Chapter 767: Passing a Message

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Grimm, who got infected on the nameless island and was undeniably deceased, appeared once again on the nameless island? Emperor, when did you start writing horror stories? Also, where’s the rest? Klein’s gaze froze onto the last line of the third diary page, and he discovered that there wasn’t any new information.

Apart from that, he was similarly alarmed by Emperor Roselle’s description of the Beyonder creatures strange gathering and their worship of an unknown entity. One had to understand that not all Beyonder creatures had intelligence and could be communicated with. Many of them were monsters who had lost control or had madness as an innate property.

And these monsters that had lost control were gathered together, worshiping some unknown existence!

Unfortunately, the emperor didn’t leave behind the coordinates of the nameless island… However, even if he had recorded it, I wouldn’t dare to head over, for fear of any infection. If I were to die only to be revived on the island, that would be troublesome… I’ll need to be at least a Sequence 4 or even a Sequence 3 before I’ll have what it takes to explore it… As Klein thought, he made the diary in his hand vanish. He then turned to look at Cattleya and asked with a smile, “What’s your request?”

Cattleya asked without even thinking, “Honorable Mr. Fool, I wish to know if Emperor Roselle once participated in a very secretive and very ancient organization.”

Very secretive and very ancient… Twilight Hermit Order? Emperor Roselle used to be a member of it? Audrey suddenly recalled Mr. Fool’s previous mention of that organization.

Alger recalled the corresponding matter and remembered that in Miss Justice’s description of the Desire Apostle case in Backlund, there was a mysterious organization mentioned. Back then, Mr. Fool had told the members not to say the organization’s name in the outside world, because “any mention of it will be known!”

Such an organization does match Emperor Roselle’s status… Alger nodded inwardly.

As for Klein, he thought of something else.

Queen Mystic’s choice of diary pages are vague. She isn’t able to accurately and precisely ask questions based on the content. It also means that she roughly knows that diary pages from certain periods are very important with key information within them, or she is able to discern Roselle’s emotions from when it was written.

As for Ma’am Hermit’s question, it didn’t pose any problems for Klein. He smiled and said, “Yes.”

At the same time, he silently warned himself, In the future, I need to be careful that Queen Mystic’s questions might be completely unrelated to the diary pages she hands over… Thankfully, I’ve read quite a number of Roselle’s diary, and I have quite a good understanding of the emperor…

After saying that, he added and said with a smile, “It’s your turn.”

He didn’t directly mention the Twilight Hermit Order, wishing that he could answer another question based on this topic in the future.

Cattleya bowed and expressed her gratitude before looking at The Magician.

“I wish to obtain clues regarding the direct descendants of the Abraham family. 1000 pounds.”

She had no psychological burden when it came to offering a price, as Queen Mystic could definitely provide compensation for her.

Why did you directly look at me? She already knows that my teacher is a member of the Abraham family? Fors was first alarmed before realizing that it was nothing surprising. This was because this matter wasn’t a secret to the other members of the Tarot Club apart from Ma’am Hermit. It was very normal for them to mention it after completing a transaction with her.

Although 1,000 pounds was very attractive, Fors didn’t plan on selling information on her teacher. In all her life, there were only a handful of people who had been truly sincere to her; therefore, she cherished such relationships.

After some deliberation, Fors asked, “Why are you looking for them?

“If you can provide a reason, I can pass the message. As for any further developments, it will depend on them. I have no say on those matters.”

Indeed, she might appear ordinary, but she actually conceals many secrets. She’s a lady who’s cautious and meticulous… Cattleya sighed inwardly as she said with a nod, “That’s very reasonable.

“I’m searching for the direct descendants of the Abraham family in the hopes of obtaining information on Mr. Door. Pass this message to them and see if there’s a chance for cooperating.

“Well, just for passing on the message, I’ll pay you 350 pounds. If they’re willing to take up the matter, I’ll pay another 650 pounds.”

Fors held back for a full second before answering, “Deal.”

After saying that, she came to realize the hidden meaning behind Ma’am Hermit’s words.

Mr. Door is related to the Abraham family? That’s right. My bracelet came from Ma’am Aulisa, and it came from the Abraham family… Yes, Teacher still doesn’t know that I’m aware he’s part of the Abraham family… I can only casually mention it in my letters that someone was searching for the direct descendants of the Abraham family at a particular gathering, and that it has something to do with Mr. Door… I wonder what kind of reaction Teacher will have…

At this point, Miss Justice was happy for her friend, sensing that her friend had escaped the predicament of being broke.

