Chapter 716: Island and Ruins

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Mr. World has also obtained the potion formula and main ingredient for Ocean Songster. He’s really impressive! Derrick moved his gaze from the goatskin in his hand and looked at the gentleman seated at the other end of the long bronze table.

In his mind, The World’s toughness had reached a whole new level, one that could match the weaker members in the six-member council!

Fors was also similarly astonished as her poignancy grew deeper.

She remembered that back when she first joined the Tarot Club, Mr. World gave her the impression that he was gloomy and reserved. Apart from that, nothing stood out. In the subsequent gatherings, he began to show that he was experienced and knowledgeable, as well as possessing rather impressive abilities. At a glance, he was a senior Beyonder who had experienced many things, just second to Mr. Hanged Man amongst the Tarot Club members.

This image had already formulated in Fors’s mind, but in recent months, Miss Magician was repeatedly surprised by The World.

He was first capable of obtaining rather important information, and following that, he sold plenty of Beyonder characteristics in a short span of time. He made her involuntarily suspect if he was a Beyonder assassin who was active in the mysterious world. She feared him from the bottom of her heart, but along with that came happiness. This was because it meant that she could commission Mr. World with certain requests that would be met with high chances of success.

When the new member, The Hermit, appeared, Fors even imagined that Mr. World’s halo would be blanketed by this powerful lady. But to her surprise, he had snatched the “limelight,” and blinded everyone with his magnificence.

To obtain the Ocean Songster potion formula, its corresponding main ingredient, and the Notary potion formula was seemingly impossible by human standards!

He really is impressive. I admire this kind of quiet and ordinary person who is actually very capable. Sigh, I wonder when I can become a Viscount. After this hunting competition, the winner will receive a prize that’s likely something that will allow a Sanguine to become stronger… Emlyn White quickly turned his thoughts back to himself.

As Audrey was sighing in amazement, she was puzzled about a matter from before.

Why is the impressive Mr. World not searching for Emperor Roselle’s diary pages? Hmm, he’s not like Ma’am Hermit. He has already joined the Tarot Club for quite some time, and he doesn’t need to observe… It’s not like he doesn’t have any requests that don’t require him to search for Emperor Roselle’s diary pages to obtain something from Mr. Fool… Then, why isn’t he searching for them?

Has he privately submitted them? But why?

Imperceptibly, Audrey felt that Mr. World and Mr. Fool had a connection to a certain degree, but she wasn’t able to confirm it, as there were just too many possibilities.

At this moment, Alger turned to the seat of honor after a few seconds of silence.

“Honorable Mr. Fool, I wish to communicate privately with The World.”

Here it comes… Klein nodded with anticipation as he isolated everyone’s senses.

Alger waited for two seconds before turning back to look at The World, Gehrman Sparrow.

“I will use an unknown primitive island’s coordinates in exchange.

“On the island, there aren’t only extinct Beyonder creatures that cannot be found on the Northern and Southern Continent, but there’s an ancient ruin of unknown age.

“Back then… Phew… It was discovered by Qilangos and me. Back then, we lacked the strength to delve deep inside it. However, he discovered certain traces, and he suspected that the ruins hide something extremely, extremely important. He believes that the value isn’t lower than a card created by Emperor Roselle.

“My strength is inferior to Qilangos, and I didn’t go as deep as he did. I had no idea what he saw, other than guesses about the situation from his remarks.”

… What Mr. Hanged Man said holds plenty of information. From the looks of it, he long knew Vice Admiral Hurricane Qilangos. They had even adventured together and found the primitive island and ancient ruins. And previously, he was also the one who thought of finishing off this pirate admiral while he was away at sea… Mr. Hanged Man isn’t an ordinary member of the Church of Storms. His past seems very complicated, and he hides many secrets… Yes, a primitive island’s value isn’t small. For a secret organization, this can be the foundation to support the growth of its members… Klein controlled The World to appear to be in thought as he attempted to obtain more information from The Hanged Man.

With The World not rejecting or agreeing, Alger, who had calmed down, calmly said, “On the island, there are traces of demigod-level Beyonder creatures. To you, that should be something valuable.

“On this point, I can swear on Mr. Fool’s name. I guarantee that I’m not lying.”

After I obtain the Bizarro Sorcerer’s potion formula, I’ll have to consider how to obtain the corresponding ingredients. At the level of a demigod, money becomes of little use. Trading gives me the highest chance of obtaining something I need… The location of demigod-level Beyonder creatures is important. That ruin is also quite interesting… The World didn’t hesitate as he chuckled.


Alger didn’t immediately receive the Ocean Songster potion formula. Instead, he said, “I have a condition. I wish that on your first exploration of the primitive island, that you will do it with me. With Mr. Fool watching all of this, I believe you won’t be concerned that I’ll be up to no good.”

