Chapter 745: Knowledge is Money

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Finally… At the instant that they reached a deal, Klein heaved a sigh of relief. He felt the pressure on him significantly decrease.

Although Miss Messenger had said that the 10,000 Loen gold coins could be paid in installments, and she hadn’t specified when it would begin, Klein didn’t wish to drag out payment for too long, afraid that he would incur the wrath of Reinette Tinekerr.

After all, she was a spirit world creature at the demigod level. If she really ended up mad, she had the means to make things difficult for her “employer” even if she was restricted by the contract!

Besides, the cost of acting as a tycoon is just too high. The salary of twenty plus servants and the corresponding costs is only just a tiny portion. There’s still the carriage, horses, wine, gifts for neighbors, banquets, and investments to conceal my status, each of them more expensive than the last. If I don’t save up enough cash, I’m afraid I’ll go bankrupt and be unable to continue…

Sigh, 6,500 pounds with the cash I already have should be able to last until I confirm my target, right? No, the experiences from the past two days have proven to me that I should never use my own understanding to imagine a tycoon’s life. I probably still need another five to six thousand pounds to barely maintain it… Klein wished to raise his hand to rub his temples, but he ultimately held back.

He soothed his mind and made The World look around again before saying with a hoarse laugh, “The second item is Biological Poison Bottle…”

He used a relatively succinct description to describe the conjured brownish translucent bottle. He emphasized the few poisonous traits it had, how long it took, how to prevent the effects ahead of time, and any negative effects it gave while carrying it.

Audrey felt a chill down her spine as she felt a little embarrassed. She felt the former because of the terrifying poison that made one rip off their skin and flesh, while the latter was a result of the strange aphrodisiac effects it had on a wide area.

This is truly a crazy mystical item… Hmm, it’s the type that needs to be prepared ahead of time to show its full effects. It’s quite useless against an ordinary Spectator because observation and reading minds can help the Low-Sequence Beyonders of this pathway detect the danger ahead of time and make the necessary actions… However, there’s no need for me to do so. If I were to detect danger ahead of time, I can directly cry out for my guards… B-besides, I don’t like such effects! It will easily harm myself! Audrey, you’re already a mature and rational Beyonder. You can’t buy everything you see! Audrey seriously considered it for a few seconds before giving up on asking the price.

Seeing Miss Justice not ask for the price, Klein couldn’t help but let The World add, “5,200 pounds.”

Audrey bit down on her inner lips as she politely shook her head.

“I wish to obtain a mystical item that’s more offensive in nature.”

Spectator was a pathway that lacked any direct attacks in the early stages, one that was only effective at affecting or controlling their targets.

“5,200 pounds.” Alger, Fors, and Emlyn repeated the price softly in unison before they shirked all thoughts about it.

“5,200 pounds…” Cattleya suddenly seemed to recall something as she paused obviously. She then quickly added, “It’s not necessary for me.”

Ma’am Hermit seems to be afraid of something… Audrey acutely read her emotions.

For a split second, Cattleya felt that the Biological Poison Bottle had a lot of synergy with Poison Expert Frank Lee. Furthermore, their powers didn’t overlap too significantly, and they even complemented one another. She was wondering if she should purchase it for her first mate since he had saved up quite a bit of money, but considering how Frank Lee might come up with terrifying experiments after obtaining the Biological Poison Bottle, she trembled and gave up on the idea.

She didn’t wish to see the deck of the Future produce the children of the crew, the kind that mooed.

After the gathering is over, I’ll write to Miss Sharron and tell her that Admiral of Blood’s necklace has been sold. All that’s left is the Biological Poison Bottle… Klein hid his disappointment, and after some thought, made The World speak, “I have a Book of Secrets. It’s a book on mysticism left behind by the Southern Continent’s Shaman King Klarman. It’s suitable for Mid-Sequence Beyonders who have pretty good foundations.

“The price is 1,000 pounds.”

Knowledge is money!

Having undergone the teachings of Mr. Fool, Mr. Hanged Man and the other members of the Psychology Alchemists, Audrey was tempted.

She now had an extremely solid foundation in mysticism, and she had a desire to improve further.

The Psychology Alchemists will likely teach me some mysticism knowledge of a higher level in the future, but it will definitely not be all-encompassing and will be limited to the domain of the mind… Audrey easily convinced herself as she nodded.

“This is exactly what I want.”

Fors was equally interested, but the thought of how much money she had made her close her mouth. As for the other members, they didn’t lack such knowledge.

As expected of Miss Justice. She doesn’t bargain at all. My bottom line was actually 800 pounds. No, I don’t have one at all. It’s not like knowledge can only be sold once… Klein happily made The World chuckle.


