Chapter 408: A Bold Assumption

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Dorian drew the curtains, cloaking the office with darkness before he sat down.

He held the crystal ball in his left hand while touching its top with his right palm. As he stroked the crystal ball back and forth, he kept chanting softly.

Gradually, the radiant points of light within the crystal ball began to shine brighter and brighter, becoming more and more obvious, as if the stars in the night sky were casting their reflections.

Often used to determine the direction of fate, the stars in the trajectory of one’s life surfaced one after another, forming a three-dimensional astrolabe with many revelations from the spirit world that resembled symbols.

Dorian Gray finally stopped and studied it.

She wasn’t lying… That really was the trajectory of the situation… She seems to be able to bring about changes to the Abraham family—optimistic changes… As the light from the crystal ball dimmed, Dorian stood up, having already made up his mind.

At lunchtime, in the Four-Winged Bird restaurant.

In front of Fors lay a filleted fried fish which had rosemary scattered over it. Its skin was crispy, its meat fresh, and it didn’t have any fine bones. It was rather tasty, but the only problem was that the cook had an extremely warped sense of aesthetics. He had deliberately kept the eyes of the fish bulging out of its head, and by plating the food, he made the fish look up, as though to express its indignation over its death.

Fors pushed the head down, cut off the tail, and covered the upturned eye.

At that moment, Dorian Gray began moving his fork and knife as he casually said, “Aulisa really liked mysticism and had done some research in this area. When you were packing her things, did you see any books, notes, or other items?”

“There were some notebooks and books,” Fors answered frankly. “As a result, I became a mysticism enthusiast, but unfortunately, I couldn’t understand some of the content at all.”

For example, the Sights in the Spirit World. Not only was it absurd, illogical, and messy, incapable of expressing ideas, even if I forced myself to read it and systematically calm my impatience, it was still difficult to remember its contents. I would forget it once I finished reading it, let alone understand it… Fors added inwardly.

Dorian nodded slightly and laughed.

“Then you can consult me. I’m also a mysticism enthusiast, quite a proficient one if I may add.”

“Really? That’s great!” Fors answered appropriately.

Seeing that she was really interested, Dorian immediately diverted the topic to mysticism. Sometimes he would bring up the spirit world, and sometimes he would talk about his Cogitation experience. Having been prepared before he even stepped into the restaurant, he had deliberately chosen a secluded and quiet spot. Hence, he didn’t need to fear that the customers around them would overhear their conversation.

At the end of the lunch, Dorian offered, “I didn’t know how to express my gratitude, but now I don’t have to worry about it anymore. Heh heh, although Lawrence had paid you, I don’t think that’s enough to match your kindness, goodheartedness, and honor.

“Ms. Wall, you can write to me and ask about any questions you have about mysticism. That’s the least I can do to express my gratitude.”

“That’s what I wish for.” Fors didn’t refuse.

From the exchange just now, she could clearly tell that Dorian Gray possessed rich, systematic mysticism knowledge. He was indeed worthy of being a member of the ancient Abraham family.

And this was also considered something she was lacking in. Although she had mastered quite a lot of knowledge about the Beyonder world, it all came from a few books and notebooks that didn’t go in-depth, as well as random information she had heard and experienced from the various gatherings she attended. It wasn’t comprehensive or systematic enough, and it just had too many shortcomings.

Upon hearing her reply, Dorian raised his cup and smiled.

“I hope that one day, we will also possess mysterious and extraordinary powers.”

North Borough in Backlund. Saint Samuel Cathedral.

A group of men wearing black windbreakers and red gloves entered an underground area. The leader was a man in his forties with soft facial features and long hair.

Wearing a pompous top hat, he carried a black cane which was inlaid with gold. He quietly followed the Nighthawk leading the way and entered a rather spacious room.

There were many bookshelves in the room, with various dossiers placed on them. A mesmerizing, beautiful woman wearing a black robe with blue eyeshadow and blush was leisurely sitting in a high back chair. She didn’t get up to greet him. It was the former Spirit Medium, Daly.

“Soest, all the information you need is over there.” Daly gestured with her chin at the table by the door.

The middle-aged man named Soest smiled and said, “Daly, why were you sent to guard this place? You should be tasked with more important matters.”

“No, this is what I wanted. I need to settle down and read more information.” Daly chuckled. “This is to ease my future progress. Humans are fragile creatures, and they need a certain amount of time to calm down. No one can always be in peak condition, enjoying the thrill and pleasure without any rest.”

“… Your style really has never changed. Unfortunately, you’ve never given me the chance.” Soest burst out laughing.

Daly shook her head seriously and said, “Obviously, you don’t understand me. My current hobby has turned even more novel. If you can turn yourself into a rotten corpse or expose your white bones, then I’ll definitely be filled with interest in you.”