Klein considered it for a moment and made The World nod.

“No problem. I will need companions when heading to dangerous places. I hope that you will have the required strength.”

Alger wasn’t angered by The World’s tone as he heaved a sigh of relief.

“That’s why, I wish that your first exploration will be after I advance. Of course, if I were to lose control because of my potion, this agreement will naturally be null and void.”

“No problem,” The World replied without any qualms.

Alger didn’t harp on the topic. After obtaining Mr. Fool’s agreement, he conjured the situation of the primitive island on a goatskin.

It’s along the periphery of the Rorsted Sea… It’s quite a big island, almost the size of Blue Mountain Island… Klein received the goatskin and quickly scanned through it to gain a general understanding of the primitive island.

He quickly looked up and said, “I’ll hand over the potion formula and main ingredient after the gathering ends.”

“Alright.” Having made his choice, Alger no longer had any reservations. When hearing that, he felt upheavals going through his heart, but he appeared even more staid on the surface.

After the duo’s private conversation came to an end, Cattleya retracted her gaze at The World and looked at Fors.

“The Meteorite Crystal has been obtained. 600 pounds for 60 grams.”

That’s fast… Ma’am Hermit is really efficient! Fors felt delighted, but she was also stumped.

After last week’s gathering, she had already obtained the crystallized blood of a Lavos Squid. For that, she had paid 600 pounds, leaving her with 230 pounds. Adding the 150 pounds she received this week from her royalties, she was still short of 220 pounds.

I’ll first borrow from Xio. She should have that much… After I succeed in advancing, I’ll try to earn money as quickly as possible! I have to! Fors silently drew a breath and said, “Alright. We will do the transaction tomorrow at this time.”

The Hermit tersely acknowledged and, without wasting any time, looked at Audrey.

“The Black-hunting Giant Lizard’s spinal fluid has been confirmed. 1,800 pounds. There are temporarily no clues for the Illusory Chime Tree’s fruit.”

“That’s already very good. Better than I expected. Thank you, Ma’am Hermit.” Audrey sincerely thanked her without even minding the price.

She recently realized that there was a benefit to establishing the “Relic Search and Preservation Foundation.” She could use her funds in a more secretive and unnoticeable manner. It made it difficult for her parents to notice.

After confirming the two transactions, Cattleya surveyed the members as though she was one of them.

“Any clues to the blood of a Mythical Creature?”

Klein immediately controlled The World as he chuckled with a hoarse voice.

“Are you referring a pure Mythical Creature?”

Pure Mythical Creature? There are impure Mythical Creatures? Audrey and company were puzzled but interested by what they heard.

Cattleya was taken aback as she said, “A pure one, which means the blood of an angel. One drop is enough.”

She didn’t introduce it in detail back then, because she believed that for the time being such a high-level object wouldn’t appear in the Tarot Club unless Mr. Fool was willing to provide her with help. And clearly, Mr. Fool didn’t need anyone to explain to “Him” what a Mythical Creature was.

“I have certain clues, but I can’t guarantee that I can obtain it. Furthermore, it might take another three months at least.” Klein controlled The World to give the response.

The other Tarot Club members fell silent. They never expected The World to have clues to an angel’s blood!

What can’t he accomplish? Audrey, Fors, and company had their impression of Mr. World refreshed again.

As for Alger, he suspected that The World would seek Mr. Fool’s angel for a drop of blood.

After a brief moment of silence, Emlyn, who suddenly realized that his advancement wasn’t necessarily as obvious as the other members, weakly said, “Are there any clues regarding my previous commission?”

Fors immediately said, “There are suspected cases. I will continue investigating.”

Burdened with debt, she was motivated to work.

At the end of the trading segment, Derrick mentioned his request of buying the crystallized roots of the Tree of Elders. As for the feathers of a Spirit Pact Bird, the City of Silver had it in their special warehouse.

In addition, he also sought to purchase the Golden-edged Sunflower and other supplementary ingredients. They were commonly seen items in the outside world, but they were lacking in the Forsaken Land of God.

“The crystallized roots of the Tree of Elders and the supplementary ingredients aren’t difficult to obtain.” Emlyn’s attention was caught as he said, “Then, what can you use in exchange?”

Back when he provided Miss Justice with the fruit of the Tree of Elders, he had already learned where the crystallized roots were.

Derrick thought and said, “A Beyonder characteristic of a Sequence 5 Vampire?”

It was quite a commonly seen monster in the depths of the darkness.

“Sanguine!” Emlyn said through gritted teeth. “There’s no rush. I’ll tell you when I’ve decided what I need.”

He didn’t want an item obtained from a transaction to overlap with the prize of the hunting competition.

“Alright.” Having already owed a debt to The World, Derrick was relatively at ease.

After a moment of silence, Klein rapped the edge of the mottled table to indicate the commencement of the free exchange.