Chapter 415: The Ring

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Klein didn’t have too big of a response in regards to Isengard Stanton’s suggestion. He looked at the tightly-closed door of the activity room and said, “As far as I know, a Devil can predict danger before we take action, and they can even determine the source of the danger, thus providing an effective response.

“It’s hard to find and restrain him.”

Isengard nodded slightly and said, “Yes, that’s indeed the case, but this doesn’t mean that there are no solutions.”

“What solutions?” Kaslana immediately asked.

Isengard smiled and said, “I fought him head-on and witnessed his Beyonder powers of predicting danger, so I have a rough idea of its strengths and weaknesses.

“A Devil can indeed detect danger before it happens, and it can be done so for quite a significant period of time prior to the danger. As long as we make any plans and take decisive action that targets him, he would receive the corresponding premonition. Of course, it has to be something that can really harm him.”

No, the truth is that the strengths and weaknesses of different types of Devils are different. Some of them might only be capable of detecting danger ten to twenty minutes in advance… Klein silently retorted, but he didn’t say it out loud.

Isengard continued, “The flaw of premonition powers is that it can only detect the person and location of the danger, but it doesn’t know the specific details. This gives us an opportunity to take advantage of it.”

“What opportunity? I don’t think we can trap a Devil that can predict danger,” Kaslana asked incredulously.

Klein also nodded in agreement.

Of course, I can use the gray fog to deceive the Desire Apostle, making him unable to detect danger ahead of time. But the problem is, how can I expose the secret of the gray fog in front of others… Klein silently added a few words.

Isengard chuckled.

“It’s true that it won’t work normally, but the Beyonder world is full of incredible things.

“I’m a Sequence 7 Knowledge Keeper of the Reader pathway, also known as Detective. By honestly telling you this, it’s a way of showing my sincerity in cooperating.

“In this situation, I think honesty is more important than anything else.”

Only Sequence 7? How could a Sequence 7 escape from a Desire Apostle? It seems like Mr. Stanton has a powerful mystical item… Enlightened, Klein shifted in his seat.

“Does a Knowledge Keeper have the ability to suppress a Devil’s premonition powers?” Kaslana asked with her body leaning forward.

“No,” Isengard said with a laugh. “However, I have a ring. It originates from a Sequence 6 Rampager of the Reader pathway. It allows me to differentiate, recognize, remember, and mimic all the Beyonder powers I’ve seen before. Of course, against more powerful Beyonder powers, the chance of failure is higher.

“Haha, there is a maxim in our Church, omniscience means omnipotence.”

Why does it sound so familiar… Furthermore, the description of the item… Klein was about to run through his memories when he saw Isengard Stanton take out a gorgeous ring.

The ring was inlaid with many small diamonds. Together, they surrounded a beautiful emerald-green gem that looked like a human eye.

Just by looking at this ring, Klein felt dizzy, as if he had overworked his mind.

Isn’t… Isn’t this Sealed Artifact 2-081? Isengard Stanton is Old Mister Eye of Wisdom? Klein looked up in surprise at the detective sitting in the reclining chair.

That ring was the Sealed Artifact 2-081 which Eye of Wisdom had flaunted to him previously and had used several times in the Beyonder gathering!

Eye of Wisdom… This code name does sound like it’s related to the Church of the God of Knowledge and Wisdom… Klein, using his Clown’s ability to control his expression as he looked quietly at Isengard Stanton.

In the end, he found that some of the outlines of the great detective did match Eye of Wisdom, but there were many details which were highly different.

His ability to disguise himself is very impressive… Was it done with the help of 2-081? Klein made a rough judgment.

At this moment, he suddenly thought of a scene.

If Mr. Stanton says, “Let all of us work together to resist the Desire Apostle, and the most important thing is honesty. I have already described my Sequence and mystical item. It’s your turn.” What should I say? Silently take out the Sun Brooch which he sold to me?

At that moment, wouldn’t he be going, “Nice, so it’s you, punk!”

While Klein was imagining things, Kaslana looked at the ring Isengard Stanton showed and asked in envy and puzzlement, “What power are you planning on mimicking to resist the Desire Apostle’s ability to predict danger?”

Isengard curled the corner of his lips and chuckled.

“The premonition that Devils have towards danger.”

At that moment, he looked like a hoary fox.

Ah? That actually works? Klein was instantly momentarily unable to figure out the intricacies.

Seeing Kaslana and Klein puzzled, Isengard laughed and explained, “First, which is what we’re currently doing, draw up a plan that can actually harm the Desire Apostle and begin working on it.

“Second, the Desire Apostle will sense the danger and know that the danger comes from us and that it stems from this place.

