Chapter 668: Confidence Might Also Be a Weakness

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Above the gray fog, in the palace that was held up by stone columns.

Derrick quickly repeated his encounter to Mr. Fool.

Dark Angel Sasrir… The names and titles of these Kings of Angels seem to have been washed away by the rivers of history. Almost no one knows of them. If it weren’t for Little Sun discovering them in the Forsaken Land of the Gods, or me directly encountering the ancient evil spirit suspected to be Red Angel himself, I might not even know a single King of Angels. At best I would’ve heard of the Amon family and would have no way of delving deeper into the Blasphemer… Where is this Dark Angel at present? Is “He” still alive? Is “He” still one of the upper echelons of the Rose Redemption? Klein felt wistful.

Afraid that Little Sun would ask him related questions that he couldn’t answer, Klein instantly stopped his contemplations and leisurely leaned back into the chair and said, “You have been freed from your predicament. Your companions will soon find you.”

As he spoke, he didn’t give Little Sun a chance to speak by directly cutting off the connection.

As for an explanation in the event that Little Sun was discovered to be abnormal, Klein disdained the thought of reminding him to fabricate an explanation.

To mysteriously disappear and then appear again, wasn’t it very normal that all sorts of strange scenarios accompanied it?

At that moment, Derrick was very grateful that Mr. Fool didn’t ask him any further questions. This was because he was afraid that he would be exposed to the lethal darkness or hidden monsters once he escaped the alternate Afternoon Town. Therefore, he was eagerly hoping to regain control of his body as soon as possible, so as to prepare the necessary precautions. However, if Mr. Fool had really asked a question, he would still seriously and very patiently explain the corresponding situation.

With his consciousness returning to his body, Derrick rapidly recovered his senses.

When he opened his eyes, he saw a candle which was almost done burning. The wick’s flame was wavering in the wind.

Immediately after that, he discovered that the Chief was standing to his side at some point in time. The tall Haim and the red-gloved Joshua were warily standing two steps behind.

How long have they been watching me like that… Although Derrick had already thought of a reason above the gray fog, he still felt guilty and nervous.

Colin’s wrinkled face was deadpan. He asked in a normal tone as he looked at Derrick Berg, “What did you encounter?”

Derrick didn’t immediately answer, as it would appear as though he had already fabricated an excuse. He used a trick taught by The Hanged Man—he deliberately paused for a few seconds, and as he recalled, he described while recalling the events in a rather staccato manner, “I saw the altar after entering the underground chamber. I suspected that it was an altar and tried to identify the remnant words and symbols on it. I recognized three names. One of them was Angel of Fate Ouroboros… At this point, the light from the lantern extinguished. When I turned my head to look, Haim and Joshua had vanished. I created a light source and walked out of the underground chamber and discovered that the outside was still… was still Afternoon Town. However, many of the buildings had candles lit inside them as though… as though humans were living in them.

“I didn’t dare to leave the building, and I returned to the underground chamber. I attempted to do what I did again. Uh, Chief, in that Afternoon Town, the words on the altar were very complete. There were a total of three languages. One was Jotun, the other Dragonese, and another I didn’t recognize. However, the first two languages expressed the same words. They were the names and titles of the three angels, as well as Rose Redemption…

“Later, I found myself back here.”

What he said was the truth, and it was very complete. All he did was hide the details of how he returned.

Derrick didn’t have any hopes of successfully lying to the Chief. He planned on being confused when he was pressed, pushing the reasons onto the abnormality of his body that he didn’t understand.

This will definitely make the Chief suspicious, but Mr. Hanged Man and Miss Justice from the Spectator pathway all said that he wouldn’t ask too many questions regarding such matters. By appearing abnormal, will he think more importantly of me? I will be viewed as a chess piece that can counterbalance Elder Lovia… The outside world sure is complicated. It was only recently that I fully understood their train of thought… Derrick couldn’t help but sigh inwardly.

In a dire environment, the depletion of every ounce of strength would mean more danger for the City of Silver. It had very few instances in the past. And even if it happened, it was basically concentrated within the six-member council. The first thing the other Beyonders learned in their patrols and adventuring was cooperation.

Colin nodded gently, walked to the altar, and attempted what Derrick described, but he didn’t disappear as a result of this. He remained standing in his original spot.

“From the looks of it, the remnant powers have already completed their mission,” the Demon Hunter muttered softly to himself.

I didn’t even need to fabricate an excuse… Derrick thought, feeling somewhat embarrassed.

Colin thought for a moment before turning his head to look at Derrick.

“What are the corresponding titles of Medici and Sasrir?”

“Red Angel and Dark Angel.” Derrick was honest.

Colin nodded gently, seemingly in thought.

“In a small number of books, there is mention of a Red Angel, but with no actual name associated with it. As for Dark Angel Sasrir, ‘He’ has completely been lost to history.”

