Chapter 518: On the Brink of Death

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Without another word or care for Danitz, Klein pressed his top hat and carried his suitcase down the gangway.

Are you really going to let me go? Blazing Danitz stood on the deck, his face filled with suspicion.

Although he had expected such an outcome, with Gehrman Sparrow directly letting him go while in Damir Harbor, making him capable of imagining today’s scene, he still couldn’t believe it. He felt that everything that befell him came too simply and easily.

Regardless, I’m worth 3,000 pounds. No, this is the bounty offered only by Loen! Isn’t this madman, Gehrman Sparrow, an adventurer? How can he let go of a huge amount of wealth in front of him? It’s incomprehensible… Heh, it’s true that normal people can’t understand the mindset of lunatics… Danitz gradually snapped back to his senses. With his luggage in hand, he carefully descended the gangway and stepped onto the concrete ground of the dock.

He straightened his back, lifted his head, and gave Gehrman Sparrow’s back a glance. He realized that he really wasn’t turning back and was following the path straight for Coastal Street.

Danitz didn’t dare delay a second longer. He immediately turned around and left through another path, occasionally changing directions and using obstacles to look back, in order to ensure that he wasn’t followed.

Soon, he arrived at a row of houses near the warehouse at the dock.

Gehrman Sparrow really didn’t use me as bait… After triple-checking, Danitz finally relaxed completely.

At this moment, he finally felt like he was liberated. A dignified boatswain of a Pirate Admiral like him no longer had to be bullied and be ordered around like a servant!

I can already foresee that tomorrow will be incomparably beautiful. There will be a group of people vying to flatter me, wanting to become my servants! Danitz knocked happily on the door—three long and three short—rhythmically.

Hehe, Gehrman Sparrow asked me to give him the pirate point of contacts in Bayam. I obviously only told him the ones that don’t have a good relationship with us. There’s no way he could guess that our Golden Dream point of contact is right at the dock… Danitz picked at his nose and breathed in the fresh sea breeze before a looming rain.

Bayam was a pivotal location of the Loen Kingdom’s Sonia Sea colonies. It was one of the largest cities in the region. There were many powerful official Beyonders, and no matter how rampant the pirates were, they didn’t dare to openly show their faces here. Most of the time, they had to rely on the local gangs or people with backgrounds to handle the loot and purchase any necessities.

Of course, this didn’t mean that they wouldn’t come to Bayam. The Red Theater here was the most famous brothel in the surrounding seas, and countless pirates came to patronize this famous place. Even if one or two of their peers were caught every once in a while, it didn’t stop them from rushing over.

In addition to the spice trade, the brothel industry was another major pillar of the Rorsted Archipelago. Apart from the Red Theater, there were many big or small brothels, out in the open or hidden all over the place. They fully satisfied the desires of the seamen with ample energy. As for the female pirates, they didn’t have to worry about this problem. As long as they were willing, they could always be satisfied. After all, there was more demand than supply. At sea, where faith in the Lord of Storms was mainstream, there had always been few females.

Similarly, the underground trade related to Beyonder ingredients and mysticism was quite frequent here, and there were many circles.

Those smaller ports are still better. We don’t have to be afraid of being discovered at all, and we can just openly sit in a bar, engage in disputes with adventurers, and even fight them. As long as we don’t cause any trouble or cause any deaths, the local official Beyonders will turn a blind eye. Heh, with their strength, they typically have to take on tremendous risks if they wish to interfere… Danitz thought mockingly.

At that moment, he heard footsteps and saw the door creak open. A familiar face entered his sight.

“Old man, did you not drink today?” Danitz smiled and greeted.

Standing at the door was one of the Golden Dream’s contacts in the Rorsted Archipelago, Old Rinn.

Old Rinn coughed twice and made way.

Danitz stepped into the dim room, his nose twitching suddenly.

He caught a whiff of Lanti Proof.

No, Old Rinn likes to drink locally-produced Bayam Black Rand! As this thought flashed through his mind, Danitz was terrified.

Immediately following that, he saw a man with his back to him rise to his feet. He was tall, dark, and muscular, and his hair was curled like marbles.

“Steel” Maveti! Danitz’s pupils contracted sharply.

This was the second mate of the Admiral of Blood, a great pirate with a bounty of 6,000 pounds!

Waves of the sea breeze blew, swaying the thin, sharp leaves of the tree in a precarious manner.

Klein was walking along Coastal Street at an adequate speed. In contrast, the people around him were hurrying and walking quickly.

His spiritual intuition told him that it would take some time before the storm would arrive, and that he had plenty of time to find a hotel.


The sound of the wind grew louder and louder. Tree branches fell to the ground, and there weren’t many people left on the street.

Klein was about to turn into another alley when he heard the sound of hasty but disorderly running.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

Danitz was running with all his might, but the scene in front of him began to rock.

He felt an abnormal pain from his wound as he felt his vitality rapidly sapping away. His Spirit Body had partially left his body, approaching the legendary Underworld. As for the surrounding sounds, he could only vaguely hear them, and everything in his line of sight looked like it wasn’t real.

