Chapter 642: Killing Three Birds With One Stone

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A knight who knows Dragonese and even used it in the critical stage of his growth… It’s no wonder that the Psychology Alchemists wish to obtain the notebook he left behind… Audrey was enlightened as she stopped her wandering thoughts. She happily and seriously discussed the problem that stemmed from such grammatical habits with Michele Deuth.

Soon, they concluded the discussion over the notebook as Michele began introducing the other items.

Time passed as the tour slowly came to an end. Audrey had planned on raising her request of purchasing the notebook to their next meeting in order to make her goal less obvious. However, in a friendly atmosphere and with the naturalness of their conversation, she sharply sensed that it was an opportunity. Hence, with the powers of Lie, she made her cheeks blush red.

“Mr. Deuth, that helmet from the Sauron royalty that originates from the White Rose War is a keepsake of my ancestors. Pardon my presumptuous, but can I buy it from you? Also, the notebook of the Twenty Year War. I’m very impressed by the knight that stood firm for Sonia Island and also wish to have it.

“I know it’s not a polite request, but I wish that you can understand how I feel. Of course, you have the right to decline.”

Her eyes moved as she obviously darted them around, partially deliberate and truthful to express her lack of confidence and embarrassment.

Michele subconsciously moved his gaze away as he said with a hoarse and slow voice, “I’m a collector. I won’t sell my collection.”

His tone and the words he used aren’t firm enough… In the intel I previously gathered, he’s a gentleman who values his reputation greatly. Using cash to purchase his collection is probably unacceptable… The reason why the Psychology Alchemists didn’t get someone else to complete the mission is firstly because I have a way of earning contribution points, and secondly, it probably took the Associate Professor’s attitude towards such matters in mind… I have to change my approach. Before the visit, Audrey had already carefully decided of different tests according to the intel she received. After some thought, she changed topics.

“Mr. Deuth, I heard that you’re requesting Stoen University to build an ancient relic research center?”

“Yes, that has been my goal for the past few years,” Michele looked at Audrey and answered frankly.

Audrey smiled faintly and said, “I’m very interested in the research in this area. I also feel a deep respect for you and hope to see your wish fulfilled.

“Well, I’m planning on donating 1,000 pounds, a nearby piece of land spanning 2,000 ares 1 , and a manor with rather good returns to the faculty you are from at Stoen University. I hope to have a non-profit basic relic search and preservation foundation set up. I know it’s not a lot, but I will drum up support from the ladies and gentlemen I know in order to get them to make a certain amount of contributions.

“Mr. Deuth, I think you’re the most professional relic collector and researcher I know. I’m wondering if you’re willing to be the person-in-charge of this non-profit foundation?”

2,000 ares of land near the university. That’s worth about 6,000 pounds. Together with the manor and the cash, Miss Audrey would be donating nearly 10,000 pounds… With such a non-profit relic search and preservation foundation, the difficulties I would encounter to get my research grants approved would be drastically lowered… Michele paused for a few seconds before revealing a sincere smile. He bowed solemnly and said, “My honorable lady, the importance you place on academia has left me touched. Its glow is enough to match your beauty and upbringing. I believe I have no reason to reject your invitation.

“I’ve already recorded the contents of the notebook. I will send it and the helmet to your residence tonight. Treat it as a gift from a sincere friend.”

Success! Audrey was delighted as she wished to praise herself. However, she appeared reserved and indifferent. She didn’t do anything that was improper.

“It’s my honor,” she said earnestly.

Although the two items were definitely not worth 10,000 pounds, it wouldn’t result in any loss on her part.

In her plans, this suggestion contained three important goals which yielded three returns!

The first goal was naturally to obtain the item and complete the mission. She would then successfully obtain the Hypnotist potion formula from the Psychology Alchemists.

The second goal was to enhance her prestige, standing, and image via donating to academic research and the preservation of ancient relics. This was something most nobles and tycoons needed to do. Even if the donation wasn’t today, Audrey would have to donate 3,000 pounds or more to the various charitable organizations. Therefore, she believed that her father, Earl Hall, wouldn’t stop her from doing this with a few of her properties.

The third goal was that by having a foundation that focused on the search and preservation of ancient relics, it made it easier for her to come into contact with historical records or mysterious items of value. Audrey didn’t need to personally do anything. All she needed to do was sit at home to receive items that might be beneficial to her. It was equivalent to using 10,000 pounds to produce even more money to establish her own “faction.”

Of course, if Michele Deuth hadn’t accepted this exchange, then she had other plans. The kingdom’s Higher Education Commission had someone from the Hall family, as well as noble friends she knew. As long as the Associate Professor had anything he needed, she was certain that she had the means to satisfy him.

