Chapter 772: Walter’s Abnormality

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He wants a stone from my bracelet and the right to use Leymano’s Travels for some time? How does he know that I have those two items? I don’t remember mentioning it during the Tarot Gatherings… After hearing Gehrman Sparrow’s response, Fors was bewildered and rather shocked. It felt like he had seen through all her secrets.

She tensed up as she quickly tried recalling how this information could’ve been leaked.

Aside from Teacher, Xio, and Mr. Fool, no one knows that I have these two items, especially Leymano’s Travels. I haven’t even used it… Mr. Fool… Hmm, Mr. World appears quite strange during the Tarot Gatherings; he never hands over Emperor Roselle’s diary pages, and he doesn’t seem to put any effort into this, nor does he show any concern… He and Mr. Fool have a deeper connection. He obtains the relevant information from “Him”? A believer or a Blessed? Fors carefully thought over the matter as she grasped something, easing her horror from before.

Only at this moment did she have the time and energy to consider if she could accept Gehrman Sparrow’s requests.

To Fors, such a price was too cheap, far lower than she had expected. Furthermore, it was reasonable!

As a Beyonder who seldom went out and just stayed home writing and resting, lending Leymano’s Travels for some time didn’t affect her safety or her need to use it. And likewise, giving one of the two remaining stones in the bracelet that allowed her to travel through the spirit world didn’t cause her to lose all her trump cards.

The only problem is that Mr. World seems to be willing to only try it once. If he fails, he will still take the payment… Yes, with the fact that he needs to bear the risk, that’s normal… I originally imagined that I would need to help him do many things and obtain a reward from Teacher by using the traitor’s head to repay the debt… Fors thought calmly for a few seconds before she prayed to Mr. Fool:

“…Please inform Mr. World that I accept his conditions, and I will try my best to provide him assistance in the operation.”

He originally wished to warn Gehrman Sparrow that using the stone might result in the side effect of receiving the ravings of the full moon, but she then realized that it was apparently only something Beyonders from the Apprentice pathway encountered.

Regardless if it succeeds or fails, I’ll obtain that stone. I’ll be able to secretly leave Backlund and meet with Mr. Hanged Man to explore that primitive island… When the time comes, I’ll use the spellbook to record the usage of the stone. That way, I don’t have to worry about the return trip. That’s unless my luck is terrible and the recording fails… Klein secretly heaved a sigh of relief, opened the door, and got Richardson to help him dress up.

“Sir, after breakfast, your schedule is to head to the Royal Museum to see the royal family’s collection exhibition.” As Richardson helped his employer wear his coat, he informed him of the day’s schedule.

As Dwayne Dantès mastered social dancing very quickly, the number of etiquette classes in the morning went from five times a week to three times a week, allowing him to spare time for other things. And such exhibitions were definitely a hot topic of conversation in high society circles. By not going in person, it would make him appear lacking.

As for heading to Saint Samuel Cathedral for the bishop’s preachings, Klein had consciously lowered his frequency. This wasn’t because he needed to donate tens of pounds each time, but that he was afraid that heading there frequently despite having the novelty period wear off would incur suspicion. Being natural and reasonable were the core traits of his plans.

Other than on a Sunday, he planned on randomly heading to Church on two of the remaining six days. He wanted to rely on an even longer period of time to accumulate intelligence so as to figure out a pattern. He couldn’t be impatient or in a rush!

“I’m already looking forward to it.” Klein looked at the dignified reflection of himself as he said to his valet with a smile.

Upon thinking of Saint Samuel Cathedral and the Church of Evernight, he naturally connected it to Leonard Mitchell’s secret investigation of Sherlock Moriarty. He didn’t understand what he was suspicious about.

Is it because of Emlyn White’s purchase of Tinder that drove Leonard to investigate the people related to him, or was it because of the fleeting appearances of the detective in the cases of Capim and Lanevus that made the Red Gloves who are in charge of the investigations notice something? Or could it be both? Klein thought about the clues that he had left behind and had a rough guess.

He wasn’t afraid that Sherlock Moriarty would be wanted by the Church of Evernight and given a bounty. After all, apart from contacting a few people that he was familiar with, the detective wasn’t to appear again. He was worried that someone would discover that Sherlock Moriarty, in his early appearances, resembled Klein Moretti greatly, and as such, they would pursue the deceased former Nighthawk.

In fact, it’s not a problem even if they discover that. I’m no longer the Clown or Magician from before. There are more than a handful of demigods searching for me. Even with the high-ranking deacons of the Church, there won’t be any qualitative changes… Besides, Benson and Melissa truly are ordinary people. The Church will definitely not involve them and disturb their lives… I wonder if they will claim the bereavement compensation back. Probably not, for there’s no way they can explain it to ordinary people… Klein wasn’t that worried with all the debt he was in.

