Chapter 624: Warning

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The bathroom was partitioned inside. The emanating steam covered the entire bathtub.

Apart from his head, Klein’s entire body was soaked in the hot water. He lay there in such great comfort that he didn’t even wish to move his toes.

What a beautiful night… If only there was no Cynthia outside. I still have to deal with her later… Klein sighed as he considered what excuse to use to avoid being intimate with her.

In accordance with Admiral Amyrius Rieveldt’s traits, he decided to first use work as an excuse. After that would be the excuse of him not feeling well, him losing the ability to have sex, him needing some time to digest any medicine he had just taken, and how he had suddenly realized his true sexual orientation, making him find curly-haired baboons extremely attractive.

As for whether this would damage the admiral’s image, Klein didn’t feel the slightest bit of pressure. As long as he prevented Cynthia from suspecting that he was a fake Amyrius Rieveldt, he would’ve perfectly completed his mission.

The subsequent explanations for those excuses and how he finds an excuse to explain his recovery would all be Admiral Amyrius’s problem. What has that got to do with me, Gehrman Sparrow? And what has Gehrman Sparrow’s ruined reputation have to do with me, Sherlock Moriarty? Klein stood up in satisfaction as he walked out to the dry partition while dropping wet. He got a bath towel and dried himself.

After changing into a hanging bathrobe, Klein inhaled silently as though he had unlocked a major enemy in his quest—he opened the door to the bathroom.

Seeing the corridor empty, with only the light from the wall lamps on both sides illuminating the darkness, Klein felt slightly relieved and was no longer as tensed.

This is almost the same feeling as challenging a pirate admiral… As he mumbled, he realized a serious problem. He had no idea which of the rooms was the master bedroom or study.

Regardless, I have to inform Cynthia; otherwise, it would make Admiral Amyrius appear strange… Klein recalled the layout of similar houses in an attempt to accurately find the master bedroom.

At this moment, the door to the room diagonally across him creaked open. Cynthia, who was draped in a silk nightgown, walked over.

Her blonde hair appeared wet and messy as they cascaded down. There were even a few strands of hair fluttering in front of her blue eyes and bright-red lips. It hid the glow in her eyes as her lips were somewhat closed. She appeared extremely alluring under the dim environment.

The neckline of the silk nightgown was very open, as snow-whiteness and a deep cleavage was reflected in Klein’s eyes.


Klein nearly raised his head to look at the ceiling to avoid the intense stimulation.

Calm down, calm down. You are Amyrius Rieveldt… Besides, you’ve seen a half-naked Demoness before… Compared to an Ailment Maiden, this lady’s charms are clearly insufficient. Wait, why am I thinking about Demonesses? Who knows if they were formerly men or women… Klein maintained his gaze as he sized her up and down with a “teasing” tone.

In that instant, he could sense that primal desire, but there was no response from his nether regions…

This is the result of the temporary contract? In fact, Admiral Amyrius didn’t need to go through the trouble. Even if I have the urge, I’ll be able to control myself… What kind of situation haven’t I encountered before?

Yes… Cynthia is a little different from what the records say. Isn’t it said that she became Amyrius’s mistress about one to two years ago? With them not being able to meet each other most of the time, the Admiral has to coax her each time as she hadn’t had her pent-up desires fulfilled? Why is she the one taking the initiative today?

Does she find her standing as his mistress unstable, or has she been switched? Ever since Klein became a Faceless, he felt that everyone was a fake.

Cynthia’s eyelids were lowered. The courage she had mustered disappeared bit by bit under Amyrius’s scrutiny. Her face was tainted with a horrified blush—she was embarrassed but also felt some pride.

Then, she heard him calmly instruct, “Help me prepare some coffee and place it in my study.

“I have many things to deal with tonight. You don’t have to wait for me.”


Cynthia raised her head suddenly, her embarrassed blushing still present.

She had momentarily failed to understand what Admiral Amyrius had said.

Klein secretly inhaled and went forward to hug her before kissing her gently on the forehead.

“I’ll spend lots of time with you in a few days.”

Such a response came from the provided information, but he had slightly changed the terms.

To be frank, if not for him having some prior understanding, Klein would’ve definitely believed that Admiral Amyrius would wear the same stoic face while spending time with his mistress, even when having sex. He looked stern in whatever he said and did; however, this demigod also had his gentle side when it came to his speech. He was just not that great at saying lovey-dovey words.

This also made him understand something else—many people could only be viewed from the surface, and it was impossible to imagine what they were like in private. For a Faceless to pull off a true disguise, they had to do meticulous investigations and have ample comprehension of the target. This was just like how a Magician never performed unprepared.

Cynthia revealed a clear look of disappointment, but she quickly restrained those feelings as she smiled.


“Admiral, your nightgown is in the room. A bathrobe isn’t suitable for handling matters.”

