Chapter 649: Black Cloister

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A dream shared by everyone? Klein repeated Cattleya’s words inwardly as he slowly realized the situation he was in.

Nighttime in these dangerous waters would connect the dreams of all living creatures!

And any creature that didn’t sleep would lack the necessary protection, as their Soul Bodies weren’t in the dream. As such, they would suffer an unknown attack.

As for why such an attack would lead to one’s disappearance and not instant death, Klein, who hadn’t actually experienced it, had no grounds for speculation.

As his thoughts raced, Klein retracted his gaze from Cattleya’s body, recasting them onto the magnificent city on the opposite cliff. He thought out of curiosity.

If this world can really be formed from the connection of dreams from all the local creatures, who could’ve imagined such an unimaginable city?

He observed for a few seconds before asking, “What is its name?”

What’s the name of this city that can only exist in myths and legends?

Cattleya stared ahead in a daze as she spoke as though she was in a reverie, “No idea… There will be a chance of seeing it every time we enter the dream, but it’s impossible to approach.

“She said that it resembles the Great Twilight Hall in Feysac.

“She likely has her own guesses, but she has never told me.”

She? That Queen Mystic? The Great Twilight Hall is where the Church of the God of Combat’s papal chair is… Klein surveyed the area and deliberated before saying, “I plan to look around.”

He believed that the Future wouldn’t leave these waters anytime soon. He would definitely encounter more nights and enter this dream world several times. Therefore, to defend against any accidents and to obtain intel, it was necessary for him to explore the area.

And the exploration no doubt needed a partner.

Cattleya remained sitting there, hugging her knees. Her tone remained ethereal as she said, “Not interested.”

… This isn’t what a mature pirate admiral should say. You could’ve been more euphemistic. Ma’am Hermit, you resemble a young petulant lady… Klein was taken aback as he suspected if he had misheard. This was in conflict with the Admiral of Stars he had in his mind.

Thinking of how Gehrman Sparrow also had his side of not being afraid of dirt and hardship, he came to a realization. He quickly made a guess.

Cattleya isn’t completely awake in the dream. She is able to know that she’s in a dream, but she’s unable to effectively control it!

That is to say that she would unknowingly depict the feelings buried deep in her heart and reveal some of her personality which she usually suppresses.

It’s no wonder she said that she was never able to approach that miraculous city. It’s because she never had the intention of exploring it herself… Klein thought for a moment and deliberately probed, “We might be able to discover something over there.”

“Not going,” Cattleya didn’t hesitate to reply, but she never shook her head. “I’ll be here waiting! Waiting!”

She really is in a semi-unconscious state… Klein made the judgment based on her reaction and tone.

He didn’t waste any more time and turned to leap off the boulder.


Klein’s feet stepped on the ground as he subconsciously looked back.

Cattleya remained sitting there hugging her knees. There wasn’t anyone around, and the congealed sunset from the city opposite her shone over, producing a long shadow for her, blending with one of the shadows produced by withered trees.

A gentle mountain breeze blew as the black figure gently shook. Cattleya didn’t move as she stubbornly waited on the spot.

At such times, there’s a need for a Psychiatrist to interpret the dream’s emotions. This has nothing to do with the revelations obtained from divination… Klein curled his lips and surveyed his surroundings to seek a direction in which to explore.

He discovered that regardless of the direction he took, he would end up at the black buildings formed from the cloisters. There was a towering wall that isolated it from the cliff. No matter how the exploration was made, one had to pass by the cloister unless once jumped down the cliff.

Since there was no other choice, Klein went directly to the pitch-black door of the cloister.

The door was nearly ten meters tall, and it didn’t look like it was prepared for human use. Klein sized it up for a few seconds, took a deep breath, and extended his hands to push at the ends of the door.

A creaking sound followed. The door’s weight far exceeded Klein’s imagination. His muscles bulged as his face flushed red. Yet, he was only able to move the door by a tiny bit without being able to push it open.

Thankfully, it’s only a dream. As long as there’s reason to believe, I can raise my strength without truly activating Creeping Hunger… Klein exhaled and made his left glove be tainted with a paleness.

In the midst of dark green sparkles, he obtained the strength of a Zombie. His arm turned thicker as his legs swelled.


A deep grinding sound boomed as the door slowly opened to reveal its interior.

The two dark spires and the black buildings were connected by covered bridges as they surrounded a vast grayish-rock square.

There were plenty of holes in the square. Embedded in them were huge arrows. There were flaming stacks in various spots as if they had previously encountered an attack.

Klein passed through the cave’s entrance and entered the square. Unsurprisingly, he saw Frank Lee, Nina, Ottolov, and company there.

This is their dream? It doesn’t seem so… Or should it be said that everyone’s dream is limited to themselves? They will then be randomly placed somewhere in this world? Klein guessed without confidence.

