Chapter 802: Follow-up Solutions

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When Klein opened his eyes again, the threats and pleas in his mind had vanished. The light-blue flame before his eyes continued burning on that pitch-black wick.

He seriously inspected the state of his Spirit Body and confirmed that the signs of chaos were gone. His aura’s colors had turned pure and were no longer spotted.

It’s finally resolved… Klein heaved a sigh of relief and lowered the Sea God Scepter. With a snap of his fingers, he extinguished the Mental Terror Candle.

He didn’t immediately return to the real world. He sat quietly above the gray fog as he used the silent palace to calm the remnant negative emotions that his inner heart couldn’t vent.

After this matter, Klein gained a deeper understanding that the path of a Beyonder was a path that constantly fought with madness. All Beyonders would be pushed to the brink of losing control, or they would have psychological problems if they weren’t careful due to internal reasons or external stimuli. And once the symptoms appeared, not resolving them in time might leave them in a situation that would be abnormally difficult to resolve.

The split personality that was created was a result of internal and external factors… The cause is a result of me being a transmigrator. Yet, I fused with Klein Moretti’s memory fragments and received parts of his emotions. I was naturally inclined to having a dissociation. Together with me trying to steal the Antigonus family’s notebook recently, it’s akin to me walking along the boundary of an abyss to act as Dwayne Dantès. The stress is immense, so after being agitated and mentally corrupted by the Keeper’s near loss of control, the problem erupted… As Klein raised his hand to rub his temples, he vanished from above the gray fog.

Just as he returned to his body, Klein felt his mind and spirit were a lot more relaxed. It felt like a dusty window had been carefully wiped clean, and the additional Faceless potion he had consumed was fully digested.

The alternate personality that appeared is really a result of all the past psychological problems. I was able to resolve the problem with the Mental Terror Candle, which is equivalent to receiving a complete and effective Psychoanalysis. I wouldn’t have any latent risks in this aspect in the short term. However, I need to be constantly taking notes and frequently regulating myself. I mustn’t be careless… Klein walked out of the washroom, came to the balcony, and looked at the distant mountains and nearby vegetation. He was in quite good condition.

He could clearly sense that his self-recognition and self-acknowledgment had deepened. The constant sense of disidentification had greatly weakened as a result.

I never expected my victory over my split personality would bring such benefits… If it wasn’t because the generation of another split personality would result in one that’s stronger and harder to deal with, I would’ve wished to split a few personalities, killing “myself” several times… Klein shook his head with a scoff as he gave a self-deprecating laugh.

To be frank, just one instance of a split personality was rather dangerous and unresolvable for anyone else. Since he was aware of where to acquire the Mental Terror Candle, the essence of the problem, and his experience in resolving it in the past, he was able to eliminate the latent risks and not allow his split personality to strengthen itself. Otherwise, the best outcome would be the state in which Bishop Utravsky was in, and the worst outcome would be a gradual loss of control until it became an inevitability.

Furthermore, I still have a Psychiatrist as backup… Klein chuckled as he strolled back to his room and sat in a reclining chair.

He recalled what he had encountered during the day, and from there, he obtained the points that he needed to take note of in the future.

If a Mid-Sequence Beyonder of the Sleepless pathway loses control, they will be able to directly cause mental corruption by pulling others into a dream. I need to be wary of that in the future…

Before becoming a High-Sequence Beyonder, the Rampagers of most pathways aren’t capable of doing this. Often, they will mutate into monsters and use the corresponding Beyonder powers to control or attack their targets. It’s difficult for them to transmit their corruption.

Apart from the Mid-Sequence Beyonders from the Sleepless pathway, the Spectator pathway should be capable of doing so as well… When faced with similar enemies, not rushing to wipe them out would really result in a situation where you have no way of defending yourself… Also, although I’m aware of the Keepers’ conditions and have figured out their relationship with the core seal, the corresponding problems have arisen. If I were to disguise myself and infiltrate inside, how should I create the performance of being eroded by the core seal and not have my disguise be seen through… Klein carefully contemplated for a moment and was completely out of ideas. All he could do was stand up, walk to his desk, and draw a picture comprising of symbols that implied secrecy and mystery prying.

