Chapter 669: Exchange of Information

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The True Creator? The ravings that fill these waters come from the True Creator? Upon hearing Queen Mystic’s answer, Klein was surprised while feeling somewhat joyful.

He was rejoicing because, just as Queen Mystic said, if she hadn’t boarded the ship, Heath Doyle might’ve undergone a mutation even with the existence of a Sealed Artifact which could reduce his auditory senses to a certain effect.

Towards Low- and Mid-Sequence Beyonders of other pathways, they would only feel repressed and frustrated, or they would occasionally suffer from nightmares when faced with the True Creator’s ravings without actually listening to them. But to a Rose Bishop, the Sequence 0 for his corresponding pathway was the True Creator. To be immersed in the ravings of this evil god, even if he was deaf, something would’ve happened to him sooner or later.

Once Heath Doyle went mad or lost control, together with the uniqueness of these waters, it was truly difficult for the rest of the people on board the ship to be safe. However, Klein believed that as long as he could survive the sudden attack, he would have the chance to pray to The Fool and use the Sea God Scepter above the gray fog to provide a response to resolve the problem.

He was surprised that the owner of the ravings was in complete contradiction with his theory. He originally imagined that these waters were the battlefield between the ancient gods and the Creator worshiped by the City of Silver during the Second Epoch. He suspected that the subsidiary gods, who were also the corresponding angels, had participated in it as well. To his surprise, this appeared to be wrong from the beginning. This was because the True Creator had apparently first appeared after the Third Epoch’s Cataclysm!

I cannot rule out the possibility that the ravings were later left behind… Klein didn’t blindly make a conclusion. He watched as Queen Mystic walked past him as she caressed the sculptures on the handrail and slowly walked down.

The lady’s back was tall; neither fat nor thin. Her figure was extremely proportioned, and her long chestnut hair simply cascaded down.

This made Klein feel a sense of familiarity. After recalling the matters involving Queen Mystic, he finally recalled the source of the familiarity.

Back when he was searching for the Cards of Blasphemy at the Roselle Memorial Exhibition, he had seen a similar back. Back then, the figure dressed somewhat oddly. Despite wearing a yellow layered dress which had the vibes of a young girl, she wore a black, out-of-fashion bonnet.

She was likely Queen Mystic. She had also visited the Roselle Memorial Exhibition ahead of time… Back then, she was looking at the basic education books the emperor had improved for his children and the Chinese Chess and toy blocks… She was certain that I had taken the Black Emperor card…

The emperor’s eldest daughter, Bernadette, established the Element Dawn to resist the Moses Ascetic Order. And from the diary, that lady appreciates the maxim, “do as you wish, but do no harm.” Therefore, from these two points, it can be inferred that she’s likely a demigod of the Mystery Pryer pathway…

The Mystery Pryer pathway’s Sequence 4 is Mysticologist… Queen Mystic… Of course, the reputation of Queen Mystic has long been known across the seas for more than a hundred years. She’s definitely not a Sequence 4 anymore. Yes, after Cattleya left Queen Mystic, she joined the Moses Ascetic Order…

This queen seems to take the interpretation of Roselle’s diary very seriously…

All sorts of fragmented pieces of information came together as Klein suddenly had a theory.

Perhaps Queen Mystic was Emperor Roselle’s eldest daughter, Bernadette Gustav!

This might explain why this queen dresses in the style that resembles Earth’s but also appears rather strange. She has been deeply influenced by the emperor’s preferences, and she’s unable to completely extricate herself from the fashion trends. Hence, she mixes them into a unique and strange style she can call her own… As for it being aesthetically pleasing, that’s a whole other matter. A beautiful person will look good and fashionable even with a gunny sack… Klein lampooned inwardly, but he wore a solemn expression. He unhurriedly followed Queen Mystic down the beautiful staircase.

Queen Mystic didn’t turn her head. As she walked, she said, “This dream world isn’t vast. There are only two parts. One of them is the shadow of the Giant King’s Court on the opposite mountain, and the other is the black cloister over here.”

Giant King’s Court? The majestic building complex that seemed frozen in the sunset surfaced in Klein’s mind.

This is actually the shadow of the Giant King’s Court!

And Little Sun and company happen to be at the entrance of the Giant King’s Court, Afternoon Town!

Queen Mystic said with a gentle but emotionless tone, “This is my theory, as it resembles the Great Twilight Hall in Feysac.

“And in the Fourth Epoch, there has always been rumors that the God of Combat is an ancient giant who survived the Cataclysm.”

The God of Combat pathway is the Giant pathway… Klein inwardly expressed his agreement with Queen Mystic’s theory.

At that moment, he recalled the mythical information he had received from Little Sun. He realized that the description of the Giant King’s Court being “forever residing in the sunset” matched the spectacle of the opposite mountain.

