Chapter 419: Wishing

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Polymath… This Sequence sounds strong just from its name… The Reader pathway’s Sequence 7 is called Knowledge Keeper or Detective. It’s a “job” that leans towards grasping knowledge and deduction. At most, it would be accompanied by decent combat techniques and the ability to use machinery, so it cannot be considered powerful. But at Sequence 6, there seems to be a sudden qualitative change, especially more so in the field of Beyonder combat… From the looks of it, each Beyonder pathway has its own critical point below the High Sequences, but it isn’t fixed at a particular Sequence. For example, the Seer pathway’s critical point is Magician… Klein drank a mouthful of hot coffee and didn’t try probing on the secrets to other Sequences. Instead, he smiled and said, “Mr. Stanton, you seem to be quite relaxed. You’re not nervous or worried at all.”

Isengard didn’t answer immediately. He put down his knife and fork, took out his pipe, and said, “You don’t mind, right?”

Actually, I do, but the pollution and smog in Backlund is already so bad that a few more puffs of secondhand smoke won’t make it any worse… Klein shook his head and smiled.

“This aids in your thinking?”

“More accurately, it’s a habit that I have after breakfast every day.” Done with his pipe, Isengard took a deep drag.

As the smoke was exhaled, he sighed and said, “Fear, nervousness, and worry doesn’t help us face the threat. In that case, why not take it a little easier? The brain will become more active because of this. My assistant easily got worried which led to his fatal disaster. Sigh…”

Isengard glanced at Kaslana and continued, “Furthermore, our opponent is a Desire Apostle. We have to refrain from having intense emotions.”

Having said that, he chuckled.

“Most importantly, we have no other means of locating the Desire Apostle.”

“What do we do?” Kaslana put down the last piece of bacon and asked seriously.

Isengard took a drag and said in a self-deprecating manner, “When discussing topics like this, I prefer reclining chairs.

“Apart from being able to sense danger, Devils aren’t good at divination or premonition. Therefore, if a Desire Apostle wishes to figure out the main revenge target, he would need to actively investigate and gather information. Otherwise, how would he know which group of private detectives had made considerable contributions to the serial murder? How was he able to precisely pinpoint you and me?

“In such a process, he definitely would’ve interacted with many people. Even in a disguise, he’s bound to leave some clues. In addition to the rough image given by the Machinery Hivemind, this will form clues.

“Similarly, if he wants to attack me, then he has to find out where I live, what are my entry and exit patterns, as well as when I work or rest. He also needs to know if there are powerful official Beyonders protecting me. This requires a considerable observation period and corresponding inquiries, and similarly, this means interacting with others and certain locations. Heh heh, once there’s an interaction, there will be clues.

“I like the maxim: wherever he steps, whatever he touches, whatever he leaves, even unconsciously, will serve as a silent witness against him.”

I know that sentence. It was said by Emperor Roselle… Klein smiled.

Soon after, he felt a little despondent, because this was the second time he heard someone mention this maxim in this world.

The last time it happened was when he was in Tingen.

Kaslana, whose cheeks were drooping, sighed.

“As expected of a great detective. I never thought about such things. I admire your observation and reasoning skills.”

Isengard responded with a smile, “Everyone has their own areas of expertise. If it’s just fighting, then I would be defeated by you again and again.

“Sherlock must’ve also thought of the things I just said. He also has outstanding observation and reasoning skills, and he’s an outstanding detective.”

Actually, I felt a little ashamed when you were speaking so confidently earlier…Klein squeezed out a smile.

“No, you’re a true detective, and I’m still a long way off.”

“You really are a modest young man.” Isengard sighed.

He smiled and said, “Next up, we’ll proceed by taking these points in mind. You’ll have to use your own resources and information channels.”

Aside from the Tarot Club, a third of my resources and information channels in Backlund are from you, my good old man… Klein forced a smile and replied, “Alright.”

Apart from the Beyonder gathering held by Eye of Wisdom, the only people he could seek help from were Maric, Miss Sharron, Vampire Emlyn White, and Father Utravsky.

With the Machinery Hivemind secretly protecting me, I’ll have to eliminate Miss Sharron and Maric… I can visit Emlyn the vampire as he’s now a half-believer of Mother Earth, and is under the protection of Bishop Utravsky. He wouldn’t encounter any danger from the official Beyonders… Klein instantly decided on the direction to take.

Kaslana remained silent for a few seconds before replying, “No problem.”

Klein wiped the remaining cream onto the last bit of toast, chewed, and swallowed it at a leisurely pace before asking, “Mr. Stanton, you previously mentioned the activation of a particular Sealed Artifact. Will it be able to help us deal with the Desire Apostle?”

