Chapter 462: What is a Miracle?

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Seeing The Fool chuckling silently, Audrey and the others had no choice but to withdraw their gaze and stop asking questions.

In a situation like this where they were only given hints and not explanations, they didn’t find it problematic. Existences at the level of deities typically had similar habits, and sometimes, what they gave weren’t even hints, but revelations.

In the eyes of a powerful figure like Mr. Fool, just providing a single name is enough. Our failure to comprehend things is because we are lacking. We need to work harder at figuring out and attempting things… Audrey was increasingly looking forward to her future as a Psychiatrist.

“… I remember that there was something related to Rose Redemption in that semi-abandoned temple?” Alger tilted his head and looked at The Sun.

Without any hesitation, Derrick nodded and said, “Yes. It was text derived from Jotun in a corner of the murals. We used quite some time to decipher those words.”

Text derived from Jotun… Alger hadn’t paid much attention to this detail before, but he couldn’t help but make connections at that moment in time.

That little boy, Jack, seems to have gone there from the Sonia Sea… Text derived from Jotun… Alger deliberated before making a request to conjure a line of text.

Those words were in ancient Feysac, the origins of the Northern Continent’s language, and they meant: “Rose Redemption.”

Derrick took a closer look and was stunned.

“It’s very close, but the way that the words end is handled differently.

“Mr. Hanged Man, is this a language from where you come from?”

As he spoke, Derrick conjured the text on the mural again.

“Yes.” Alger gave an affirmative answer. “This language itself has evolved. The one you found should be of an earlier type.”

In the world of linguistics, this type of language which is similar to ancient Feysac is widely regarded as a characteristic of the Solomon Empire… Historian Klein gave the most accurate answer in his mind.

Alger paused.

“What about the content of the corresponding mural?”

“I wasn’t in charge of that area, and I didn’t take a careful look before departing…” Derrick instantly felt ashamed.

Alger nodded without a change in expression.

“Find a chance to clarify this. There might be a crucial point hidden within.”

“Alright!” Derrick was increasingly convinced that things weren’t so bad after all.

Seeing that he had relaxed quite a bit, Audrey was a little curious and a little puzzled as she asked, “Mr. Hanged Man, if that young boy named Jack is the child of the Listener you described, why would he be able to communicate with The Sun and the others?”

After discussing the corresponding terms for “Rose Redemption,” she was completely certain that the City of Silver used a different language compared to the other countries in the Northern and Southern Continent like Loen.

And above the gray fog, everyone is able to communicate fluently, without any gaps in communication. It’s all thanks to Mr. Fool’s powers… Audrey praised in her heart.

Alger scoffed as he looked at her.

“Miss Justice, you haven’t experienced any Beyonder events, have you?

“Jack has already become such a terrifying monster, so what else can’t he change? Trust me, there are times when language knowledge is very easy to obtain, with it taking just a second or two.”


Audrey blinked, feeling that she had once again exposed that she didn’t have much experience or knowledge in mysticism.

After this matter came to a close, the Tarot Gathering resumed as per the usual schedule. Audrey looked towards the end of the long bronze table and said, “Mr. Fool, this time there are three more Roselle diary pages. I still owe you seven.”

Upon hearing that, Fors hurriedly added, “Mr. Fool, I also received some responses. There will be new Roselle diary pages the next time.”

“Very well.” Klein chuckled in response.

By the side, Derrick suddenly felt ashamed again, because he hadn’t had time to visit the library last week to look through any material and memorize historical details due to his participation in the exploratory team.

After a simple process, Klein picked up the three diary pages which were conjured, and he began to read with great anticipation.

“8th August. For the first time, I was invited to the White Maple Palace to attend a ball held by His Majesty.

“These aristocrats are really f*cking extravagant, with the food they eat completely being in pursuit of novelty. Things like grilled swans, sheep’s testicles…

“I have to say, I was very surprised at the beginning. The aristocrats of this world, yes—this is limited only to aristocrats, really love cleanliness; it’s common for them to take baths, and toilet paper has already taken a nascent form. They totally aren’t like the aristocrats of Earth’s middle ages.

“I originally thought that this was an effect of the existence of true gods, but I was later informed that this was an improvement that had to be made because of some kind of threat. Beyonders of a particular Sequence are able to spread the plague through dirty habits. I wonder which pathway and Sequence that is.

“At that time, my first thought was that there’s something wrong with these aristocrats’ brains, right? Since they’re afraid of the plague, why don’t they clean up the streets? Why didn’t they build a complete sewage system? Why don’t they uplift the slums?

“They’re all in the same city. Does this mean that this place will be fine when there’s a plague over there?

