Chapter 485: Rich Information

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Hermes? That’s an ancient powerhouse… Klein frowned slightly.

With his solid knowledge of mysticism, he was well aware of the era in which the old gentleman who had created the language of ancient Hermes had been active.

That is during the Second Epoch when the giants ruled the land and the dragons soared through the skies. In a particular sense, he appeared before the God of Combat and the Earth Mother in human history. In other words, even Little Sun, who didn’t know the seven gods before joining the Tarot Club, would likely know of the name Hermes. Yes, I should find a chance to confirm this using The World…

That old gentleman had personally experienced the period when early humans tested the potions themselves, slowly seeking the thorny path of the powers of a Beyonder, one step at a time. He had used Jotun and Dragonese as blueprints, and standing on the shoulders of the pioneers, he created a Beyonder language that belongs to humans. He probably saw the first Blasphemy Slate!

He actually survived until the time of Emperor Roselle, and he might even be alive until now! This is a living fossil of human mysticism! Klein felt a surge of emotions. On the other hand, he felt the terror of the Twilight Hermit Order.

It even had Hermes as one of its members!

As for the other secret organizations, or even internally to the seven Churches, they will often use ancient Hermes to perform sacrificial rites and rituals!

The Twilight Hermit Order is really high-end, grand, and of a high level… Klein couldn’t help but sigh inwardly.

What he envied most wasn’t the existence of Hermes, a legend who lived throughout human history, among the Twilight Hermit Order, but the fact that they possessed the second Blasphemy Slate.

This is simply cheating! Klein sighed at the thought of how the Tarot Club only had one out of the twenty-one Cards of Blasphemy.

He turned his focus back to the paper and continued to read the remaining entries of the diary.

“Heavens! The old man sitting next to me who looks so ordinary and nothing special was actually Hermes. He lived from the dark Second Epoch all the way to the Beyonder decline of the Fifth Epoch!

“I made the right choice joining this organization!

“I can see my bright future, not using three exclamation marks to describe my feelings right now just isn’t enough!!!

“This bunch of big shots, these undying old bastards, are all gathered together because they believe in the opinion that twilight is approaching? No, it’s definitely not the case. At least, I’m not!

“There must be people among them who passionately believe in those ideals, purely waiting for the original Creator to awaken, hoping for the progress of history to develop to that node as predicted. Heh heh, according to my understanding, it’s most likely not an awakening, but a resurrection.

“But there can’t be more than half of those people. The rest are people having their own goals; either they’re ambitious like me, or they’re just lurking snitches. Wait a minute, I thought of a problem; I quickly joined the gathering after I agreed to the secret invitation, but I didn’t undergo any scrutiny, and although the person who called for the gathering said that the members of this gathering had their differences and had to vote for me to join, barely allowing me to join after a majority vote of two-thirds, but that’s not the point. The point is that they don’t care if I believe in the idea that twilight is coming, nor do they mind me having all sorts of thoughts.

“What are they relying on to determine that I won’t bring harm to this organization? Could there be a High-Sequence Beyonder of the Spectator pathway among them, one that reaches the level of an angel? ‘He’ had created a secret psychological cue in me through my verbal promise without me realizing it. And that they’re confident enough to discover the hidden malice of its members?

“That might be possible, but thinking about it makes me shudder.

“In addition, without permission, once the name of that organization is mentioned to the outside world, it will be immediately noticed. They even gave me a few examples of former members who were eliminated… Writing on paper or in a newly created language wouldn’t do as well!

“Let me think. Let me think. Sequence 2 of the Spectator pathway is Discerner while Sequence 1 is Author. Who among them fulfills the corresponding traits1 ?

“Yes, I have a preliminary suspect, the person who convenes the gathering.

“Yes, there’s also Sequence 0 of the Spectator pathway. Its name is Visionary!

“But I don’t believe anyone here has reached the level of a true god. Otherwise, there’s no need to hide behind the scenes. Of course, they might have divine items at the Sequence 0 level or the Uniqueness of a particular pathway. Perhaps it’s what creates this realistic dreamscape that can connect the east and west shores of the continent while having the ability to react the moment its name is mentioned.

“I didn’t think too much into it back then. Amidst my shock, I asked about a few other matters, such as why the term ‘authority’ is used in the description of deities. Old Mister Hermes gave an interesting answer.”

When he saw this, Klein realized that the diary page had already reached its end.

He quickly turned to the next page, but he quickly turned back because the following page didn’t connect to the previous page at all.

Where’s the answer? Is it on the next page of the original diary, or was he too lazy to write it because it’s too long? Or he felt that there’s no need to jot it down in the diary? Klein was so frantic that he wanted to transmigrate and grab Roselle by the neck to get him to tell him what Hermes had said!

