Chapter 713: Three Questions

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Amidst the clacking sounds, the radio transceiver spewed out new illusory paper. On the paper were words composed of Loenese: “Great Master, your loyal and humble servant, Arrodes, has finally caught up to you!”

… There’s no need to be so excited… Oh, the way Arrodes speaks is as professional as always. He didn’t express his bitterness about not being able to contact me for prolonged periods of time, nor did he question me about why I haven’t been looking for it. It directly blamed itself by claiming that it hadn’t caught up to me… It makes me feel a little guilty. But, I still need to be wary… Klein was momentarily at a loss for an answer.

Arrodes didn’t wait as it used the radio transceiver to produce an emoticon of carefully peeking out on the illusory paper.

“Great Master, the ruler above the spirit world, your servant has sensed that you are one step closer to returning to your holy throne, am I right?”

This fellow has evolved really quickly. He’s already using colored text to form a nascent form of emoticons… From Arrodes’s point of view, I’m a true god taking steps to find myself? That’s why, although it can clearly sense that I’m only a Sequence 5, it still treats me with respect and is even more humble? Klein understood that the mirror was deliberately asking a question, so he nodded in a frank manner.


“You have already answered my question. As an exchange and a rule that I need to overlook, you can raise a question to me.” Arrodes “typed” quickly in response before adding a “smiley face.”

Klein didn’t hesitate and asked directly, “Where can the potion formula for Bizarro Sorcerer be found?”

The illusory paper spat out a long paragraph of complicated symbols before turning into a mirror as it represented a realistic scene.

It was a dark cathedral without any natural light source. Inside it was a bunch of squirming things that were all so blurry. It looked as though it was a pencil drawing that had been wiped by an eraser, preventing any exact details to be seen.

However, Arrodes added a bunch of text at the bottom of the scene.

“This is Zaratul. In ‘His’ advancement to Sequence 1, Attendant of Mysteries, ‘He’ lost control and became a monster. However, Great Master, you have to be careful. ‘He’ is a very crafty person. Perhaps everything about ‘Him’ is just an act with a purpose.

“I’m unable to look at ‘Him’ directly, as it will bring me harm. Aside from ‘Him,’ you will be unable to obtain the potion formula from any demigod from the Secret Order. This is because back then Zaratul would directly provide the High-Sequence potion to them. And there’s almost no way to use any Beyonder methods to reverse-divine it.”

What a detailed answer, and it even gave me the additional knowledge that the Sequence 1 corresponding to the Seer pathway is Attendant of Mysteries… Does it mean being an angel that serves upon Mystery? From the looks of it, the Secret Order approach can only work by directly facing Zaratul to obtain the potion formula. And I’m not even capable of viewing “Him” directly… It’s no wonder the Snake of Fate Will Auceptin told me to find the crazy Zaratul without mentioning the Secret Order… Klein was moved by Arrodes’s attitude. If he didn’t feel that he lacked the level and strength to commandeer this Sealed Artifact, he even planned on truly treating it as his servant.

Amidst the clear clicking sounds, another segment of the illusory piece of paper appeared, presenting another scene.

It was a towering mountain peak. On it was a swath of dilapidated palaces. Inside it was a gigantic stone chair.

Klein was very familiar with this scene. Without Arrodes’s footnote, he knew what it represented.

The Antigonus family’s treasure hidden at the main peak of the Hornacis mountain range!

White paper continued being spat out as a new scene was presented. Just like a movie, it had changes in the camera angle.

The first scene that appeared in Klein’s eyes was a lofty gothic-style bell tower and beautiful palaces around it.

The former represented the Bell of Order, and the latter represented the Sodela Palace. They were landmark buildings in Backlund.

The scene changed, and soon, there was a new building on the paper. It was a pure black cathedral with two symmetrical bell towers.

The scene of the cathedral’s interior grew larger, and soon, it presented the entirety of the interior. It was then fixed at a pair of iron black doors that swung open.

The door was abnormally heavy, and on it were seven Dark Sacred Emblems, as though they were guards of the Tenebrous Heaven.

Chanis Gate… Saint Samuel Cathedral… Klein recognized the familiarly styled door. Based on the architectural style, he confirmed that the cathedral was the Church of the Evernight Goddess’s headquarters of the Backlund diocese—Saint Samuel Cathedral!

White paper was spat out and the scene changed as it plunged deep into the darkness. On an empty bookshelf built from bones, there sat an ancient notebook. It was a black hard-covered book.

Klein recognized the notebook at once.

It was the Antigonus family’s notebook which had caused the death of the original Klein!

After going round and round, everything came back full circle!

Klein silently observed it for a moment, and after the scenes disappeared did he regain control of his thought processes.

