Chapter 553: Danitz’s Hard Work

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Bounty… The muscles in Danitz’s cheek twitched as he forced a smile, pretending that he wasn’t Blazing and that he didn’t care.

When Elland left, he turned sharply to face Gehrman Sparrow and said, “I think we should move to another inn. No, we’d better leave Bayam as soon as possible!”

If I’m worth a bounty of more than 5,000 pounds, I won’t be safe anywhere! The pirates and adventurers who are at the same level as me would definitely rush over like sharks smelling blood! Prey that they can finish off while also proving themselves and giving them a high bounty are always very popular. They’re worth no less than treasure! Danitz suppressed even more of his inward shouting.

Klein didn’t agree or disagree, he slowly smiled.

“Are you worried that your bounty will be too high?”

Danitz nodded heavily, finally feeling as though the madman, Gehrman Sparrow, was finally saying something sensible.

“Besides hiding, there are other solutions,” Klein said as he walked over to the coat rack.

“What are they?” Danitz asked subconsciously.

Klein took off his half top hat and put it on his head.

“Raise your Sequence.”

Let your strength match the bounty… He put on his coat, twisted the handle, and walked out of the suite.

Raise myself to Sequence 6? Become a Conspiracist? Danitz paused for two seconds, then he frowned and grimaced.

When he consumed the Sequence 9 Hunter and Sequence 8 Provoker potions, he didn’t find it much of a problem. In fact, he began to long for finding the legendary treasures, obtain mid or high Sequence formulas and their corresponding materials to advance to a demigod, and then become the new king of the sea. However, the intense pain and discomfort brought to him by the Pyromaniac potion had left him in fear and apprehension. He didn’t dare believe that he nearly lost control despite strictly following his captain’s instructions of constantly provoking his opponents.

This forced Danitz to consider whether or not he was fine just getting rich so that he could return to Intis a rich man.

He stood there, troubled for several minutes. Finally, he thought of a question.

Even if I want to advance by consuming a potion, it’s not something I can do in a short period of time. I’ll still have to find the formula and collect the ingredients. It wouldn’t be an easy task, and the new bounty might be released tomorrow or even today!

So, I must change inns and leave Bayam as soon as possible!

After Alger left the Ralph Trading Company, he casually went to a few places to inquire about the situation. When it was almost noon, he received a new report from the Church of Storms.

“It’s confirmed that the person who posted the notices at the door of the cathedral is Blazing Danitz.

“Pay attention to his whereabouts.”

Blazing Danitz… Alger held the slip of paper in his hand and ruminated over the name silently. The corners of his mouth curled up, and he no longer had any doubts in his mind.

With ease and certainty, he felt confident about going out to sea to hunt for materials.

This was because his quest would happen at sea and because Mr. Fool has a new identity: “Sea God!”

Having missed the morning’s blue star, Danitz waited until four in the afternoon to attempt the Soulfall Ritual while Gehrman Sparrow was out.

He drew the God of Knowledge and Wisdom’s Sacred Emblem with familiarity—an omniscient eye on an open book—with the appropriate altar set up.

Inside the wall of spirituality, he lit a candle and picked up the lavender and mint extract before dripping it onto the still burning flame.

A refreshing fragrance filled the air, and Danitz burned several more herbal powders.

Having done all this, he took a step back and said in ancient Hermes, “I pray for the power of knowledge;

“I pray for the power of rationality;

“I pray for the God of Wisdom’s loving grace;

“I pray that you allow me to communicate with the spirit of Edwina Edwards, the teacher who pursues knowledge, the researcher of spirit world creatures, Vice Admiral Iceberg of the seas, who hails from Lenburg.”


Along with the echo of the incantation, the interior of the altar suddenly became cold. Apart from the three candles, the remaining brass dagger, the salt plate, the bottle of extract, and the fountain pen and paper all floated in midair.

Danitz waited nervously, not knowing what was going to happen next.

After nearly twenty seconds, the flames of the three candles began to sway, coloring the candles in a pale green color!

Danitz’s body suddenly stiffened. He felt an icy chill invade his body in an irresistible manner.

He saw his feet move uncontrollably, and he took a step forward.

He saw his left hand rise and grab the black fountain pen and a piece of white paper.

He saw himself bend over with a pen in his left hand, quickly writing: “Is there something?”

The words were exquisite and artistic, very different from Danitz’s own style.

It was only then that Danitz realized he could control his head and his throat.

“Captain, Sea God Kalvetua is dead!” He squeezed out his hoarse voice as though he was suffering from a heavy cold.

“Details.” His right hand wrote smoothly.