This is identical to the information. She’s rather considerate and knows how to be understanding… Klein watched as Cynthia turned and entered the room. She pulled at the bell. As for him, he took this opportunity to take off his bathrobe and change into a dark red nightgown with trousers of the same color.

Cynthia attentively opened the door to the study and tidied up the slightly messy desk. Later, she waited for the maidservant to finish making the coffee before personally taking it and delivering it by hand.

During this process, Klein read the documents and information, acting as though he looked extremely professional. But in fact, he had little idea about the data and designs plans of ironclad warships and sail battleships. He was no different from an illiterate.

In this domain, all he knew were carriers, air domination, the main cannon guns, and turrets.

When he saw Cynthia silently leave and close the door behind her from the corner of his eye, Klein relaxed completely. He knew that he had finally survived the night.

Inside the master bedroom, Cynthia pursed her lips as she took out the necklace under her pillow and tightly clasped the item resembling a black rhinoceros horn which was the length of a finger segment.

She stood there and silently prayed, Oh great Mother Tree of Desire, please, make me more alluring, allowing Admiral Amyrius to be even more mesmerized by me, so that he can gain extreme pleasure from me and bear me a child…

Inside the quiet study, Klein flipped through the pile of documents placed in front of him. He followed the handling methods according to what the information indicated—he chose the simple ones and signed Amyrius Rieveldt’s name on them. The reason why he could mimic his signature was because Faceless allowed him to remember a target’s unique traits, while Clown gave him the precise control needed.

The complicated ones he couldn’t understand had notes written with the following vibe: “Continue studying the matter.”

After “busying” himself until midnight, Klein reached out to cover his mouth and yawned slightly.

This won’t do. I need to sleep. I have plenty of challenges tomorrow. I have to maintain sufficient strength and energy… Klein thought for a moment and gave up the idea of returning to the master bedroom.

He raised his right hand and pressed down on his half-closed eyes. He pulled them down and moved his eyes to his nose bridge.

Following that, Klein opened up two slits where Klein’s eyes originally were and used his flesh to produce a pair of fake eyes.

After becoming a Faceless, I’m really beginning to resemble a monster… If only I had such a godly technique back in school… He sighed silently. He half leaned his body as he kept his real eyes closed while his fake eyes were left open to “read” the documents.

His specialty as a Clown allowed him to maintain his balance. He remained motionless like a stone statue.

After an unknown period of time, Klein suddenly awoke from his dream. He sensed that there was a force attempting to pull him into a deep slumber before infiltrating him!

Who is it? I didn’t do anything recently. Why would anyone enter my dream? That’s not right. I’m now Admiral Amyrius Rieveldt… Klein’s heart stirred as he immediately changed his looks. Even in his dreams, he appeared to be that demigod.

Meanwhile, he felt his consciousness tightly contract as though it was avoiding something.

This is different from an ordinary dream infiltration. I’ve clearly regained my lucidity, and I can escape by myself and wake up, but I’m unable to leave this dreamscape… Klein found plenty of oddities as he tried a few attempts.

He knew very well that he was sleeping, and he could sense and control his body outside the dream, but no matter what he did, he was unable to wake up!

Right on the heels of that, he saw a blurry white gas form an indiscernible figure.

Klein narrowed his eyes slightly as he tore through the dream with his psyche, allowing his real body to move silently. Then, he put his palm into his pocket to touch the Ninth Law charm.

At that moment, the blurry figure calmly said, “Do not participate in the matter regarding Aston.

“This is a warning.”

… Quite impressive to warn a demigod… What is Aston and the others thinking of doing? Klein thought for a moment and emanated his spirituality, allowing the Ninth Law charm to produce a deep sense of dominance. Then, he imitated it and produced the same feeling in his dream. He said with a deep voice, “Who are you?

“Who do you represent?”

The blurry figure was taken aback before he said with a laughing sigh, “As expected of Law Weaver Amyrius. You actually managed to maintain your lucidity in such a situation.”

No, no, no. Although Amyrius has a title of Law Weaver, he’s not adept in such matters. You should say ‘as expected of Lord Fool’… Klein lampooned and sternly said, “Answer my question.”

The blurry figure chuckled.

“You don’t need to know who I am.

“As a demigod, you should be clear that everything is fated, likewise for the times.

“Do not resist the fate of an era, which is also the trend of the times. This will only make you a sacrifice of history.”

Fate of an era, the trend of the times, sacrifice of history… When he heard this, Klein suddenly thought of a term: Twilight Hermit Order!

However, Klein didn’t say a word, nor did he say those words. This was because Admiral Amyrius would be him for the next few days.

Seeing Law Weaver Amyrius fall into silence, the blurry figure didn’t say another word. it turned into a emanating white gas before vanishing from the dream.