Chapter 610: Throwing the Die

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Upon hearing Leonard Mitchell’s invitation, Emlyn didn’t show any fear. He held his top hat and wore a subtle smile before entering the house without any qualms.

He didn’t take off his coat, as a Potions Professor often brought several supplementary items. It wouldn’t look pleasant once the concealment of these items was gone.

Emlyn sat down with his starched tailcoat, leaning back into the support as he leisurely said, “Actually, there’s no need to go through the trouble.

“If you have it, name the price; otherwise, just frankly say so.

“Of course, I’m very certain you have one.”

He chuckled as his bright red eyes reflected Leonard Mitchell’s figure that didn’t mind the tidiness of his getup.

The feeling of “me knowing you have a secret, with you not knowing anything about me” left Emlyn extremely pleased as he felt a strong sense of superiority.

Leonard used his fingers to comb his raven-black hair and casually sat on the chair opposite Emlyn. He didn’t show any panic or puzzlement as he said with a smile, “At the very least, I need to know who wants it.”

“Perhaps it’s me, or perhaps it’s my friend,” Emlyn tipped his chin as he smiled gently.

Leonard squinted his eyes as he cocked his head, as though in thought.

Finally, he laughed.

“Alright, since you’ve already taken out that badge, I’ll answer you frankly.

“I do have a mystical item that can be used to steal the Beyonder powers of others, but I only have that one item.

“If you wish to buy it, 7,000 pounds. No negotiation.”

7,000 pounds? A mystical item of this kind is that expensive? Although he didn’t have to pay for it, Emlyn was still shocked. He nearly failed to maintain his bearing as a Sanguine.

He automatically converted how much money that could be used to exchange for dolls and doll dresses.

After two seconds of thought, Emlyn revealed a smile and said, “I’ll consider it. I’ll answer you in two days.”

“Sure.” Leonard curled the corners of his lips.

After leaving 7 Pinster Street, Emlyn hired a rental carriage as though nothing had happened as he headed for the steam metro station in North Borough, before heading back to the bridge at South Borough.

Taking off his hat, he looked back at the street which had carriages and pedestrians passing through, Emlyn chuckled and took a step into the Harvest Church.

In between a tree and a black street lamp, an inconspicuous shadow suddenly moved, revealing the black-haired, green-eyed Leonard Mitchell.

His appearance was silent, but it didn’t garner the attention of any pedestrians.

“Someone from the Church of Earth Mother?” Leonard frowned slightly as he muttered to himself.

He paused for two seconds before leaving Rose Street where the Harvest Church was situated.

7,000 pounds? Why doesn’t he just go rob a bank? Above the gray fog, Klein, who had received the feedback from Emlyn, nearly blurted out.

As Gehrman Sparrow, he had previously said something similar, but the two situations and the mood was completely different.

Using the bounty of the Golden Dream’s third mate, Flowery Bow Tie Jodeson, as a reference, Klein inferred that a similar mystical item was worth about 5,000 pounds. Even if there was a premium, it would’ve maxed out at 6,000 pounds. Who knew that Leonard Mitchell would directly ask for 7,000 pounds!

Could it be an item left behind from a High-Sequence Beyonder, making the act of stealing Beyonder powers just one of its effects? No, if that’s really the case, the price would start from 10,000 pounds… My dear poet, why didn’t I know you as a profiteering merchant. You clearly exhibit a free and easy demeanor and showed no interest in money… Klein couldn’t help but sigh.

Since he had a clue and saw a glimmer of hope and how it was something that could be resolved with money, Klein didn’t wish to seek out other channels to prevent any mishaps from happening.

He quickly calculated his wealth and discovered that it was an acceptable price.

Including the 300 pounds advance from the Apothecary, the 5,400 pound bounty from Wormtongue, and the cash I got from the bodies, and subtracting the 200 pounds to be paid to Miss Magician, I have a total of 12,767 pounds in cash and 5 gold coins. This isn’t including my 3 soli and 8 pence in change.

In addition, Miss Justice will pay the 2,000 pounds she owes me before the end of the week, as well as the 1,800 pounds for the Psychiatrist characteristic. I’m actually richer than I thought I was. Even in Backlund, I can be considered a tycoon.

Klein inhaled and didn’t hesitate any further. He made the cash fly out from the junk pile and land on the table.

He carefully counted 7,500 pounds in cash and placed them aside—7,000 pounds for the mystical item, and 500 pounds for Emlyn’s “hazardous pay.”

Sigh, after going through all the effort to go past ten thousand, more than half of it will be gone in an instant… Klein conjured The World and made him pose in a praying manner to inform Emlyn that there were no problems with going through with the transaction. Fifteen minutes later, a ritual was to be held to receive the bestowment from Mr. Fool.

In addition, Klein also made The World warn Emlyn to not be in a rush to complete the deal after getting the cash. He had to wait until tomorrow. This was because he was afraid that the angel from the Zoroast family inside Leonard Mitchell would sense the gray fog’s aura on the cash. He wanted an “airing” process, just like back when he gave Emlyn the badge.

