Chapter 834: Good LuckTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Got you…”

Invisible threads emanated over as Panatiya said that. They quickly wrapped around Gehrman Sparrow as though she was binding him into a cocoon.

At this moment, the figure in a black clergyman robe suddenly turned thin, transforming into a paper figurine covered in metal rust.

Klein’s figure appeared outside the grayish-white mill as he ran frantically towards the depths of the town.

He was a person who had seen the Eternal Blazing Sun’s true body and lived. He had a certain level of resistance towards a Spirit Body impact and the inclination of a loss of control brought about by a Mythical Creature form; furthermore, Panatiya wasn’t a complete Mythical Creature. Therefore, even without the gray fog’s help, Klein was able to recover from the racking headache. As he suppressed his body’s mutation, he sensed that he had been inflicted with ailments. While collapsing, he used his violent coughing as a cover for him to use Paper Figurine Substitutes!

Paper figurines weren’t mystical items, nor did they have any spirituality. Hence, Klein wasn’t afraid that it would trigger a reaction from the core seal behind Chanis Gate. Hence, he had brought quite a number with him.

As Klein ran forward, his rubbed his right thumb and middle finger and lit up the flour piled inside the mill!


The flour burst into flames as the mill was sent flying. The windmill outside collapsed to the ground as Panatiya’s figure crumbled bit by bit in the intense blast and scarlet flames as though she was a mirror.

Almost at the same moment, her white-robed figure appeared behind Klein. Her loose, pulled back hair instantly flared up and wildly extended in Klein’s direction.


As Klein snapped his fingers to ignite a tree leaf beside him, he controlled Senor to use Mirror Leap to appear in a window on a two-storied residence beside Panatiya. Then, he attempted to make the terrifying woman’s eyes reflect Senor’s figure to complete the Wraith possession.

Scarlet flames suddenly leaped up and enveloped Klein’s body, making him vanish from where he was as he appeared in a flame tens of meters away. As for Panatiya’s gemlike eyes, they seemed to hide mirrors that reflected figures wearing an old triangular hat and dark red coat. They overlapped one another and descended into chaos.

Klein didn’t hesitate to let Senor leave the window, transforming into a Werewolf state to charge the Demoness.

Yes, Klein had already determined that Panatiya was a Demoness, and she was a Demoness at the demigod level!

The strands of black hair, as well as the invisible transparent threads, flared up, forming a ludicrous spiderweb that enveloped Senor whose body was covered with thick, short hair.

However, just as they made contact, Admiral of Blood’s figure instantly phased away, causing the black hair and illusory Demoness threads to pass through it. Without being able to touch him, it was obviously unable to bind him.

He had taken his Wraith form!

“Humph! Panatiya’s expression didn’t change at all. All she did was produce a harrumph.

Suddenly, the thick hair strands and illusory threads that made contact with Senor burst into dark and silent black flames. They used spirituality as fuel, turning the Wraith into a torch!

Pa! Pa! Pa! Senor turned back into a Werewolf from the burning as his limbs fell to the ground from the flame injuries.

With that, a Sequence 5 Wraith perished completely.

And at this moment, Klein had repeatedly snapped his fingers, jumping into different columns of fire and using his marionette’s sacrifice to escape deeper into the town.

With a few flashes, he had pulled open a gap of hundreds of meters from Panatiya.

Suddenly, Klein felt his forehead burning hot. His lungs began to heave as he panted loudly and emitted heated air.

As he had been hit by the impact of seeing an incomplete Mythical Creature’s form, he had been a little too slow at using Paper Figurine Substitutes. He had failed to swap out his ailment, and he had suffered some of the damage. Klein had originally imagined that he just needed to persist until he escaped Panatiya’s range of influence, but to his surprise, his condition was worsening faster than he expected!

Furthermore, despite having opened up a gap of hundreds of meters, he didn’t escape the signs of being infected.

Thud! Just as he was about to continue using Flaming Jump, Klein’s knees buckled as he collapsed to the ground without successfully snapping his fingers.

Immediately, he heard Panatiya’s pleasant laughter in his ears.

“Even if you were to escape to the other side of town, there’s no way to escape my ailments.

“You ought to know that back in Backlund, the entirety of East Borough was immersed in the plague fog I created. Apart from the most distant Empress Borough and West Borough, all the other areas were significantly affected as well.”

This… She’s that Lady Despair who cooperated with Mr. A… She’s one of the true murderers behind the Great Smog of Backlund… Klein felt his mind go adrift as he found himself become very sick while reeling in pain and despair. Although it still wasn’t lethal, the irresistible coughs prevented him from using most of his Beyonder powers.

Panatiya walked over as her beautiful eyes were stained with an indescribable color of bloodthirst. It was like a tramp finally seeing a sizzling steak after starving for days.

In her hands were what was left of Senor’s torso and two broken limbs.

This was apparently meant to be her stockpile of food.

“Your finger snap sounded good. I believe the taste of those two fingers should be pretty good.” Panatiya looked at Gehrman Sparrow as he coughed in the distance, speaking with the tone of a raving lunatic.

Just as she finished her sentence, she raised her hand and stuffed Senor’s index finger into her mouth. She bit down on each segment, producing crushing sounds.

Klein watched this scene with a blurred vision. In his grogginess, he felt his fingers also suffering such excruciating pain.

At this moment, he knew that Lady Despair Panatiya was already partially mad because she had eaten too much flesh from other Beyonders.

Although with her knowledge of mysticism, she would have definitely waited for the Beyonder characteristics to seep out before partaking in her meal, the deceased had been trapped in here without any food, making them each other’s targets. It was inevitable that they slowly lost their minds as they approached insanity. How could she remain fine eating such meat?

Just as Klein was reeling in despair and wondering what method he could use to save himself, he saw the crimson moonlight suddenly turn bright.

He saw Panatiya’s face colored with a look of horror. Without hesitation, she turned around and charged into a nearby building and slammed the door.

As Klein felt his illness alleviate significantly, he hurriedly looked up into the sky. He saw that the crimson moonlight was already penetrating the fog, appearing clear as it illuminated the town.

His heart stirred as he recalled what Panatiya had previously said. He immediately struggled and hobbled into another building beside him without forgetting to lock the door.

“Once the crimson moon turns clear, there will be changes here. It will become extremely dangerous.”