Fors is already Sequence 7. She has almost caught up to me. I have to become a Hypnotist as soon as possible… As she had such thoughts, she glanced at the Tarot Club members, wishing that they had clues to the fruit of an Illusory Chime Tree.

Miss Justice’s gaze really makes it hard to say no… Fors lowered her head in embarrassment. This was because she had yet to obtain any clues regarding the fruit of an Illusory Chime Tree in her circles.

Sitting across from Audrey, Alger thought for two seconds and said, “I have clues, but it will take two weeks before I can obtain it.”

He did have clues. A long time ago, he had discovered an Illusory Chime Tree when he entered the primitive island with Qilangos. But due to his lacking strength, he didn’t attempt to approach it. And now, he had the chance of advancing to Sequence 5. He naturally didn’t want to give up any opportunities for making money. After all, he still owed Admiral of Stars for the information of the Obninsks.

As for why he was mentioning it now, in a sense, it was to declare his rights. When the time came, he and The World would explore together. It was best to decide the splitting of the spoils ahead of time to prevent any conflict.

Of course, when dealing with the Illusory Chime Tree, it was likely that Gehrman Sparrow would idly stand at the side without rendering any assistance.

“No problem!” Audrey was delighted, and she didn’t even ask for a price.

She was already beginning to consider finding an excuse or a reason to directly buy it from the Psychology Alchemists after returning to Backlund in June.

With the two transactions coming to an end, due to none of the other members having any requests for the time being, Cattleya repeated her search for the blood of a Mythical Creature and Emlyn once again mentioned that he was searching for the remaining four believers of the Primordial Moon. Then, the Tarot Gathering entered the free exchange segment.

Derrick very naturally said, “I’ve already become a Notary.”

You don’t have to tell us that… The Hanged Man had the urge to facepalm, but he replied with a calm voice, “Although a Notary will receive a massive boost in one’s physical attributes, it’s still more of a support role. If the notarization of a power is valid, you’ll have them temporarily enhanced. If the notarization is invalid, the Beyonder powers will be forcefully dispersed. At the same time, a Notary is good at creating contracts. Once a signature is provided as confirmation, even a Sequence 5 cannot violate it. Even if a Sequence 4 demigod tries to forcefully violate the contract, they will have to pay quite a price…”

As a member of the Church of Storms, it was one of the basics for him to know the strengths and weaknesses of the Sun pathway; therefore, Alger carefully explained the exact situation for Little Sun. He also reminded him to select a mystical item that was good at controlling a target. If there wasn’t any, it was best to select something with powerful offensive strength.

“Thank you, Mr. Hanged Man,” Derrick thanked him from the bottom of his heart.

Deep down, in the entire Tarot Club, he felt that the greatest and most respectable person was Mr. Fool, and the most impressive person to strive for as a role model was Mr. World. And the most reliable and kind person was none other than wise Mr. Hanged Man.

Towards this, Emlyn thought, This fellow has actually caught up to me. No, I can’t be surpassed by him. I need to complete the hunting competition as soon as possible to get the rewards!

He contemplated for a few seconds, and after receiving Mr. Fool’s permission, he conjured the thin Moon Puppet that resembled a wooden pole.

“Ladies and gentlemen, does anyone of you know what this is?”

He knew that Mr. Fool was definitely aware of the answer, but he temporarily didn’t have anything he could use for an equal exchange with this mighty existence. Therefore, he could only rely on the other members of the Tarot Club for any answers.

Isn’t this the puppet I saw at that gathering? Mr. Moon already found his target… Fors similarly waited for others to give an answer out of curiosity.

Cattleya carefully observed it before frowning.

“It’s likely a Moon Envoy.

“It’s a Beyonder item that Primordial Moon believers create by using a bloody ritual that spans centuries. It’s said to be imbued with divine powers. Each one of them possesses an unimaginable horror.

“Where did you obtain it from? It’s very dangerous. It’s best that you hand it over to the upper echelons of the Sanguine.”

Emlyn changed his sitting posture and chuckled.

“I encountered it when hunting the Primordial Moon believer.

“She’s already dead, while I’m still alive.”

Mr. Moon’s flaunting of himself is really obvious… The senior Spectator, Audrey, chuckled inwardly.

Cattleya was taken aback. Without deliberately hiding anything, she asked, “How did you do it?

“Did the upper echelons of the Sanguine provide you with assistance?”

Emlyn gaped, somewhat at a loss for words.

Only then did he realize that this topic wasn’t suitable for a deeper discussion.

“Ahem.” He cleared his throat and looked towards the end of the long bronze table. “I sought help from Mr. Fool.”