Chapter 864: Actor and Spectator

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When the ghostly gaze of the golden retriever pierced through the curtains from the shadows, Klein’s brows indiscernibly twitched as he failed to hide his alarm.

He then naturally shifted his gaze away and looked towards Miss Justice and company.

How terrifying… Why is that dog sitting in the corner, hiding in the shadows for no good reason?… It was silently looking at everyone in the hall… Uh, Miss Justice seems to have fed a Spectator potion to an animal and had once asked Mr. Hanged Man for advice… Don’t tell me it’s that golden retriever? Two Spectators, one out in the open, and one in the dark. Which actor can handle that!? In high society, Miss Justice and the dog are unlikely to be the only Spectators. Her joining the Psychology Alchemists was a result of other nobles as well. It seems like it was done by Duchess Negan’s sister? As Klein lampooned and analyzed, he walked to Macht’s family and asked in a seemingly casual manner, “The ones who just entered seemed to be very noble people?”

Macht glanced Dwayne Dantès and chuckled.

“East Chester Earl’s family. You can directly call him Earl Hall. You should’ve heard of him.

“That’s his wife, Ma’am Caitlyn. That’s his eldest son, Lord Hibbert. You should’ve already met him…”

Upon hearing Macht’s introduction, Klein suddenly broke out into a cold sweat. This was because he had indeed met Hibbert Hall at the ball Macht had hosted; however, he had failed to notice the Lord, or he wouldn’t have raised the question.

I was shocked by Miss Justice’s sudden appearance… Klein maintained his smile and listening stance.

Macht continued, “That’s his daughter, Miss Audrey Hall. In the social scene over the past two years, she has the title of being the most stunning gem in Backlund. It’s very apt, isn’t it?”

Without waiting for Dwayne Dantès’s reply, he minced his words by saying, “She is courted by princes, duke heirs, and many honorable excellencies and gentlemen.”

Macht’s concealed meaning was clear. He was saying to this man, one who liked all kinds of women, not to place his sights on the lady. She was a target he had no thoughts of making contact with.

As for Klein, he was having other thoughts.

So Miss Justice is Earl Hall’s daughter. It’s no wonder she’s so rich. It’s no wonder she’s never bargained…

Earl Hall is one of the top bankers in the kingdom. He’s the most influential Member of Parliament of the House of Lords, and one of the hereditary peerage. His wealth is much more than Baron Syndras…

Even if Miss Justice is unable to inherit the aristocratic title and family estate, the wealth she will inherit will be at least a hundred thousand pounds…

With her looks, birth, and character, she is indeed the best choice for a marriage partner with the royal family or powerful nobles.

However, the way she has been repeatedly buying mystical items doesn’t look like she’s someone with a wealth of only a few hundred thousand pounds… She’s able to claim it from her father? I also wish to have one like that…

Amidst his racing thoughts, Klein replied to Macht’s warning with a smile, “I’ve heard of the various rumors about Miss Audrey. It’s only today that I have realized that they aren’t that exaggerated.

“Unfortunately, I’m not a prince or the heir to a duke, marquis, viscount, or earl. Otherwise, I would also be one of her pursuers.

He was implying that he knew his status and standing.

Macht didn’t continue the topic and began introducing the various guests he knew to Dwayne Dantès. He had truly led him into high society. Of course, the greatest supporter involved in this was the Church of Evernight. Without the charity party they held for the foundation, Macht wouldn’t have the chance to bring Dwayne Dantès to meet so many honorable people.

Marquis Locent, Earl Gross, Viscount Loveland… The aristocratic believers of the Goddess separately exchanged pleasantries with Dwayne Dantès with a rather genial attitude.

Before Macht was done with the introductions, an elder walked into the hall.

He was wearing a black clergyman robe with red accents. By his chest hung five Dark Sacred Emblems. He was clean-shaven, and his eyes were deep, dark, and tranquil.

Including Earl Hall, everyone turned to face the elder and respectfully bowed.

“Good evening, Your Grace.”

This elder was none other than Saint Anthony Stevenson, one of the thirteen archbishops of the Church of Evernight!

He was the person in charge of the Backlund diocese, and he was part of the upper echelons of the Church in the true sense of the word.

When Klein saw the archbishop, his body and mind involuntarily trembled as he found it difficult to hide it. It was as though he stumbled upon a grave on an unlit village trail back when he was young.

He swept his gaze and saw that the other guests didn’t have any strong reactions. He immediately realized that the “horror” which Saint Anthony carried with him was more clearly felt by people with stronger spirituality. He hurriedly entered Cogitation in an attempt to calm himself down.

When he managed to control his trembling, Saint Anthony had already smiled. He surveyed the area and tapped his chest four times in a clockwise fashion.

“Praise the Lady.”

“Praise the Lady,” the guests at the charity party replied one after another.

With the archbishop’s arrival, Macht stopped introducing Klein to the other guests because the party had officially begun.

