Chapter 463: Answering His Own Questions

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A miracle is to be resurrected from the dead?

Klein suddenly remembered what had happened to him!

The head injury of a man who shot himself in the head miraculously healing; a Beyonder who, having died from having his heart crushed, crawled out of his grave in the middle of the night—are these considered “miracles” of being resurrected from the dead? Is this the “miracle” the leader of the Secret Order, Zaratul, spoke of? And Sequence 2 of the Seer pathway is called a Miracle Invoker! At this moment, Klein felt like he had grasped something important, but he was unable to piece together all the clues to form the truth he wanted.

As I had guessed before, there are other factors at work for my choice of having Seer as my beginning Sequence… My greatest support is the mysterious space above the gray fog which happens to eliminate all interference and provide Seers the most coveted environment… My characteristic of “resurrection” also seems to have come from the gray fog as well…

When I came to Backlund, the events in which Nimblewright Master Rosago was involved in were naturally drawn to me, which is consistent with the convergence of Beyonder characteristics of the same pathway. The higher “quality” it is, the stronger the attraction as the effects appear intermittently… The sudden change in the Antigonus family notebook’s style of passing key information to me, related to the main peak of the Hornacis mountain range via the Misfortune Cloth Puppet, might also be a result of such elements…

Combined with the other miscellaneous phenomena, does it mean that this mysterious space has a very close relationship with the Seer Beyonder pathway? That this is a Grade 0 Sealed Artifact of the corresponding Sequence? Or perhaps it’s a divine kingdom left behind by a Sequence 0 of the same pathway?

There’s also the possibility of it being the so-called “Uniqueness” of the Seer pathway…

Klein moved his gaze away from Roselle’s diary, his anticipation for advancing to a High-Sequence Beyonder increasing. He wondered what he would discover in the hidden area after he completed the staircase of light.

Perhaps the reason for my transmigration and the way home will be found there…He suppressed his excitement and allowed Roselle’s diary pages to disappear from his hands.

At the same time, he became increasingly wary of the leader of the Secret Order, Zaratul.

He was a powerful existence that had long since become a Miracle Invoker from the Seer pathway many years ago!

There might be times and matters that have his fingerprints hidden all over them!

Although all of these thoughts were churning in his mind, Klein acted as though nothing had happened as he calmly said, “You can begin your transactions.”

Fors immediately turned to look at Miss Justice who sat on the same side of the table, and she said with expectation, “I have received a reply. My teacher has a pair of Mirror Dragon eyes. The price is 1,000 pounds.”

Upon saying that, Fors felt a little uneasy. This was because Dorian Gray Abraham’s reserve price was 800 pounds, which was already at a premium above the usual 500–600 pounds. And on that foundation, she had added another 200 pounds.

After attending so many Tarot Gatherings and all kinds of Beyonder circles, I finally understand one thing. Just like Emperor Roselle said, money isn’t omnipotent, but nothing can be done without money…

Although I’ve already received the fixed payment for my new book and have savings reaching 350 pounds, there’s still the Spirit Eater stomach pouch awaiting me. There’s also all kinds of expenses needed for Sequence 7, 6, 5, and even 4… The meaning before Mr. Fool’s secret hint is that I should be able to be freed from the curse of the full moon once I become a High-Sequence Beyonder… Even if I can find some of them through Teacher, I can’t fully rely on him and the Abraham family…

In this regard, saving up money on my own isn’t enough, and efforts must be made to make money…

The price of 1,000 pounds is really expensive. If Miss Justice wishes to bargain, I’ll later tell her that Teacher agreed to lower the price by 100 pounds after repeated negotiations… As Fors waited for the reply, she consoled herself.

“1,000 pounds?” Audrey never expected to receive news for the Psychiatrist potion ingredients so quickly, so she subconsciously asked in a confirming tone.

Without waiting for a reply from Fors, she happily added, “Okay, deal!”

Although she still owed Viscount Glaint a final installment and still owed The Fool’s adorer 2,000 pounds, she would officially be declared an adult at the New Year’s Ball. Not only would her control over her wealth be greater than ever before, but she would also receive many valuable gifts, such as the one promised by her father, Earl Hall, a few days earlier. He had promised to give his dear daughter a further 50,000 pounds in Backlund Bank shares and more than 2,000 pounds in cash. Hence, 1,000 pounds wasn’t a number that she was bothered with.

Audrey had originally asked Mr. Fool to extend the payment period of the 2,000 pounds to February or March in order, on the one hand, to pay off her debt to Viscount Glaint, and to save up money as discreetly as possible without arousing suspicion. On the other hand, she had to set aside an additional budget for the ingredients of the Psychiatrist potion.

Now was the time to use the budget!

At most, I’ll have to tighten my belt like how I did for the past few months. After March, there wouldn’t be any problems! Audrey thought, not troubled at all.

She agreed? She agreed… Fors was both happy and confused.

Fors asked Mr. Fool to bear witness to the transaction and arranged for Miss Justice to make the payment first before she delivered the Beyonder ingredient on Wednesday. As Fors decided to head for Pritz Harbor immediately upon receiving the cash, without wasting any time in the middle, she looked at the three gentlemen—The Sun, The Hanged Man, and The World.

