Chapter 656: Crazy Mutations

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Someone opened a door deep in the hall of murals and came out? A Rampager or Beyonder creature who was nearby? Furthermore, it possesses the ability to act in dreams? After hearing Anderson Hood’s description, Klein began making logical speculations.

As his thoughts whirled, he suddenly had a new idea.

Could it be the owner of the mysterious eyes that observed me and the deck?

It’s possible! If that mysterious person has been lurking on the ship the entire time and followed us into these waters, then he’d have to sleep when night falls, so he will appear in the dream world… Ma’am Hermit is completely unaware of his existence, or has she tacitly agreed to his actions? Or he’s the trump card that she wields, which is why she isn’t afraid of the dangers in these waters when taking on my mission? No, that cannot be determined. At the very least, I can’t determine that the person who opened the door deep inside the hall of murals is the mysterious person on the ship… Klein looked at Anderson with a deep, gloomy look before asking, “Why does it seem unlikely?”

Back when Anderson Hood mentioned it, he originally suspected that the person who opened the door was a member of the Future, but he later felt that it was unlikely.

Anderson chuckled.

“I visited every person on the ship in the dream, and I discovered that no one possesses the ability to act freely in that world except you.”

“Unfortunately, I was pushing open a door outside back then,” Klein said calmly.

Anderson shrugged and said, “I know; that’s why I’m not suspecting you. These waters have dangers lurking everywhere. All sorts of unimaginable monsters are active here. Perhaps the person opening the door from before was the stone giant from earlier or a rotting dragon who dreamed of countless treasures.”

Upon saying this, he leaned against the side of the ship and looked at the sea which was bathing in golden sunlight as he smiled wistfully.

“I discovered that ever since I escaped the ship-sinking crisis brought about by the storm, my bad luck has been decreasing bit by bit. Haha, it’s obvious that it’s not fixed and wouldn’t last forever.

“Look, I successfully swam onto the island, and although I kept meeting with all kinds of bad luck, I managed to last until you arrived.

“Yes, I do attract monsters and did make that stone giant appear, but didn’t we easily resolve it?

“Also, nothing happened despite me being on board for several hours. Doesn’t that explain…”

Before Anderson could finish his statement, Klein coldly cut him off.

“Shut up!”

Doesn’t this guy know to keep his words to a minimum when faced with a livid expression? I really want to beat him up! If it wasn’t for the divination above the gray fog that said that you haven’t mutated or have a big shot possessing you, then I would’ve already sunk you to the bottom of the sea. Yes… Sequence 8 of the Hunter pathway is Provoker. He must’ve easily digested the potion back then… From the bottom of his heart, Klein felt that the level of Anderson’s provocation was far higher than Danitz.

Without feeling frustrated, Anderson raised his arms and said with a rueful smile.”Fine, fine. I’ll shut up.”

Seeing how he wasn’t providing him with any more clues about the individual who opened the door in the dream world, Klein remained silent for a few seconds, suddenly turned around, and walked into the cabin.

He had discovered a huge oversight on something!

Since Anderson, who’s plagued with bad luck, was on the ship, that meant that the chances of them experiencing an incident would only increase exponentially. Therefore, he needed to make some preparations!

After returning to his room, Klein walked to the bathroom as he picked up Azik’s copper whistle and Will Auceptin’s paper crane. After setting up the ritual to summon himself, he brought Tinder, the Sun Brooch, and the Nightmare Beyonder characteristic from above the gray fog into the real world.

He didn’t immediately switch out his equipped inventory, but he did place them inside his suitcase and beside the Biological Poison Bottle.

This way, even if danger suddenly struck, he would have a chance to adjust his “inventory,” and then he could make a selection based on the danger he faced.

After doing all of this, Klein felt significantly relaxed. He put away the other items and left the room for the deck, afraid that he would miss any signs of mermaids.

Just as he walked out of the cabin, he saw Frank Lee crouched in a corner, looking shocked and dazed.

“What happened?” Klein felt his heart skip a beat.

He was afraid that something had gone wrong with the crazy cross-breeder’s experiments, causing everyone on the Future to be embroiled in a terrifying biological disaster.

Frank shook his head in a daze.

“Didn’t I mention about those little things before?

“They actually need to sleep for some time before they can grow and reproduce. In the end…”

“What happened in the end?” Klein’s expression turned solemn.

This made the Strongest Hunter Anderson, who was bragging about how many pirates he had hunted to the audience around him without realizing the change in their eyes, sense something as he curiously stopped his description and came over.

The crouching Frank looked up and said, “They just finished a large-scale reproduction stage and have even mutated.

“Th-this is a miracle!”

“And? Where have they gone? Are they still in your laboratory?” Klein instinctively felt that this wasn’t something good.

Frank used two seconds to digest the problem as he rolled up his sleeves to show his hairy arm.

He pounded the deck in front of him and revealed a smile.

“They have drilled inside and have seemingly reconstructed the Future…”

Amidst the dull pounding, something that seemed like milk spewed out like a fountain from the deck, spraying Frank Lee in the face.

He licked the liquid by his lips and said in pleasant surprise, “The Future… The Future has produced milk!”

