Chapter 717: The World and Hero Bandit

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Inside the ancient palace standing above the gray fog, Alger wasn’t in a rush to mention the matter regarding Crazy Captain Connors Viktor. He turned his head to look at The Sun.

“Are you still in Afternoon Town?”

Derrick nodded honestly.

“Yes, we took a very long time to establish a camp. Later, with small teams, we wiped out the remnant monsters, one street at a time, in search of any ancient ruins that might still exist. Although this process is slow, it’s sufficiently safe.”

His answer was extremely detailed, and it gave the impression that Mr. Hanged Man could ask more questions if he wished to know more.

Audrey listened with interest as she raised her hand slightly.

“With all of you staying in Afternoon Town for so long, what do you rely on for food? Is there any Black-Faced Grass nearby?”

She had long heard from Little Sun that the City of Silver relied on the Black-Faced Grass that they grew around the city as their source of sustenance.

“We carried a portion of powdered Black-Faced Grass, but the main source of food comes from hunting those monsters. Once the Beyonder characteristic is expelled, a large proportion of them can be eaten once we skin them and roast them with fire. However, there’s a certain degree of corruption in the meat, which will result in psychological problems. We can’t continuously consume the meat, and we will need to spread out the intervals,” Derrick replied in a serious manner to Miss Justice’s question.

Audrey recalled the few monsters in the depths of the darkness mentioned by Little Sun, and having terrifying vibes about the dark and eerie area around the City of Silver, she couldn’t help but press further, “Wouldn’t that be very disgusting?”

Fors, who was attentively listening to the other members’ conversation, was inspired by this question. She deliberately didn’t look at Emlyn as she asked Derrick with piqued curiosity, “I remember you mentioning that monsters in the depths of the darkness include Vampires. Their bodies run with pus and are extremely ugly. Then, how would you consume Vampires after killing them?”

Emlyn, who heard the question, forgot to correct her by informing her that Sanguine weren’t Vampires. His expression turned livid as he felt an inexplicable feeling of indescribable horror.

Derrick was silent for two seconds before saying, “There are some monsters that are indeed disgusting—very disgusting. Just like the Vampires as mentioned by Miss Magician, but we have no choice. As long as it’s edible, we will eat it.”

His voice gradually turned heavy, as though he once again deeply felt the tragedy that was the curse which enveloped the City of Silver.

The palace that looked like a giant’s residence fell silent once again. Even Emlyn, who wanted to retort Derrick, didn’t say a word. All he did was curl his lips and retract his arm.

A few seconds later, The World broke the silence with a chuckle.

“Let’s return to the sea. There have been certain matters that require your attention. Crazy Captain Connors Viktor’s Single-eyed Skull drifted to a nearby harbor after a storm. The masts were snapped, and there were charred marks. The entire crew, including Connors Viktor, died. No one survived.

Justice and company didn’t know who Crazy Captain was. They weren’t too interested in the news, other than being curious as to what caused this destructive naval tragedy.

On the other hand, Alger shared completely different thoughts from them.

There must be a tremendous secret if The World is paying attention to the matter regarding Crazy Captain! It’s no wonder His Eminence Kottman issued such an important command to get the Mandated Punisher and captains to investigate the situation! Alger’s eyes darted about slightly as he said after some thought, “In Bayam, the Church of Storms is actively investigating the people and matters surrounding Crazy Captain Connors Viktor.”

Heh, there’s no need for me to commission it… Klein chuckled inwardly and got The World to directly ask, “What clues does the Church of Storms possess?”

“I have no idea. I’ll try my best to understand the situation.” Alger frankly shook his head.

He believed that The World understood what he was implying—that he wasn’t exactly sure, but he would sound out what the Church knew.

Audrey, who was listening out of curiosity, realized that the matter regarding Crazy Captain wasn’t simple. Hence, she asked probingly, “Mr. World, isn’t this common infighting among pirates?”

Klein was just about to be perfunctory with Miss Justice but without divulging anything further when he suddenly thought of a problem.

Behind the Great Smog of Backlund and the disappearances, there might be a particular faction from the royal family. It also included some military personnel. And Miss Justice would lean towards the nobles and royal family both her emotions and from her standpoint. If there comes a day when I target those bastards who are deserving of death, she might not find it acceptable if I commission a mission to her. She might even fall into a dilemma…

Therefore, I should now inject the impression in her that the royal family and military have plenty of bad guys. I would subtly change the direction in which her standpoint and emotions are directed towards. For this, I can bear the burden that some of the information regarding The World is leaked… Klein thought for a moment and made The World say with a relaxed, but mocking tone, “Crazy Captain is related to the disappearance of the colonial slaves which Mr. Hanged Man was previously investigating.

“The Demoness Sect takes the people who are tricked or abducted and hands them over to Vice Admiral Ailment Tracy, and they have them ship the people over to the Northern Continent’s East Sea’s coast. Then, with Crazy Captain Connors Viktor, it completes the last mile. This pirate is intricately tied with many human traffickers and slave merchants in Loen.

“Back when I informed Mr. Hanged Man of the news in January, someone witnessed Baelen, who was involved in the disappearance cases, with a MI9 member who is loyal to the royal family.

