Chapter 768: “Conversation” Between Smart People

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Sought help from Mr. Fool? You can do that? Cattleya was stunned by what she heard.

Having been punished and discovering that “His” Blessed, Gehrman Sparrow, was becoming more and more impressive, she no longer had any doubts regarding Mr. Fool’s status or abilities. She even knew that when Mr. Fool pulled her in through the use of an ancient item, allowing her to escape the pursuit of knowledge, she had come to realize that “He” was an existence at least at the level of the Hidden Sage or Primordial Moon. However, for certain reasons, “He” wasn’t able to interfere with the real world, making her suspect “Him” to be an ancient god that was undergoing an awakening process.

The Moon’s words left her surprised that Mr. Fool was able to provide substantial help to the Tarot Club members, and wasn’t just someone who could only provide knowledge or pull them above the gray fog.

On the one hand, this means that in times of danger, I can also pray directly to Mr. Fool for help… This is more ridiculous than any ritual… On the other hand, it reveals the fact that Mr. Fool’s recovery process is faster than I had imagined… Many thoughts instantly flashed through Cattleya’s mind.

Audrey, Derrick, and company weren’t that surprised. They had more or less sought Mr. Fool’s help in the past, and they had even witnessed the angel under this great existence.

Seeing everyone’s gaze fall on him, Emlyn shrank his neck as he lifted his chin.

“I paid a price.

“It was a fair and equal exchange!”

Fair and equal exchange… A mighty existence’s immediate and effective response is priceless! Cattleya couldn’t help but retort inwardly.

She didn’t directly say it, because she too wished to use the opportunity of such a “fair and equal exchange” in the future. It would imply that she would have an additional life compared to others!

Fors was quite puzzled by Mr. Moon’s deliberate emphasis on the principle of fair and equal exchange. Everyone who had sought Mr. Fool’s help had made a corresponding payment!

Mr. Moon sure is a man who cares about his reputation, no—a Sanguine… Audrey seriously evaluated Emlyn’s emotional changes that happened over a span of seconds.

As the exchange continued, the Tarot Gathering slowly came to an end.

After returning to the City of Silver, Derrick first recalled a Notary’s strengths and weaknesses mentioned by Mr. Hanged Man. Then, he once again headed for the twin towers that was north of the city to select a mystical item.

He didn’t do this before, because his condition wasn’t stable after advancing. He was worried that making contact with a mystical item would lead to him losing control.

Inside the spire, Derrick Berg listed his requirements after finishing the paperwork. He saw a filtered list of items and obtained the corresponding documents that contained the information.

After having a careful read and observation period, he quickly narrowed down the choices to two:

The first was Cardi’s Ring. It was ancient and simple in appearance, and it was completely iron-black in color. It was engraved with dark and complicated patterns. It was left behind by a resident of the City of Silver a long time ago. It could aid the wearer in awing a target, causing them to stop. It could also make ordinary humans temporarily lose their reason, or it could awaken the hidden emotions and memories of a crazy monster, allowing them to enter a brief period of confusion in which they wouldn’t deliver any attacks.

The other item was Thunder God’s Roar. It was obtained from a city that was in ruins. It was rather heavy and resembled a sledgehammer. It was dark blue in color while silver lightning swirled around it. Holding its handle felt like holding the leg bone of a creature. It could produce sounds that left the enemy in fear and chaos while in combat, as though a Thunder God had descended upon the ground as “He” kept roaring. Every strike brought with it a potent destructiveness with no lack of terrifying lightning.

The negative effect of Cardi’s Ring was that the wearer would unknowingly produce another “self.” Therefore, one needed to periodically receive treatment from a Psyche Analyst. If there were any missed treatments, then it could result in the aggravation of the problem, making it harder to treat. And eventually, the two selves would enter a fight, ultimately leading to losing control.

In contrast, Thunder God’s Roar didn’t have that many latent risks. It would only make the user be a little irascible bit by bit. As long as one periodically vented their emotions, there wouldn’t be a problem. However, it also had another side effect. In a completely dark environment, the chances of being attacked by terrifying monsters from the depths of darkness was one hundred percent!

The chances of being attacked is one hundred percent… Upon seeing this number, Derrick turned gloomy. This meant that many City of Silver residents had vanished because of this reason.

They were the former owners of Thunder God’s Roar!

Which should I choose? Generating another “self” is terrifying. Miss Justice has mentioned before that it’s called dissociative identity disorder… Thunder God’s Roar not only has a power that affects the enemy’s state, but it also has a rather powerful offensive capability… My Axe of Hurricane has been used too many times, so it will likely be damaged ahead of time… I can produce light by myself, so I don’t have to be worried about absolute darkness… Derrick thought for a moment and pointed at the dark blue sledgehammer.