“Yes, it played a critical role in finding and surrounding the Devil dog back then,” Isengard replied frankly. “Its code name is 1-42.”

1-42? A Grade 1 Sealed Artifact is highly dangerous and can only be used in limited ways. Even the Backlund diocese can only keep one or two items… A corresponding description flashed across Klein’s mind, and he asked with great interest, “What is it? What abilities and negative effects does it have?”

Isengard laughed and said, “That is a secret of the Church of the Evernight Goddess. I do not know, and I only know that it was originally not in Backlund. It was rushed here as an emergency because of the serial murders.

“It is said that it’s a full-body armor which is silver in color with dark-red blood stains. It once caused the destruction of a small city, and over a hundred thousand people died because of it.”

“Cursed armor?” Klein asked in return by giving it a name.

Isengard spewed a mouthful of smoke and shook his head in seriousness.

“Perhaps it isn’t cursed. Some people call it ‘Berserker’s Armor’ or ‘Bloodthirster’s Armor.’ My Church once guessed that the blood it’s stained with comes from a deity from ancient times.

“When it was first discovered, it appeared to be nothing out of the ordinary. It was treated as a simple antique, sold and collected by others.

“But as time passed, those who came into contact with it died, one after another. It was an extremely terrifying death, nearly to the point of dismemberment, and after that, with it as the center, death spread outwards. There was no longer any need for contact, and as such, a small city was destroyed.

“This happened early in the Fifth Epoch. The Nighthawks were responsible for the aftermath.”

As expected of a Beyonder from the Church of the God of Knowledge and Wisdom. He knows enough history and Beyonder events… Klein secretly praised.

Kaslana asked, sounding a little worried, “Will it bring us danger?”

“The Church of the Evernight Goddess definitely found the right way of sealing it, but for us, it’s best if we avoid contact as much as possible,” Isengard said, half as consolement and half as a warning.

After breakfast, he and Klein went into the activity room where the fight had taken place. Kaslana first headed to the bathroom.

Looking at her back, Klein thoughtfully said, “She seems to be a Beyonder from the Arbiter pathway?”

“Your observation skills are indeed outstanding.” Isengard sat down in the reclining chair.

As Klein walked to the sofa, he whispered in confusion, “This pathway is strictly controlled by the royal family, the military, and the ancient nobles. Very few formulas and ingredients appear in the outside world. Kaslana has such a background?”

Isengard smiled and said, “Quite obviously.

“However, even to this point, she hasn’t taken the initiative to mention the relevant matters. This implies that there really is a reason that makes it somewhat inconvenient for her to mention it.”

He looked at Klein with a smile in his eyes, as if to say: “aren’t you the same as well?”

Klein laughed dryly and sat down.

After a while, Kaslana came to the activity room and continued discussing the matter regarding the Desire Apostle with Klein and Isengard.

As she was speaking, her expression suddenly became gloomy and she sighed.

“I was pulled into the most dangerous case this time. I have no idea if I’ll survive this at the end. I-if I were to be killed by the Desire Apostle, I wish to have this on my tombstone: ‘She had a great mother.'”

Kaslana’s voice gradually lowered as her difficult-to-get-along-with personality seemed to soften.

Isengard shared the same sentiments and nodded.

“Similarly, he’s the most dangerous enemy I’ve encountered.”

He then laughed and said, “If I die because of this, and both of you are still alive, would you be willing to help me deliver my remains to the Holy Temple of Knowledge in Lenburg?”

… Stop raising death flags! Klein’s mouth was half open, and he didn’t know how to stop the two detectives in front of him.

“No problem, but I hope this day will never come.” He tried his best to dispel the thought.

Isengard glanced at him and asked curiously, “Sherlock, what about you? If you were killed by the Desire Apostle, what wish do you have that you hope others can fulfill for you?”

… Revive me! Klein sighed and said, “I hope that I can be buried in a cemetery with good scenery. It’s best if my corpse is intact and is sprinkled with holy water and fresh flowers…”

The core meaning of his words was: Do not cremate me!

The three of them fell silent for a while until they heard the tinkling sound of the doorbell.

The visitor was the deacon named Ikanser Bernard from the Machinery Hivemind. His hair was stubbornly squeezing out from the brim of his hat, giving his deep, masculine outline an indescribably messy feeling.

This time, he wasn’t holding the silver mirror named Arrodes. It was unknown where he had put it.

If I have a chance, I wouldn’t mind using that magic mirror to see how my loyal and humble servant would react… Klein thought.

Ikanser didn’t enter. He stood there, looking at the detective trio. He then quickly said in a deep voice, “There’s a clue to the Desire Apostle!”