Chapter 514: Legends of Ancient Gods

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Above the endless gray fog, the majestic palace stood still.

Just as Emlyn White, who had arrived here once again, regained his vision, he saw Miss Justice opposite him looking at the end of the mottled long table before greeting cheerfully, “Good afternoon, Mr. Fool~”

Audrey greeted everyone, one person at a time, starting with The Fool and ending with The World.

This order wasn’t according to the seating arrangement, but by the order of the tarot cards—The Fool was the beginning that contained all possibilities, and The World was the end that represented perfect sublimation.

This was a little obsessive-compulsive disorder on Miss Audrey’s part, a mysticism enthusiast. It started to appear with the increasing number of Tarot Club members.

She really is a carefree girl of stately birth… Emlyn deliberately passed a deep judgment and politely responded to the greeting.

During this process, he caught sight of The Sun through the corner of his eye. He couldn’t help but think of the recent days when he had been studying the detailed history of the Sanguine at the home of Baron Waymandy.

There are a lot of details that I don’t know about. There are indeed differences between professional researchers and amateur enthusiasts, but from this week onwards, I, Emlyn White, would be a professional researcher… Baron Waymandy has never mentioned anything related to the City of Silver, so I can’t ask him directly. As the secret messiah of the Sanguine who is burdened with secrets, I have to be careful in such matters… Attending class for half a day and going to the cathedral for half a day before accompanying the dolls at night seems to be a pretty good life… Emlyn’s thoughts gradually dispersed.

Suddenly, he frowned and realized a very important question.

Why do I still go to the Harvest Church every day?

Yes, as a noble Sanguine, I must put an end to the things I start. There have been a lot of patients recently. Sigh, having your reputation spread isn’t a good thing…Emlyn’s brow gradually relaxed into a softer frown.

He saw that Miss Justice had completed her greetings. He raised his hand to knock on the table and looked at her.

“The things you need…”

Audrey pressed her right hand down and made a gesture to stop him before saying with a faint smile, “We’ll talk about this during the transaction period.

“This is Mr. Fool’s reading time.”

Based on Mr. Vampire’s tone, there must be at least one of the fruits of the Tree of Elders and the blood of a Mirror Dragon… Audrey, you’re going to be a Psychiatrist soon! You’re about to become a Mid-Sequence Beyonder! Audrey’s mood became increasingly cheerful, the corners of her eyes filled with smiles.

She looked towards the figure amidst the thick fog and said with an uplifted tone towards the end, “Honorable Mr. Fool, I’ve gotten another three Roselle diary pages~”

Just short of four pages… She pursed her lips while in thought.

With Miss Justice setting an example, Fors also said, “Mr. Fool, I also have three new pages of Roselle’s diary.”

She was also full of anticipation for this Tarot Gathering because her second Apprentice potion had been digested much faster than expected. The dormant dangers had already been completely eliminated the day before yesterday.

Derrick followed immediately, “Honorable Mr. Fool, I’ve copied some legends of ancient gods.”

Then, he said to The Hanged Man, “I’ve also tabulated the list of monsters around the area.”

He really is a good child who doesn’t need anyone to remind him… Klein, who had a rich harvest, sighed with emotion.

Seriously, he hasn’t improved at all… Even though this will lower the difficulty of me obtaining benefits, it also conceals the risk of me losing the resources from the City of Silver… Exposure is a problem that requires constant vigilance… Alger shook his head indiscernibly.

Roselle’s diary and the legend of the ancient gods soon appeared in the palm of Klein’s hand.

He skimmed through it quickly and found that two of the six pages in the diary were repetitions of the past. For example, one of Miss Justice’s contributed pages matched a page which The Hanged Man had handed over last year.

That’s inevitable unless I can really teach them Simplified Chinese… Klein sighed and willed the two diary pages to the back.

The remaining four pages didn’t contain very valuable information. Most of them belonged to the period when Roselle had lost his ideals and was obsessed with money, and the text was filled with sentences such as “What did I invent today,” “What will I invent tomorrow,” “How many gold coins can it be sold for,” or “how much investment I received.” It nearly made Klein lose control of his expression, wishing to smack these diary pages in Roselle’s face.

At this moment, Audrey keenly discovered that the Dark Emperor card had returned to the side of Mr. Fool ‘s hand and was placed face down.

So it really was bestowed to his adorer! Was it to help him complete a mission? Hmm… or is there another possibility, that this is a new Card of Blasphemy, and not the original one! Audrey guessed with interest.

After flipping through the diary pages, Klein resisted the urge to take a deep breath to calm his heart, and he looked at the legends of the ancient god provided by Little Sun.

It was quite a rough description. It divided the eight ancient gods of the Second Epoch into three camps. The Giant King, Aurmir; the Elf King, Soniathrym; and the Vampire Ancestor, Lilith, were allies who fought against the Dragon of Imagination, Ankewelt; the Phoenix Ancestor, Gregrace, and the Mutated King, Kvastir. As for the Devil Monarch, Farbauti and the Annihilation Demonic Wolf, Flegrea, they were the ones who wanted to subvert all order and corrupt all living beings.

