Chapter 652: Mermaid Clues

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Strongest Hunter… Klein was shocked by this nickname. After carefully recalling, he realized that the man didn’t have a bounty on his head.

That meant that Anderson Hood’s description of himself in the dream world was real and reliable. He was more of a treasure hunter!

Unfortunately, Gehrman Sparrow hasn’t killed any pirate admirals, otherwise, I would be the strongest hunter… Klein didn’t let down his guard as he coldly looked at the man.

As long as Anderson Hood showed any signs of abnormality, he would immediately throw the charm in his hand. After all, the activation incantation was all the same. At his Sequence, he could do it simultaneously while injecting his spirituality.

Upon hearing the Admiral of Stars’s introduction, Anderson seriously shook his head.

“No, I’m not the strongest hunter.”

Oh, he’s still rather humble… Klein sighed inwardly.

Anderson chuckled and added, “Admiral of Stars, if you really insist, then it’s best if you add the condition: below that of a demigod.

“Yes, the strongest hunter below that of a demigod.”

… I take back what I just said… The corners of Klein’s mouth twitched indiscernibly.

Seeing no response from the Admiral of Stars, Anderson naturally lowered his arms.

“These waters are very dangerous, but it contains many treasures. In this regard, I believe the two of you are very aware.

“In the past, many adventurers, or more precisely, treasure hunters, have entered these waters to seek our fortuitous encounters, but most of them didn’t leave these waters alive. Heh heh, I’m talking about most, so there are always some lucky ones who can obtain items and ingredients while successfully leaving.

“The treasure-hunting team I was in was organized by two treasure hunters who are experienced in this area. They claimed to be very aware of which ruins are not to be explored in the first half of the safe route and which ruins could be attempted. They also claimed to know which methods should be used to hunt various kinds of monsters, as well as what methods should be used to avoid evil creatures who have lost control.

“I’ve always been curious about these waters and was successfully convinced by them and joined the expedition.”

“And then?” Cattleya looked at the figure opposite her with her black eyes that had a purple hue.

Anderson sighed and said, “It was very smooth in the beginning, as smooth as it can be. We avoided danger and obtained many of the relics left behind by former explorers, and we also hunted some monsters and obtained several ingredients.

“Everything changed when we discovered a strange temple on a submerged island. There were many murals which remained intact. This gentleman has also seen it in the dream world.”

He used his chin to gesture at Klein.

“That’s not important,” Klein replied calmly.

Anderson shook his head and smiled bitterly.

“One of the murals was very sinister. It described a pilgrimage proceeding forward amidst a parted sea.

“The leader of the pilgrimage is depicted as an angel, having long silver hair that reached his back. He had very mild facial features.

“I was the first to arrive in front of that mural. I reached out my right hand and habitually outlined the various lines in midair. It’s true, I… really didn’t touch it. I was at least five centimeters away, but to my surprise, the angel in the mural suddenly opened his eyes.”

… Your nickname as the Strongest Hunter must’ve been forced as a result of you attracting too many problems… Klein scoffed silently without any sense of pity.

“Silver-haired angel?” Cattleya asked in return.

“Yes, but I’m not sure which angel it is. At the very least, he hasn’t appeared in any of the portraits of the seven Churches. Of course, the mural artist might’ve casually added it, and it might not be real.” Anderson was just about to raise his hand to comb his hair when he discovered that the man wearing a round neck shirt, a brown jacket, pantaloons with a dark-colored cap was coldly staring at him. It appeared as though any abnormal action would result in the man attacking without hesitation.

But at that moment, Klein was thinking about something else.

This fellow is very professional when it comes to art. At the very least, the typical person wouldn’t be able to know of so many religious portraits.

Cattleya, who didn’t receive an adequate answer, immediately turned her head towards Klein, her gaze filled with an inquisitive look.

She had just heard from Anderson Hood that Gehrman Sparrow had seen the mural.

Perhaps, this member of the organization that has been gifted by the “Lord” can recognize the angel… Cattleya had an inexplicable feeling that Gehrman Sparrow might really know the answer.

Considering how Ma’am Hermit would be able to obtain the answer at the next Tarot Club from a casual question, Klein didn’t hesitate to simply say, “Tail Devourer Ouroboros.”

Tail Devourer Ouroboros? That Angel of Fate? That King of Angels? Cattleya unknowingly pursed her lips as the purple hue in her eyes turned slightly more obvious.

The last time she had heard this name was from the Tarot Club, thanks to Miss Justice.

And that was her first time learning of the existence of the Kings of Angels. She never expected to obtain clues of them in the real world in just a few months!

“Tail Devourer Ouroboros?” Anderson ruminated over the name in a daze.

Klein didn’t speak further, showing his disinterest in explaining.

Seeing how the Admiral of Stars wasn’t speaking a word, Anderson could only laugh and continue, “I thought I was hallucinating back then because the mural didn’t show any abnormality after that.

