Chapter 484: Asymmetrical

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As he thought back to the recent events, The Moon, Emlyn, was quick to associate it with the great smog and the plague outbreak, guessing that this was what the lady opposite him was referring to.

But I heard that it was the work of a Demoness of Despair who was trying to advance herself… Furthermore, the Church of the Lord of Storms responded quickly, creating a hurricane to blow everything away. How could it be said that The Fool saved Backlund? Emlyn, who had an entire clan behind him, was quite well-informed. Upon doing the comparison, it was hard for him not to be surprised and confused.

Although he had always been proud and didn’t wish to spend time on social interactions, he still felt an instinctive fear when faced with a hidden existence that he had to address with “He.” He didn’t dare to open his mouth to ask and decided to listen for a while.

Alger, even though he was drifting out at sea, had received news of the great smog in Backlund. He was interested in the secrets and the truth behind it, confident in the belief that this was definitely a struggle between deities. After all, it had attracted the attention of Mr. Fool!

I’ll ask Miss Justice when we exchange information. However, she might not be too sure of the details. It’s rather impossible for her to know too many details based on her standing. Heh heh, she has great curiosity. To open up with such a greeting, she would definitely attempt to get an answer from Mr. Fool, hoping to get an answer. I hope that I have the opportunity to listen in from the side… With this in mind, Alger turned his head to look at The Sun. Seeing how he wasn’t anxious but calm and reserved, he knew that the City of Silver’s exploratory team had already broken out from the fate of repeating their lives.

Similarly, Audrey, who had figured out that the operation was successful from reading Little Sun’s reaction, heaved a secret sigh of relief. She prepared herself to understand what had happened later in detail.

After a solemn bow towards Mr. Fool, she thanked the seemingly unkind Tarot Club member, The World, for his advance warning.

“… Mr. World, if it wasn’t for your advance warning, then perhaps tens of thousands of people would’ve died in Backlund during this great smog.”

“In truth, I was also doing it to save myself.” Klein controlled The World to give a hoarse laugh.

He said it with sincerity and without any trace of acting, because if it wasn’t for Miss Justice who was notified in advance and warned the Church of the Evernight Goddess, then the powerful existence who erased Mr. A wouldn’t have arrived in time, and he himself might not have been able to hold on for long.

If Mr. A had disintegrated me and ate me, then perhaps I might not have a chance of reviving… Klein thought in appreciation.

Mr. A’s feasting would literally be feasting!

Immediately after, as The Fool, he leaned back in his chair and responded with a smile, “All I did was provide some trivial help.”

“No, your adorer really helped save Backlund. His contribution is the greatest amongst everyone,” Audrey praised from the bottom of her heart. “His warning allowed the Goddess, the Church of the Evernight Goddess to make preparations, wiping out the Demoness of Despair in a timely manner and preventing the Primordial Demoness from awakening. It allowed the contamination of the great smog to be kept under control. Furthermore, he even destroyed the Aurora Order’s ritual, preventing the attempted descent of the True Creator’s once again, keeping him at bay from the real world.”

Audrey received unanimous praise by Earl Hall and his wife for providing the most important information. They hadn’t concealed the results of the investigation and some of the details they had gathered from her.

Of course, they also raised their wish as parents that their daughter wasn’t to get too involved with that secret organization. It would be enough if she stayed in the outer circle and gathered some information, then maintained her strength below that of Sequence 7.

The Primordial Demoness’s awakening… The True Creator’s attempted descent. What exactly happened in Backlund? At the same time, Alger and Emlyn had the same reaction, but their expressions were different. The former only slightly raised his eyelids as his pupils contracted, unconsciously sitting to the side a bit, while the latter gave the illusion that he was about to jump up.

Mother, no, Esteemed Moon, when did Backlund become so dangerous? Two evil gods had actually made “Their” appearance during the great smog! Is that young lady lying? Even though Mr. Fool is an existence suspected of being a deity, it’s also impossible that “He” would simultaneously offend two entities of the same level, right… Could it be that “He” is actually the incarnation of a true god? Or is there an alliance of deities behind “Him?” Is that why the Ancestor asked me to pray to “Him?” The more Emlyn thought about it, the faster his heart beat, but it was impossible for him to receive verification.

The fact that Sanguine had the nickname “vampire” didn’t mean that they didn’t have a heartbeat. It was just that they were relatively slow, and the heart itself was one of the Sanguine’s fatal weaknesses.

Indeed! Indeed it’s an event that had attracted the attention of Mr. Fool… But, what benefits could “He” gain from sabotaging the evil gods’ plans? Alger sighed inwardly.

Fors was surprised and frightened. She didn’t expect that the horrible great smog that had taken the lives of tens of thousands of people would conceal an even more horrifying truth.

If it hadn’t been stopped in time, the whole of Backlund would’ve been destroyed, and Xio and I wouldn’t have survived… Fors swallowed a mouthful of saliva hard.

