Chapter 640: Female Pirate

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Klein had a certain degree of curiosity towards the outcome of the exploration. He didn’t ask further as he walked past the captain’s cabin and walked down the stairwell.

After a few seconds, he felt his throat itch. He couldn’t help but raise his fist to his mouth and cough.

Klein wasn’t surprised by such a development, as it was inevitable. He had carried the Biological Poison Bottle for more than two hours last night. Only when it was late at night and his confirmation that Admiral of Stars and crew didn’t have any intention of attacking him did he move the mystical item into a black suitcase. Sadly, he ended up falling sick.

Of course, the amount of time he brought the Biological Poison Bottle with him wasn’t considered long. His body wasn’t in a weakened state, so his resulting illness wasn’t anything serious. He just felt his tonsils swell in pain.

Cattleya, who was walking slowly behind, saw this scene, but she didn’t find it a problem. Instead, she found it normal.

It was common knowledge for knowledgeable Beyonders that mystical items were bound to have negative side effects. Furthermore, they would learn from the seven orthodox Churches and categorize those with serious side effects which made them impossible to possess or use for prolonged time as Sealed Artifacts.

The reason why Cattleya had sold or exchanged many of her low- and mid-level mystical items was firstly because she wanted to better strengthen her survivability. Secondly, the various negative effects from multiple items were troubling. Often, one could avoid one but not the other. Some negative effects might even stack and synergize into something worse. Therefore, to most Beyonders, the disadvantages surpassed the advantages.

She discovered that Gehrman Sparrow had used mystical items, Beyonder weapons, and spirituality charms to arm himself to the teeth. While being amazed, she was already guessing at the type of negative effects he was facing. From what she saw today, it was a temporary simple illness.

With steady steps, Klein arrived on the deck and saw Frank Lee. He was still dressed in a white shirt and dungarees. His arm was stained with dirt as though he wasn’t afraid of the cold winds that blew down at him.

“Good morning, Gehrman.” Frank warmly waved his hand and said, “Here, try my latest product. This is definitely the most welcomed item at sea!”

As he said, he raised his other hand. In it was a wide and fat fish of an unknown breed.

No, I don’t want to know what “monster” you have cooked up this time… Klein paused in his footsteps as he looked at him with a cold expression.

Frank Lee didn’t discover any problems with his attitude. He pulled out a dagger from his waist and stabbed the fish before slicing a hole open.

Blood flowed out and accurately landed in a large beer cup on the deck. It didn’t emit any fishy smell.

“Smell that? It’s such an intoxicating alcoholic fragrance!” Frank Lee half-closed his eyes as he fervently said, “This is a fish who has red wine replacing its blood. As such, the wine contains lots of nutrients!”


Klein realized he was at a loss for words.

Frank looked at the surroundings sailors in excitement before saying to Gehrman Sparrow, “Do you know what’s the most troubling matter out at sea? That’s when we run out of alcohol without being anywhere close to shore! As long as this kind of fish can rapidly reproduce and become the sea’s primary produce, then we won’t be lacking any alcohol no matter where we are. By the way, they can be categorized by species. Some will produce Lanti Proof, others Nepos, red wine, and beer. The beer needs to come from sharks or whales; otherwise, there won’t be enough!”

Isn’t the most troubling matter the lack of water? Of course, all of you can use beer to replace water most of the time because it doesn’t easily spoil… Those poor fishes… Klein was pondering over a response to Frank when Cattleya came on deck. She walked past him and questioned her first mate.

“Is Nina done with her preparations?”

“Yes, she has already finished a bottle of Nepos!” Frank pointed at a shadow formed by the sails.

The so-called preparations are to drink a bottle of Nepos, a specialty of Feysac? The Nepos which can light a fire? Klein suddenly felt that Nina, the lady mentioned by the first mate, was likely someone with Feysac blood.

“Captain, I want a bottle of Sonia blood wine more!” In the dark, a female figure slowly stood up and walked over.

She was more than 1.8 meters tall. Her blonde hair was casually tied up into a high pigtail. Her facial features weren’t anything outstanding, but she had the striking traits of someone from Feysac. Her skin was fair and her eyes were dull.

This lady named Nina wore a black tight suit made of fish skin. The top and bottom seemed to be a one-piece, fully accentuating her stunning figure.

Such a style was rather sexy to begin with. Nina’s breasts were also far above what was normal. It was obvious what the surrounding pirates were looking at.

Klein felt a little embarrassed and wished to move his gaze away. However, on second thought, Gehrman Sparrow was definitely not such an untried person. All he could do was empty his gaze and look straight at Nina’s face.

“Gehrman, this is our boatswain, Nina! She’s also the navigator’s assistant. Haha, her Sequence’s name is Seafarer!” Frank Lee still didn’t hold back in his introductions.