“Third, as a Devil, without any advanced preparations, there are certain things that are instinctual to him that he cannot change. His first reaction is definitely to kill us or to exact revenge on us, and there will be certain changes to his body, after which he will consider whether the current situation is suitable for a counterattack or not, and whether he should choose to stay away from us.

“Fourth, by mimicking the Devil’s premonition powers, I’ll sense the threat of the Desire Apostle and grasp the source of danger, which is also his present location.”

That’s… some godly operation… Klein was quite surprised.

But what happens next? The Desire Apostle would run away as soon as he realizes that something is wrong. We won’t even have time to chase after him… Doubts immediately arose in him.

Isengard looked at the two of them and smiled.

“According to my deductions, he must be hiding in our surroundings right now. No matter how good he is at remotely controlling the emotions of others, there must be a distance limit. And just now, he had led Stuart and the others to lose control of their emotions.

“After I escaped his pursuit, the reason why it took me so long to appear here was because I was discussing a plan with the Nighthawks, Machinery Hivemind, and the military. They will each send two to three squads who are in charge of monitoring the nearby districts. These districts all have their code names. Heh heh, this will all be within the Desire Apostle’s expectations. Even if he senses the danger, he will only treat it as normal.

“As soon as I confirm his location, I will inform the official Beyonders, and they will rapidly seal off the corresponding areas and close in on him.”

“But herein lies the problem. How are we to inform the official Beyonders? If we’re unable to accomplish this within seconds, the Desire Apostle will escape. Of course, he might’ve fled when what he just did had failed,” Klein said, in thought.

“If that’s the case, we would be out of solutions as well. There’s no plan that’s absolutely perfect. We can only wait for a particular Sealed Artifact’s activation process to complete. When the time comes, the Desire Apostle might’ve already left Backlund, but he might return at any time,” Isengard explained.

He then took out a golden palm-sized item. It looked like a miniature telegraph, but it also had a trumpet on it.

“This is a Sealed Artifact; it can allow my voice to sound out simultaneously up to a range of five kilometers,” Isengard smiled as he introduced it. “Its negative effect is that once it’s activated, all sounds within five kilometers will be transmitted to the user’s ears for an extended period of time. Of course, I can mimic a Beyonder power to mitigate this effect.”

After listening carefully, Kaslana frowned slightly.

“Since there are official Beyonders involved, there doesn’t seem to be any need for our cooperation?”

Isengard carefully put on Sealed Artifact 2-081 and earnestly said, “In order to not alarm the Desire Apostle ahead of time, there’s a void of power in the nearby district. If the target is really here, the three of us need to help each other to retain him as best as we can.”

“I have no problem.” Klein pondered for a moment before agreeing.

Kaslana also nodded and said, “Mr. Stanton, there’s no need for you to explain so much. After all, we’ll cooperate for our own sake.”

“Haha, an explanation is part of the plan, and an agreement means that the operation is about to begin…” Isengard half closed his eyes.

The emerald-green gem on the ring of his right hand began to glow with a dark blue light.

Suddenly, Isengard Stanton stood up, pointing upwards with a grim expression.

“He’s right here, upstairs!”

Klein and Kaslana stood up at the same time, one ready to snap a finger and light a match on the second floor to jump up there directly, while the other followed Isengard towards the door.

None of them expected the Desire Apostle to be so bold as to remain in the vicinity after the failure of the previous machination, right in 15 Minsk Street!

Maybe he was upstairs watching it all with a cold gaze while we were discussing the plan to deal with him! This thought suddenly popped up in Klein’s mind.

At that moment, he saw Kaslana’s eyes suddenly turn red, and her right hand formed a fist as she punched out at Isengard Stanton’s back where his heart was!

This… Klein’s pupils contracted as he instantly came to a realization of many things.

The reason why the Desire Apostle didn’t flee was because he still had other plans set up!

He still had a seed of corruption in someone’s heart that he didn’t catalyze.

That person was none other than Kaslana!

One of the only three Beyonders here!

The reason why the unsuccessful attempt at instigating them was so easily resolved was to let their guard down and wait for the critical moment to make Kaslana lose control of her emotions!

The Desire Apostle’s biggest target was still Isengard Stanton.

How crafty… Klein snapped his fingers, but it was only an Air Bullet that was fired at Kaslana.

At the same time, he shouted, “Be careful!”

Isengard had a lot of experience too. He didn’t care what the situation was as he threw himself forward.

However, Kaslana ignored the bullet, allowing it to strike her arm and allowing blood to splatter everywhere.


She punched Isengard in the back, throwing her entire body forward.


Klein heard the sound of bones breaking, and the point of contact was the spine.