Chapter 509: Request

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“They’re still in the restaurant,” Urdi Branch subconsciously replied.

He then pointed to the area where the moldy head had been purified and anxiously asked, “What was that just now?”

Maintaining Gehrman Sparrow’s persona, Klein didn’t answer and glanced at Danitz before walking directly past Donna’s family to the tightly closed door of the Green Lemon Restaurant.

Blazing Danitz held his lantern and was relieved having finally completed a goal. He straightened his back, looked at Urdi and the others, and scoffed.

“You don’t have to worry about what that was. Just know that it’s a monster that will harm you.”

If Gehrman Sparrow wasn’t only a few meters away, he even wanted to proclaim: Only I, Lord Blazing Danitz, can protect you!

Cleves exchanged glances with Cecile and Teague before taking the initiative to step forward. He comforted his employers and said, “Leave your questions to after we get back to the White Agate.”

Frankly speaking, the three bodyguards had all been adventurers for varying periods of time. However, their understanding of monsters was still stuck at the level of folklore or stories of their drunken peers. They still found it rather surreal, as though they were in a dream.

However, since they had seen creatures like murlocs before, it wasn’t that hard to accept other things. At most, they were a little weirder and uglier than murlocs.

When they thought of this, their hearts calmed significantly, and the guns in their hands seemed to regain their strength.

However, the pure light that descended from the sky still exceeded their scope of understanding. They only felt that their world view, outlook on life, and values that had long been formed had begun wavering. All they could do was temporarily ignore it, suppressing all their emotions to the bottom of their hearts.

Klein stopped at the door of the Green Lemon Restaurant, raised his right hand, and tapped it with his fingers.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

After he knocked three times in a rhythmic fashion, no one answered and there was silence.

If not for the candlelight shining through the windows and the cracks in the door, Klein would’ve thought it was an empty building that had long been abandoned.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

He knocked three more times.

Within the restaurant, the silence continued. Everyone seemed to be abiding by the custom of not responding to any knocking in foggy weather.

Klein retracted his right hand and patted the hem of his double-breasted frock coat.

Suddenly, he leaned back, lifted his knees, and kicked his right foot forward.

With a bang, the restaurant’s door suddenly opened wide, and all the nails that had fixed the copper lock popped out.

Wearing a tailcoat, the boss, Fox, with his pudgy, nearly-round face was still standing in his original position. The ladies and gentlemen who had chosen to stay the night all opened the doors one by one and stood quietly at the door, looking over without a word.

“What… do you want?” Fox didn’t flare up; his tone the same as before. However, he had a revolver in his hand.

With his Spirit Vision activated, Klein turned his head and looked around. He didn’t find any traces of evil on any of the humans present.

His gaze landed on the boss of the restaurant, and his gaze turned heavy. He looked into the owner’s eyes and asked, “Where’s the Timothy family?”

Fox repressed his emotions, as though a storm was brewing in his dark brown eyes while he looked at the man for two seconds. Finally, he unnaturally turned his head and said, “There’s another table. Foreigners. Upstairs.”

“Get them to come down,” Klein ordered coldly.

Fox was silent for a few seconds, until the man quickly drew his gun and aimed it at his head.

He took a deep breath and sent a waiter up to the second floor, leading the Timothy family down the stairs.

“What happened?” Timothy was a man who was more than thirty years of age. He was on vacation with his newly wedded wife.

Klein lowered his gun and flatly said, “Something unexpected has happened in Bansy Harbor.

“Are you coming back with me to the ship or staying here?”

“Something unexpected?” While Timothy ruminated over the words, he saw Urdi Branch outside nodding at him solemnly.

He knew that the other party was a very rich import and export merchant who had three bodyguards with him. He believed that if there were any unexpected circumstances, then it would be safer to stay with them, so the answer was obvious.

As for the unique customs of Bansy Harbor, it was just a custom! He held his wife’s hand and walked towards the door, politely smiling as he said, “All our things are on the ship. Of course we’ll stick with you.”

“Thank you,” he and his new wife expressed their gratitude in unison, walked past Klein, and joined with the Branch family outside.

Klein withdrew his revolver, politely bowed at Fox and said, “Excuse us.”

With that, he turned around and walked towards Cleves and company, who were illuminated by the light leaking out from the restaurant.

With a thud, the door of the Green Lemon Restaurant closed once again, swaying slightly in the wind.

Klein had actually noticed an unusual, subtle atmosphere just now, but since his Spirit Vision failed to obtain anything, he didn’t wish to investigate it too deeply, lest he ignite the huge danger lurking in Bansy Harbor.

He returned to Danitz’s side and did a headcount with the light of the lantern.

Donna’s family of four, their three bodyguards, the Timothy couple, and several servants are all present… Klein switched the hands in which he held his revolver and cane with, lifted his gun-wielding right hand, slipped it deep into the double-breasted frock coat, and rubbed the Sun Brooch.

With a flash of dark golden light, an invisible force quickly spread outwards, flooding everyone present like a wave.

Instantly, Donna and the others felt as if they had arrived in the south, like they were bathing in warm sunlight that dispersed the cold chill within their bodies.

They were no longer as nervous and worried, as if they had found their courage again. The remnant black colors obtained from the special cured meat from Damir Harbor quickly disappeared along with the extremely minute amounts of wicked feelings.

Sun Halo was able to enhance the courage of one’s companions within a twenty meter radius and purify any evil forces within them!

With the help of the brooch and while under the control of Klein’s spirituality and psyche, he could use the power of the sun to bypass any targets he didn’t wish to help.

“Let’s head to the telegraph office first.” Klein repeated himself as he held his cane in his left hand and his revolver in his right. After getting his bearings, he proceeded forward.