Apart from his research of crossbreeding, this Poison Expert is rather simple… I now recall that this lady named Nina has a bounty of 3,600 pounds. Her nickname is Seabed Murderer. Sigh, after seeing so many bounty notices, there are some I can’t immediately recall… Klein looked at Nina’s eyes and nodded calmly.

“Good morning, Ma’am.”

Nina held back her smile and sized up Klein.

“Good morning, Mr. Sparrow.

“I’m very curious if Vice Admiral Ailment is really as charming as the rumors say?”

As a female pirate who had mixed with low- and mid-class people for extended periods of time, she was always very frank and direct towards both men and women. She didn’t show any coyness. She had originally planned on asking Gehrman Sparrow if she was lacking in charm, or ask if he was the cold type which resulted in her being completely ignored or him showing any reaction. But considering how the man standing before her was a powerful guy, an adventurer who nearly successfully hunted Vice Admiral Ailment, or a lunatic who could draw his gun and shoot at any moment, she rationally held back her jesting words. She switched to asking about Vice Admiral Ailment.

… How am I to answer you? Klein gloomily said, “Her bounty is extremely charming.”

Nina was taken aback, somewhat at a loss for a response to continue the conversation. Hence, she turned to look at Admiral of Stars.

“Captain, do we begin now?”

Cattleya, who felt her bounty flash through her mind for some baffling reason, nodded.


Just as she said that, Nina took large strides to the side of the ship. With her right hand supporting herself, she leaped into the sea, swimming downwards like a gigantic black fish.

At the same time, there were a few splashes. A few sailors had jumped down as well to provide her aid.

This… She begins at the mention of it. She didn’t need any additional time to prepare… This lady has the temperament of the Church of Storms. As expected of a Beyonder from the Sailor pathway… Klein looked out the ship as he couldn’t help but cough.

“You’re sick?” Frank Lee asked directly.

Klein nodded slightly and said, “A little.”

Frank thought for a moment. He didn’t say a word as he rushed back into the cabin; his destination unknown.

By the side, Cattleya nudged her heavy glasses and smiled.

“Frank is a Poison Expert, but he’s also an outstanding doctor.”

As expected of someone from the Planter pathway… Klein didn’t ask further as he stood there, awaiting Nina’s preliminary exploration.

Seeing the sudden silence that became somewhat awkward, Cattleya took a few steps forward and said, seemingly in passing, “In another day, we will be leaving the whaling sea route.”

“But we’re at least a week from those waters?” Klein thought before asking.

“That is if we follow the whaling sea route. In fact, this will lead further north and be more roundabout. I know of a secret sea route that can allow us to reach the waters you wish to go to in two to three days.” Cattleya’s gaze looked at Klein’s eyes through her thick glasses, as though she wanted to tell how much he knew of the extremely dangerous waters.

Klein considered and simply said, “Very good. That’s exactly what I want.

“In addition, those waters are more illusory than real.”

Cattleya retracted her gaze in thought as she looked at the entrance to the cabin.

Frank Lee ran over and held a green apple in his hand.

“This is the outcome of another one of my projects. It’s a cross-breed of medicine and fruits. It makes the consumption of medicine more enjoyable!” He beamed as he handed Klein the apple.

… I’m afraid I’ll end up even sicker after eating it… Klein glanced at Admiral of Stars and saw her nod gently. Only then did he inwardly force himself to accept the apple while appearing calm on the outside. He then bit down at the apple.

It had the taste of a normal apple. It just had a lot more juice, and the insides were softer.

After a few bites, Klein discovered that his throat suddenly wasn’t hurting. He didn’t realize when he stopped coughing.

I have to say that it’s rather magical… As long as it doesn’t involve animals and humans, Frank Lee is really a genius that should be taken seriously in the Church of Mother Earth. Unfortunately, he ultimately became a devil-like person … Klein looked at the Poison Expert and said frankly, “It’s healed.”

“Very good.” Frank didn’t praise himself as he began casually introducing the pirates on the deck.

After a while, Nina and the other supporting sailors swam up to the surface and returned to the ship.

She held a metallic piece that had been rotten into an identifiable state and a piece of black hardened mud that was filled with honeycombed holes. She grumbled to Cattleya, “Captain, there’s no deep-sea well!

“That well’s mouth isn’t even bigger than my breasts!

“Of course, it’s very deep and dark. It’s unknown what’s hidden in it.”

She gestured using her hands.

“Exaggeration is a common trait of pirates and adventurers.” Cattleya nodded without using the term “bragging.”

The diameter of the well’s mouth is that small? Klein puzzledly looked at the item in Nina’s hand as he politely diverted his gaze from her body which had streams of water flowing down.

Cattleya’s gaze moved in sync with his as she said, “Go into the details.”