“Following that, our team fractured into two. Most of them were frightened by my account and believed that they shouldn’t continue exploring the temple. The remaining third desired to obtain more treasure and began setting off deeper into the temple. We waited an entire day—noon switched night a total of three times—but we didn’t manage to see them return.

“We were all outstanding treasure hunters, so we knew that something must’ve gone wrong. After making some confirmations, we didn’t dare stay any longer or wait. We immediately left the temple and got onto the ship to return the way we came. We had already received plenty, and we didn’t wish to take any more risks.”

Wait, none of you had the intention to save your companions? Yes, a treasure-hunting team that is temporarily put together will only bother with themselves and the few friends they are familiar with when they encounter danger… According to my experience, those companions of yours that vanished might be eating the fingers of corpses… Klein lampooned and didn’t reprimand Anderson.

Anderson sighed again and said, “After leaving that temple, I discovered that there was something abnormal about myself. On the one hand, I became very unlucky, with everything I do failing. Even when drinking light beer in silence, I’ll realize that someone had used a beer barrel as a toilet and pissed in it. Well, that’s not what I encountered. It was my companion.

“On the other hand, we obtained control of ourselves in our dreams. We were no longer in a reverie and knew something, but we had no means to take action. Therefore, a number of my companions, a third of the original number of people, ventured deep into the dream world. Heh heh, they never returned.”

Cattleya, who had been listening in silence, asked, “What about their bodies in the real world?”

“They mutated into monsters, killing quite a number of my remaining companions and sailors.” Anderson took an obvious deep breath. “We might’ve successfully killed those monsters, but due to the lack of sailors, as well as encountering a streak of bad luck, we failed to reach this island in time before the storm arrived. Therefore, our ship sank. Likewise for our loot. The rest of my companions either drowned, got struck by lightning, or got eaten by the underwater monsters. I didn’t see all of it myself.

“As for me, I was relatively stronger and luckier than them. I was sent flying by the waves and successfully swam to the shore of this island and began attempting to create a canoe to leave this area. Heh, as you can see, even my final axe has shattered. It was also reflected in the dream.”

Anderson’s final sentences were directed at Klein.

They really are a treasure-hunting group plagued with bad luck… Klein inwardly drew the crimson moon for him.

He believed that Anderson’s description was likely real. His experienced didn’t seem to be fabricated out of thin air. However, it was unknown if he was hiding something.

Perhaps, Anderson had really gone deep into the temple and eaten the fingers of the corpses before coming out, believing that he was fine. Perhaps, he had already explored numerous places in the dream world and had been corrupted by some unknown creature in an inconspicuous manner.

After Anderson Hood finished recounting his experience, he smiled at Cattleya and the man who he didn’t know the name of.

“Do I have the honor of being a passenger on your Future?

“I will pay for the fare.”

He looked as if payment wasn’t a problem at all.

Cattleya once again turned her head to the side towards Klein, as though asking if he would accept.

This is to say that you are leaning towards accepting his request? Aren’t you going to do any tests? I have to go above the gray fog to divine before I can provide a clear answer. What gives you the confidence? A Beyonder power obtained once a Mystery Pryer reaches Sequence 5? Klein figured out a lot of information from Cattleya’s gaze.

Just as he was hesitating, Anderson hurriedly said, “I’m very familiar with the route ahead!

“I can help you avoid the latent dangers on the safe sea route, and I can tell you which ruins aren’t to be explored. I can also give you early notice to avoid the singing voices of the mermaids in time!”

“Singing voices of mermaids?” Klein’s eyes nearly lit up as it took him a great deal of effort to maintain Gehrman Sparrow’s image.

“Yes, a day’s voyage from here, and I mean a day in terms of the world outside, we will circle around a ruin and turn…” Upon saying that, Anderson suddenly realized something as he shut his mouth with a smile without saying anything more.

Klein thought for a moment and took out a gold coin in front of Anderson as he silently chanted.

“Anderson Hood is problematic.”

He repeated seven times and went through the standard process of divination, but he didn’t hold any hopes for an answer.

It was a test on Anderson.

If Anderson really was problematic, he would definitely show signs of guilt. After all, he couldn’t be certain of Gehrman Sparrow’s divination standard and was unable to determine if he could disrupt it successfully.


The gold coin was flung into the air before landing. Klein glanced at it before putting it into his pocket.

“No problem.”

I’ll later make a confirmation by going above the gray fog… Klein added inwardly.

Cattleya looked at Anderson and nodded.

“I agree to your request.

“However, after we leave these waters, you need to hand over half of what you have. If there’s nothing, I’ll not take anything either.”

Anderson fell silent for a few seconds before smiling again.


Having found a way out, he clearly relaxed as he smiled.

“Also, I have to warn you that although my bad luck is limited to me alone, you should be careful because I might attract monsters. Of course, I believe that with you, this gentleman, and myself, we should be able to guarantee our safety.”

Just as he said that, the entire island quaked. A smoky plume emanated out of the primitive forest.

“Don’t tell me a monster is really coming…” Anderson subconsciously turned agape.