Chapter 851: Dwayne Dantès’s New Business

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Leonard stared intently at the portrait of Sherlock Moriarty. His brain had just imagined what the latter would look like without glasses or a beard.

Although this could be quite different from the actual situation and was more of a product of imagination, Leonard increasingly found Sherlock Moriarty very familiar, as though he had known him before.

“How is that possible? He’s long dead! And I buried him with my own hands!” Leonard couldn’t help but shake his head as he muttered with a scoff.

Just as he said that, his expression froze because the person in his memories held a huge secret.

This person had strangely escaped the influence of 2-049 without the help of others!

This person used 2-049’s uniqueness to finish off a Sequence 7 Beyonder, and back then, he was only a Seer who isn’t good at combat!

This person had managed to summarize the acting method within a very short amount of time, and he had advanced to Sequence 8 at an extraordinary pace!

This person possessed a High-Sequence Sun domain charm and had used it with Captain Dunn Smith who wielded a saint’s ashes, successfully finishing off Megose who was pregnant with an evil god’s spawn!

This person’s Sequence 8 Beyonder characteristic had been taken away by Ince Zangwill, but Captain Dunn Smith’s Sequence 7 Beyonder characteristic was left behind!

Perhaps, it wasn’t because Ince Zangwill had taken away the Beyonder characteristic which had appeared, causing it to be missing from the scene, but that it had never formed to begin with! Leonard Moriarty suddenly jolted to his senses as he observed Sherlock Moriarty’s portrait again.

Ten seconds later, he squeezed the words through his clenched teeth: “Klein Moretti…”

He found that the mysterious detective, Sherlock Moriarty, looked more and more like his former teammate, the hero who saved Tingen, Klein Moretti!

And this was under the scenario of him being without the clear discrepancies of glasses and a beard!

Leonard’s had fingers clenched tightly at some point in time as his joints suffused with a whiteness. After a moment, he let out a clear pant as he picked up Sherlock Moriarty’s dossier again.

This time, he flipped with a target in mind, roughly to the time when Sherlock first appeared in Backlund: Early September!

And this wasn’t long after Klein Moretti had been buried!

Leonard Mitchell’s green eyes turned dark as he instinctively flipped through the dossier.

Then, he saw a name: Lanevus!

This was one of the masterminds behind the evil god’s descent in Tingen City. He was one of the main murderers who led to the death of Dunn Smith and Klein Moretti, and the other Nighthawks.

And Sherlock Moriarty’s second record in Backlund was his investigations at the dock for a serial murder; thus, bumping into the disguised Lanevus!

After this, the True Creator’s plan of descending was foiled, and Lanevus died in the sewers. His body was scattered with tarot cards, making it identical in style to the subsequent Hero Bandit Black Emperor.

He didn’t forget the harm that swindler brought… Leonard whispered silently, his expression softening.

He quickly flipped through the documents and sat in his chair, motionless for an extended period of time. It was as though he had fallen asleep from the shadows brought about by the light.

After a few minutes, Leonard finally moved. He leaned into the chair and said in a deep voice, “Old Man, do you think this detective, Sherlock Moriarty, resembles my teammate back in Tingen City, Klein Moretti?”

In his mind, the aged voice said after some hesitation, “The one who joined the Nighthawks because of the Antigonus family’s notebook?”

“Yes…” Leonard answered in a heavy voice.

In his body, the Parasite said after two seconds, “There’s some resemblance.”

After receiving the reply, Leonard once again fell silent. After a long while, he took out a gold pocket watch and snapped it open to determine that it was still morning.

Leonard snapped the pocket watch closed and stood up, nearly overturning the stack of documents.

He hurriedly reached out his hand and held onto the documents. Then, he left behind a note, saying that he had found certain clues and planned to head out to do some investigations; thus, making it possible that he would return very late.

Let me see if someone is pretending to be Tingen City’s hero, or if you’ve always been wearing masks—a secret organization member who sneaked into the Nighthawks. Your true motives aren’t much loftier than Ince Zangwill. You were also targeting something behind Chanis Gate… Leonard no longer had that aloof attitude as his eyes narrowed as he quickly left Saint Samuel Cathedral’s basement.

In Hillston Borough, outside a building with quite a unique architecture.

Dwayne Dantès got off his carriage and saw the building that was built in the style of the late Fourth Epoch.

The building was mostly comprised of huge stone slabs, creating a total of four stories. The windows on each level were like a door and it was matched with a tiny balcony.

Its entire facade had been weathered by the elements, revealing a sandy-yellow color. The stone columns and arches held up a refined porch that made it seem rather magnificent.

This was the East Balam Military Veterans Mess.

Klein waved his cane and pointed at the building before him and said with a smile, “It has quite a historic feel.”