If it wasn’t for having Shadow Cloak, the ambush would’ve killed him. But even so, he was still severely injured and could die on the streets at any moment.

He was forced to run towards Coastal Street because of his will to warn the captain that their point of contact had been compromised by the Admiral of Blood, as well as the glimmer of hope brought by that crazy but powerful figure.

If it’s him, then he would definitely be able to escape from the hands of “Steel” Maveti’s henchmen… Danitz began to stagger, and his body gradually grew cold.

Just as he was about to collapse, he saw Gehrman Sparrow standing by a street corner. His refined face that hid madness appeared so genial at that moment.


Danitz fell on his back, his hands hanging limply over his chest, revealing a hideous, exaggerated wound that was inflicted to his organs.

“Tell Captain that Old Rinn has been discovered. Steel Maveti did it for that treasure!” Danitz saw Gehrman Sparrow kneel to his side as he hurriedly spoke.

Klein recalled the bounty offered for Steel Maveti and asked in return, “Admiral of Blood?”

“Yes, tell Captain! T-tell Captain!” Danitz gasped as he said.

After saying all that, he revealed a mournful smile.

“Don’t worry about me. I’m a-about to die soon.

“Tell the Captain that all the money I’ve saved up has been turned into real estate. Units 12 to 16 on Bayam’s Amyris Avenue. The title deeds a-are hidden in the wall of Unit 13’s basement. H-help me sell them. T-take the money to South Intis’s Elema Town. G-give the money to my parents. S-say that I’ve really made a fortune…”

Danitz paused, then he said with great difficulty, “S-say that I’ve become an out-outstanding adventurer.

“Also… Help me s-say I’m sorry…”

His eyes suddenly became moist, as if he was recalling that rebellious youth from back then.

I’m sorry, Old Man, Mother. I’m unable to return home… Danitz’s vision darkened, and he felt that his life was coming to an end.

It was at this moment that he saw Gehrman Sparrow reach out and press his hand to his wound and then swipe it.

Danitz’s sorrow came to a sudden halt as he felt the already numb pain in his chest and abdomen suddenly disappear as his left hand seemed to suffer a fracture.

He looked at Klein blankly, and Klein looked back at him quietly. None of them spoke for two seconds.

Finally, he looked down in astonishment and discovered that his lethal wound had strangely healed. His left arm was badly mutilated, and even his bones protruded out.

I-I’m fine now? Danitz blinked, still immersed in the sadness and frustration of his brush with death.

“Why didn’t you treat me first?” he asked blankly.

Klein looked back at the empty area on the other side of Coastal Street and said in a calm tone, “Waiting for you to finish.

“That’s basic courtesy.

Courtesy you son of a b*tch! I was really saying my last words! With a sudden jerk of his back, Danitz rolled to his feet.

He warily looked towards the dock, where a thick cloud of smoke was rising. It was none other than the result of the battle he had just been engaged in.

Because the house was set on fire by me, Steel Maveti was afraid that it would catch the attention of the official Beyonders. As he was confused by that shadow, he didn’t chase after me… Danitz instantly understood the sequence of events.

“Let’s find a place to stay first.” Klein spread his hands and caught a drop of rain.

Not knowing whether or not he had completely escaped danger, Danitz immediately nodded.


I can tell that this madman, Gehrman Sparrow, isn’t afraid of Steel Maveti at all. He’s not even afraid of Admiral of Blood… At such times, I especially admire his craziness… Damn, I exposed my wealth to him. Danitz had just exhaled when his body froze.

Klein walked silently ahead with his suitcase and cane with only one thought echoing in his head.

Godd*mmit, a pirate is richer than I am…

Empress Borough.

Audrey, who was about to leave Backlund, hid in her chemistry laboratory and concocted the Psychiatrist potion with the ingredients she received from Mr. Vampire—the fruit of the Tree of Elders, the blood of a Mirror Dragon—and the other ingredients she had collected previously.

This time, she didn’t get Susie to guard the door. Instead, she was to sit inside and observe the whole process from the sidelines. Earl Hall had already instructed everyone to not approach the young lady during her experiments, but they had to pay attention to any unusual changes.

Phew… Audrey let out a small sigh of relief, pouring the completed potion into a prepared glass bottle.

The slightly golden liquid rippled like a deformed, gigantic pupil. Its gaze seemed to shine right into the eyes of anyone’s heart.

“Susie, did you remember the process? You are a mature, no—you are a mature Beyonder. In the future, you’ll have to learn how to concoct your own potion. No, it’s not that I’m not helping you; it’s just that I’m pointing out a possibility. Sometimes, I might not be by your side, and you just happen to need a potion bottle,” Audrey said happily to the huge golden retriever.

Susie was so confused by what she was taught, and she could only open her mouth to reply with a single word, “Woof!”

Converging her emotions, Audrey raised her head and downed the Psychiatrist potion bottle.