“Well, with water sources, food, and people isolated and them moving only in one direction, perhaps it really will be alright…

“But there are plagues that can be transmitted through the air! When I hold a high position, I must push for urban planning and clean up the environment. Even without the plague, just living in such a stinking city is still very annoying!

“Oh right, I’ve been summoned tonight by His Majesty.

“I thought that since I was born on Earth, I, who received an education of all men being equal, would be neither humble nor arrogant and appear rather calm. But in fact, I remained very nervous and excited, unconsciously bending my waist and bowing my head. Of course, I know that in terms of dignity, I’m equal to the King…

“This is the charm of power!”

Even though this entire page is filled with daily activities, the Emperor has still managed to make me laugh… He was also someone with a goal… Indeed, even for someone born in the modern world, they will still become apprehensive and sycophantic when faced with someone of high status, a person who can influence their fates… Klein smiled, his mood much more relaxed.

He turned to the second page and continued reading.

“11th November. About to advance to Sequence 4 to become a demigod.

“After this, as long as I don’t lose control, then my life’s natural order will experience a qualitative change. I would no longer be a short-lived creature. Of course, different Sequences of different pathways will be in different states.

“I faced two choices. One is Alchemist of the Savant pathway, and the other is Mysticologist of the Mystery Pryer pathway. Eventually, I chose not to change pathways since the Hidden Sage is a very dangerous existence. However, I ultimately suspect that ‘He’ isn’t a real deity. Perhaps, ‘He’ is of a slightly lower level.

“After becoming an Alchemist, I will be able to inject ‘soul’ into the items I create and give them life. This is the feeling of being a Creator. It will definitely be excellent. It’s also the reason why I continued choosing this Beyonder pathway.

“After obtaining this Sequence’s Beyonder characteristic, I should be able to complete more of my concepts. There will come a day when the saying, ‘it’s not that we aren’t working hard, it’s just that the cheat has a Gundam.’ It will be a Gundam in the truest meaning of the word!

“The only problem is that the corresponding ritual of Alchemist needs to extract all the life force of a particular region, desertification of the land and the drying of lakes… Why is this not much different from a cult’s sacrificial ritual…

“I’ve always felt that the potion Sequence system has too many dark and crazy parts to it. Occasionally, it would be so evil that it can make one despair.”

The Emperor also feels the same way… Seeing this, Klein couldn’t help but sigh.

Sometimes, he also felt that the background color of this world was grayish-black and crazy.

Things like the Law of Beyonder Characteristics Conservation and Indestructibility, the laws of pathway convergence, and interchangeability of close Sequences all bring about change that leads to tragedy.

Alchemist is a very interesting Sequence. Alchemical Life sounds forbidden and is a domain very close to that of deities… I wonder if the Emperor made any Gundams before he was assassinated… Probably not… Klein’s thoughts drifted away for a moment.

He was rather curious about the ritual of becoming a demigod-like High-Sequence Beyonder. Unfortunately, Roselle didn’t record much of it. After all, it was a diary, not a notebook.

Sequence 4 Mysticologist of the Mystery Pryer pathway sounds good too… Klein turned over the second diary page and displayed the third page in front of him.

“23rd April. This bunch of aristocrats really are a mess! I even thought that Ma’am Karen had seduced me for sex because she had taken a fancy for my inner self. But who knew that her husband, the Earl of Champagne, was peeping in the opposite room. He was even thrilled and even f**king wanted to f**k me!

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“I’m sorry, but I just can’t accept it, so I had to kick him out of the room.

“Compared to their family, I’m just a pure child!”


Klein was momentarily speechless. He felt that the private life of Emperor Roselle was really filled with excitement and that many of the Intis aristocracy were also sufficiently eccentric.

If some aristocrat tries to seek novelty and finds a curly-haired baboon, some kind of disease might even be born… Klein sighed and looked down.

“25th April. To cultivate my character and hone my mind, I went fishing at Swan Lake. I hope that one day I can go fishing at sea for a mermaid.

“Sigh, I’ve been quite depraved recently. I have to invigorate my spirit and invent more things. I can’t leave any gaps! Since I transmigrated to this world, I will brand this era with my name!”

… Emperor, it’s better if you had fallen into depravity… Klein’s mouth twitched without any intention of making comment.

Then, he calmly looked at the last diary entry on the last page.

“26th April. Zaratul came visiting. I deliberately asked him what a miracle was.

“He asked me in return about what I thought it was.

“What I think it is? There is only one miracle in my heart, and that is the wonders of civilization! For example, the Great Twilight Hall of the Feysac Empire, the former residence of the Giant King, Aurmir.

“Zaratul finally gave a direct answer.

“He said, ‘What is a miracle? A miracle is to be resurrected from the dead!’”