Member of Parliament Macht nodded in reply.

“It’s actually a building built in an ancient style, but it has more than a hundred years of history…”

As he spoke, he led Dwayne Dantès into the club and said to the lady at the reception, “Dwayne Dantès, unofficial member. I’ll be his recommender.”

With that said, he turned to the tycoon and explained, “Not only have you not served in East Balam, but you have never participated in the wars that happened there. You don’t even have a military background, so there’s no way for you to be an official member.

“However, even being an unofficial member will allow you free entry and the use of the various facilities. You will be able to enjoy the delicious food and alcohol, and get to know different friends.”

“That’s exactly what I was hoping for.” Klein nodded with a smile.

After the beautiful lady who was of Southern Continent descent finished the registration, Macht added, “There’s no admission fee. It’s 60 pounds a year for the membership.”

With that said, he chuckled and said, “It’s not expensive, even more so for you. Here, you will get to come into contact with all kinds of weapons. There are enough shooting ranges to provide you with shooting practice. You can even learn horse-riding…”

At a club of this level, 60 pounds really isn’t expensive. After all, generals often appear here, and they have many famous chefs… Klein didn’t speak further as he took out his wallet. He counted 60 pounds and gave it to the receptionist, obtaining a badge with the logo of a forest, ocean, and blades.

“This is a place filled with glory. I’m deeply impressed with your contributions in East Balam.” As Klein wore the badge with a number on its back, he said to Macht, “If I wish to contribute to the cause, who should I look for?”

Macht pointed at the receptionist.

“Just give it to her.

“She will jot it down and announce it on the notice board over there.”

Klein nodded slightly and said, “Alright.”

He then turned his head and made Richardson take out the 500 pounds he had already prepared.

After giving the donation, Klein passed through the beautifully decorated foyer with Macht, arriving at a room that resembled an activity room. As for his valet, Richardson remained outside in the break room. There were snacks, tea, and coffee there.

In the small room, through Macht’s introductions, Klein got to know five officers who were either still in service or were retired. Apart from a particular House of Commons member of parliament, the highest-ranking epaulet was Colonel Calvin. He was presently working at the Loen Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense. However, his actual position was unknown.

According to what Klein knew, for quasi-high-ranking members of the military at the rank of colonel, they were mostly Beyonders—Mid-Sequence Beyonders!

Macht, Calvin, and company quickly began chatting. Klein didn’t interject as he seriously listened to their conversations, occasionally echoing a sentence or two.

In this relaxed atmosphere, Calvin suddenly turned his head and said to Dwayne Dantès, “I heard you were often active in West Balam?”

The colonel had a long face like a donkey’s, but it didn’t look comical at all. His gaze was rather deep.

Klein smiled and replied, “Yes, that place is more chaotic than East Balam.”

Calvin laughed when he heard that.

“Of course. Intis made too many mistakes over there.”

He paused and continued asking, “How is your relationship with the people from Intis over there?”

Klein didn’t understand the colonel’s motive as he bit the bullet and said, “It’s alright. They’re all very greedy.”

In fact, he didn’t know a single one. He had only heard Anderson mention a few names and their corresponding matters.

Calvin nodded and raised another question.

“Are you familiar with the tribes over there, as well as the Resistance?”

“…I know some,” Klein answered vaguely.

He only knew one Intis military leader of the Resistance. It was the former Intis princess, Queen Mystic Bernadette.

Calvin laughed as he took a sip from his cup of red wine.

During this process, no one spoke, including Macht.

After putting down his cup, Calvin looked at Dwayne Dantès again and said, “This is the thing: every year, we would obsolete many rifles and cannons. And directly destroying them or processing them is too much of a waste or costs too much. It’s not a good solution.

“I’m not sure if you’re interested in buying a batch and selling it to West Balam. You can sell it to the regions ruled by Intis, selling them to the tribes and Resistance.

“Trust me. This is definitely a very lucrative business. Of course, it’s also very dangerous. If you’re caught by Intis in West Balam, we will disavow you.”

This… is making me an arms dealer? This is one of the most lucrative businesses… Although I’m not familiar with West Balam at all and lack any connections, I can sell it to Queen Mystic or the Resistance at the Rorsted Archipelago… Klein was tempted as he deliberately wore a mixed and hesitant expression.

“I’ve never done such things before, but it’s definitely attractive enough.”

Calvin laughed and said, “There’s no need to rush to a decision. This is a very important matter that requires serious thought.

“Just give your answer to Macht before the end of the week.”

Klein secretly heaved a sigh of relief and nodded with a smile.


Tingen City. Raphael Cemetery.

Although the afternoon sun was rather strong, this place remained gloomy and cold.

Leonard was standing in front of a grave, staring silently at the tombstone.