“Does anyone have any information on the Spirit Eater stomach pouch?”

After calming down, she discovered that with her experience in the acting method, she could digest the excess Beyonder characteristic much faster than she had expected. One week was almost equivalent to two weeks of the past.

In about ten days, she would be able to completely digest and resolve the problem.

When she gathers the ingredients and advances to Trickmaster, she felt that she would be able to perfectly pass the first test given by her teacher, Dorian. She would gain more attention and would no longer be a mere student who was taken in out of gratitude.

Derrick nodded and said, “I was just about to tell you that during this exploration, we obtained some Spirit Eater stomach pouches. I can exchange it at low prices after I return to the City of Silver. Uh, that’s under the premise that I’m no longer under surveillance.”

“Okay, but it seems that you have no use for gold pounds?” Fors asked directly.

After the operation to save Little Sun, she had a preliminary understanding of the City of Silver.

Without waiting for The Sun to say a word, Alger interjected, “You can hand me the corresponding cash or gold coins to me. 300 pounds is a very reasonable price. I will provide the Solar High Priest potion formula to The Sun.”

“Mr. Hanged Man, you have the formula to Solar High Priest?” Derrick asked in pleasant surprise.

During his previous patrols and his recent explorations, he had increasingly felt that the powers of the Sun pathway were perfect for dealing with the dark.

Although the Giant pathway’s Sequence 6 Dawn Paladin could already create the light of dawn, in the realm of the Holy and Light, it’s still inferior to a Light Suppliant!

The Hanged Man nodded slightly and said, “That’s right!”

He had found the Solar High Priest potion formula in a treasury of the Rorsted Archipelago, but it was only recently that he had found an opportunity to provide sufficient justification and have the sufficient conditions to have the right to read it once.

The reason that he gave was that people suspected to be priests of the Church of the Eternal Blazing Sun had appeared on the Sonia Sea, and since he was temporarily unable to return to the Intis Republic, he could only search for the potion ingredients corresponding to Solar High Priest. Moreover, the hatred for the Eternal Blazing Sun could turn mere rumors into the basis for action by the Church of the Lord of Storms.

Derrick was delighted at first, but he soon said with some awkwardness, “The value of the Sequence 7 potion formula is higher than a Spirit Eater’s stomach pouch. I… I don’t have the gold pounds all of you were talking about.”

“You can repay it with ingredients of the same value,” The Hanged Man gave a terse response. “But I don’t know what I can get from you… First, you should make a list of the common monsters found around the City of Silver and their corresponding ingredients. I’ll then choose from that list.”

“No problem. After this exploration is over, I will do it as quickly as possible.” Derrick was visibly relieved.

By the side, Klein wanted to facepalm, but in the end, he didn’t manipulate The World to break the deal. It was because he also wanted to know what kind of monsters and ingredients were common around the City of Silver.

As Audrey secretly sighed, The Hanged Man looked around and raised his request.

“I need a pair of Dragon-Eyed Sea Condor eyes. I’ll pay the necessary compensation.”

He only mentioned the Dragon-Eyed Sea Condor eyes… In other words, Mr. Hanged Man has clues regarding the Blue Shadow Falcon’s crystalline feathers… He really does have many channels and resources… Audrey, who had seen the potion formula for Wind-blessed, thought with some enlightenment.

After the transactions came to an end, they began to freely exchange information about their areas, and the end of the Tarot Gathering quickly approached.

During the process, The World inquired for clues about mermaids and obtained an answer similar to the one he had received from Sharron.

When everything was over, Klein, who had been watching quietly, thought it necessary to warn Miss Justice and Miss Magician.

A terrifying object that is suspected to be a Grade 0 Sealed Artifact has appeared around Prince Edessak. It might even involve 0-08, which would definitely not be a simple matter. Furthermore, the last time a similar situation occurred, Tingen City had faced the threat of an evil god’s spawn, and it had almost disappeared from the map! Hence, now there’s also a hidden danger in Backlund! Klein thought for a few seconds, making The World say in a hoarse voice, “Ladies and gentlemen, I have recently received some information that a major event is brewing in Backlund. This will bring about a great deal of unrest and may lead to a tragedy.”

“What’s the major event?” Audrey asked with concern.

Unknowingly, her brow had begun to slightly furrow.

“I don’t know.” The World shook his head calmly.

“Where would the element of unrest and the possible tragedy come from?” Fors asked nervously.

From the previous gatherings, she had confirmed that Mr. World’s sources were trustworthy.

The World acted stumped as he shook his head and said, “There’s contradictory information, making it impossible for me to give a definite answer.”

Upon saying this, he looked up and earnestly cast his gaze towards the figure within the gray fog at the end of the mottled table.

“Honorable Mr. Fool, your adorer in Backlund must’ve detected something, right?”

Everyone’s eyes immediately focused towards the end of the long bronze table, with everyone feeling different feelings—curiosity, worry, anticipation, and tenseness.

With the attention on him, Klein leaned back and said in a casual tone, “Edessak Augustus.”