“Also, Backlund’s largest human trafficker, Capim, had guards from the Arbiter pathway.

“With so many matters compounded together, do you think that Crazy Captain’s death is simply a result of pirate infighting?

“Heh heh, I’ve always wondered why the person behind all of this needs so many slaves.”

The connections between the clues were clearly presented before Audrey, Alger, and company. It made them suddenly realize a lot of things.

Mr. World left Backlund and headed for the sea to seek out clues. He’s always been investigating the truth behind the Great Smog and Prince Edessak’s death! According to the information he provided, it’s clear that the true murderer hasn’t been punished. He’s still hidden inside the royal family, and there’s a portion of the military who are working for him. How despicable! This kind of person should be thrown into hell! Hmm… How does Mr. World know that the guards around Capim were Beyonders from the Arbiter pathway? Did he fight with them? Audrey’s mind raced as she suddenly made the connection.

Capim was killed by Hero Bandit Black Emperor. The latter clearly knew which pathway Capim’s guards belonged to.

Hero Bandit Black Emperor is Mr. Fool’s Blessed.

Mr. World is suspected to have certain connections with Mr. Fool. He has never sought Emperor Roselle’s diary pages.

Therefore, Mr. World is Hero Bandit Black Emperor, and he’s also Mr. Fool’s Blessed?

He doesn’t hand in Emperor Roselle’s diary pages because he hands them over in private? Some of his actions from before were to hide his identity as a Blessed? This is a test given to him by Mr. Fool? It’s really hard to connect Mr. World with Hero Bandit Black Emperor. The latter feels like a hero… Audrey felt like she had stumbled upon the truth as she began to wonder what kind of person Mr. World, who was also Hero Bandit Black Emperor, was actually like in real life.

Alger and Cattleya instantly understood why Gehrman Sparrow had attacked Tracy.

This Blessed was seeking out the truth behind the Great Smog of Backlund!

And the truth hidden behind this was something Mr. Fool was interested in!

Fors and Emlyn, who lived in Backlund, also vaguely sensed something when The World mentioned Capim. After all, Hero Bandit Black Emperor’s legend was rather striking in the recent half a year. He became an important character in many run-of-the-mill novels. Even Fors herself had thought of making him the protagonist in a love story between a hero bandit and a young royal lady.

They finally understood why The World had noticed in time that something was brewing in Backlund and that a tragedy was about to happen. This was because this gentleman had been tracking the corresponding clues the entire time.

From the looks of it, the matter in Backlund is far from over. There will likely be another accident in the future… I really wish to flee from this place immediately, but Xio definitely wouldn’t want to. I have no way of explaining this to her… Fors suddenly had thoughts of fleeing Backlund.

Emlyn wasn’t too afraid. From his point of view, the Sanguine’s important figures were in Backlund and were definitely able to provide some protection if a disaster really happened.

After two seconds of silence, Alger said in a serious manner, “I will try my best to investigate this matter.”

He had already sensed that the truth behind Crazy Captain’s death hid a rather terrifying storm. As such, he was a little apprehensive and afraid, but he also trembled with excitement that he was involved in the most important matter regarding the Southern and Northern Continents.

After Cattleya heard that, she nodded.

“I will also seek out relevant information.

“If there are more clues provided, perhaps I might be able to help.”

Klein thought for a moment before letting The World speak frankly, “On the night of Crazy Captain’s death, a High-Sequence Beyonder suspected to be from the Black Emperor pathway appeared on his ship. However, this demigod managed to escape before Jahn Kottman arrived.”

Black Emperor pathway, demigod… Alger and Cattleya ruminated over these phrases as they considered an angle of attack.

Audrey and company were astonished that the Tarot Club had discussed the development of demigods to something directly involving demigods. The cases that they were involved in were really increasing in level. As for Derrick, he didn’t understand a thing.

With Crazy Captain’s matter coming to pass, Cattleya glanced at The World before deliberately mentioning her tidbit.

“Another incident happened at sea. Last week, the crazy adventurer Gehrman Sparrow hunted the second mate of the King of Immortality, Slaughterer Kircheis. He was a Sequence 5 Beyonder.”

“How impressive…” Fors, who was only a Sequence 8, sighed from the bottom of her heart. She knew very well what it meant to be a Sequence 5.

“Yes, he really is a legendary adventurer,” Audrey echoed.

Emlyn turned agape before he closed his mouth. He felt that he was still a distance away from that level.

Alger said without any signs of unrest, “It’s because of this that the investigation of Gehrman Sparrow’s origins has become an important mission of the various major organizations.”

Are you implying that the Church of Storms has gotten you to investigate me? Klein instantly read in between the lines as he made The World chuckle.

“I wonder where I can claim this commission? I wish to use some unimportant information in exchange for money. I have some understanding of Gehrman Sparrow.”

Oh, Mr. World is hinting that he doesn’t mind me exchanging what appears to be important but, in reality, is actually meaningless information regarding Gehrman Sparrow in exchange for rewards and trust? The Hanged Man nodded in enlightenment.

The free exchange continued for a while until Derrick finished learning this week’s list of ancient Hermes terms before everything came to a close.

After he watched the bowing Miss Justice and company leave, Klein cast his gaze onto Groselle’s Travels.