In the records of the City of Silver, the eight ancient gods were described as violent, evil, cruel, and terrifying. Even the Ancestor Vampire, Lilith, who superficially looked the most normal and was described as the Embodiment of Beauty, had a disgusting and ferocious side. For instance, she would manifest into a mountain range of flesh. On top of it grew all kinds of reproductive organs as they spewed out thick black fog while constantly producing all sorts of strange creatures. All powerhouses who approached “Her” would be overwhelmed by the desire to mate and reproduce, becoming a walking organ.

And all living beings who saw this scene—other than the other ancient gods—would lose their minds without exception or mutate on the spot, while others became crazy. The records of the City of Silver originated from the ancient texts of the Giant King’s Court. Of course, that was what they claimed.

I cannot eliminate the possibility that this is to discredit an ally… This aspect is rather similar to the loss of control of the Primordial Moon who the Sanguine pray to… Is this one of the traits when one follows the Moon pathway to the end? At this thought, Klein almost raised his head to sweep his glance at Emlyn White.

In the legends of the City of Silver, the Vampire Ancestor, Lilith, really did control the crimson moon. As long as “She” wanted, “She” could make the Blood Moon appear every day for three hundred and sixty-five days a year, allowing the negative energy to rampage through the lands and the spirit world to interact with reality for an extended period of time, releasing countless unspeakable monsters and evil spirits.

This is the power of a deity… I wonder what the difference is between the ancient gods and the current true gods. Why do all of them look like evil gods… In the legends of the Sanguine, Lilith isn’t like that. One of them is lying between the two of them? Or could it be that there was a change midway, from the one recorded in the City of Silver to the one depicted in the legends of the Sanguine? Klein looked away and took note of the details.

He made the paper in his hands vanish and leaned back slightly.

“You may begin.”

With her bright eyes, Audrey looked at Emlyn White and immediately said, “Mr. Moon, do you have news of the fruit of the Tree of Elders and the blood of a Mirror Dragon?”

Emlyn nodded his chin and said, “A total of 750 pounds.

“Just pay this amount and they’ll be yours.

“And of course, there’s my payment. 100 pounds.”

Audrey didn’t bother with the total price at all and happily responded, “Deal!

“I hope that the deal will be completed today or tomorrow.”

“No problem.” Emlyn, who was about to make 100 pounds, couldn’t refuse Miss Justice’s request.

Awesome! Audrey lowered her right hand, clenched it into a fist, and lightly pumped it twice.

At that moment, Alger, turned his head to look at Mr. Vampire.

“Do you still want the inheritance of that Sanguine baron? 4,500 pounds, that’s the best price I managed to get for you.”

In fact, the pirate was willing to give it up for 3,200 pounds.

Emlyn’s expression twisted.

If it’s only 1,000 pounds, then I’ll definitely take it, but… he replied inwardly.

Although their family members were pretty good apothecaries and doctors, with a modest annual income and long lives that allowed them to save a fortune, Emlyn had been unable to save any money since he became infatuated with dolls. From time to time, he would order some custom dolls.

Even if the 100 pounds which he hadn’t received yet was counted, his personal savings didn’t even reach 500 pounds, of which, 150 pounds had been contributed by Detective Sherlock Moriarty.

“I… I’ll think about it again,” Emlyn said with difficulty, suddenly feeling that he had to find some way to quickly save up money.

This fellow, Emlyn, just made the sound of poverty… Upon seeing this scene, Klein happily quipped inwardly.

Being friends with Mr. Vampire in reality, Klein had heard him mention that over the years, he had spent more than 7,000 pounds on dolls, which made Klein marvel at the price of puppets and how extravagant Emlyn was.

“No problem.” The Hanged Man didn’t press further.

He turned to Audrey.

“My fair lady, the Artisan has completed the work and has obtained a rather mystical item.

“It allows you to truly change your appearance while also providing you with three Beyonder powers—Flame Controlling, Damage Transfer, and Danger Intuition. It improves your balance and agility. It’s a silver mask, but it can also be a hat or an earring; it can change its appearance, and you can name it.

“Of course, it also has its own minor flaws. When you wear it, your emotions will be amplified, and you must learn how to control yourself.

“It costs 5,500 pounds.”

At this point, The Hanged Man chuckled and said to The World, “The Beyonder characteristic you provided earns you 4,500 pounds, and the Artisan’s workmanship is worth 1,000 pounds.”

4,500 pounds, much better than I had expected, even though there’s a 15% commission, that is to say, 675 pounds for Mr. Hanged Man… Klein immediately controlled The World and nodded in agreement, “That wouldn’t be an issue.”

Emotions would be amplified? According to Miss Escalante, I’ll have the ability to influence the moods and mental states of other people when I advance to Psychiatrist. I should be able to do the same for myself… Yes, that flaw isn’t a problem! Audrey nodded lightly.

“I will pay within two days of receiving the mystical item.”

In order to not reveal the secret of the Tarot Club, she had to wait until she had received the item before she could claim reimbursement from her father.

“Sure.” The Hanged Man wasn’t the least bit worried about Miss Justice’s credibility.

So rich… Both Emlyn and Fors felt agitated at the same time.

Phew… Klein breathed a quiet sigh of relief. This meant that more than three thousand pounds of his would be available soon.

Thank you, Miss Justice! He silently drew a crimson moon inwardly.