From the True Creator to the Giant King’s Court, she has revealed two extremely valuable pieces of information… She’s expressing her goodwill to me, no⁠—the entity backing me. Heh heh, and the person backing me is myself… Klein calmly replied, “The real Giant King’s Court is in the Forsaken Land of the Gods.”

He said this matter in an indifferent tone, so as to accentuate his value and the entity backing him.

Queen Mystic stopped in her tracks as she pressed down on the beautifully sculptured handrail with her right palm. She half-turned her body to face Gehrman Sparrow and said at an adequate speed, “Rumor has it that the path leading to the Forsaken Land of the Gods is hidden in the mountain across us, hidden in the shadows of the Giant King’s Court.”

So Little Sun and company have begun exploring Afternoon Town? But didn’t Little Jack mention that they appeared by the sea? The Giant King’s Court and the shadow of the Giant King’s Court must have switches in them. Only by opening them ahead of time can the two seas meet?

This place is filled with the True Creator’s ravings, and it hides the secret of the Forsaken Land of the Gods. It has remnant powers of the Evernight, Sun, Storm, Earth, and Spectator pathway. This seems to correspond to the Cataclysm!

After the Cataclysm, the Forsaken Land of the Gods was isolated from the outside world. The Goddess, Eternal Blazing Sun, Lord of Storms, Earth Mother, and company saved the world while the True Creator appeared… Only the Spectator pathway’s imagination doesn’t exactly add up… Klein made a guess based on whatever information he knew at hand.

Queen Mystic continued walking down as she said, “The black cloister here doesn’t appear big, but each building and every level represents a different part of these waters. Behind every door might hide the dream of a creature.”

I see… Klein glanced at the handrail and discovered that the sculpture on it was mainly that of a human’s head. It was beautiful at a glance, but terrifying on careful inspection. Hence, he asked in passing, “Whose dream does this staircase belong to?”

“An Undying from the Numinous Episcopate. He came here in search of Death’s remains⁠—one of the main requirements of the Artificial Death. However, he lost control as a result of the ravings, and he’s forever loitering in an underground ruin, turning every adventurer who dares to enter into becoming his zombie,” Queen Mystic calmly explained.

Death was also involved in the battle of gods that happened here? It’s no wonder Admiral Hell would take the risk and enter these waters from time to time… Klein felt enlightened.

He wasn’t alarmed about the matter regarding Artificial Death, as he had previously heard Demoness of Unaging Katarina Pellè mention it before. Furthermore, the Numinous Episcopate seemed to be rather far from success.

At this moment, just as Queen Mystic finished walking down the stairs, she turned to glance at him.

Right on the heels of that, the lady turned into a corridor and entered a building.

Klein surveyed the area and discovered that there was no longer any stairs leading downwards. They were apparently at the bottom level.

Queen Mystic stopped in front of the black wooden door filled with strange patterns. She gripped its handle and said, “I’ve always suspected that the dream within is the key to sustaining this place. The remnant powers of Evernight only provides the possibility of such a development.”

As she spoke, she twisted the handle and opened the door.

The black door slowly moved backward, and behind it wasn’t a room as Klein had imagined, but a sea.

The sea was illuminated by blinding sunlight. The waves were huge swaths of rich gold.

As the door opened, Klein felt an unimaginable aura seep out from inside. The entire building began to quake in an obvious manner as the dust and bricks on the wall began to fall.

Subtly, Klein felt that the dream was on the brink of shattering.

At this moment, Queen Mystic pulled her right hand, shutting the black wooden door tightly. Everything was restored to normal as a result of this.

“Even I do not dare enter,” this mighty figure in the mysterious world said.

“This place has the dreams of certain remnant deities,” Klein said calmly as though he had someone backing him, allowing him to grasp the situation ahead of time.

Queen Mystic turned around as her blue eyes swept over Gehrman Sparrow’s face.

“These waters and this black cloister hide a lot of secrets. My understanding of it might not even reach a single percent.”

She didn’t continue as she silently looked at Gehrman Sparrow, as though waiting for something.

What intense pressure… Klein thought for a moment and asked probingly, “Do you know the activation incantation of the Black Emperor card?”

Queen Mystic fell silent for a few seconds and shook her head.

Klein looked her in the eye.


The entire corridor turned so silent that even their breathing could be heard. Queen Mystic’s lips moved a little before they pursed together.

Her blue eyes temporarily lost their focus, but they quickly recovered their profundity.

Queen Mystic turned around at an adequate speed, walked to the black staircase, and said without a change in tone, “The dream is ending.”

Klein looked at her back move up the black staircase until the blinding light drowned out everything.

Afternoon Town.

Upon seeing the candlelight light up in the buildings outside, the silent town seemed to come to life. Derrick felt as though they had plummeted into a nightmare as they instantly tensed up.

Demon Hunter Colin observed for a while before solemnly saying, “We are in the real world.

“The power of the altar has leaked out.”