He was summoning Arrodes.

The full-body mirror in the master bedroom suddenly undulated with invisible waves as silver light appeared, forming Loenese text:

“Exalted Great Master, your loyal and humble servant, Arrodes, is constantly at your service.

“My actions from before had caused a certain damage to your image. I-I’m very appalled and ashamed. Will you accept my apology?”

You actually know to admit your faults… Klein scoffed and said, “Don’t make the same mistake again in the future.”

“Alright!” The full-body mirror presented new words. “How may I be of service?”

“There’s something.” Klein deliberated and said, “The Keepers of the Church of Evernight are contaminated by the core seal’s power behind Chanis Gate. They are in different conditions from the typical Beyonder. Is there any way to perfect a disguise?”

The silver words changed and outlined new text:

“Great Master, there’s only one method—to sacrifice your marionette and allow it to receive the contamination of the core seal. It will gradually change and become identical to the Keepers. Then, you can hold it in your body to fool the core seal.”

That actually works… It’s an idea… However, a marionette that’s made from a Sequence 5 Wraith can’t be bought with money… I really need to pay an extremely high price to obtain the High-Sequence potion formulas and ingredients… Klein thought and said, “Then, how do I get the marionette to receive the core seal’s contamination?”

Typically speaking, a Wraith marionette might be detected by the seal before being forcefully purified and dispelled just as it approached Chanis Gate, or even just appear in the prayer hall.

The full-body mirror’s waves stirred again as it accentuated a figure.

The figure wore an old-fashioned veiled hat. She was tall with long, chestnut hair. She was none other than Queen Mystic, Bernadette.

“Great Master, you can seek her help,” Arrodes explained with a sentence made from silver words.

Her? Queen Mystic isn’t from the Evernight pathway. How can she provide any help? Or does she have a Sealed Artifact that corresponds to the High Sequences of the Evernight pathway, making it similar to the core seal behind Chanis Gate? Thankfully, Admiral of Stars needs a drop of blood from a Mythical Creature. When the time comes, apart from providing an item that can satisfy Will Auceptin, there’s still a middleman fee for me… This will be the middleman fee! Klein thought as he nodded and said, “Very good, you may return.”

“Yes, Exalted Great Master. Your humble servant, Arrodes, awaits your next summoning.” As a silver line of text appeared, Arrodes outlined a palm with a handkerchief in hand as it shook it.

The corners of Klein’s mouth twitched as he looked at it, momentarily unsure how to respond.

West Borough, within the Odora family’s villa.

Emlyn White wore a faint smile as he randomly found a single-seater to sit in the activity room.

Diagonally across him, another Sanguine Baron, Rus Báthory, was holding a wine cup filled with blood. He was observing him with narrowed eyes, without concealing his disgust and hatred. Rus Báthory had not only been injured during the hunt for the first Primordial Moon believer, but he also had Emlyn steal away his spoils of war.

Such an act from you will only please me… Emlyn chuckled inwardly as he turned his head to look at Cosmi Odora who had just entered. He waited for the Baron to declare the results and reward him.

Cosmi forced himself to ignore Emlyn’s gaze as he walked to the fireplace and said to all the Sanguine present, “I’m gathering all of you today because the final victor has emerged for the hunting competition.”

Who is it? The Sanguines looked around as they exchanged looks, guessing at who could’ve clinched victory.

Most of their gazes landed on Rus Báthory, with no one believing that it could be Emlyn White. Only Rus Báthory had a hunch as he looked in surprise at the darn fellow.

Cosmi secretly sighed and said, “Emlyn White has already hunted three targets, automatically clinching victory.”

“What?” a young Sanguine blurted out in disbelief.

The Sanguine was a race with fewer members than humans. In Backlund, they were all part of a smaller community; therefore, they weren’t unfamiliar with each other.

Everyone knew what kind of Sanguine Emlyn was!