She turned to look at the “Red Glove” behind Soest. “Leonard, why did you choose to join his team? This fellow is conceited, arrogant, and gutless. He keeps fantasizing that women would take the initiative to crawl into bed, waiting for him. To be honest, perhaps this is the unique trait of a Nightmare?”

When she mentioned “Nightmare,” Daly visibly paused.

Leonard helplessly said, “Ma’am Daly, this was the arrangement of His Excellency Cesimir.”

“Is that so… I can see that you agree with my views on Soest,” Daly concluded in a slightly husky voice.

Leonard was momentarily at a loss for an explanation.

Fortunately, Soul Assurer Soest didn’t pay much attention to Daly’s words. Walking over to the table filled with information, he picked up a dossier and flipped through it. Leonard and the others immediately surrounded him, imitating their leader.

After the sound of paper flipping went on for some time, Soest casually asked, “What’s new in Backlund recently? Something you think is worth paying attention to.”

Daly’s eyes moved slightly. After thinking for a while, she said, “A few Beyonders who work with us have passed on news that many people are searching for an organization that believes in The Fool, and they have given the corresponding honorific name…”

After describing The Fool’s honorific name in the Loen language, she chuckled.

“I seem to be witnessing the birth of an entirely new cult. Of course, it might be the incarnation of an old friend.

“What do you think, Soest?”

Soest considered the matter seriously before saying, “No, I’ve never heard of such an organization.”

At that moment, Leonard looked up from the dossier he was reading and mused, “Could this have something to do with the two tarot rituals we’re investigating?

“The Fool is the first card in a deck of tarot cards, the most important Major Arcana card!”

Daly froze for a second, then she nodded thoughtfully.

“That’s an interesting idea.

“But there’s no evidence. It’s pure speculation, and it cannot even be considered a deduction,” Soest said, disapproval within his tone.

Leonard revealed a faint smile and said, “Emperor Roselle once said to make a bold hypothesis and then carefully back it up.”

Hillston Borough, Quelaag Club.

As soon as Klein entered the hall after leaving the Harvest Church, he saw the equestrian teacher, Talim Dumont, sitting in a secluded corner, seemingly pondering over something.

Noticing that lunch was still some time away, Klein went over and greeted him with a smile.

“Good afternoon, Talim. You seem to have encountered another problem?”

Talim snapped to his senses with a start and hurriedly shook his head.

“No, nothing.”

You seem to have done something that you have a guilty conscience about? Klein mumbled, sat down, and laughed.

“It’s a pity Aaron and Mike aren’t here, otherwise we’d be having another pleasant afternoon.”

Talim smiled in response.

“They’re all busy and have very little free time.”

Without waiting for Klein to speak, he looked around and said, “Sherlock, there’s an important figure who is very interested in you after hearing about your deeds. He would like to meet you. Would you be willing?

“Frankly speaking, this leaves me envious. It’s a very rare opportunity.”

Wait, what deeds did I do? Help Mrs. Mary catch her adulterous husband? Accompany Reporter Mike to a brothel? Even in my past few trips to East Borough, I didn’t do anything impressive… At the very most, they’d know that I made a contribution to the serial murders and that I helped Dr. Aaron resolve his nightmare by providing him with counsel… Klein was confused.

After two seconds, he suddenly understood the reason.

The important figure must’ve asked Talim if he knew of an excellent detective, and he could only think of me, so he offered to embellish descriptions about me that sounded pretty impressive, such as the true person who cracked the case behind the serial murders, the person who noticed that Mrs. Mary’s former husband and his mistress had attempted to siphon funds from the Coim Company. I was probably described as being effective and sharp, a great detective who struck swiftly and precisely… This is how you tout each other in business… Klein sighed.

He hesitated for a moment and said, “I’m sorry, Talim. But as a detective, I have my own principles, and that is to not get involved in matters involving important figures. On the stage of the higher-ups, what might be a sneeze-like friction among them might very well be an unbearable disaster for me.

“I won’t paint a target on my back, so I won’t see this important figure.”

This was actually something Klein had decided upon before he became a detective.

He was prone to an investigation once he was involved with high society; therefore, before he became a Faceless, he didn’t want to bear such risks.

“… You’re very rational.” Talim sighed and said, “The important figure has anticipated this reaction and believes that such a detective is even more trustworthy, so he wishes for you to take on a commission that wouldn’t involve high society.”

“What kind of commission?” Klein asked.

Talim chuckled and said, “The Capim case which you and Mike were talking about last time. The important figure is very interested in the organization that uses tarot cards. He said that there has been more than one such case and wishes for you to find any relevant clues.”