Her feelings were similar to Audrey’s feelings as well. Through this matter, this young noble lady clearly understood one thing, which was that the life she believed to be peaceful and calm was like a soap bubble amidst a clash between deities. Just a slight perturbation could immediately pop it into nothingness.

Or it could be said that the entire kingdom, the entire human society, exists only because of the balance between the deities, and this balance is extremely fragile…Every time a similar thought gushed to her mind, Audrey felt a wave of grief wash over her.

Klein was pleased when he saw that someone knew and remembered his contribution. He smiled and said, “Unfortunately, he has to stay away from Backlund as a result.”

Mr. Fool’s adorer has to temporarily leave Backlund? Audrey stood up again and sincerely bowed.

“Please convey my gratitude to him.”

Klein maintained his image without giving a reply other than nodding his head.

At this moment, Audrey added, “I’m very sorry, as the three Churches and the military are cleaning up Backlund, I was unable to get the follow-up pages to Roselle’s diary. Please wait one more week.”

“Sure,” Klein said in a flat tone.

Hearing their conversation, Fors was startled as she hurriedly looked to the end of the long bronze table and said, “Dear Mr. Fool, I received three pages of Roselle’s diary.”

Not bad. More members mean more channels, and many things snowball quickly…Klein gently nodded.

“Very good.”

Roselle’s diary? Emlyn felt as if he had heard something extraordinary again.

Under his puzzled gaze, Fors conjured three pages of the diary and passed them on to Mr. Fool.

Only then did Klein remember that he had missed introducing a particular vampire. Smiling, he introduced, “This is a new member, Mr. Moon.

“This gathering is called the Tarot Club. They are…”

Mr. Moon, I thought it would be a lady who would choose the Moon… Audrey greeted politely while her thoughts scattered.

Similarly, Emlyn wondered whether the members such as The Hanged Man and Justice were humans or transcendent creatures, which pathways they were from, at which Sequences, from which organizations, or if they were friendly to the Sanguine.

Klein didn’t care about them sizing each other up as he cast his gaze to the diary entries in his hands.

“11th February. Today, I found out about a secret of the Sauron family. Hahaha! I’m going to die from laughter! Hahaha!

“So it turns out that the Hunter pathway that they possess will change gender at Sequence 4. Men wouldn’t change, but women will change into men! It’s no wonder that none of the High-Sequence Beyonders of the Sauron family that I’m aware of are female. The Iron-blooded Knight is indeed a true man!

“Hahaha, if it wasn’t for how sensitive this secret was, then I would even feel like ridiculing Floren next time. The Sauron family ancestor that he looks like might’ve been a woman!

“This potion is way too much of a trap, isn’t it? I hope the Savant pathway wouldn’t have any strange changes upon reaching the high Sequences. I don’t want to one day suddenly realize that I either don’t advance, or I have to change into a woman.”

The first thought that flashed through Klein’s mind at the sight of this diary entry was: Emperor, you won’t become a woman, but you will do it with a Demoness, perhaps more than one…

Indeed, there’s a pathway that changes women to men. Furthermore, it’s within the ones I expected… Hunter represents war, causing women to change genders at Sequence 4… This is a little odd. The Demoness pathway changes at Sequence 7 Witch. It doesn’t actually strictly correspond… Klein felt the warped and feeling of madness even more acutely. It was a result of the extreme asymmetry.

Could it be that the underlying logic of this world is chaos, distortion, madness, and asymmetry? He tried his hardest not to frown.

“12th February. This won’t do. I want to laugh whenever I see Floren.


“15th February, the modified artillery I designed and supervised was completed. The effect was worse than I expected, but the problem isn’t that great. With it and mass production, I’ll be able to show the world what true advanced tactics are!

“In order to celebrate, I decided to hold a banquet to invite those fellows who looked down on me. Just wait to be slapped in the face!”

The Emperor truly doesn’t let a grudge go… While sighing, Klein turned to the second page of the diary.

“5th May, that unspeakable organization called for another gathering.

“I’m struck by the way they gather their members every time. It’s phenomenal, no—a miracle.

“With my earlier observations, I raised some problems at this gathering. For example, all the Sequence 0 names have a high-enough level on the Blasphemy Slate. Only Red Priest appears rather unique. It doesn’t sound strong enough. The old gentleman sitting beside me told me that ‘red’ represents the red of war. And priest can be understood as the ritualist of strength at its core.

“Someone objected, believing that the ‘priest’ in Red Priest represents being a priest of that Creator.

“I leaned towards the former and asked for the name of the old gentleman in a low voice. I didn’t know the identity of every member. To put it in an extreme manner, I only know a portion of them.

“The old gentleman answered me with a smile. He said his name was Hermes.

“Hermes? The Hermes who created the language of ancient Hermes? Hermes, the founder of humanity’s mysticism?”