Danitz followed his directions and walked diagonally to the side. Cleves, Cecile, and Teague very professionally took charge of security for the other two flanks.

With a party of more than 15 people, it’s easy for us to suffer losses once we’re attacked. Moreover, only Blazing can truly be considered a helper… What should I do? Thinking back to the monsters he had encountered, Klein suddenly slipped the revolver back into his underarm holster and handed the cane to his right palm.

He reached into his pocket with his left hand and removed the wall of spirituality around an iron cigar case. He took out Azik’s copper whistle and held it in his hand, occasionally tossing it up.

He believed that such an action would divert the attention of the undead monsters which only had one head left from the others, leaving the brass, ancient whistle as the only thing in their “eyes!”

This way, I don’t have to worry about not being able to rescue them in time. That’s the effect of an MT 1 ! Klein sighed and quickened his pace.

At this moment, three shriveled heads covered in mold flew out from the thin fog in front of him. They charged towards Klein from different directions like arrows, completely ignoring the existence of the other delicious meat.

Three! Danitz’s pupils contracted, a little worried that Gehrman Sparrow would end up flustered, but he also looked forward to seeing his true strength.

Three… Klein calmly shook his left hand and threw Azik’s whistle into the air.

The heads with esophaguses hanging down from them immediately drew an arc and headed for their primary target.

Klein took a step back and, without any expression, raised his hand and squeezed the Sun Brooch.

All of a sudden, dense golden flames were produced where the copper whistle was as a holy aura was emanated.

Fire of Light!

The three skinny heads let out miserable shrieks at the same time, turning into dust under the golden light.

Klein took two steps forward and reached out to catch Azik’s copper whistle.

… That can actually work? Another mystical item? Danitz froze for two seconds, flabbergasted at how easily the assault had been resolved.

At that moment, Timothy and his wife also clearly saw what the things which were attacking them looked like. One of them turned pale from fright while the other asked, flustered, “W-what was that?

Donna immediately turned around and nodded seriously.

“Leave your questions to after we get back to the White Agate.”

With that said, she put her finger to her lips, mimicking Uncle Sparrow’s meaning of “silence.”

Remembering the holy aura displayed by the young man in front of him, Timothy swallowed hard and pulled at his wife’s hand. He fell silent while remaining alert, and his servants had no choice but to obey upon seeing this.

The group continued on through the moonlit streets. The lights of the houses on either side of the streets were extinguished, leaving only darkness behind the oriel windows.

Donna felt as if pairs of eyes were following her and the others, but for some reason no one showed up.

They must all be afraid of Uncle Sparrow! She held her brother’s hand tight and walked amidst the protective circle of her parents.

Suddenly, a figure appeared at the side of the street. He wore a black cloak and leaned forward, revealing a neck that was still bleeding. There was nothing above the neck, with the interior of the cloak reflecting the moonlight.


The headless figure let out a beast-like growl that sounded like gasping as it rushed towards Klein, stomping on the street to the point that the ground slightly shook.

A spot it passed by just happened to be in Danitz’s path. This infamous pirate cursed and flung an orange-yellow fireball which had been repeatedly compressed from his hand.


The fireball exploded, causing the headless man to retreat several steps.

His clothes were tattered, and his skin quickly charred while his cloak was set on fire.

However, to the monsters that had already lost their lives, this wasn’t a serious injury.

And in that instant, with a crisp crack, the scarlet flame on the black cloak suddenly soared into the air, as if it were blooming.

Klein, in his coat, jumped out of the flames, borrowing the momentum from his fall and his own strength in order to stab the cane he held in both hands directly into the headless man’s neck.


The cane sank into the headless man’s body and emerged from his crotch.

Bam! Klein’s back muscles bulged, forcefully throwing the headless monster to the ground!

Taking advantage of this opportunity, he stood behind the monster and continued to grip the cane tightly while he poured his spirituality into the Sun Brooch.

He had already used his Spirit Vision to determine that Holy Light Summoning, Cleave of Purification, and Fire of Light were all unable to deal with this blackish-green monster in a short amount of time, so he could only use another method.

Five seconds, four seconds, three seconds. The headless man struggled with all his might, but like a snake, he fell to his knees and was firmly nailed to the ground by the cane.

Two seconds, one second!

Klein opened his mouth and spat out a word in ancient Hermes.


Specks of radiance appeared and turned into water droplets that sprinkled over the headless man’s body.

Sizzle! When the blackish-green gas was emitted, Klein let go of his cane and took two steps to the side.

Within the sparse “rain,” the headless man continuously twitched before finally calming down, eventually melting into a pool of blood.

No Beyonder characteristics… This means it’s not the real enemy. At most, it can be considered as a created “servant”… Klein withdrew his cane, turned, and walked back to the group.

“So cool!” Denton let out a belated cheer.

Donna’s eyes sparkled.

He was still borrowing the powers of a mystical item… However, his phasing away during the flames has indicated his true strength. He really isn’t easy to deal with…Blazing Danitz retracted his gaze, feeling that his decision not to mindlessly run off had been extremely wise.

Seven or eight minutes later, the group that cleared out two more waves of monsters arrived at the Bansy Port’s telegraph office.

Cleves took the initiative and knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” A gentle female voice came from inside.

“We’re looking for the captain of the White Agate, Mr. Elland,” Cleves answered through the door.

In the quiet night, the woman’s voice spoke at a moderate pace.

“He and his first mate went next door to the cathedral.”

The person speaking sounds odd, or is she like that only on similar nights? Klein flicked a gold coin and confirmed that she wasn’t lying.

As they were preparing to leave, the female voice in the telegraph office hesitated and said, “Can… Can you guys… help me… take note of someone?

“He’s my… colleague. He went out before the wind started tonight… and never came back.

“His name… is Paavo Court.”