Frank Lee was the closest to him. He was holding a shovel and digging at some rubble. Beside him were the white bread, toast, and roasted fish which had previously fallen to the floor.

He plans on using them as fertilizer? He’s planting things even in his dreams… Klein went over and casually asked, “What are you doing?”

Frank didn’t stop, but he revealed a smile.

“I’m cultivating some little things. They need to sleep in the soil for some time before they can grow big and proliferate.”

“What’s their use?” Klein asked, both worried and curious.

Frank beamed and said, “They’re a crossbreed of fungus. It can make bulls produce milk. This way, we can obtain more milk, allowing more people to drink good milk.”

Spare those bulls… Klein’s face twitched as he asked, “Will it succeed?”

“There’s no problems with the effects, but I’m very worried that they can’t reproduce,” Frank said with a frown.

May Death forever favor them… Klein prayed as he walked pass Frank Lee and headed for the black building’s entrance across the square.

Along the way, he passed by Nina and Navigator Ottolov, who were drinking beside a collapsed pillar.

“Have you ever thought of leaving the pirate crew after you’re older to find a man to marry and settle down? I don’t think anyone wishes to drift out at sea their entire lives.” Ottolov took off his pointed bonnet and revealed his slightly hoary hair.

His eyes and tone informed Klein that in between the lines, he meant: if you wish so, why not consider me?

Mr. Navigator, you are old enough to be Nina’s father. You need to consider your health… Passing by, Klein couldn’t help but lampoon when he heard the conversation.

Nina gulped a mouthful of beer and looked in a particular direction.

“No, that’s not the life I wish to lead.

“Before joining you, I once attempted to settle down in the east coast of Feysac and not be a pirate again, but I was unable to bear with the boredom. I have to lug wood and move things every day, and I can only stay at home at night. I’m not allowed to go to the bar or go out hunting in the wilderness. Such a life seems constant and unchanging! Furthermore, I suffered all kinds of criticism, tolerating those irritating people. I have to worry about the cops even if I wished to beat them up!

“It’s still better on the ship. Although it’s boring most of the time, we can often go to different places and encounter different matters. Heh heh. Even the most boring times can wreck those fellows, training them into passable pirates. I can also tell them that the one who performs the best every month can spend the night in my room. Then, I’ll watch them excitedly enjoy the torment. Of course, spending the night and having sex are different. It depends on my mood.”

A true female pirate… Everyone wishes for something different… Klein neutrally gave a comment and didn’t believe that there was anything wrong with Nina’s ideas.

I won’t disagree with her choice, but if she often kills, engages in arson, and plunders, I don’t mind using her head to exchange for a bounty the next time we meet… Klein retracted his gaze and arrived at the suspected entrance of the black buildings and spires.

Subconsciously, he turned his head and realized that the shadows in the corner seemed normal, but there was something different about it.

Bloodless Heath Doyle? He hides in the shadows even in a dream? According to my limited knowledge of psychology, this is a result of greatly lacking a sense of security… Klein pushed another door which was similarly almost ten meters tall.

Amidst the grinding sounds, his gaze suddenly froze.

Behind the door was a vast hall which had two rows of stone pillars supporting it.

The hall was abnormally dark without any candlelight. As the main door opened, the light from outside shone in, lighting up the interior to make it clear.

Klein saw that there were murals of various colors, with gold being the main color of choice on the dome. They were connected to one another without any gaps. It gave him a magnificent and sacred feeling.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

A figure had its back facing Klein, using the axe in its hand to chop at a long and huge tree; its motives were unknown.

The figure was dressed in a white shirt and a black vest. It didn’t look like any of the pirates on the ship.

There’s someone else in these waters? Or could it be the mysterious pair of eyes that had been observing the deck and me? Klein’s heart sank as he slowed down. He warily approached and came to the figure’s side where he discerned the figure.

It was a man who looked young. He had blond short hair that was split seventy-thirty. His emerald-green eyes looked focused and serious.

“What are you doing? What is this place?” Klein carefully asked.

He intuitively believed that the person wasn’t the owner of the mysterious eyes.

The young man raised his hand to touch his earlobes without turning his head.

“Why are you asking these questions? My ship has sunk, and I’m busy making a canoe for myself. I don’t have time to speak to you.”


Klein thought before asking, “Who are you?”

“Who am I? I’m the unlucky Anderson. Ever since I saw that mural, I’ve been plagued with bad luck.” The young man pointed in a direction.

Tracing his finger, Klein saw a mural.

The mural depicted a sea of fire that split in the middle to produce a path.

On the path, there was a long line of people. The members either held their heads low with pious devotion or prostrated to the ground. Their destination was in the depths of the sea.

Their leader was a lanky man with long silver hair. His facial features were mild and his eyes were tightly closed. On his back were layered wings.

This… Klein’s pupils constricted suddenly.

He recognized the leader on the mural!

It was the Angel of Fate which Little Sun had once depicted!

It was the Tail Devourer, Ouroboros!