Derrick was just about to take the opportunity to ask about the other Kings of Angels when he suddenly noticed that the candlelight in the underground chamber had dimmed, as though a shadow was surging in from outside.

“Let’s leave this place for now,” Demon Hunter Colin said cautiously, having sensed the same thing.

With the Axe of Hurricane in hand, Derrick immediately approached Haim and Joshua to form a battle formation with them.

However, just as he took one step, he discovered that Haim had retreated two meters to the side. Joshua had raised his left red-gloved hand. Both of them didn’t hide their wariness as their eyes keenly observed him.

Derrick knew that this was a very normal reaction from them. This was because lessons regarding explorations had the corresponding teachings. Be observant and make less contact with companions who had just escaped a strange situation!

And I haven’t clearly explained how I escaped that strange Afternoon Town… Derrick opened his mouth in a bid to explain, but he closed his mouth in silence again.

He felt ashamed and aggrieved as he pursed his lips. Holding the Axe of Hurricane, he turned and followed the Chief, taking one step at a time before leaving the underground chamber.

The quartet soon arrived at the entrance and was prepared to leave. To their surprise, they realized that the Afternoon Town with shadows cloaking its buildings had appeared to have darkened a little.

Almost instantaneously, there was candlelight shining out from different windows from different buildings. The dim yellowish lights were either connected or disconnected, silent and heavy.

Klein didn’t stay too long above the gray fog. He quickly returned to the bathroom and put away the corresponding items.

Let’s hope that there wouldn’t be any more incidents on Little Sun’s side. It wouldn’t be too good for me to repeatedly enter the bathroom. People in the know will realize that I’m hiding a secret, but those not in the know would definitely think that Gehrman Sparrow has a bladder problem. It would be a tarnish on my persona!

Although I’ve already digested the Faceless potion, Nimblewright Master Rosago went from one Sequence to the next. The Beyonder characteristic he left behind obviously contains a set of the Faceless potion… Using this Beyonder characteristic as a main ingredient is equivalent to me drinking an additional Faceless, Magician, Clown, and Seer potion, or even more…

Sigh, I should still try my best to abide by the various principles I previously concluded, so as to digest the excess portions. Klein made some clean water and washed his face before walking out of the bathroom.

Just as he was wondering if it was almost time for dinner and was planning to take out his golden pocket watch to take a look, the scene before his eyes suddenly turned black. He could hardly see his fingers.

It’s night again… The intervals don’t follow a pattern… If we encounter a monster and both sides are in an intense battle, what happens when the sky suddenly turns dark? Monsters are also creatures, so they need to sleep as well; otherwise, there’s a high chance that they will disappear into the night… Heh heh, both parties in combat have to lie down and sleep, only to continue when they wake up… Is this really a story that can pass the censors? Klein, who had relaxed after successfully advancing, lampooned as he quickly walked to his bed.

Just as he got in bed, he suddenly thought of a problem.

The night here is very dangerous. If living creatures do not sleep, they will vanish completely.

The darkness of the Forsaken Land of the Gods, including the City of Silver, is similarly dangerous. If there’s no light to disperse the darkness, humans would completely vanish if the darkness exceeds five seconds.

It’s really similar… Could there really be some connection here?

Klein shook his head and, with Cogitation, entered a dream.

Amidst the dream, he realized that he had switched locations again once he became lucid!

The last time he left the dream, he was on the boulder where Admiral of Stars Cattleya was sitting as she hugged her knees. This time, he was facing a staircase.

The light of the sunset shined through the colored glass panes high above, making the black spiraling staircase adorned with sculptures look exceedingly beautiful.

Klein instinctively looked to the side and found Queen Mystic standing high up the staircase.

This long chestnut-haired lady wasn’t wearing her dress with open hems. Her top was a white shirt with lace and flowery bands, matched with a simple dark blue coat. Her lower half was still the beige-colored trousers with black leather boots. However, Klein believed that Queen Mystic probably had an entire wardrobe, or even a room full of trousers and leather boots of the same style.

“What’s the matter?” Klein took the initiative to ask.

Queen Mystic caressed the handrail with her right hand as she slowly walked down.

“Confidence might be a weakness at times.

“You trust that copper whistle and paper crane of yours too much. Perhaps one day, it will be the source of danger.”

Klein felt a little uneasy at that, but he didn’t show it.

“I don’t understand what you mean.”

“Confidence might be a weakness at times,” Queen Mystic repeated again. “Cattleya trusts the Sealed Artifact she gave Heath Doyle too much. If I hadn’t boarded the ship, then Nina, Frank Lee, and her would’ve died. But you might survive.”

“That Sealed Artifact isn’t actually able to block the ravings that fill these waters? That’s how Heath Doyle mutated?” Klein acutely read in between the lines.

Queen Mystic nodded.

“Under ordinary circumstances, it can. But do you know who the ravings that fill these waters come from?”

Without waiting for Klein’s reply, she gave the answer.

“The True Creator.”