Chapter 833: Things to Take Note OfTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Inside the dark, foggy town, the woman who walked out of the alley seemed to be out of place with her surroundings. She was pure, stately, and untainted. She was so gorgeous that it lit up the eyes of anyone whose gaze landed on her.

As for her pure, simple robe and her loosely pulled back hair, they added to her bearing and languidness.

That gorgeous woman also noticed Senor. Her expression froze for a moment before she smiled. using a sweet voice, she said, “Senor…

“When did you become a marionette? If not for the powers of Evernight contaminating you this badly, I wouldn’t have recognized you.”

Although she looked like she was talking to Senor, she was actually conversing with the controller through the marionette.

Sigh, this kind of dead and cold aura can’t be hidden at all. I can’t fool Beyonders of higher Sequences… I was still hoping that I could hide somewhere inconspicuous and use Admiral of Blood Senor to make contact with her so as to maximize my own safety… This place screens away the power of the gray fog, so if I were to die, I likely won’t be able to resurrect… Klein hid inside the grayish-white mill and made his marionette speak hoarsely, “If you could leave, you’d easily find out that I’ve been serving my master more than a month ago.”

He used Admiral of Blood’s tone and experiences to answer as though he was still alive.

This was the acting principle of a Marionettist, to let each marionette have their unique identity and setting!

Meanwhile, Klein also buried a keyword “leave,” in preparation to broach the topic of leaving.

In this bizarre and mysterious town, he didn’t have thoughts of instantly killing any Demoness that he saw. Ignoring the question of there being any good Demonesses and whether he was equipped with the strength to do so, just the fact that they were trapped in here had made it imperative that he communicated with her for intelligence to seek a way to get out. This was enough to make him choose peaceful coexistence for the time being.

The woman in a simple white robe chuckled and said, “Not forgetting to constantly act. From the looks of it, you will quickly digest the Marionettist potion.

“A member of the Secret Order?”

She’s very familiar with the Seer pathway… Hmm, the Demoness Sect was a secret organization that was active in the Fourth Epoch. Even if they didn’t have close ties with the Zaratul or Antigonus families, they should be quite familiar with each other. It’s very normal to understand the Seer pathway. Of course, the premise to that is that this lady is a Demoness… Klein’s heart stirred as he deliberately asked, “Aren’t there other possibilities?”

He tried to sound her out to see if other organizations might wield control over the Seer pathway.

The beautiful and pure lady walked forward and leaned towards Admiral of Blood Senor as she said with a smile, “It doesn’t matter which organization you belong to. We have been exiled here, and it’s practically eternal imprisonment. The past no longer matters; what matters is the future—whether we can cooperate to find a way of leaving.”

I failed to sound her out… Klein made the Wraith reply, “That’s exactly what I was thinking.

“How may I address you?”

As the lady approached Senor, Klein caught a whiff of a refreshing fragrance with his marionette’s sense of smell. Due to her words, he suddenly had a baffling thought to help each other in such a perilous situation while abandoning all morals, to help warm up each other’s souls with their bodies.

She’s like a Demoness… Hmm, her voice sounds more familiar the more I listen to her. But why can’t I put my thumb on it. What a pity, there’s no way to use dream divination in such a situation. She will be able to seize the opportunity while I’m unconscious, and it’s hard to predict what will happen… Klein frowned slightly.

This beautiful woman with a tinge of languidness raised her hand to stroke her hair, accentuating her petite ear.


“What about you?”

Klein had originally planned on randomly choosing a disguise, such as the Aurora Order’s Mr. X or Death Announcer’s second mate, Kircheis. After all, he could use Creeping Hunger to simulate their powers, but he ultimately gave up the disguise and directly said, “Gehrman Sparrow.”

He didn’t know when this suspected Demoness had entered the foggy town, so he was unable to eliminate the possibility that she knew about Admiral of Blood’s disappearance.

Panatiya nodded and asked, “How did you get in?”

Klein didn’t keep the truth from her as he said with the marionette’s mouth, “I encountered an unknown lady.

“She wore a hood, and her eyes were like the night, but it lacked any spirituality.”

Panatiya fell silent for two seconds before saying, “So it’s her. Heh…”

She didn’t continue in detail as she said with a smile, “What did you actually do? You actually managed to get the Church of Evernight to send ‘Her’ to deal with you?”

