Chapter 609: Paying a Visit

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Amidst the clacking sounds, the radio transceiver spewed out a brand new piece of illusory white paper under the crimson moonlight in the dim environment.

“Inside Leonard Mitchell resides an angel from the Zoroast family. ‘He’ once changed my question.”

Angel? There’s an angel residing in Leonard’s body? An angel from the Fourth Epoch’s Zoroast family? Although Klein was mentally prepared to hear an incredible secret, he was still shocked by what Arrodes divulged.

He was deeply concerned and surprised as well.

An angel referred to Beyonders at Sequence 1 or 2, making them rather close to the state of a true god. They had all sorts of mystical characteristics, and they could even influence Low-Sequence Beyonders of the same pathway to a certain extent and range. They were mighty figures who stood at the pinnacle of the real world. In the various Churches, only their popes, pontiffs, chief shepherds, as well as certain legendary ascetics were Grounded Angels. Therefore, Klein believed that being latched onto by a parasite of this level wasn’t a good thing.

In the dark Second Epoch, the angels all had their divine names, and they were subsidiaries to the ancient gods…

I haven’t indirectly or directly interacted with many angels—Blasphemer Amon; Calamity Queen Cohinem; the evil spirit suspected to be Red Angel Medici; Tail Devourer Ouroboros as described by Little Sun; Miracle Invoker Zaratul from Roselle’s diaries; son of the Creator, Adam; Hermes who cannot be confirmed if he’s an angel or not; Snake of Fate, Will Auceptin, who’s still inside his mother’s womb…

Apart from the last two, the others appear to be very evil. Even the words they leave behind might make the reader go crazy or lose control… Would my dear poet ultimately end up as a sacrificial item of this angel parasite…

This can explain why he thinks of himself as the protagonist of a play, the special one, and he was willing to help me hide my secret… The Zoroast family is in control of the Marauder pathway, which is the pathway that can steal the Beyonder powers of others. That’s why Leonard was able to find and participate in the gathering of the Hermits of Fate… It’s no wonder he offered to use Blood Vessel Thief—it’s because he has a Grandpa 1 to help him. He was able to instantly steal Megose’s most potent power…

Heh, what Hermits of Fate. They’re just a bunch of thieves and frauds. At best, the target of their theft and fraud is that of time and fate…

In short, my dear poet’s Grandpa isn’t a good person. I have to find a chance to warn him… But here comes the problem, they’re always together. Any warning will only expedite the problem.

Klein’s thoughts raced, but he ultimately failed to come up with an option he can act upon. All he could do was temporarily shelve the matter and plan on asking Mr. Azik and Snake of Mercury, Will Auceptin, to see if they had any solutions.

In those few minutes, he even thought of using Blasphemer Amon. To put it simply, it was to divulge information to the son of the Creator that the angel from the Zoroast family was residing in Leonard Mitchell’s body, getting “Him” to “eat” up the parasite.

According to what Klein knew, the Amon family supported the Tudor Empire during the Fourth Epoch, while the Zoroast family belonged to the Solomon Empire, making the two enemies. Furthermore, according to the Law of Beyonder Characteristics Conservation, powerhouses from the same pathway would have greater conflicts the higher their Sequence was. This was akin to the battle between the two Snakes of Mercury.

Unfortunately, this solution was restricted by reality and was ultimately abandoned by Klein. This was because he didn’t know where to find Blasphemer Amon. Secondly, he was afraid that the battle at the level of angels would directly destroy Leonard Mitchell. And thirdly, a powerful Amon might be a very bad and serious matter.

I’ll first get Emlyn to attempt the transaction and observe the actual situation. I can decide on what to do when I know more… Klein retracted his thoughts and said to the radio transceiver which was connected to Arrodes, “Ask your question.”

The clacking of the radio transceiver became increasingly brisker as the illusory white paper was gently spewed out.

“No, there’s no need.

“This is an addendum to my question which doesn’t need to abide by the rules.

“Great Master, I sense a special item outside your room, but I am unable to see through it. Can you tell me what it is?”

This magic mirror is impressive. It seems to be able to see everything. It just suffers from interference when it deals with high-level matters as though there’s a mosaic… Klein calmly replied, “Die of Probability.”

Amidst the taping sounds, Arrodes presented new words on the illusory piece of white paper.

“So it’s that thing… Great Master, you can ask your question.”

Klein thought for a moment before saying, “What do you have to mention regarding the Die of Probability?”

At this point in time, the radio transceiver seemed to brighten up and no longer looked as gloomy as before. The speed at which illusory white paper spewed out slowed down.

“It’s a fellow that’s especially petty and bears grudges. Master, you have to quickly give it to someone else!

“It’s an item formed from the Uniqueness of the Wheel of Fortune. You can give it to any other Snake of Fate and ‘They’ will be very grateful. In short, it’s not suitable to be your servant.