“However, I have to remind you not to pray to the Primordial Moon. It will make you become a lump of squirming flesh that only knows to wildly mate with different creatures to produce all kinds of children. Of course, you cannot pray to other secret existences. It will be equally dangerous.”

Audrey was terrified by what she heard as she couldn’t help but change her seating posture.

She then calmed down, turning to look at the end of the long bronze table. She said firmly, “I’ll only pray to Mr. Fool when holding a secret ritual.”

She had spoken with utmost sincerity and without any hypocrisy.

Miss Justice really worships and trusts The Fool… Klein felt touched and a little ashamed. This was because the Sea God Scepter’s domain didn’t overlap with the Primordial Moon. He was unable to provide an effective response in certain rituals. All he could do was attempt to use some of the powers of the mysterious space above the gray fog as feedback.

Following that, as The Fool, he expressed his attitude on the matter:

“Very good.”

Meanwhile, having achieved his goal, he made The World say, “I have an Interrogator Beyonder characteristic here for just 1,200 pounds.”

… How many items does he have… Fors was dumbfounded.

Considering how Xio was still lacking in money and lacked the corresponding formula, all she could do was retract her gaze and pretend as though she hadn’t heard him.

As for the Interrogator Beyonder characteristic which was in the hands of Mr. Fool’s subordinate, she didn’t believe that he would keep it that long for her.

Seeing no one respond, The World coughed and said, “I’m done.”

Just as he said that, Alger, who had been waiting all this time, looked at Cattleya and said, “I wish to know where Obninsk sea monsters that do not belong to the Church of Storms are.”

Obninsk sea monsters that don’t belong to the Church of Storms? The Hanged Man really isn’t a member of the Church of Storms? Cattleya frowned a little before easing them.

“I’ll help you ask. We’ll talk about the price when I have actual clues.”

“Alright.” Alger silently sighed.

A few seconds prevailed before Emlyn said to Fors, “I’ll pay you the 100 pounds for the clue today.”

“Thank you,” Fors said without a delightful expression.

Mr. World’s transactions were all in the thousands or more. It made her feel a little numb to such a pittance.

Emlyn then looked towards Derrick.

“The crystallized roots of the Tree of Elders and supplementary ingredients you need have been acquired.

“Hand me the list of resources and monsters around the City of Silver, and I’ll choose a few items of equal value.

“Oh, they cost me a total of 2,000 pounds. Adding my payment of 200 pounds, it will be a total of 2,200 pounds.”

Emlyn only wished to obtain things that he could quickly sell; otherwise, he wouldn’t have much money.

“Alright. Eh, thank you, Mr. Moon.” Derrick was delighted for he suddenly felt that Mr. Moon wasn’t that irritating after all.

He quickly conjured the corresponding list and handed it over to Emlyn.

Emlyn casually flipped through the piece of paper and suddenly felt that it wasn’t right.

This was because just this piece of information had extremely high value. It presented the detailed information and corresponding resources around the City of Silver!

I remember that they didn’t pay to see this list… Emlyn couldn’t help but glance at The Hanged Man Alger and The Hermit Cattleya.

At that instant, he seemed to understand something.

When he looked at The Sun again, Emlyn had a newfound sense of superiority, as well as a sense of guilt he couldn’t get rid of. He cleared his throat and said, “This, this, also this…”

Derrick seriously memorized what was said, and he indicated that there was no need for him to return to the City of Silver, as those could be gathered around Afternoon Town.

Following that, Audrey inquired about clues to the fruit of an Illusory Chime Tree, but she received a disappointing answer.

When the transactions came to an end, it didn’t need The Fool to announce it, as they automatically entered a free exchange.

Alger looked towards Little Sun and said, “Are you still in Afternoon Town?”

“Yes, but we will be returning to the City of Silver soon. The new expedition team arrived today.” Derrick not only answered Mr. Hanged Man’s question seriously, but he even offered a tidbit. “I’ve already told the Chief that while clearing out the Afternoon Town monsters, I obtained the potion formula for Notary.”

The Hanged Man nodded slightly and said, “What was his attitude?”

“He only said ‘very good,’” Derrick carefully recalled what had happened.

Alger chuckled when he heard that.

“You can be at ease. Your Chief is very happy to see you grow. In contrast, he will be more wary of the Elder Council’s Shepherd.”

He didn’t continue on the topic as he informed all the members of a piece of news:

“Recently, many pirates have been heading to Bansy Harbor. They discovered that it has already been completely destroyed. Even if it’s rebuilt, it would take several years.”