Chapter 771: Luck Siphon

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What item would a Snake of Fate be interested in? Klein slowly sat up and leaned against a pillow.

He thought for some time and decided to consider it at a later date. After all, he was still at least a month away from Will Auceptin’s birth. He could also leave the question for The Hermit Cattleya and Queen Mystic Bernadette, who was backing her, to rack their brains over.

Of course, Klein didn’t eliminate the possibility of Will Auceptin’s sudden choice of having an early birth.

He slowly turned his attention into creating a Worm of Time charm. According to Will Auceptin’s explanation, he had most of the conditions required, but he was just short of the corresponding symbol.

Pray to The Fool and use the powers of the mysterious space above the gray fog… I wonder if a symbol corresponding to the Marauder pathway would work… Even if it does, I don’t know what it is. Unless I pull a Marauder above the gray fog and let the high-back chair produce the corresponding pattern… As Klein thought about the details, he suddenly had an idea.

In that case, perhaps he could try the symbol behind The Fool’s chair!

It was the Pupil-less Eye, a symbol representing secrecy, and the Contorted Lines that represented change!

I wonder if it will work… Divination won’t be able to rule it out by elimination, but I can predict if the attempt will be successful. Besides, even if it fails, it shouldn’t be too big a problem. After all, I’m praying to myself. Even if the material were to be wasted in the experiment, it would enter above the gray fog and not be lost… With this in mind, Klein felt pumped. He couldn’t help but get out of bed to try out the experiment that very night!

A material like the Worm of Time that’s left behind by a Marauder demigod at Amon’s level still has its essence and level even if it’s dead. When using it for a charm, it might not reach the level of an angel for various reasons, but it wouldn’t be too far off. It’ll be about the peak strength of a Saint. If Klein succeeded, it would be equivalent to having an additional trump card. At critical points in time, it might give him an additional life. So how could he not be excited and expectant!?

I can only stir some of the powers of the mysterious space above the gray fog. The level of the Worm of Time charm will likely drop a little more. But regardless, it will definitely be like the Ninth Law given to me by Admiral Amyrius… If I used the Blatherer’s aura to create a high-level charm in the Devil domain, it will likely be at the level of the Ninth Law. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t dare to pray to the Dark Side of the Universe… Klein wore his pajamas as he stood barefooted. He walked took four steps counterclockwise on a thick carpet as he chanted the incantation before entering above the gray fog.

Sitting at The Fool’s seat at the end of the long bronze table, he conjured a dark red fortune-teller and yellowish-brown goatskin. He wrote down the corresponding divination statement:

“The charm I’m about to begin making will be successful.”

Unwinding the spirit pendulum from his wrist, Klein held it with his left hand and entered the state of Cogitation.

After repeating the divination statement seven times, he opened his eyes and saw the topaz spinning counterclockwise at a rather slow speed and ordinary amplitude.

This means that it will succeed… But that begs the question, will it successfully verify that the symbol I use is effective, or successfully verify that it doesn’t work? As an experienced Seer, Klein attempted to interpret the revelation, but he failed to obtain any confirmation.

With regards to that, he could only decide to experiment. There was no way for him to eliminate the mistakes if he didn’t do so.

Right on the heels of that, Klein wrote a new divination statement:

“The assassination of Mr. X this Friday will be dangerous.”

This time, the topaz pendant continued spinning clockwise at a faster frequency and greater amplitude.

There’s significant danger, but it doesn’t reach the level of a demigod’s participation, much less that of a King of Angels… If it involves an existence of that level, “He” will definitely sense my divination and resist it… From the looks of it, Angel of Fate Ouroboros will soon be led out of Backlund… This means that the danger itself is a result of Mr. X and his subordinates. It’s within the limits of what I can handle… As long as I don’t make a mistake, the chances of success are pretty high… Klein made a judgment, put down the pen and paper, and returned to the real world.

As a mysticism expert who often created charms, he had no lack of common materials. He immediately got out some candles and lit them on the table. Following that, he set up a simple altar against the glow of dusk. He then used a piece of silver to draw out the combined symbol that represented The Fool.

As Klein didn’t know what Path Number The Fool represented or what magic labels there were, he could only ensure that both sides remained equal. According to the books of charms he had read, these would similarly satisfy the rules of mysticism, but the corresponding might would be reduced. The chances of failure would rise because the existence that one was praying to could consider it as being irreverent and not pious enough. Of course, it wasn’t a problem for Klein since he wouldn’t reject himself.

After completing the act of carving the symbol, Klein found a metal bottle and used his spirituality together with a container, and he then poured the mercury out and filled the carved out pattern.