Fifteen minutes later, Klein glanced at the cash pile which had shrunk by more than half and sighed before returning to the real world.

It was already 10:40 on a Friday. They were about eight hours from Oravi Island.

It’s time to intimidate the Die of Probability again… Klein muttered, held the ritual, and brought out the iron cigar case which contained the All-Black Eye.

He guessed that Darkwill would suspect something, so he deliberately brought the die to the washroom to deal with it.

Seeing the Die of Probability calm down once again, Klein quickly dealt with the All-Black Eye and the iron cigar case. After heaving a long sigh of relief, he did a silent count of the time.

It should be enough to last until Darkwill hands it to the contact. There’s no need to deal with it again.

With this in mind, Klein began to consider another problem with a certain degree of concern.

The All-Black Eye has appeared in front of the True Creator before, and it has “His” mental corruption. To take it out once every few hours might cause “Him” to lock onto me, allowing him to send powerhouses to seek me out.

However, it was only one or two minutes each time, so the problem isn’t that serious. Even if “He” senses it, their estimate of the area wouldn’t be too precise. Sigh, when it involves the True Creator, there’s no way to determine things with divination. I can only raise my guard. Thankfully, this is the last time, and it will take only about eight hours to reach our destination… Why am I raising flags for myself? Pui! Pui! Pui! I wasn’t thinking of anything!

Klein picked up the Die of Probability and returned to the living room and saw the chubby Apothecary slumped on the reclining chair, looking completely exhausted. As for the owl, Harry, it looked like it was brimming with energy, as though it didn’t need any rest.

These are the different traits that different creatures gain from taking the same potion? At the very least, Miss Justice has never mentioned that she doesn’t need sleep… It’s a uniqueness that comes about because of an owl’s biological makeup? Sigh, I don’t know much about owls. Indeed, I’m just a keyboard warrior who is only a jack of all trades… Klein sat on the sofa and placed the milky-white die into the ring box and patiently waited for evening to arrive when the ship was scheduled to dock.

Time ticked by as the sun gradually set in the west.

At this point in time, Klein, who had his eyes closed, suddenly sat up, having sensed an extreme danger befall the area!

It had exceeded a Seer’s spiritual intuition and the Clown’s intuition for danger. It seemed to stem from the formless gray fog which strangely rippled around him.

An enemy! Tail Devourer Ouroboros or the Aurora Order’s Saint? Klein opened his eyes as he began considering countermeasures with an abnormally serious expression.

Any mistake in a time such as this would require him to consider matters of being resurrected.

As for Darkwill and Harry, there was absolutely no way for them to be spared!

In the beginning, he hoped that the visitor could only vaguely sense a general area and might not find him or the Die of Probability. However, when he considered how he was on a ship with no one around on the sea, it wasn’t too hard to lock onto a target. The problems would only become worse when that happened, with giving up being the only choice.

Above the liner, space was suddenly torn open as an invisible door filled with complicated symbols appeared.

Two pale hands reached out from the door and suddenly pulled backwards, allowing his entire body to walk out.

He wore a black bonnet and a classic dark robe, a favorite among elders. However, he didn’t look past forty. His brown hair was slightly curled which seemed abnormally hard.

Countless illusory images darted across his dark eyes, as though layers after layer of chaotic worlds were hidden within.

As Klein’s sense of danger intensified, just the change in his expression frightened Darkwill and Harry enough for them to freeze.

He didn’t hesitate as he followed the plans he had made for such situations. He leaned forward and picked up the Die of Probability.

“Determine the outcome of the malefic visitor who just arrived. I want 1 point!” Klein said in a deep and soft voice, and he threw out the milky-white die. He subconsciously prayed to the Goddess, hoping that the die which had recently been intimidated was obedient enough and played a meaningful rule.

Meanwhile, he appeared extremely calm, to prevent the die from sensing his anxiety and take the opportunity to cause trouble.

As the Die of Probability rolled several times while producing clinking sounds, it fixed at the blood-red one point.

Above the liner, the black-robed man, who didn’t look forty, had the entire liner reflected within his eyes.

He emanated his spirituality and scanned the surroundings. He extended his hand to grab the space in front of him as he suddenly pulled a nearly invisible door.

The powerhouse stepped in and vanished from the spot.

Inside the first-class cabin, Klein immediately felt the danger distancing itself from him. He couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief.

He looked at the Die of Probability on the coffee table and couldn’t help but sigh inwardly.

If this die didn’t have such a negative side effect and could be utilized to its full extent, it would be a divine artifact!

As expected of a Grade 0 Sealed Artifact. As expected of the Uniqueness of the Monster pathway…

Only at this point in time did Darkwill find his courage again as he carefully asked, “W-what just happened?”

Klein maintained his posture and calmly replied, “There’s no need for you to know.”

“I understand, I understand. The more I know, the greater the danger I’ll be in.” Darkwill wiped the cold sweat from his face.

There weren’t any more accidents in the next few hours. After the sun went below the horizon and the sky became completely dark, Klein finally saw a towering lighthouse appear not too far away.