“The aura is dissipating. Your loyal and humble servant, Arrodes, has no choice but to leave. Finally, let me praise you once again, my Great Master, the ruler above the spirit world. Bye bye~”

Uniqueness… The Die of Probability is actually the Uniqueness of the Monster pathway… This is the first time I’m encountering a so-called Uniqueness. It really is terrifying that can digitize the entire real world… The Monster pathway is also called the Wheel of Fortune pathway. Sequence 0 is the Wheel of Fortune? Klein looked at the radio transceiver which had returned to normal, and he temporarily reined in his thoughts.

He didn’t harbor any greed towards the Die of Probability. This was because it wasn’t part of the Seer pathway, and it came with extremely terrifying negative side effects. He was also afraid that, with time, this die which bore grudges would attract Tail Devourer Ouroboros over.

Even if this thing can be isolated and sealed when placed above the gray fog, there’s a high chance of it digitizing the entire mysterious space. In the future, the Tarot Gatherings might end up becoming a tabletop role-playing game… Klein had never come into contact with items of this level before, so he was unable to determine what would happen if he were to throw the Die of Probability above the gray fog.

He decided to continue intimidating the die, and he would successfully send it to Oravi Island where there would be Life School of Thought members who had the means to seal it. As for the problem of the mission exceeding the payment he would receive, he didn’t mind it. This was because the greatest benefit he would gain was the friendship of the Snake of Fate Will Auceptin.

Backlund, Harvest Church.

Emlyn White held a strange badge which was the size of an eyeball and chuckled inwardly.

The World sure is long-winded. Isn’t it just finding a Nighthawk named Leonard Mitchell at Pinster Street in North Borough? He even specially emphasized that the person has a secret and that there’s a high chance of me being pulled into a dream.

This is showing doubt in my abilities!

Emlyn stood up and changed into a tailcoat and white shirt. He then turned his head to look out the window.

Heh heh, he has a secret, while I have mine. I dare bet that Lord Nibbs or other Earls are secretly watching me. If anything were to happen, they will definitely provide me with help to a certain degree… Being pulled into a dream… Emlyn contemplated for a few seconds before using the materials which were rich in spirituality to concoct a blue medicine.

Putting away the bottle and medicine, he picked up a silk top hat and walked out of the break room. After bidding farewell to Bishop Utravsky, he left the Harvest Church.

It was still morning, but Backlund’s sky was gloomy. There was a faint fog that spread like water.

Emlyn squinted his eyes and wore his hat, murmuring to himself, “The sunlight is a little blinding…”

He hailed a rental carriage and went straight for the steam metro station. He spent six pence on a first-class ticket to North Borough.

This saved him a lot more time than heading straight there!

About forty minutes later, he arrived at his destination and stood outside the door of 7 Pinster Street.

Emlyn politely rang the doorbell and patiently waited for a minute.

Just as he was about to write a note and stuff it into the hole beneath the door to schedule a better time for a visit, he suddenly heard languid footsteps approaching.

Doesn’t sound like a servant… Emlyn nodded indiscernibly and took out the medicine he had concocted in advance and cleanly drank it.

Then, he watched the door open and saw a black-haired, green-eyed man appear before him. He was dressed in home wear—a white shirt and black trousers. His shirt was untucked, allowing it to flutter gently in the wind. Amidst his suaveness were hints of uninhibited freedom.

Although he’s a believer of Evernight, I have to say that his looks are barely comparable to us Sanguine… Emlyn took off his hat and gently raised his chin.

“Good morning, are you Mr. Leonard Mitchell?”

Leonard frowned indiscernibly as he looked at the handsome, red-eyed gentleman. He raised his hand to cover his mouth and indifferently yawned.

“You are?”

“A visitor. I have something I would like to seek your help on.” Emlyn didn’t reveal his identity as he smiled with a rather obvious arrogance.

This attitude gave Leonard a baffling sense of familiarity. It was as though he had seen his former self—the person who always thought of himself as being the most special, the protagonist of this era.

He cleared his throat and said, “I’m only an ordinary citizen. I do not accept missions.

“If you have any issues, then you can find a private detective.”

Emlyn White smiled and said, “This matter is something only you can complete.”

He looked to his sides and continued, “I wish to purchase a mystical item that can steal the Beyonder powers of others.”

Leonard’s eyes focused as he asked in a deep voice, “Who are you?”

At this moment, Emlyn didn’t immediately answer. Instead, he surveyed his surroundings and clicked his tongue with a smile.

“Impressive. I nearly failed to realize that I had been pulled into a dream.”

He wasn’t in a rush to leave as he took out the small badge he received from The World in front of Leonard Mitchell’s solemn expression.

Leonard took a glance as his expression eased slightly. He cocked his head slightly and paused for a few seconds.

Silently, Emlyn White saw the scene around him rapidly shatter and vanish like shattering glass.

Leonard sneered and pointed inside the house.

“Let’s talk inside.”