Chapter 596: Clue

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In the majestic palace with stone columns propping it up, Klein sat in a high-back chair as he lightly tapped the corner of the long mottled table. He first eliminated the method of seeking a Sequence 4 Unshadowed from the Sun pathway.

This was because he had almost zero contact with the Church of the Eternal Blazing Sun. It was very difficult for him to find help from anyone. Secondly, he suspected that an Unshadowed was unlikely to be capable of cleansing the mental corruption in the All-Black Eye. After all, The Hermit Cattleya’s suggestion was directed at remnant influences by an ordinary Rampager, and not the True Creator!

Seeking the help of an angel or true god’s power isn’t realistic either. In theory, I can use the mysterious space above the gray fog to perform a divination on the Eternal Blazing Sun and use “His” help to shatter the All-Black Eye and evaporate the mental corruption, but the problem lies with the fact that an experienced “Him” might be able to use this opportunity to invade this place and take over the gray fog. If that happens, it wouldn’t be worth it…

And when a power than exceeds my level an unknown number of times instantly comes into effect, there’s no delay. It targets me, and I’ll have no time to redirect it to the All-Black Eye. I will lack the ability to control the situation.

Also, it’s not like I can divine it as I wish. I need a medium. I previously used the mutated Sun Sacred Emblem, which had the Eternal Blazing Sun’s divine blood in it, as well as the ear that was corrupted by the True Creator.

Currently, the mediums I have are Mr. Door and the Hidden Sage. I can use the ravings that Miss Magician hears during the full moon, as well as knowledge’s pursuit of Admiral of Stars to make an attempt. But similarly, the counterattack isn’t directed at the All-Black Eye, and I don’t have the means to divert the attack.

Mr. Azik has yet to recover. Snake of Fate Will Auceptin has yet to be born. From the looks of it, I can’t find an angel to help me either. Sigh, I still know too few high-ranking figures… Right, there’s also something akin to an angel, the evil spirit in the ruins under Backlund that’s suspected to be King of Angels Medici! But that fellow is scheming with unknown plots and malicious intent. Unless there’s no other method, I will not consider it.

Yes, taking the risk isn’t worth it at all. If that’s the case, I might as well give up on the All-Black Eye and search for the main ingredients of a Nimblewright Master. It’s only the dust of ancient wraiths and the core crystal of a six-winged gargoyle. It’s even possible that the former can be found in the Underworld!

In that case, performing a new search is a viable choice, while finding a mystical item that’s similar to the Blood Vessel Thief is another choice. With the gray fog shielding me, I can use its theft abilities to its full extent. I’ll definitely be able to separate the True Creator’s mental corruption from the All-Black Eye, and I wouldn’t be afraid that it would return.

The easiest method is to throw the corrupted mystical item far away once the theft is completed. Then, I’ll bring the pure All-Black Eye back to the real world, causing the “physical” separation of the two items.

Well… How am I to find a similar mystical item? Mr. Hanged Man didn’t say anything after seeing the methods, which implies that he doesn’t know either. However, I can ask at the next Tarot Gathering. Ma’am Hermit, Miss Magician, Miss Justice, Little Sun, and Emlyn White all have their corresponding information and resource channels…

I can try searching for it myself this week. I’ll start with Vice Admiral Iceberg. Her third mate, Flowery Bow Tie Jodeson, has Beyonder powers that can steal. Perhaps he might know where there might be similar mystical items.

Klein’s thought process gradually cleared up as he formulated an initial plan.

He first performed a divination before rapidly returning to the real world. He got out of the decadent state of laying slump in the reclining chair drinking beverages and reading newspapers as he quickly set up a ritual.

It was still three candles, but the difference was the symbol he drew. It was the Sacred Emblem of the God of Knowledge and Wisdom—an omniscient eye on an open book. The ritual’s silver dagger also switched to a brass knife. In mysticism, the blue star corresponded to the God of Knowledge and Wisdom, and the metal that belonged to the blue star’s domain was mercury and brass.

Klein had long considered the problem of contacting Vice Admiral Iceberg Edwina Edwards. Therefore, he prepared a set of Soulfall Ritual materials. After a series of processes, he burned the corresponding herb powder, and he dripped the extract and essence from lavender and mint.

Amidst the faint, clear, and mysterious fragrance, Klein took a step back and used ancient Hermes to recite an incantation.

“I pray for the power of knowledge;

“I pray for the power of rationality;

“I pray for the God of Wisdom’s loving grace;

“I pray that you allow me to communicate with the spirit of Edwina Edwards, the teacher who pursues knowledge, the researcher of spirit world creatures, Vice Admiral Iceberg of the seas, who hails from Lenburg.”

Klein’s voice reverberated as the altar instantly turned gloomy and cold. Be it the brass knife or the metallic bottles, all of them floated up.

It succeeded. The Golden Dream is still within 500 nautical miles… Klein first felt a sense of delight before he saw the flames of the three candles lengthen. They were tainted with a pale white with a hint of dark green.