Of course, he didn’t show any signs of emotion on the surface, nor did he make any additional body language.

So the Spectator pathway’s Sequence 0 is called Visionary. This corresponds well with the Dragon of Imagination. I thought it would be Dragon… Visionary adheres more to what humans know, which also means that consuming the corresponding Sequence 0 potion wouldn’t necessarily change one into a dragon…

Sequence 1 Author. Just from the name of the potion, I find it quite similar to that quill, 0-08’s traits…

The Twilight Hermit Order’s method of summoning members is a realistic dreamscape that connects the eastern and western ends of the continent? The “miracle” description at the beginning of the diary gave me a fright. I thought they had the gray fog or the mysterious space above the gray fog as well… Klein calmed his emotions and discovered that the single diary page provided a lot of important information.

First of all, he knew that the ancient sage, Hermes, had at least lived to Roselle’s era which was about a hundred or two hundred years ago, and he was a member of that mysterious organization.

Second, from Roselle’s description of how the organization’s name couldn’t be spoken, he basically confirmed that the mysterious organization was equal to the Twilight Hermit Order.

Finally, he learned the Sequence 0, Sequence 1, and Sequence 2 names of the Spectator pathway. Although they wouldn’t be needed anytime soon, they enriched his accumulated knowledge of mysticism.

Perhaps Miss Justice would ask the relevant question at any time… Her curiosity had always been strong… Forcing himself to forget the missing answers, Klein turned to the last page.

As he read, Audrey habitually observed the details, and she acutely noticed that the Dark Emperor card, which Mr. Fool had placed face down on the long mottled table, was missing!

He gave it to an adorer to provide the appropriate help, or he exchanged items with some existence? Audrey blinked, trying to guess the reason.

She was more inclined to the first theory, because without the help of Mr. Fool, “His” adorers wouldn’t necessarily be able to destroy the ritual for the descent of the True Creator.

It’s a pity that Father is unable to see the detailed file; otherwise, I would know who Mr. Fool’s adorer is, hmm… He’s a man of medium height, dressed in Loen’s most popular double-breasted frock coat, and he had been near Red Rose Manor at the time. I should be able to lock onto a target by using this information as a basis for investigation… But that might anger Mr. Fool. “He” hasn’t permitted me to expose the identity of his adorer… Audrey, don’t think too much. Don’t be curious. Perhaps you’ll meet in the future… Audrey retracted her gaze.

At this moment, Klein felt like laughing because of the contents of the last page.

“16th March, my first time attending a noble ball in this world.

“The young ladies and madams are a lot better than I imagined. In the novels I read, they didn’t bathe in the middle ages and relied on perfume to mask their disgusting body odor. They would frequently step on feces when they were out, and easily smeared their faces with things that are laced with poisonous heavy metals.

“But it’s different here. They love to take baths. They have charming perfumes, fair skin, and tight waists. Most of them have pretty good figures.

“I overcame my nervousness and had a nice chat with the young daughter of Viscount Derilose. We talked about the meritorious deeds of my ancestors, talked about my family’s estate, and my present aristocratic title. Then, she politely mentioned that she wanted to get something to eat.

“I didn’t pay much attention to it at the time since hitting on chicks needed to be taken slow, but when I went downstairs to take a walk in the garden, I found her in an empty study f**king with the eldest son of Earl Florais. F**k! This is their first time meeting each! Is it me, Huang Tao, Roselle, who isn’t good-looking enough? Or am I not entertaining enough?

“How realistic! Fortunately, the madams have treated me quite well. I can sense the hidden passion within them, hehe. ”

Roselle really wasn’t used to the Intis style at first. According to historical records, the Gustav family had been on the decline for several generations, with only their aristocratic title of baron and a little property estate to their names. This lasted until Roselle made his fortune… I didn’t expect the Emperor to have a woman snatched away. Wait, I remember Roselle mentioning in his diary that he had done it with Countess Florais… Impressive. Impressive… Klein looked down at the two remaining diary entries.

They were of no value and were accounts of Roselle’s life in the manor. The entire content was him wanting to hunt, his missing of delicacies, as well as his hopes of obtaining Beyonder powers and beautiful maidservants.

Klein leaned back a little, allowed the diary pages to disappear from his hands, and said with a smile, “You may begin.”

Audrey immediately looked at The Sun diagonally across from her.

“Have you extricated yourself from the cycle?”

Derrick nodded honestly first before bowing towards the end of the bronze table.

“Honorable Mr. Fool, thank you for your guidance. It allowed me to find the key point of the Angel of Fate on the mural with the words ‘Rose Redemption.’ It aided the Chief in destroying the repeated cycle of fate.”

What Angel of Fate… I don’t know anything… The very puzzled Fool, Klein, replied with a smile, “Not bad.”