Chapter 534: A Dream Lesson

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Danitz’s worries didn’t come true. Klein gave him a look and went into the bedroom to rest.

During the five hours he spent on the liner, he had always been in a highly tense state. He had also been alarmed last night and didn’t sleep well as a result. At this moment, he couldn’t help but feel exhausted.

With a thud, Klein closed the bedroom door.

Phew… He scared me to death! Danitz relaxed and slumped into the reclining chair.

The scene of him turning into gold pounds had surfaced in his mind a moment ago. He found it difficult to stop having these scenes appear one after another in his mind.

After a moment of silence, Danitz, who had been hanging around the bar until dawn, fell asleep again without realizing it. He dreamed that the captain had arrived to save him, but she had failed. Instead, she got caught by Gehrman Sparrow and ended up becoming a maidservant for this crazy adventurer.

Just as Danitz was outraged and unable to resist, he suddenly saw the blurry scene around him turn clear just as he was about to wake up. The scene froze on the luxurious suite of the Wind of Azure Inn.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Danitz heard a slow, soothing knock on the door.

Wasn’t I dreaming? With this question in mind, Danitz walked over to the door and turned the handle.

As the crack in the door widened, he saw a familiar figure.

She was a beautiful lady, with a face shaped like a goose egg, a high nose bridge, thin lips, and a pair of pale blue eyes that resembled clear spring water.

Her long brown hair parted in the middle, tied in a simple but delicate knot at the back of her head as they flowed down.

She didn’t wear a hat, only wearing a beige coat which was tight at the waist. Her collar was covered with palm-sized flowers woven from white lace.

Matching her coat was a dark-colored skirt which reached her knees. The pleats of her skirt were connected, looking slightly fluffy. On her feet were a pair of leather boots that shared the same color as her hair.

“Captain!” Danitz cried out in alarm

He hurriedly snapped out of his reverie, turned around and faced Gehrman Sparrow’s bedroom while taking a defensive stance.

“Be careful! Run! A lunatic is looking for you! He has a terrifying organization backing him!”

As the feeling of self-sacrifice welled up in him, Danitz heard his captain calmly say, “This is a dream.”

Dream… Yeah, I’m dreaming, what’s there to be afraid of… Danitz glanced left and right, folded his arms, turned around, and said, “Captain, you simulated the powers of a Nightmare? That can’t be right, you were near Sonia Island just last week.”

The largest island in this region of the Sonia Sea, which was also the origin of its name. It was almost like a small continent. Originally, it was the only remaining gathering place for the elves after the Cataclysm, but as time passed, this ancient Beyonder race was plagued by all sorts of factors and gradually died out. The occasional sighting of them proved that they hadn’t completely gone extinct.

At the end of the Fourth Epoch, the Loen Kingdom occupied this island, but in the Twenty Year War, they suffered a terrible defeat, handing over Sonia Island to the Feysac Empire. That was already more than seven centuries ago.

Sonia Island was situated north-northwest of the Rorsted Archipelago, and it took nearly half a month by ship to arrive there. Vice Admiral Iceberg Edwina Edwards was still in the vicinity of Sonia Island last week, so it was impossible to reach Bayam within a week. Unless she could fly or use the spirit world to travel.

The beautiful lady whom Danitz addressed as Captain nodded.

“We have just entered the Rorsted seas, still a thousand nautical miles away from Bayam.”

In other words, she’ll take another three to four days before arriving? That’s what I call normal… Danitz curiously asked, “This should’ve already surpassed the range of a Nightmare?”

Moreover, it far exceeds… he added inwardly.

Vice Admiral Iceberg Edwina entered the room and walked towards the table and chair.

“It’s not a Nightmare power, but a secret ritualistic magic. It uses an item left behind on the ship to enter the dream of someone very far away…”

Listening to the Captain’s meticulous explanation, Danitz instantly felt as if he had returned to the Golden Dream and was beginning his lesson.

I’ve never heard of such ritualistic magic before… Yes, Captain has mastered many strange and rare magic and witchcraft. No one can tell how much knowledge she possesses… She seems to have mentioned that her Sequence name is Mysticism Magister… Sigh, if I had known that she had this “secret technique,” then I wouldn’t have been so frustrated over how to inform her about the unexpected events in Bayam… Danitz interrupted Edwina’s description with a flurry of thoughts.

“Captain, you sensed that there’s a problem with our point of contact over here?”

“Yes, this is another secret technique…” Edwina seemed inclined to describe the specific method in detail.

Seeing this, Danitz hurriedly sighed.

“Poor Old Rinn and the others…”

Edwina stopped walking and turned her back to the window, asking succinctly, “What happened?”

“I’ll have to start from Damir Harbor.” Danitz felt energized, as if his long-lasting depression had finally paid off at that moment.

He described his attempts to recruit Gehrman Sparrow, but he ended up discovering that he was a madman, and he also exaggerated his plight on the White Agate.