Panatiya had changed the pronoun she used.

“Her”? That lady is an angel? An ascetic from the Church? Panatiya seems to know much about “Her”… Klein’s thoughts whirred as he said vaguely, “I infiltrated Saint Samuel Cathedral and attempted to steal a Sealed Artifact, but in the end…”

He didn’t go into the details, because he had no idea how he encountered the lady.

Klein believed that as an angel, it was impossible for the lady to keep living behind Saint Samuel Cathedral’s Chanis Gate. There was nothing in there that required an important figure like “Her” to keep watch on the entire time!

“Is that so… So ‘She’ is indeed in the basement of Samuel Cathedral.” Panatiya seemed to confirm something.

In secret organizations, the word “saint” is not used when talking about Saint Samuel Cathedral… I should take note of this detail in the future… Klein ruminated over her choice of words.

Panatiya didn’t continue on the topic as she said with a smile, “Alright, let’s not bother with the past. Just as I said, what’s important is the future and how we can escape.”

Klein used this opportunity to make Senor ask, “What do you know about this place?”

Panatiya glanced at the spired cathedral in the middle of the town and said, “This place isn’t the real or spirit world, nor is it the astral world. It’s in some kind of secret, hidden state.

“I’ve explored most of this area, including the area outside the town. I didn’t manage to find any clues. All that’s left is that cathedral. Perhaps all the secrets are hidden inside.

“Why don’t you explore the cathedral?” Klein asked with his marionette’s mouth.

Panatiya yanked her pure white robe. On it were signs of wear and tear.

“My intuition tells me that there’s extreme danger inside.”

Upon saying that, she switched topics.

“And now, there’s a solution. Your marionette can help us scout. Even if it’s lost, it wouldn’t deal you any harm.

“Don’t worry. As long as we gain an understanding of the situation inside, I’ll find a chance to give you a better marionette. After all, it doesn’t look like it can last long.”

There’s nothing unreasonable about that, but I don’t trust you. After all, you are most likely a Demoness… Klein didn’t agree or object to it as he took the opportunity to get Senor to ask, “Are there any things to take note of while in here?”

Panatiya pursed her lips and said, “Due to various reasons, a sizable number of people end up here, but they have all vanished.”

All vanished? Klein’s heart palpitated as he asked, “What happened?”

Panatiya sighed and said, “There are things I’m not sure about. Some entered those buildings and ate some of the food inside. Then, they vanished—instantly.

“And this time, the results of divination indicate that they’ve lost their lives and are undergoing eternal sleep.”

There will be erasure and vanishing events in this foggy town? Furthermore, they will no longer exist… Klein was horrified before he thought of another matter. He nearly blurted it out.

Won’t you feel hungry?

Afraid that it would result in an anomaly, he forcefully held his tongue and made Senor ask her indirectly, “How long have you been in here?”

As though sighing and laughing, Panatiya said, “Perhaps it’s been half a year.

“I’ve witnessed many people cannibalize others for sustenance. Thankfully, I don’t need much and can live very long with a bit of food. And on a human’s body, there is food that won’t damage the body too significantly.”

As she spoke, she raised her hand and pointed at the crimson moon hanging behind the fog.

“Another thing to take note of is that once the crimson moon turns clear, there will be changes here. It will become extremely dangerous.

“I’ve been severely injured as a result.”

As she said that, she turned to point at a tear in her pure white robe.

Klein subconsciously made Senor cast his gaze over, and he saw that at her collarbone underneath the tear, there was a deep wound that exposed her bone amidst fair, supple skin.

At this moment, the skin transformed, producing dense patterns of mystery and colors of darkness and evil!

Klein’s mind seemed to explode as ravings and cries resounded in it.

Meanwhile, his breathing became difficult as his body rapidly weakened. He couldn’t help but collapse backward as he broke into a coughing fit.

Then, he saw the pure white robe and the two long female legs—Panatiya.

This lady had already entered the grayish-white mill, and as she watched the struggling Gehrman Sparrow, she cracked the corners of her lips and revealed blood-colored tendrils in the gaps between her neat, white teeth. She softly said, “Got you…”