According to convention, everyone would take their seats and piously pray to the Goddess for three minutes. Following that, the cathedral would begin singing and walk to the baldachin and use their ethereal, uniform, and seemingly cathartic voices to praise the Goddess.

After the religious ritual ended, Elektra received Saint Anthony’s instructions to stand to the side of the choir. There was a podium there with all kinds of books placed on it.

“Everyone, I’ll like to thank you all for coming. Your character is a resplendent star in the serene night…” Elektra first said a few words of pleasantries before saying, “Our establishment of a bursary foundation that targets the poor stems from Mr. Dwayne Dantès’s suggestion. He is truly an honorable gentleman. His piousness and character are impeccable and a definite role model to others. Next, I’ll like to invite Mr. Dwayne Dantès to give everyone a brief speech.”

Although Klein was already prepared, he drew a gasp inwardly when he heard the last sentence.

This was different from usual. There were two or even more Spectators around. It wasn’t something that he could bullsh*t through if he wanted to. The content of his speech needed to be sufficiently realistic, without them being able to see through his lies or fake examples!

Pressing down his clothes at his abdomen, he quickly stood up and walked to the podium as he buttoned his suit.

Coming behind the podium and steadying himself, he surveyed the nobles, Members of Parliament, clergymen, and high-ranking civil servants. He said with a smile, “I’m a little nervous. This is my first time being stared at by so many people of such honorable standing.

“I was once active in a region where the poor gathered. I was active in the chaotic Southern Continent and, thus, saw many things. There was a young lady who helped her mother make pasted matchboxes from the age of six. If she didn’t do that, they wouldn’t even have the money to buy rye bread after paying rent. The rye bread they eat is filled with millfeed, and occasionally, they will bite into gravel or rocks. The hardness make it usable as a rod to attack others…

“When this girl gradually grew up, although she led a laborious daily life, and her family lacked any additional funds, she still looked forward to the night schools run by the Church. She wished to study how to read in order to grasp knowledge. This is because she knew that only by doing so could she stop living the way she did. Only by doing so would she not starve and be able to wear clothes that could really protect her from the cold. She wouldn’t need to work at factories with harsh conditions and end up dying in her twenties…”

Klein had selected a portion of the experiences of the poor kids he had met before, merging them together as he conveyed them with his true feelings.

He could clearly see many ladies more or less reveal looks of empathy. A number of girls even had their eyes flicker such as Audrey Hall.

She really is an easily moved child… I’ve acted from the bottom of my heart. I’ve even moved myself, much less a Spectator… However, most gentlemen aren’t moved. Some of them seem to already be aware of the situations of the poor. Some do not mind those of the lower class…

Klein swept his gaze as he continued, “Our industry has been developing. In the future, we will definitely need more literate workers… Our election criteria has been relaxed. In the future, the ones who are eligible to vote will definitely include most of the educated… With the empathy towards these poor children and my expectations of the kingdom’s future, I’ve decided to donate all my Coim Company shares that I have on hand to establish a bursary foundation that targets the poor. It lets them have the opportunity to enter official institutes of higher learning after attending the free night classes…”

Earl Hall, who had a beautiful mustache, nodded when he heard that. He was the first to raise his hands to gently clap.

Amidst the vigorous applause, Klein returned to the seat belonging to him. Bishop Elektra headed up and announced, “The shares that Mr. Dwayne Dantès donated are valued at 15,000 pounds. We would use it to establish a Loen Charity Bursary Foundation. Ladies and gentlemen, if you agree with him and pity those children who thirst for knowledge, you can contribute to this foundation.”

As he spoke, he pointed at the donation box beside him.

Audrey retracted her gaze and pressed the corner of her eye and said to her father, “Father, I plan on donating 1,000 pounds. What about you?”

As she spoke, her mind quickly summarized what she had observed.

Dwayne Dantès has likely lived a lower-class life. His pity, empathy, and speech were all very realistic… Those poor children are truly pitiful…

Just now, when the bishop mentioned that the shares were valued at 15,000 pounds, the corners of his lips twitched unnaturally. From the looks of it, he likely feels the pinch over donating the money. However, the sincerity of him donating it doesn’t seem fake… This means that he’s a gentleman who loves money, but he “loves” kindness even more…

Why was he shocked when he saw me, and what is he hiding?

He has seen me somewhere before but doesn’t know my identity? But there’s no need to hide that…

He identified my necklace as a mystical item, so he was shocked before trying to attempt to hide this matter?

If that’s the case, it means that he’s definitely a Beyonder, one that isn’t a Low-Sequence Beyonder…

Hmm, I’ll ask Susie later when I’m back. Perhaps, she noticed other details. She was hiding in the darkness, so he wouldn’t be on his guard against her, allowing her to discover more.

Amidst her thoughts, Audrey saw her father smile as he took out a checkbook and fountain pen.

The value he wrote down was: 10,000 pounds!