Yes, back then, the members of the Aurora Order were able to see the Clown potion formula from the notebook. Having been acknowledged by it, the content presented to me will definitely be completely different from before when I flipped through it. It should have the Arcane Sorceror potion formula. It just lacks the ingredients or characteristics.

So this notebook has been sealed behind Saint Samuel Cathedral’s Chanis Gate all this time. To get it from there, the difficulty in doing so wouldn’t be lower than finding Zaratul and facing “Him” directly… Back then, there were High-Sequence Beyonders involved in the Great Smog of Backlund. After I reported the matter to the Backlund diocese’s Church through Miss Justice, the matter was quickly quelled. This is sufficient enough to prove that the Backlund diocese has plenty of power. They have no lack of demigods or Sealed Artifacts… Yes, regardless, I’ll need to return to Backlund first and see if there are any opportunities. In contrast, I’d prefer not to head to the Hornacis mountain range…

Reining in his thoughts, Klein looked at the radio transceiver which had turned dark and solemn.

“Last night, who was the demigod on Crazy Captain Connors Viktor’s ship?”

Clacking sounds quickly sounded as the illusory paper from before vanished as new ones were spat out.

The content on the piece of paper was likewise a realistic scene.

On an exquisite brass chandelier, five candles of different heights spread their warmth and light. A middle-aged man wearing a triangular hat and black eye-patch stood before a cabinet that stored grape wine, champagne, and tequila. He was humbly looking opposite him.

Opposite him was a tall figure in a black cloak. Its face was completely hidden beneath the hood.

The figure didn’t seem to have a real head, only a blob of heavily distorted darkness that was embedded above the neck.

Thanks to the portraits from bounty notices, Klein recognized the one-eyed man to be Crazy Captain Connors—his disheveled and oily hair cascaded down and happened to cover his neck.

Opposite him is likely that demigod. But he deliberately disguised himself and did the corresponding anti-divination preparations. For Arrodes to be able to produce a scene of this level is already impressive enough… Klein wasn’t too disappointed. Instead, he carefully memorized the figure’s build.

More than 1.85 meters tall, but less than 1.9 meters… Rather long arms, and when hanging his hands down, it almost reaches the knees… The broad shoulders prop up the cloak… The feet are faced outwards to a certain degree…

As an expert in disguises, Klein believed that when a person disguised himself and prepared a certain level of anti-divination measures, there was a high chance that he wouldn’t take note of disguising his build, especially when one’s body didn’t have any particular traits.

Therefore, this can provide a certain amount of clues. This allows Klein to find the person familiar when he sees the target!

“Very good. It’s your turn to ask.” After keeping that in mind, Klein stopped scrutinizing the figure as he waited for Arrodes’s question with piqued interest.

He was curious as to how Arrodes would continue breaking through his image of him.

The typing sounds slowed down as it seemed to appear hesitant. Bit by bit, the illusory white paper was spat out.

“Great Master, c-can I say something to you?”

“Yes,” Klein answered the question, puzzled. He began to look forward to what Arrodes had to say.

The sound of typing hastened as it exuded an obvious sense of warmth.

On the illusory paper, a single line appeared: “Great Master, happy birthday!

“This is belated. Your current body was born on 4th March 1327. I originally wanted to wish you a happy birthday at midnight of that day, but I failed to keep up with you.”

… It’s a topic that really exceeded my expectations… I even forgot about my own birthday… The corners of Klein’s lips twitched as he was at a loss for words.

He had received the original Klein’s memory fragments and received parts of his emotions. He knew the birthday, but for a person who led a solitary life, why would he remember such things?

This fellow is actually the first person to wish me a happy birthday… Benson and Melissa must be feeling more upset today… The interview should’ve ended in February. I wonder if Benson succeeded in becoming a civil servant… Klein felt poignant as the way he looked at the radio transceiver warmed up.

He thought for a moment as he calmly asked, “Third question: Your origins.”

The typing sounds paused for two seconds before sounding out again.

A white piece of paper was spat out as a new scene surfaced.

Large amounts of black sticky liquid spewed out from the ground as they spread outwards in a distorted manner. They grew different numbers of arms and legs before becoming strange monsters that charged ahead.

During this process, a speck of light was shot out along with the black liquid before landing on a rock, to which it rapidly fused together, turning into a mirror with ancient patterns and black gems adorning its two sides.

What kind of strange scene is this… This was how Arrodes was born? What was that speck of light? Where did it originate from? It does seem like a Beyonder characteristic… Klein came up with a preliminary interpretation of the scene.

The typing sounds didn’t stop as another line appeared: “Great Master, do you have any other questions?”

Taking note of the time, Klein shook his head.


“You have finished answering the questions, and it’s time for me to leave. Great Master, the ruler above the spirit world, your loyal and humble servant, Arrodes, looks forward to serving you again and hopes to be able to continue following in your footsteps. Bye~” At the end of the illusory piece of paper, a hand-waving emoticon was presented.