At the same time, the pirates by the side of the ship pointed down at the cannons in horror.

“The cannons are spewing milk!”

This… This isn’t scientific… Klein nearly couldn’t control the twitching of his facial muscles.

Ever since he boarded the Future, and ever since the ship came to the ravine and began the descent, he felt that many of the things that had happened were extremely unscientific. It even exceeded the confines of his mysticism knowledge.

Anderson watched agape, nearly forgetting to inquire. He stomped his feet habitually and successfully saw another milk fountain spew out.

One thought after another flashed past Klein’s mind as he acutely figured out a problem.

He immediately looked at Frank Lee and asked in a deep voice, “After your little things have infected the Future, will it continue infecting people?”

While asking, Klein’s right palm reached into his pocket. According to the situation, he selected the Floating Charm and prepared to fly into the air in order to escape the infection.

Frank Lee thought seriously for a moment.

“In theory, yes…”

Before he finished his sentence, a figure appeared and kicked him in the ass, sending him tumbling a few times, slamming into pools of milk.

That person was none other than linen shirted Nina, who was draped in a blue jacket.

She glared angrily at Frank Lee on the deck as she cursed while hyperventilating.

“Aren’t you going to finish off those darn little things of yours!?

“Did you do this while thinking that my breasts aren’t big enough?”

“A-alright,” Frank Lee patted his ass and said unwillingly.

At this moment, Klein had already taken out his charm and softy chanted, “Storm!”

He believed that he had underestimated Frank Lee’s ability to cause trouble and suspected that the disaster brought about by him would only worsen; therefore, he decided to first fly into the air.

Blue flames enveloped the charm made of tin as squalls immediately stirred. They swirled around Klein’s feet and body, lifting him off the deck and to a height of four to five meters.

Anderson was first taken aback before he reached out his palm in an attempt to grab Klein, but he was a moment too late. All he could do was watch Gehrman Sparrow rise up as he remained standing on the spot.

This ordinarily handsome hunter shook his head with a warped expression, somewhat amused while also wanting to dismember the first mate of the Future.

At this moment, Frank had already taken a bottle of dark green powder. He grabbed a handful of it, and as he chanted in Jotun, he scattered it around his surroundings.

The moment the powder made contact with the deck, it immediately produced green vines that grew wildly. Soon, it drew out the milk and the “little things,” entangling the entire deck and cabin within.

In just about ten seconds, the Future had been reduced into a forest of vines.

“Phew, it’s over.” Frank smiled at Nina before his expression changed again. “Th-they’ve mutated!”

At this moment, a pirate walked over in a stagger, shouting with a tinge of horror, “A… A watermelon is growing from my head!”

Klein looked towards the voice and saw a green vine drilling out of the pirate’s head. One of them seemed to produce a soon-to-ripen watermelon.

“This is the so-called mutation? This is way too crazy, goddamn madness!” Anderson blurted out a sigh.

His eyes then darted around as he said in a deep voice, “There’s something wrong with the surrounding waters!”

In midair, Klein had also determined the same thing.

If there wasn’t any external disruptions, then Frank Lee’s experimental products and Beyonder powers wouldn’t have caused a simultaneous mutation!


One vine after another tore apart as the window to the captain’s cabin opened.

Cattleya appeared there and shouted in an amplified voice with witchcraft, “Frank, stop all experiments.

“There are remnant auras of Mother Earth here.”

Mother Earth? Klein looked in surprise at Ma’am Hermit, and he felt that his theories about these waters being the battlefield of the gods had been completely overturned!

“Oh my, Merciful Mother!” Frank crossed his arms and made a pose like he was hugging a baby.

Following that, he sprawled on the floor as he devoutly kissed the vines.

Cattleya silently watched this scene as resplendent stars instantly swirled around her. Following that, she made the entire Future light up.

With a flick of her finger, she made a colorless flame land on the vine outside the window of the captain’s cabin.

The vines were immediately ignited as they silently turned to ashes.

The colorless flames silently spread and wreaked havoc, without harming a single sailor. As for the Future, the light it produced helped it withstand the fire.

Before long, the forest of vines vanished completely, leaving behind the pirate who had a watermelon growing on his head. Of course, the vine that was connected to it had been burned to nothingness.

“Phew, th-this is no different from a devil’s descent!” The pirate took two steps forward and carried the watermelon which had grown out from his head.

“Don’t open it!” Just as Cattleya’s warning reverberated, the pirate had opened the watermelon with brute force, partially to vent his anger and partially to satisfy his curiosity.

The watermelon split into two, and inside it was a milky-white “brain” filled with gullies. Flowing around it was a blood-like liquid.

With a thud, the pirate died immediately, without any chance of saving him. The Beyonder characteristics on him rapidly condensed at an extraordinary speed.

How sinister and crazy… Klein sighed silently and prepared to land back onto the deck.

At that moment, he saw a gigantic palm suddenly reach out from the surface of the sea, smacking the side of the Future.

The five fingers of the palm were long, each almost half a meter long. The entire thing was a grayish-black color like an arid desert!

Klein silently drew out a gasp as he couldn’t help but look at Anderson Hood.

This fellow had just mentioned that nothing had happened since he came on board!