He knew that the Soulfall Ritual was essentially to free his body and allow the target’s Astral Projection to possess him to establish an effective communication channel. He would be lacking in the necessary protection, making it easy to be attacked by the target of the Soulfall Ritual. Therefore, he had divined ahead of time to determine the danger from this matter. Besides, after meeting and conversing with her, he believed that Vice Admiral Iceberg Edwina wasn’t a person with malicious intent. He temporarily found her trustworthy.

At this moment, the wind within the wall of spirituality produced mournful sounds. Klein only felt an ice-cold power descend upon him from the void in an attempt to enter his body.

Then, he was surprised to discover that it wasn’t like he expected. He had the necessary strength to resist and control himself instead of being possessed by her!

What’s happening? Just as he had the thought, he began to see a faint, formless gray fog around him.

This was a trait he possessed after advancing to Faceless. The power of the gray fog was able to slightly leak into reality!

Amidst his racing mind, Klein didn’t hesitate to wave his arm. He pointed to a coat hanging on a coat rack, throwing the ice-cold power onto it.

The black tweed coat on the coat rack strangely floated up as the arms raised up, looking somewhat clumsy.

It was as though an invisible person was wearing his coat!

The black coat floated two meters forward before coming to a pause.

The two sleeves raised up and formed an ×.

What does that mean? Klein was taken aback before he realized what Vice Admiral Iceberg meant.

Without a mouth, I can’t speak! Without hands, I can’t write!

This is awkward… Klein thought for a moment and directly said, “I need a mystical item that can steal the Beyonder powers of others. Ma’am, might I know if you have one?

“If you don’t, can you ask your third mate for me? Flowery Bow Tie Jodeson?

“The corresponding answer can be written in a letter. Summon my messenger to send it over.”

The black coat’s sleeves spread out and motioned with a lowering gesture.

Following that, it lost its soul and fell to the ground, no longer appearing as straight as before.

That means “yes?” Klein sighed silently and quickly ended the ritual. He hung up the black coat and used a brush and handkerchief to clean it.

Then, he wrote a letter and asked Mr. Azik a similar question.

He summoned the messenger by blowing the copper whistle. After the letter was taken away, Klein attempted the third method with great drive.

He took out the paper crane from his wallet and carefully spread it out. He wrote with a pencil on it: “Might I ask where I can get a mystical item that can steal the Beyonder powers of others?”

Putting down the pencil, Klein restored the paper crane according to its lines. He was quite pleased with his improvement at handicraft.

In the evening, after Klein browsed through the prayers of his believers, he returned to the real world and went to the washroom to enjoy a rather comfortable hot bath.

This allowed him to quickly fall asleep after entering his bed. This continued until he suddenly sensed an external force invading his dream.

It was the same desolate plains with the towering pitch-black steeple. With familiarity, Klein passed through the doors and walls until he entered deep inside the tower.

There was still a deck of tarot cards scattered here. They surrounded a central protrusion as though they were making a declaration. However, as a Seer, Klein could only interpret it as chaotic and contradictory.

On the protruded area, the text had already changed. The silver words formed three sentences.

The first line wrote: “I’m only a child that has yet to been born.”

Klein’s expression froze as though he was hearing an infant cry, “Please, I beg you. Don’t make things difficult for me. Such communication is very tiring…”

The second line was equally succinct.

“The clue lies in you.”

The third line was: “Don’t ask me what the clue is because I have no idea either.”

That is to say that Snake of Fate Will Auceptin can foresee a clue on me, but he is unable to foresee what it is exactly… That feels like a charlatan’s divination. No, I can’t say so. I can’t include myself in such criticism… Klein remembered the information and exited the dream before returning back to sleep until daybreak.

After breakfast, he began recalling the items and matters he had experienced before to seek out the so-called clue.

At this moment, his spiritual perception was triggered as he quickly activated his Spirit Vision.

The skeleton messenger remained huge, but unlike the last time, its head didn’t pass through the ceiling.

This was because it had spewed up from the floor, so half its head was in the level below.

In such a situation, it looked at Klein at his eye level and placed the return letter on his palm.

Seeing the messenger crumble like a falling waterfall, Klein was taken back. He muttered, feeling both angry and amused, So you do know some manners!

You’re getting more considerate after all!

You’ve changed greatly after knowing that you wouldn’t be transferred to me…

Klein rapidly retracted his gaze and opened the letter to read Mr. Azik’s reply.

“… Stealing the Beyonder powers of others is from the Marauder pathway. In the Fourth Epoch, it belonged to the Amon family, the Zoroast family, and the Jacob family… They seldom appeared after the War of the Four Emperors. Rumor has it that some of their members have formed an alliance and call themselves Hermits of Fate.

“I can’t remember any further. You can try attacking from the angle of the descendants of these three families.”

Amon… So a Blasphemer refers to this pathway? The Jacob family was one of the five Angel Families of the Tudor Dynasty. It was equal to Abraham, Amon, Antigonus, and Tamara. As for the Zoroast family, it’s from the Solomon Empire… Hermits of Fate. Fate, Hermit… The clue lies in me… Klein suddenly sat up and recalled an item.

It was the mysterious badge from Lanevus. The symbols on it were none other than that of fate and concealment!