According to the rough draft he had prepared last night, he thoroughly described the weird and horrifying situation at Bansy Harbor, including the ambush and assassination attempt involving Steel Maveti. He explained everything about how he joined forces with Gehrman Sparrow for a counterattack and hunt, as well as his own theories about Gehrman Sparrow’s background and powers. This included Creeping Hunger and the secretive, powerful organization.

During this process, he tried his best to restore the truth, only exaggerating the role he played, raising his status from servant or attendant, to an assistant or collaborator.

Vice Admiral Edwina listened quietly the entire time without interrupting him. When he was done, she nodded lightly and said, “He has no ill intentions.”

Him? Gehrman Sparrow means no harm? Danitz quickly said, “Captain, regardless, he’s a dangerous fellow!

“Are you sure he means no harm?”

“I can’t be sure,” Edwina replied very calmly.

“Then why were you…” Danitz took a silent breath, sensing the similarity between his captain and Gehrman Sparrow. They were people who he couldn’t engage in a conversation with.

Vice Admiral Iceberg Edwina said with a straight face, “That’s just my speculation and judgment.”


Danitz rubbed his temples with his right hand. “Anyway, he’s dangerous. There’s a secret organization backing him, and I’ve no idea about the situation of the organization. Captain, I don’t think you should take the risk of communicating with him, even if he claims to have something to ask of you.”

Edwina thought for a moment before saying, “There’s no need to take risks.

“I can communicate with him through you.”

Danitz first heaved a sigh of relief before asking both curiously and expectantly, “Captain, how will that work? Or should I say, what do I need to do?”

Edwina raised her right hand, revealing a stand and a blackboard in her dream.

“I need you to hold a ritual,” she said.

“It’s called a Soulfall Ritual. It allows my soul to pass through the spirit world and attach itself to your body. I’ll be able to converse directly with Gehrman Sparrow. It works on anyone below that of a demigod, with an effective distance of no more than 500 nautical miles…

“It involves reason and communication, and it belongs to the realm of the God of Knowledge and Wisdom. You must draw the corresponding symbols and magic labels…

“In mysticism, the blue star corresponds to the God of Knowledge and Wisdom. Mercury, brass, lavender, pepper, and mint are needed…

“Blue star corresponds to Saturday. The time of the blue star is from midnight to one on Friday, and eleven to twelve noon on Saturday…”

Edwina explained as she wrote the key points to remember on the blackboard, and Danitz instinctively sat down and assumed a listening posture.

As he listened, he suddenly felt at a loss.

Why do I need to attend classes even in my dreams?

In the bedroom, Klein, who was sleeping, suddenly jolted awake, having vaguely sensed something.

He got out of bed and listened for a moment. In the living room, although Danitz was snoring, his breathing was calmer than before.

It wasn’t too strange, but it was sufficiently unusual for an experienced senior expert in mysticism like Klein, who had been through a lot.

He softly walked to the door that separated the bedroom from the living room, reached for the handle, and slowly turned it.

Without a sound, Klein walked out of the bedroom and saw Danitz lying in a reclining chair, fast asleep. Everything around him appeared normal.

Klein quietly activated his Spirit Vision and checked Blazing, but he didn’t find anything amiss. Whether it was the color of his aura or the changes in his mood, there was nothing abnormal about him, all within a reasonable range.

After watching for a while, Klein frowned and took out a silver charm.

“Dream Charm!”

In the dream, Danitz was learning the Soulfall Ritual with a bitter expression. He had no doubt that the captain in front of him was genuine.

No one can fake such a style and hobby!

At that moment, he heard the sound of the lock turning.

Subconsciously, Danitz looked towards the bedroom, where the crack in the door was widening, and Gehrman Sparrow, who was wearing only a white shirt, walked out expressionlessly.

“You! How did you appear here!” Danitz shot to his feet, blurting out in shock.

He quickly snapped to his senses and stammered, “Th-this is my dream!”

How is Gehrman Sparrow appearing so easily?!

With one hand in the pocket of his dark trousers, Klein walked toward the woman who had her back to the window and said in a low voice, “A charm.”

Then, looking directly at the woman, he asked almost with certainty, “Edwina Edwards?”

Her attire is a little strange… She doesn’t look like an adventurer, much less a pirate. She looks like a woman with a decent job, someone who can support herself on her own… The style of her attire looks like it comes from Intis… Klein thought, feeling somewhat unaccustomed.

Edwina nodded slightly and similarly replied with a question, “Gehrman Sparrow?”

“Yes, good afternoon, Ma’am.” Klein smiled slightly, pressed his hand to his chest, and bowed.

Edwina nodded and replied, “Good afternoon.”

Klein, who was maintaining his persona, stopped talking, waiting for the other side to take the initiative to ask him about his purpose.

He looked at Edwina.

Edwina looked at him.

There was a sudden silence in the dream for several minutes.

From time to time, Danitz looked to the right and to the left, having a baffling feeling that perhaps all of this might really be a dream.