Sequence potion named ‘Parasite.’ They often claim that they have lost their bodies and can only survive together with your Spirit Body. They can only rely on you and will not harm you. They will then give you knowledge, formulas, and all sorts of benefits, hoping that you can become powerful so that you can one day help him reconstruct his body or take revenge.

“In reality, the Beyonders with Parasites will only become nutrients for the Parasite; thus prolonging the Parasite’s lifespan and condition.”

As Leonard listened, his smile faded.