However, Audrey didn’t like such methods. She had a nagging feeling that it was shady and would harm the public interest.

After discussing the matter, Audrey stayed for a little longer and chatted idly for about fifteen minutes. It made the wrapping up process not as sharp and abrupt.

Following that, she first left Michele’s house and rode her carriage back to the Hall family’s villa in Stoen City.

Past eight in the evening, she received the Sauron royalty’s helmet and the notebook from the Twenty Year War.

Audrey wore a pair of white-silk gloves and sat before her desk with piqued interest. She placed the helmet to the side as she began flipping through the content in the notebook.

She discovered that the records were sparse. The early records indicated how the knight who was stationed in the ancient elvish island had learned how to brew Sonia blood wine, how he chased after women, how he spent the boring days. In the later records, it entered the period of the Twenty Year War. It mainly included his cursing of the people of Feysac, his grumbling about his companions, and the consideration towards his plans to stand fast. It also included the end of how the Sonia Island was first lost.

Apart from the grammatical habits being similar to Dragonese, there aren’t any serious problems. Nor can I find any hidden clues… Audrey frowned as she closed the notebook.

She had used methods derived from mysticism to do her checks, but they were to no avail.

This made her unwilling to waste time as she planned to turn it in to the Psychology Alchemists.

As her thoughts raced, she suddenly had a new idea.

Mr. World and Mr. Hanged Man will often consider problems from different angles to provide suggestions. Should I learn from them?

Well… Viewing it from a different point of view, if the content of the notebook isn’t problematic, would the physical item actually be what the Psychology Alchemists are after?

What’s so special about it? I didn’t discover anything… It belongs to a knight who’s accustomed to using Dragonese. That knight must’ve experienced something… Divination! Yes, divination! Perhaps I can find the knight’s final location using divination with the help of the notebook. And this might be related to a dragon!

Since it’s a dragon, there’s a high chance that it’s a mind dragon, a representative of the Spectator pathway. Clues involving it would indeed be something the Psychology Alchemists will pay close attention to…

Audrey, that’s some nice thinking!

Audrey’s eyes turned crystal clear as it seemed to hide a clear resplendence.

She couldn’t help but turn her head and looked at the golden retriever sitting by the side.

Susie glanced at her owner and barked.

“Audrey, do you want me to praise you?”

“No, there’s no need…” Audrey turned her head back, feeling a little embarrassed.

Then, she discovered an important question. She wasn’t able to divine things herself, or it could be said that the revelation that she received from divination would be highly inaccurate!

There’s no way to confirm it… No, I can seek Mr. Fool’s help! A secret deed ritual? It can only be performed on my body and not towards an external object… Artificial sleepwalking? It’s similar to secret deed rituals, so it wouldn’t do as well… Sacrifice it to Mr. Fool and get “Him” to do the divination before bestowing it back to me? No, that won’t work. It will appear rather disrespectful. “He” isn’t my father or teacher, but a real god. Using such a method is way too casual and somewhat sacrilegious… Audrey’s thoughts slowly went from Mr. Fool to divination.

Although she was rather incapable of divination, she had a certain level of understanding in the corresponding knowledge. She soon locked onto a particular method of divination.

It was to seek the help of a third party’s strength—an unknown or mysterious existence—via a certain ritual. The most classic example of such a method was magic mirror divination!

Yes… It’s indeed very dangerous, but the danger stems from the possibility that the target is filled with malice or one that can cause a person to break down immediately. But I don’t have such worries. I can seek Mr. Fool’s help! Audrey blinked and held down her agitation as she said to the golden retriever, “Susie, guard the door outside. I will use a mysticism method to study this notebook.”

“Didn’t you use them before?” Susie asked, puzzled.

She’s getting harder to fool… Audrey’s eyes darted around as she said confidently, “I plan on using magic mirror divination.

“Don’t worry. I’ll make the plea to a safe existence.”

“Alright.” Susie determined that Audrey was speaking the truth.

She took a few steps before turning around to exhort her.

“Audrey, you need to be careful about being possessed by a mysterious existence.”

“I know,” Audrey replied without feeling worried at all.

From her point of view, if Mr. Fool really wanted to do something to her, he had countless opportunities in the past. There was no reason for him to wait until this day.

After Susie opened and closed the door by herself and went out, Audrey sat in front of her desk and recited the honorific name of The Fool to request the use of magic mirror divination.

After a while, Klein, who was on the Future, went to the bathroom and headed above the gray fog. There, he heard Miss Justice’s prayer.

That can be done? That’s right. As a mysterious and unknown existence, I can be the third force in a magic mirror divination… Klein allowed it while feeling amused.

Audrey immediately picked up the notebook, sat in front of the dresser, and lit a candle while facing the mirror.