This was also why he was so calm when he heard Will Auceptin mention Klein Moretti’s identity last night.

How could a Sequence 1 Angel who was good at fate-related abilities and had previously interacted with Sherlock Moriarty early on not discover the detective’s origins?

Even with the gray fog’s obstruction that interfered with many details, Will Auceptin was definitely able to know that Sherlock Moriarty originally came from Tingen.

And back in Tingen, Klein had interacted with a youth named Ademisaul, who was of the Monster pathway, leading him to bleed from his eyes. And if Will Auceptin were to be aware of this and make a comparison, the answer was obvious.

If Leonard were to really realize Sherlock Moriarty’s hidden identity, I wonder what kind of expression he would have… Klein gave a self-deprecating laugh as he walked out the master bedroom. He went to the second floor to enjoy the breakfast his cook had prepared specially for him.

West Borough, 2 King’s Avenue, Royal Museum.

Klein passed through the ticket entrance with Butler Walter and Valet Richardson and went into the museum.

The exhibition was held by the Loen royal family. They showcased all kinds of collections that had historical meaning from the kingdom’s founding so as to allow the public to enjoy and gain an understanding. It was a way to raise the kingdom’s citizens respect and recognition of the royal family.

As a graduate from the Department of History, Klein was still rather interested in the exhibition. Many of the matters that he was very familiar with had the corresponding items appear here. They allowed him to plunge into the long and fascinating history from another angle.

What left Klein somewhat puzzled was Walter’s deep understanding towards most of the exhibits. He introduced them to Dwayne Dantès with extreme detail.

As expected of a butler who came from an aristocratic household… Klein silently nodded.

As he perused the exhibits, the trio kept encountering other visitors, and the exhibition hall was quiet and orderly, so people had to converse in whispers.

When passing by an exhibit, Klein noticed Walter suddenly stop. He then glanced to his side as his expression turned complicated.

As he wasn’t a Spectator, Klein wasn’t able to interpret the actual meaning of those complicated feelings. All he could do was trace Walter’s gaze towards the exhibit.

Standing in front of the exhibit were a man and a woman. The man was in his thirties and wore a black suit, silk hat, and a gold-inlaid cane, looking like a gentleman of status and wealth. The woman was in a yellow dress with a golden necklace. Her overall attire was inclined towards bright colors.

Mr. Butler is looking at that man… Klein instantly made the judgment as he swept his gaze past the target without anyone detecting him.

He realized that the man looked rather old. His skin was dark as a result of frequent exposure to the sun. The back of his hand was like dried wood, and his fingers were extremely rough.

If I didn’t look at his attire, I would’ve believed it if someone told me he was a farmer, gardener, or carriage driver… Klein retracted his gaze as he felt a little puzzled.

The reason why he noticed these details was because he had seriously considered the appearance of an ordinary person who adventured in the Southern Continent for extended periods of time back when he was constructing the identity of Dwayne Dantès.

He believed that apart from his gaze, bearing, and natural facial features that were etched by his rich experience, Dwayne Dantès also needed to have details, such as skin that had experienced long periods of suntanning, unobvious scars, and rough but strong palms. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be enough to prop up such a character’s inherent traits

I have to say that from the moment I became a Faceless, I’m getting more and more experienced and wise in the aspect of creating a new character… If I were to return to Earth, even without my Beyonder powers, I’ll have strong acting skills… As Klein made self-deprecating comments inwardly, he saw Walter recover from his stern look as though nothing had happened.

As for the man with somewhat old facial features and rough skin, he pointed at a flag inside the exhibition case.

“This is the flag that the Earl of Lastings, Prince Harrods Augustus used during the White Rose War. Unfortunately, he perished in that war. However, his death was the turning point of the entire war and the reason why Loen eventually clinched victory. Look, the flag still has his blood…”

He’s quite knowledgeable in the field of history… Klein gaze swept towards Walter from the corner of his eye, thought for two seconds, and smiled. He approached the couple and interjected in a friendly manner:

“I never expected such a neglected tidbit of history would be known by someone else. I originally believed that the people’s understanding of the White Rose War was only limited to Loen’s victory against Intis.

“Sir, your eruditeness leaves me amazed.”

To be praised in front of his female partner, the man’s expression turned from a wary one to a relaxed one. A gleeful smile appeared on his face.

“I’m just a person who likes history.”

He casually swept his gaze towards the servant of the gentleman in front of him as he suddenly frowned before easing his brows. There were remnant looks of puzzlement.

Indeed, he knows Butler Walter… Klein smiled while maintaining his composure.

“Hello there, I’m a merchant from Desi, Dwayne Dantès. How may I address you?”

The man hesitated and said, “William Sikes, a land steward at a manor.”