Chapter 844: Which SymbolTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The thin human-skinned glove didn’t look any different from the past, but Klein didn’t dare to be too careless. He used divination to make a crude inspection.

Apart from the five fingers, the palm and the back of the palm can each Graze one more soul…

Currently, all seven spots are filled. It has signs of similar Beyonder characteristics fusing together…

It also seems to have the powers of flesh and blood magic…

The speed of switching souls has sped up significantly…

It has to eat a person a day, or else it will eat its owner. Heh, Creeping Hunger, you are swelling in self-importance again. You need to reflect on yourself above the gray fog later.

I’m temporarily unable to obtain any revelations for the rest. After I leave this place, I’ll head above the gray fog to make a more accurate divination.

Yes, I’m still not sure if there are any other side effects. All I know is that it wouldn’t cause me any harm for the time being.

Also, Mr. X who was Grazed wasn’t affected. Traveler’s Traveling and Door Opening still work.

Klein heaved a sigh of relief as he wore the upgraded Creeping Hunger. Then, he rushed for the cathedral, hoping to leave as soon as possible.

During his merry chase with the gigantic “mushroom,” he hadn’t forgotten to cast an illusion on himself to make him wear a trench coat and a top hat.

As for the Beyonder characteristic that Senor left behind, Klein suspected that it was likely in the hands of Demoness of Despair Panatiya. And this demigod was being hung inside the ancient palace, under the watch of the cluster of maggots.

Sigh, flesh can be slowly eaten to be stored for the future, but Beyonder characteristics will definitely have appeared and taken form after this much time. Even if Demoness of Despair didn’t care too much about it and threw it somewhere, in this place that isn’t connected to the spirit world and highly restricts divination, I’m unable to quickly locate it. And in this sort of environment, who knows what sorts of anomalies will happen next. Who knows if that obsidian rock will automatically teleport and disappear. Thus, I need to make every second count and escape as quickly as possible… Klein returned to the cathedral with a clear line of thought.

Although he had promised Miss Sharron to sell Senor’s Beyonder characteristic to Maric, the ingredient itself was corrupted to begin with, making it difficult to use for the concocting of a potion. Secondly, his safety was a lot more important.

It’s not like it cannot be resolved. I can just hunt another Wraith or find Will Auceptin’s help to shatter the Beyonder characteristic in Maric’s hands and allow it to be purified. Hmm, this will have to wait until a particular infant is born… Klein mumbled silently as he passed through the swaying corpses and came to the side of the stone statue.

Along the way, he found the iron cigar case which he had used to put the marionette in. It hadn’t been devoured by the “mushroom.” Azik’s copper whistle and the Loen gold coin inside weren’t damaged either.

Putting these items away, Klein controlled his Spirit Body Threads to prevent himself from floating to the top of the cathedral as he bent down to pick up the obsidian rock.

After confirming that the important item wasn’t damaged, he felt a lot calmer. He then inspected Zaratul’s tin urn.

When he opened the lid and took a careful look, Klein’s pupils constricted as his gaze instantly froze.

All the ashes inside were gone!

There wasn’t any left inside!

Zaratul achieved “His” goal? Should I say as expected… Klein threw away the thin urn while feeling doubtful. He stood up straight and inserted the obsidian rock into the wall at the back.

The wall emitted light again as it turned transparent, allowing people to see the ancient stone slabs outside, the holed walls, and the floating clouds.

At the thought of the cluster of terrifying maggots, Klein wasn’t in a rush to draw the symbol provided by the Antigonus family’s notebook. He first raised his right hand and snapped his fingers.

He had ignited a tree outside the cathedral, in preparation to escape with Flaming Jump the moment something wasn’t right.

After making his preparations, Klein used his finger and quickly outlined the vertical eye formed of many secret symbols. Compared to the previous one, a crescent and dotted line had swapped places.

With his final stroke, the pure beams of light bloomed as they followed the vertical eye’s patterns before blasting into a radiant light!

The entire cathedral turned ethereal as it shook.

Klein felt as though he had instantly arrived at the top where the corpses were being hung. In front of him was a pair of illusory double doors. Behind the door was a familiar ancient palace. It was where Panatiya and the other corpses were gently swaying.

Translucent tentacles with strange and mysterious patterns swarmed over and slammed on the door but were unable to open it. All it could do was use some of its strength to “grab” Klein’s Spirit Body Threads!

Klein didn’t hesitate to snap his fingers. While pulling at his Spirit Body Threads, he leaped to the flames outside the cathedral.

Right on the heels of that, he snapped his fingers repeatedly and flashed away, escaping to the farthest point of the foggy town.

After the ethereal feeling of the pitch-black cathedral vanished, Klein paused and frowned.

That also leads to the palace with the rampaging angel…

The symbol provided by the Antigonus family’s notebook is as much of a trap as Zaratul’s was!