This was the opportunity Danitz had been waiting for. He immediately recounted everything that had happened, including Gehrman Sparrow’s visit to Symeem Island in order to fulfill some adventurer’s dying wish, the possibility that Gehrman Sparrow had suffered the sea god’s curse and how he easily resolved the problem after closing the door, including the madman’s mistake of mistaking the ancient elven ruins as a Sea God ruin.

Towards the end, Danitz quickly added his own take on the matter.

“I believe that Admiral of Blood won’t come to Bayam for quite a substantial period of time. Most famous pirates wouldn’t.

“It will take at least half a year for this matter to pass.

“Captain, your hunting plan with Gehrman Sparrow might have to be shelved for the time being. I-I wish to return to the Golden Dream.”

His left hand froze for a few seconds before writing: “Continue to follow Gehrman Sparrow, and be my contact point with him.”

“Captain, y-you can teach him the Soulfall Ritual!” Danitz yelled hoarsely.

His left hand wrote: “This can only be done within 500 nautical miles, and in the case of the person holding the ritual, it would be quite risky for him. And you have our points of contact on the various islands. Those are things that cannot be told to outsiders.”

Indeed… Gehrman Sparrow is just an outsider… But, Captain, I really want to go back to the Golden Dream! Danitz racked his brains and said, “Maybe we can invite him to be a guest on the ship. No, this…”

Suddenly an idea came to Danitz.

“Captain, he has a messenger! He has a messenger!

“A messenger that travels through the spirit world to deliver letters for him!”

This should be an unrestricted means of communication, and it should be more private and secure! I don’t need to be the contact person anymore! Danitz thought in abnormal delight.

His left hand hung in midair for a few seconds before he wrote: “If that’s the case, there’s no problem.

“As the new year holiday is coming to an end, it’s indeed time for you to return to the ship. You do have some talent in languages, but you still have quite a few problems in other areas. You need to attend more classes and work harder.”

Danitz opened his mouth, but nothing came out of it.

He suddenly felt that returning to the Golden Dream wasn’t anything to look forward to.

In the evening, Klein returned to the Wind of Azure Inn.

He didn’t find a suitable target for acting despite an entire day’s work. Due to the sweep from before, many pirates and adventurers that were wanted were arrested. The remaining ones continued hiding cautiously, not daring to go out at all. Whether it was the bars, casinos, or brothels, business was poor and there weren’t many customers.

“So this is the situation.” Danitz came over. He cleared his throat and gave a hollow chuckle. “It would be my first time using the Soulfall Ritual, and I don’t have much confidence. I did a test ahead of time, and haha, it succeeded. I managed to communicate with Captain, and she believes there’s no chance to hunt Admiral of Blood any time soon. She plans on summoning me back to the Golden Dream. As for us communicating, don’t you have a messenger? You can use the messenger to send Captain a letter.”

My messenger was given by a bigshot, and it’s not mine… Moreover, the messenger can only send messages back and forth between the owner and the owner of the token, without involving anyone else. Yes, it can also be between the host of a ritual and the owner… That reminds me, I have to find a way to get a messenger of my own, or many things will be inconvenient… As for the solution to this, obviously, it’s to write to Mr. Azik who has to be an expert on the matter… Klein calmly pulled over a chair and sat down. He leaned forward and said in a low voice, “Tell your Captain that I have a way to find Admiral of Blood.”

“Huh?” Danitz was stunned, having not expected such an answer.

Then, he saw the corners of Gehrman Sparrow’s mouth slowly widen as he repeated, “Tell your Captain.”


Danitz shivered. He didn’t dare to make any inquiries as he forced a smile.

“We’ll have to wait until the next blue star, which is between 11 p.m. and midnight tonight.”

“Very good.” Klein smiled as he praised.

But Danitz wasn’t happy at all.

Klein stood up slowly, recollecting a special dish he had eaten for dinner, and he headed for the bedroom.

The food was called the Teativa, and translated into Loen, it was “meat within fruit.” The cook used a giant local fruit, Teana, hollowed out its flesh, leaving only a solid shell; then stuffed it with mashed mutton and fish, followed by sea salt and several types of spices; and repeatedly roasted it over the fire. The meat was fresh, fragrant, and perfectly blended with the sweet and slightly sour flavor of the fruit.

Closing the door behind him, Klein first wrote a letter thanking Mr. Azik for his earlier guidance, then he asked again how he could have a messenger of his own.

After folding the letter, he took out his copper whistle and summoned the messenger.

The messenger didn’t stay, disintegrating the moment it took the letter.

Phew… Klein rested for a moment, ready to enter the space above the gray fog to see if the prayers of the believers could bring him any useful information, such as who he could actually act as.