“I want Thunder God’s Roar.”

160 Böklund Street. Klein walked out of his master bedroom and saw Butler Walter waiting for him with a few invitation letters in hand.

“Sir, there are a total of three invitations this week. There’s an afternoon tea session on Wednesday, a literary salon on Friday, and a banquet on Saturday. They were sent from…”

Klein listened with a warm expression before saying with a smile, “Tell these friendly inviters that I’ll be participating.”

“Alright, sir.” Walter bowed and left the third story.

Seeing the figure disappear from the stairwell, Klein couldn’t help but sigh inwardly.

After another week of such invitations, it will be my turn to invite my neighbors for a banquet or a ball…

By repeating this act of inviting others and being invited, I’ll really enter their circles and would be recommended by them to important figures at even higher levels. I’ll be able to enter different clubs…

Heh heh, such recommendations are definitely established on a foundation of having sufficient wealth. A person without any value wouldn’t be recommended…

Socializing for high society is truly troublesome. It’ll take at least another month before I’ll get to make contact with people who were slightly involved in the Great Smog of Backlund… The Church is easier. As long as there’s enough donations and enough piousness, I’ll be able to freely enter and exit to listen to the bishop’s preachings. Of course, that’s on the premise I pass the investigation…

If everything goes well, I’ll be able to figure out the rotation schedule of the Keepers and find a chance to go behind Chanis Gate…

Klein reined in his thoughts as he instructed his valet, Richardson, to bring him his coat, hat, and cane.

According to his schedule, he was to head to the Royal Grand Theater to see the most popular play, “The Betrayer’s Ring,” in recent times.

This isn’t solely for entertainment. It’s to understand the popular plays, famous music, and trending novels. Only then could he have a common topic of conversation at the various high society gatherings.

Being a popular gentleman must be tiring. Behind a one-minute performance lies ten years of hard work… Social gatherings such as these are really exhausting… As Klein lampooned, he allowed Richardson to help him wear a coat before he sat in his high-end four-wheeled carriage. He headed for the Royal Grand Theater in West Borough, where he had a luxurious box to himself, and watched “The Betrayer’s Ring.”

It’s different from television and movies. A play’s acting is more exaggerated and impactful. Yes, this is determined by the acting environment…

The story isn’t bad. But why does it seem familiar? Don’t tell me that it’s a story adapted from Emperor Roselle’s works…

These are likely famous play actors. The papers have mentioned them before. It’s said that they’re very popular, just like celebrities on Earth during the age of the Internet…

As long as I participate in the gatherings of high society, I’ll definitely have the opportunity of meeting them… As Klein watched the play, he habitually lampooned inwardly.

Cherwood Borough, at the ticket booth of a large theater.

Melissa, who finally had her turn, pushed the notes and coins through the booth window and said, “The Betrayer’s Ring. Two tickets. 3 p.m. on Sunday.”

After watching “The Betrayer’s Ring,” Klein sat in his carriage as he sipped a cup of black tea and received the evening papers that Richardson had purchased.

He first flipped through the play’s critic column, and he found the comments from some professional critics. He compared their reviews to his own, and he gradually formulated a unique and profound experience.

Yes, at the very least, it’s enough to fool those ladies and gentlemen… After Klein finished his “homework,” he leisurely read the papers and was surprised to find a piece of news.

“The Backlund Bike Company’s 10% shares have been sold. Further inquiries won’t be entertained!”

It’s done? By publishing this piece of news, it means Mr. Isengard has already received the money… Klein was first delighted before he frowned slightly.

His gaze landed on the exclamation mark at the end!

The information was indeed what he and Isengard Stanton had agreed upon ahead of time, but he found that exclamation mark was rather harsh on the eyes.

Such a statement doesn’t need an exclamation mark… Mr. Isengard is a person who pays attention to details. He wouldn’t give the papers free rein… He deliberately left the exclamation to pass a message?

He’s giving a warning? While pondering, Klein suddenly realized something.

The 10% shares which Isengard Stanton sold are obviously from Sherlock Moriarty. With the former’s character, he wouldn’t sell it for no reason. In a certain sense, this means that Sherlock Moriarty or his proxy has returned to Backlund!

Therefore, one of the factions of the royal family that was involved with the Great Smog of Backlund had acutely noticed this situation and has begun monitoring Detective Isengard Stanton, hoping to capture the person who heads over to claim the cash!

How should I get the money… Klein seemed to naturally read the papers as he began seriously considering the pertinent question.