This time, he decided to complete only the front side for now. He would then summon himself and respond to himself. He would then bring the worm with the twelve translucent rings back to the room and then place it on a silver sheet.

After doing all of this, Klein adjusted the altar and took two steps back. He then said in ancient Hermes, “The Fool that doesn’t belong to this era.”

Following the process, he completed the necessary steps before taking four steps counterclockwise and entered the space above the gray fog. After imbuing himself with the Black Emperor card, he used his spirituality to stir a tiny amount of the powers above the gray fog to respond to his prayers.

While the surging energy poured into the circle of light, Klein didn’t hesitate to return to the real world. He saw the altar had turned dark and gloomy, as though there were countless secrets hidden here. And the silver sheet had already floated up, fusing with the Worm of Time’s corpse.

Klein took two steps forward, flipped the silver sheet around, and he filled the carved symbol on the back with mercury.

As the lines lit up, they effused a hazy luster.

Klein rapidly retracted his arms and saw the luster grow richer. He then enveloped the silver sheet and the Worm of Time’s corpse inside.

Suddenly, the darkness around the altar distorted as the entire space seemed to turn abnormal.

This change disappeared as fast as it came. The charms filled with strange patterns slowly landed on the desk. It was entirely translucent in color and was dark black. It was like a miniature card made out of a special crystal. It also resembled the eyes of a particular existence that was watching this world.

It succeeded! It really works! Klein was delighted as he hurriedly picked up the charm. He found it cold to the touch as if he was touching snow.

Regardless of the resulting effects of the charm, just its formation had meant a success!

Klein had once again obtained a high-level charm at the demigod level!

He busied himself again, bringing the completed item above the gray fog. He then used dream divination to figure out how to use it.

The charm which was in the shape of a black crystal card had only one effect, but it was highly potent. It was to siphon off the luck of others. And to be precise, it was to graft fate—a period of the target’s fate would be grafted onto the user!

The simplest situation would be when an enemy is about to kill me, I’ll use this charm, siphoning off his fate of surviving, as well as grafting the fate of impending death onto thim. Then, the situation would be developed into him clearly succeeding, only for him to die… It does match the Marauder pathway’s usual traits, but it’s more sinister and terrifying… It’s going from stealing wealth to stealing fate… If the Worm of Time were alive, and I was able to fully employ the power of the mysterious space above the gray fog, this charm might even point towards the domain of time… As Klein thought, he felt a sense of fear.

If it wasn’t for the assistance that this mysterious space had given him by obstructing and purging things, he had no way to deal with a Worm of Time!

Phew, now it’s mine… I can’t call it a Worm of Time anymore. I’ll just call it Luck Siphon… Klein once again got busy as he brought back the Luck Siphon charm to the real world.

After dealing with the traces of the ritual, he gravely placed the high-level charm into the iron cigar case, putting it together with Azik’s copper whistle and the Senor gold coin. He then sealed and isolated the case with a wall of spirituality.

Being in a good mood, Klein didn’t feel sleepy. He drew the curtains a little and allowed the crimson moonlight to shine in, illuminating his room with tranquility and silence.

While he was enjoying the scenery, he suddenly saw a figure sneak out from Member of Parliament Macht’s house as it approached amidst the shadows.

It was none other than Hazel Macht. She once again headed for the sewers, removed the manhole cover, climbed down, and didn’t forget to close the cover.

Why is she always heading into the sewers? It’s not likely for her to be heading to other areas from here to act like a superhero in the mysterious world. After all, each trip doesn’t take her more than an hour. Unless she has very reliable intelligence, it’s difficult to achieve anything. Besides, this will make it easy for her to be caught by the official Beyonders… Together with the scene provided to me by Arrodes, she’s likely finding something… Hmm, it’s very easy for her to encounter danger if she keeps heading into the sewers… Klein stood behind the curtain gap as he observed what was happening under the serene night.

He didn’t attempt to warn Hazel or let the Wraith possess her to let her understand the dangers of the Beyonder world. Firstly, this was because he had quite a subjective view that Hazel’s sense of superiority was due to a result of her lacking knowledge in mysticism, so he couldn’t be sure. Secondly, he wasn’t sure how she had obtained Beyonder powers and a mystical item. Warning her out of gratitude for her kind deed earlier would easily attract unwanted attention or even trouble.

After enjoying an evening of peace, Klein returned to bed and slept till daybreak.

Before Richardson entered, he turned into Gehrman Sparrow and prayed to The Fool:

“…I can accept the mission, but regardless of the outcome, I want a stone from that bracelet of yours, as well as the ability to use that spellbook of yours for some time.

“If it succeeds, all spoils of war will be mine. You can only take the target’s head.

“If required, you will need to provide assistance.”