However, this symbol only seems capable of triggering the door to escape, but it’s unable to open it. Otherwise, I might not have been able to escape…

It’s the symbol for entry, while Zaratul’s one was for exiting?

What should I do… How do I leave?

Klein subconsciously surveyed the ghastly silent town which was shrouded in fog, and he forced himself to calm down. He began to think about how he could escape.

Perhaps that’s not the only wall that allows me to leave, but it’s unlikely. All these years, there have been batches of people coming to the foggy town. If there are any clues outside the cathedral, they should have long found it.

Try another symbol?

What should I try…

Klein fell into deep thought as he analyzed the intricacies to see if he could be inspired.

This place is related to the Nation of the Evernight and the Antigonus family. As for the monster on the huge throne in the ancient palace, it’s definitely a rampaging angel from the Seer pathway, regardless of “His” identity…

Zaratul, who’s also involved in this matter, is similarly an angel of the Seer pathway. The Antigonus family’s notebook which provided the symbol is also directly tied to this pathway…

Therefore, the correct door-opening symbol is likely related to the Seer pathway?

Sequence 0 of the Seer pathway is likely called The Fool… This can be initially confirmed; otherwise, that owner of the Card of Blasphemy wouldn’t have been lured to the main peak of the Hornacis mountain range and become a hanger…

The Fool… The Fool…

As he ruminated over the word, Klein suddenly thought of himself. He thought of the mysterious symbol behind his high-back chair that represented himself above the gray fog!

Perhaps I can give it a try? Klein pondered for a few seconds before deciding to make a bold attempt. After all, he was temporarily out of ideas.

He returned to the spired cathedral, and under the gaze of the hanged corpses, he walked to the wall behind the statue and picked up the obsidian rock that had fallen once again.

After the obsidian rock was inserted, the door rapidly turned transparent. As Klein snapped his fingers to light another tree, he took a deep breath. He drew The Fool’s symbol that was made up of the Pupil-less Eye and the partially Contorted Lines.

Soon, he completed the symbol as he found himself feeling anxious.

But this time, nothing happened to the transparent door.

It doesn’t work… Klein’s expression turned wry as he suspected that he would be trapped in there, engaging in murderous battles with Beyonders who later entered, doing so until he starved to death or was eaten.

He shook his head to dispel his emotions of despair. He began running through ideas in search of other clues.

This place is related to the Nation of the Evernight and is related to the Antigonus family, and they were obliterated by the Church of Evernight.

The one who sent me here is the Eraser angel who’s suspected to be the Mother of the Sky. “She” was active in the basement of the Church of Evernight’s Saint Samuel Cathedral…

The reason why people vanish if they don’t sleep at night in the ruins of the battle of gods is said to be a result of the remnant aura and strength of a deity from the Evernight domain.

Therefore, this is clearly related to the Evernight’s authority or even the Evernight Goddess, uh—areas related to the Goddess.

The more Klein thought about it, the more he lacked confidence. He was originally analyzing the problem from an objective angle, but he had unknowingly changed the way he addressed the Evernight Goddess.

And this led him to a new idea.

Perhaps I can try the label corresponding to the Dark Sacred Emblem or the symbol that represents the Goddess in mysticism?

Out of options, Klein exhaled and raised his right hand again, drawing the simplified picture of the Dark Sacred Emblem.

Suddenly, the watery scene behind the transparent door shook as a change occurred.

Although he could still see the ancient palace and the hole-ridden wall, they were very far away and could only be faintly made out!

Behind the door was a bottomless cliff with jagged rocks. It was amidst the clouds in the sky with stars and the crimson moon that hadn’t been concealed by the sunlight. It was like some part of a mountaintop!

…It really works… Klein stared at this scene with a dumbfounded expression as he subconsciously reached out with his palms and pushed the door open.

There was a cold breeze outside that produced a howl.

Klein was just about to take a step out when he fell into thought and paused.

Then, he flipped a gold coin and did a divination. He received a revelation that there was no danger outside.

Following that, he drew a crimson moon on his chest in a feigned manner.

After doing this, Klein stepped out with his right foot and passed through the illusory door.

His vision went dark as he saw an endless night and resplendent stars. Following that, he found himself on a mountaintop. Apart from the unmelted snow, jagged rocks, and morning sunlight, there was nothing.

I’m out… I’m safe? Klein didn’t observe his surroundings as he directly used Creeping Hunger to turn transparent as he attempted using Traveling.

If this succeeded, it would mean that he had escaped the foggy town and returned to the real world. He could then leave the location he was at to avoid any danger. If he were to fail, he would quickly take note of the situation and be wary of any sudden attacks.

After a moment, Klein’s body turned faint as he vanished from the spot. The colors in front of him saturated as countless, indescribable shadows appeared.

He had succeeded in entering the spirit world!